Pure Episodes 10-11 Recap

The final two episodes of this series made me want to cry. Theses episodes kept with the pretty much basic quietness of the series. A lot of the best moments are actually quiet and usually with little dialogues. This isn’t to say the dialogue was bad at all because this is a very quote-worthy drama. Even though I do not find myself 100% satisfied with the ending of this series, it ended as it should end, I suppose. These final episodes see the final maturation and growth of our main cast that we’ve been following all this time and it was nice to see. I am sad this is over. This definitely makes one of my favorite Japanese dramas to date.

I admit to being a bit confused when episode 10 didn’t restart with Toru and Yuka in Toru’s private hideaway, but instead with Yuka and crew helping out at the orphanage, teaching the children art. Yuka is awkward at first, but quickly wins over the children with her finger painting. Toru watches her happily snapping photographs when Toyama comes in. Toru is not happy to see the man nor learn he has decided to become the Yuka’s benefactor. Toyama takes him aside to confirm his identity. Toru doesn’t deny that he is Sawatari’s son and then he lets out his pain and anger on Toyama [who had to state the obvious by saying he had it hard after both his parents died and he grew up in the orphanage]. Toyama wonders if Toru decided which orphanage the even was held at and Toru states that he didn’t as he would never have come here with Toyama otherwise. Yuka comes looking for Toru and sees the tense moment between Toyama and Toru. At the same time Ryo comes looking for Yuka and Toru leaves without saying a word. Toru was crying! Seeing Toru cry makes me want to cry and hold him, too. Yuka looks after the retreating Toru and says that she wishes his broken wing could heal. We then learn that Toyama has been making contributions to the orphanage ever since Toru was placed there. Well, at least he has a conscience.

Yuka goes out the next day to gather supplies and learns from Kota that Toru is writing an article that will destroy his father which means their family will probably end up leaving the area. Yuka then goes to confront Toru who is getting ready to put the article to print. It was a really cute scene as Yuka goes to his apartment, but refuses to step inside as a woman should not go into a man’s apartment alone. She is learning! So Toru goes outside and Yuka tells him that she knows about the article and she tells him that telling the truth is sometimes sad as it will destroy Kota and Ryuta. What really hit Toru hard was when Yuka said that Kota’s wing was getting ready to break like his. Meanwhile, Fujiki has dinner with the one reporter that Toru fought with earlier in the series because of Yuka. Turns out he is planning on writing the article about Toyama, too, but he’s going to include dirt on Towa Publishing which will end up destroying Yuka’s career. Oy.

That night Ryo goes over to Toru and asks how he really feels about Yuka. Toru confesses that he sees Yuka as a woman and he’s in love with her. Ryo then says he is handing Yuka over to Toru in a sense. He wishes for Toru to protect Yuka as Ryo has always protected her. Toru says he didn’t think Yuka really needed protection. Ryo says that while Yuka has gotten stronger, her innocence and purity make her very vulnerable, so he begs Toru to protect her. If Toru ever hurts Yuka, then Ryo will make sure he pays. Ryo confesses his love for Yuka as well. I don’t think this surprises Toru given Ryo’s actions up to this point. Yuka works on more broken wings in her studio while Toru goes back to the orphanage to think and Ryo heads back to the restaurant. He tells Machiko that he talked to Toru and said all he needed to say. He’s relieved. He thinks he can now move on to Osaka and start thinking about his own life. Good for him.

The next day Toru visits Yuka and promises to not write the article. He realizes that sometimes it is best not to tell the truth. This makes Yuka very happy as she did not want to see Kota and Ryuta hurting. However, Toru is told that he must write the article by Kuroiwa and then Oya comes in and reveals that there was even more to the scandal than they thought. He had found out Komiya’s and the cigar man’s plans to overthrow the president of the publishing company. Oya tells Toru to write the article to save face for them being played for fools and being used to be thrown away later. Toru still doesn’t want to break his word to Yuka, so in bursts Fujiki begging him to save the woman he loves from being completely destroyed personally and artistically. What’s a man to do? These last few episodes have shown me that Fujiki really wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. Despite the fact she doesn’t like that Toru has fallen for Yuka, she really does admire Yuka’s talent and doesn’t wish to see it all go down the drain.

Yuka goes to visit Candy who is not moving. Yuka doesn’t understand that the dog is dead. Ryuta then comes up and realizes it. He takes the dog and starts crying. Yuka tells him that its okay as Candy has just become a part of the sky like her father. Kota and Toru show up at this time and Kota realizes that Yuka doesn’t understand death. Will Toru explain it to her? Toru says that some truths are better left unknown. That is true, but I think it would be a good thing if Yuka understood death just a little bit better than she does. Kota goes to head back to his house and tells Toru that he doesn’t care if he writes the article as Toyama knew that was the risk he took. It’s a bluff. You know that Kota really does mind and I think Toru knows that as well.

While Toru fights with whether or not to write the article, Ryo tells Takako that he is taking a job in Osaka. Takako is saddened that he will be leaving, but happy that he is taking charge of his own life and she tells him to treasure it. Ryo also tells her that she needs to treasure her life as well. Meanwhile, Toru goes and takes Yuka back to the orphanage and has her promise that no matter what happens, she will never stop creating her art. Yuka pinky swears to this and Toru pulls her into a hug. It’s obvious what his decision will be.

Sure enough, the next day when Yuka is out she fids a horde of reporters in front of Toyama’s house. Ryuta is crying and running after the car taking his father to the attorney’s office while Kota does his best to hold his little brother back and tell him that there’s nothing they can do. It was their father’s own decisions that led to that. Yuka looks at this scene and again notices that Kota’s wings are close to breaking. How sad. Toru, meanwhile, has hightailed it. He has resigned from the paper and left for parts unknown. This seriously annoys Ryo who believes that Toru has abandoned Yuka. He begs Yuka to forget Toru, but Yuka refuses to. Toru has already explained that you can’t always be together when you would like to. This just happens to be one of those times. Yuka goes to start making art so that the magic bell will ring and Toru will come back again. Ryo hugs her to him and begs her to stop. He loves Yuka can’t she forget Toru? Takako overhears this and looks even more worried and Yuka’s face turns dark and she again wishes she could become a bird.

Episode 11. Um, despite that this is actually the final episode and over an hour long [compared to the usual 40-45 minutes of previous episodes] not a whole lot happens in a sense. We get just a lot of Yuka making broken wings. That’s all she can make right now since Toru is gone. She works on them obsessively. Her mother gets really concerned as Yuka even skips meals. Only when Takako explains that Yuka will get sick and not be able to make art does Yuka actually go and eat properly like she should. Ryo also declares that he will give up going to Osaka and stay with Yuka and Takako just like always. Takako doesn’t wish for him to do this, but Ryo angrily insists.

Machiko has gone back to her hometown on vacation and ends up spotting Toru. She tells this to Ryo who refuses to tell Yuka, but then Fujiki comes to pay him a visit. When Fujiki went to talk to Yuka about the exhibit, Yuka was making another broken wing sculpture. She finished and immediately got up to leave. Fujiki went with her and she got quite the surprise. She asks Ryo if he knew what Yuka does with the sculptures. Ryo confesses that he doesn’t know and Fujiki tells him to come with her. After seeing what Yuka has been doing with them, Ryo decides to go down and talk to Toru. Ah, I think it also helped that Fujiki explained that Toru doing what he did was protecting Yuka from a really bad situation. Why Toru didn’t stay and tell Yuka himself, is beyond me.

Toru is surprised to find Ryo who calls him a coward for running away. Toru says that he isn’t strong enough to protect Yuka. Ryo [ah I miss the scruffy, quietly serious Ryo – he’s back to normal in this episode] tears up and says that no one is strong all of the time. We are human and weak. Ryo then tells Toru about Yuka working nonstop like crazy making broken wings for him constantly waiting for the magic bell to ring. Ryo then tells Toru that if he goes to the orphanage, he will be able to see Yuka’s feelings for him. Ryo then meets with Machiko who says she won’t go back to Tokyo. She had hated her hometown when she left it, but has come to realize that she liked herself better when she was living there. Thanks to knowing Yuka, Machiko wants to go back to her old, purer self. Ryo smiles and bids her farewell and good luck. Ah. I am a bit disappointed as I was totally hoping these two could be together.

Toru heads back to Tokyo and goes to the orphanage. He goes to his secret storeroom, but there is nothing there. He then goes outside and gets the shock of his life when he sees it crowded with a mini sea of broken wing sculptures, each with a piece of candy nestled on its base. Toru then takes off running with one statue in hand while Yuka starts creating yet another one. However, on his way to see Yuka, Toru meets with an unfortunate construction accident [how ironic] when the metal clip holding a rope of metal beams gives way just as Toru drops and breaks the sculpture. As the beams tumble down on him, Yuka’s new sculpture also crashes to the ground. Bad omen. Bad omen indeed.

Ryo rushes to the Orihara house where a frantic Takako wonders what to do. Ryo tells her to keep it from Yuka and he will go to the hospital to check on Toru’s condition. Takako doesn’t think that is necessarily right, but Ryo defends the decision saying that Yuka won’t be able to handle Toru’s current state. Yuka then comes out and turns on the weather and Takako recalls Toru’s words about being honest with Yuka. Thus Takako comes to the decision to tell Yuka the truth. Only she doesn’t, she just tells Yuka to prepare to go out. They arrive at the hospital and Yuka looks anxiously for Toru. At this time Fujiki and Oya come in and the doctors do as well. Toru is in critical condition. If there is anyone they want him to see, it’s best to let them go in now. Takako then sends Yuka in who still has no clue what is going on.

Yuka sees the injured Toru and knows he’s hurt. Toru wakes up after she calls him name a few times and takes off his mask. He tells Yuka that he was on his way to see her. He also tells her that he will die soon. When Yuka says he will become the sky as well, Toru gently says that isn’t true. When he dies, he won’t become the sky, but rather he will live in Yuka’s heart. The girl just doesn’t really get it. Toru hugs her to his chest and says even if his heartbeat stops,  he will always be in her heart. Yuka starts saying “doku doku” over and over again as she listens to Toru’s heart. Toru is sorry that he couldn’t keep their promise, but Yuka must never stop creating her art. He holds up the feather he picked up from the broken statue and holds it up. He then gets a vision from that feather piece and the new sculpture Yuka brought in of two complete wings outstretched. He smiles and thanks Yuka for healing his broken wings. And then, then his heart stops. And I wanted to scream and cry. How could Toru be gone? Yuka can no longer hear his heartbeat and looks up. I think she gets that he is dead, but she is still very confused and lays her head back down on his now silent chest. I have one question. I know that he was critical and probably wouldn’t make it, but why on earth did no doctor rush in when he flat lined and tried to save him anyways?

After Toru’s death, Yuka spaces out in her studio trying to grasp just what has happened. Takako is worried that Yuka doesn’t get death. Yuka’s doctor tells her to just watch over Yuka as she comes to grip with the sadness of losing Toru [which hasn’t completely hit her yet]. Yuka is stronger than they ever though and will be able to overcome this. Ryo gets ready once again to head for Osaka while Fujiki finds a letter to Yuka in Toru’s trash. She sends it to Takako who gives it to Yuka asking the girl to try to read it herself as it was written just for her by Toru. We get a very touching, heartfelt letter of Toru apologizing for breaking the promise and then telling Yuka that he understands why she wants to be a bird. Yuka knew in her heart that she was different from others and thus she didn’t have wings like they did. Toru then explains that no human has wings on their shoulders, their wings are in their heart and Yuka has a beautiful pair of wings in her heart that helped heal his own. He thanks her for saving him and again asks her to keep creating. Yuka cries and cries. Takako looks in at her daughter and smiles when the crying Yuka thanks Toru and tells him she’ll work hard.

We end the series with Yuka’s big exhibit and her last sculpture which showcases two pairs of beautiful, soaring wings. It is a very apt ending. Although, I would have loved it if Toru had lived and was able to be with Yuka longer.

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