Pure Episode 9 Recap

I am dusting this drama off and wondering why I have left it all alone for so long. My love for this drama is very deep and I feel a  great pull from the lead cast. While I found Takahashi Katsunori’s Ryo originally very annoying with his loud abrasiveness, I am liking his more keyed down, scruffy and serious self in this episode. I am also loving Toru and Yuka’s progression and growth. They have such a pure and innocent love.

Wakui Emi

We start off where the cliffhanger left us wondering what would happen to Yuka and Machiko. The other guy takes Yuka into the apartment and she follows him, but I swear she gives a very dark look before she enters the apartment. Perhaps with her sensitivity to people she has picked up that there is something not right with these guys. Anywho, he leaves her to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Machiko sees the hidden camera and realizes she’s in trouble and tries to leave. The guy pounces on her and promises to film her well. Machiko screams and Yuka rushes in to try to save her friend. The other comes out of the bathroom to hold Yuka off so they can finish their filming. Yuka struggles to break free and the two men realize that Yuka isn’t quite normal. Machiko, sensing their interest turning towards Yuka, tries to save her and insists the other girl is perfectly normal. They don’t believe her, however. Great. During this time, Toru has been searching for Yuka and he runs into Kota who wonders if the older man is looking for Yuka. Yay!

Wakui Emi

The guy who picked up Machiko turns his interest to Yuka while his friend tries to force Machiko. At this time, Toru and Kota burst into the apartment [out of all the apartments, how did they find the right one so quickly?]. This shocks the men. Machiko seizes this opportunity to grab Yuka and run. The guys complain to Toru that Yuka and Machiko are their women. Toru doesn’t say a single word – his fierce glare says it all. It is enough to quell the would-be rapists. In the lobby, Machiko squats down, shaken by her stupidity that almost got her and Yuka in big trouble. Toru and Kota come out in time to see Yuka comforting Machiko. “It’s okay”, “you’re all right”, “Toru saved us.” All Machiko can do is apologize to Yuka who just smiles her gentle smile and keeps repeating that everything is okay. Kota comments that Yuka has no idea how bad things could have gotten. True. I am sure Yuka really doesn’t know.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiWakui Emi, Takaoka Saki

Toru quietly walks Yuka home. I really love how the silences aren’t awkward in this drama as they can speak more than the actual dialogue itself. When they get almost to Yuka’s house they are greeted by an angry Takako [who looks WAY to young to have a daughter as old as Yuka] who immediately slaps her daughter. Wow! I think even Toru is a little surprised by this. When inside, Takako explains that Machiko did something no girl should ever do. Yuka nods in understanding. Takako then explains that although Machiko made a big mistake, the men were the worst as they tried to hold Machiko by force. Yuka then ponders if it is wrong for a man to hold a woman. Looks like its time for the birds and the bees. Takako says that it isn’t wrong, but that is supposed to happen between a man and a woman who love each other.

Takako: What is important is the heart.

Yuka: Heart?

Takako: Right. The most important thing for a man and a woman is they are connected in their hearts.

Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi

Tsutsumi ShinichiIt looks like Yuka is getting her mother’s general meaning. After this speech, Takako states that this is only the second time she has slapped her daughter. Yuka recalls the first time was when she stole an eraser from a store because a friend in elementary school told her to. Takako remembers this and recalled she slapped Yuka to help teach her the truth. Yuka, who is big on people telling her the truth, thanks her mother for doing so. Afterward, Takako calls Toru to thank him for saving Yuka and for stating that he does not pity her. You know there’s a “but” coming, and sure enough in her next breath, Takako asks Toru to stay away from Yuka. Oy. That’s a pretty horrible thing to say to the man who saved your daughter from getting raped. Oh, and I wondered how Takako knew. It’s not like she knew when Yuka disappeared what had happened. Did Toru tell her before they got home or after? I really don’t know, but obviously Takako was aware of the bad situation which is why she slapped her daughter and explained things.

Wakui Emi

I think it might be the next morning, Takako goes and gets Ryo out of jail. She is mystified at how her nephew could get in a fight. What caused it? Well, of course Ryo won’t say the real reason is because he’s all messed up because of Yuka and her growing love for Toru. Ryo keeps mum and just says he wants to be alone. Takako is really surprised by this sudden change in behavior and attitude. Can’t say I blame her. And again, I want to say that I am really loving the more toned-down Ryo.

Takahashi Katsunori

Yuka attends a meeting with Komiya who tells her that they have enough pieces featuring broken wings. They want Yuka to stop producing those works and start producing something new and different. Yuka readily agrees to do this, which surprises me that she did that so easily as wings [broken or otherwise] had always been more of her forte. Afterward, Fujiki takes Yuka out to coffee to talk. Yuka complains about how she is getting more and more confused thanks to the actions of those surrounding her. Machiko, Ryo, Kota, and Toru have all been behaving oddly. Fujiki points out that it isn’t Yuka who is confused, but precisely the people around her as they have never really encountered anyone quite like Yuka before. Fujiki then goes on to say that Yuka needs to stay away from Toru as it is an important time for him. Sigh. Just when I think Fujiki is being nice, she always has to get her verbage in about Toru and Yuka staying away. Meanwhile, Komiya and the cigar smoking man [what IS his name?] talk about doing an orphanage charity with Toyama which Oya overhears.

Shinohara RyokoWakui Emi

Yuka goes back to her studio and stares at her latest project which was another broken wing. Takako comes by and watches her daughter struggle. Yuka breaks the new sculpture’s wing off and says she can’t make any more. She then stares at it and repeats what Fujiki said about her only hurting Toru. Poor Yuka. I must say that Fujiki was really bad in saying such a thing to Yuka and then telling the poor girl to come to her if she has any questions or needs help. Sigh.

Wakui Emi

The next day Yuka is out and about looking for inspiration. What can she do that is different from her usual broken wings? She ends up at a park and notices Ryo. She goes and sits by him. Ryo [in America he would be suspected of being a pedophile for sitting alone in a park staring intently at children playing] is watching a boy and girl making a sand castle in the sandbox. Yuka says that Ryo was just like that boy always bringing her water, smiling so brightly. Those moments made Yuka happy. She then tells Ryo to smile as his smile is the best. Aww, how sweet. This shocks Ryo and as Yuka goes towards the kids, he smiles to himself [LOVE the scruffy look on him by the by]. Yuka asks Ryo what she can do differently with her art, but when she turns he has gone. Great move, Ryo. Really classy.

Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori

Kuroiwa calls Toru about getting the piece on Toyama ready. Looks like they are getting ready to run it after the latest construction bid goes through. Kuroiwa wonders how Toru feels to finally be getting his revenge. Toru reminds Kuroiwa that he told him to leave his personal feelings out and hangs up. Fujiki then hands Toru information on Toyama’s assets and asks to be able to help him. Their talk then starts going around to Yuka. Fujiki has noticed how Yuka has managed to touch the scarred part of Toru that has been shut up since his parents’ deaths. Fujiki then tells him that she only sleeps with men who have merits as they can help her fly [got to love all the bird references in this drama]. She then also states she doesn’t just sleep around. Sure she wants to soar with the help of a man, but she also wants to love that man and help him be all he can be. She then confesses she truly loves him and plants a kiss on him [another horribly done mere touching of the lips while the characters stand perfectly still].

Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi

During this time, Yuka has come to seek Fujiki’s help as she is stumped on just what to do for a new artwork. She is told that Fujiki is in a meeting room on the third floor so Yuka heads on up. The door is cracked open and when Yuka starts pushing it open, she is greeted with Fujiki kissing Toru. The door squeaks and the two look over. Toru seems especially startled. Fujiki cannot believe that Yuka shows her usual smile and says that Fujiki is very beautiful [I admit, totally wasn’t expecting that reaction from Yuka]. This sets Fujiki off. She tells Yuka her smile is burdensome and painful. She then proceeds to tell Yuka to stay away from Toru yet again. Poor Toru tries to get Fujiki to stop, but the girl just won’t shut up. Poor Yuka, not expecting this onslaught, quickly loses her smile and backs out before turning and leaving. Toru makes to go after her, but Fujiki says its best for him to leave her alone as well as Yuka will only be able to create broken wings as long as he’s around. Wow. I am impressed [as she is right because Yuka makes broken wings when thinking of Toru]. I also love how Toru tells Fujiki that Yuka isn’t someone special who comes from a different place, she is “normal woman” to him.

Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

At the restaurant, Machiko looks for Ryo, but can’t seem to find him. Where’d he go? Yuka comes in at that moment looking all pathetic and sad. Of course she is searching for her cousin as she really needs comfort, guidance, and reassurance. Machiko explains that the restaurant is closed for the day and that Ryo is not in. This depresses Yuka even more. Machiko wonders what’s wrong and Yuka asks if her smile hurts Machiko as well before leaving a mystified and worried Machiko behind. Yuka then wanders around Ryuta and Kota’s neighborhood again and Kota catches sight of her once more.

Wakui Emi, Takaoka Saki

“Does my smile hurt you, too?”

At Yuka’s house, Takako is getting ready to head out when Toru comes. He knows Takako doesn’t want him to see Yuka, but he needs to see her and talk to her. Takako replies that Yuka isn’t in. Takako had just received a call from the Toyama residence. It looks like Kota was worried about Yuka’s odd behavior and invited her in to the house and his father called Takako to come and get her. Toru asks if he can’t fetch Yuka instead. Can he undo the damage Fujiki’s hurtful words caused? I am impressed as he wasn’t happy to learn she was at his enemy’s house, but he still insisted on going after her.

Fubuki Jun, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Machiko finds Ryo in a pachinko parlor. The two go to the closed restaurant to talk. Machiko reveals what happened the other night. Ryo is surprised, he didn’t know such a thing happened [you’d think he’d wonder why Takako said she was looking for him the night before, but oh well]. Machiko then explains how fiercely Yuka fought to save her and how afterward, Yuka smiled her gentle smile. Machiko then talks about how horrible Yuka looked and urges Ryo to go to his cousin. I’m impressed as even the kindhearted Machiko was getting angry and jealous of Yuka. Looks like that emotion has passed since the incident. Ryo says Yuka doesn’t need him anymore. When he saw her at the park earlier, the girl actually tried to cheer him up. It’s thanks to Toru that she’s able to mature like that. Machiko calls him out on this. Doesn’t he love his cousin? How can he turn his back on her just because she is starting to mature and become a little more capable? Good, Machiko, keep scolding him. Just because you change, doesn’t mean you stop needing the people you love the most.

Takaoka Saki, Takahashi Katsunori

At the Toyama household, Toyama is telling Yuka to stay away from his sons, especially the young Ryuta. Why? Kota isn’t all that bright, but Ryuta is smart and has a good future ahead of him. Yuka’s friendship can only get in the way of that future. WTF! Seriously? He then wonders if Yuka is able to understand this. Yuka then asks if he loves his sons equally. This throws Toyama. Well, give what he said, I think that might be a pretty fair question. The doorbell then rings and Toyama gets up to answer it as it must be for Yuka. She also gets up and asks if she can do something. What? She leans in and smells him. She smiles and says that he smells gentle [wonder what that smells like?] just like her father. Toyama then answers the door and is surprised to find Toru there. Toru introduces himself [and that fact that he works for a publishing company] and says he is there to collect Yuka who is just as surprised by his arrival. After the two leave, Toyama looks like he’s recognized Toru’s name. That can’t be good.

Wakui EmiWakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Outside, Yuka stays unmoving as Toru walks ahead. Looks like she’s confused and still reeling from earlier. He then comes back and takes her hand. They do not go home. Instead, Toru takes her to the orphanage where he grew up. We get some childhood flashbacks of the young Toru who had already perfected being a loner with an icy glare. Seriously. Good job for that child actor who played the younger Toru. He then takes her to the special place he went whenever he wanted to be alone. Toru tells her about what happened to his parents and how he hated them and the world that made them take their lives. He then talks about how that affected him. He became closed off and cold. Toru then explains that Yuka’s broken wing sculpture [the one that represented her idea of love] made him feel that the cold little boy had been saved. Awww. Toru then asks to see Yuka’s smile. Yuka doesn’t want to comply after Fujiki’s words. Toru then explains that he loves Yuka’s smile, but could never bring himself to fully look at it. Now, he wishes to see it. Yuka’s head stays lowered and Toru touches her cheek. This brings Yuka’s smile as she looks up and says his hand is warm. Squeeing right now! Squeeing even more when Toru pulls Yuka into a hug!

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiWakui Emi

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiBack at the Orihara house, Takako sits alone in the dark when Ryo shows up looking for Yuka. Machiko shamed him enough finally. Takako is surprised to see him. She then reveals that Yuka is out and that she sent Toru to pick her up. Takako then tells Ryo that she had warned Toru away from Yuka, however, he came to her tonight and asked to see Yuka and talk to her up front and very serious. I guess Takako is starting to waver in her stance. Ryo, however, has not. Takako maybe starting to trust Toru, but he can’t until Toru gives Ryo proof that he is trustworthy. Until that day comes, Ryo will never accept him. Ryo then leaves and Takako seems worried yet again.

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi Katsunori

Back at the orphanage, Yuka looks out the window and tells her father that she is very happy at that moment. She then turns and tells Toru that her father is looking on them gently. She puts her head back against his chest and tells him that she can hear his heart. It beats very gently. This surprises Toru. Yuka then uses her mother’s words and says that the important thing is that two hearts are connected. Sugoi, Yuka then says he has a gentle heartbeat and that Toyama has a gentle smell just like her father. This throws Toru. He can’t agree to Toyama’s gentleness as he is the man behind his parents’ double suicide. At this moment, Toyama gets a call confirming Toru’s identity. Trouble is brewing! What will happen next?

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

I promise to get the final two episodes done soon!

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