Love Forward Episode 8 Recap

Should have posted this yesterday, but was feeling very sleepy and slept the afternoon away after catching up on Park Jung Min’s Fondant Garden episodes in the morning after doing the ironing and then after I woke up and made dinner, I ended up watching the last four episodes of Dream High 2 [I was kind of disappointed at the end, it wasn’t bad, but not what I was expecting at all]. No energy at all for recapping for whatever reason.

Anywho, this episode starts diverging from the more comedic romantic comedy roots [although given all that’s happened that has been very melodramatic, it’s almost hard to believe there was more comedy than angst or more like comedic angst in parts], and we start seeing the beginnings of a revenge scheme and what looks like Tian Ze beginning to realize his emotions for a certain someone… I would love to have screen caps, but I can’t find any raws of this show…So I’ve been streaming it and I hate using streaming pictures as they really don’t come out the best necessarily.

Step Eight: I want you to owe me money forever.

We begin in the office with Ai Xing saying that she does not like Tian Ze at all. Everything she is doing is for Jing Jing and Jing Jing alone [yeah, right, that’s what she says, but you know she does what she does because she cares for Tian Ze as well as Jing Jing]. Ai Xing then does her roundabout conversation and saying that by helping the couple move out, that ultimately helps her, so in the end everything she is doing is for herself. Ren goes to send her off and then gets up close and offers to let her stay at his place, although he can’t guarantee that he’ll keep his hands off of her. The freaked out Ai Xing makes a hasty exit.

Yia Nan approaches Ai Xing and wonders what’s been going on with her lately. Ai Xing tells him that she’s so busy she doesn’t even get time to sleep. Yia Nan then brings up how serious he was when he offered to marry her. Ai Xing points out that he only makes a little more than she does so there is no way they can marry. Why? Because they couldn’t afford a decent-sized apartment nor would they be able to do the best by their children when they came along and in the end that would either make them miserable or debt-ridden, or both. Yia Nan cannot argue with Ai Xing’s logic. It makes perfect sense to him, but he’d still like to give it a go; however, Ai Xing encourages him to snag a wealthy woman while she snags a wealthy man. She even tells him to go after Ling Li! LMAO. Oh, poor Yia Nan.

At her work, Jing Jing’s earrings are admired and she said she bought them in the US from Bergdorf Goodman [I admit to maybe vaguely hearing of Bergdorf’s before, but I had no idea what it was and I live in the US]. Another coworker comes up and supplies that it is the most high-end department store in the US [really, I didn’t know that]. This makes the first worker amazed so she doesn’t even ask the price and the other two girls go on together and deliver a verbal slap about how talent and not what you wear is what counts in ad agencies. They then go into a meeting about a PR event for one of their clients, but Jing Jing doesn’t seem to be paying attention at all.

After work she goes to the bank to withdraw some money and is completely shocked by how little is left in her account. She then remembers she bought clothes [seriously, she should have bought cheaper clothes than the brand name items I am sure she bought]. While Jing Jing worries over the lack of money in her account, Tian Ze has found the perfect apartment that is already furnished and isn’t too far from Jing Jing’s work. The only problem is the price is definitely out of his range. Ai Xing is with him this time and does her best to use the tricks of trade in realty, but she just fails miserably. When she learns that the cost is NT$28,000, she goes through the roof and tells Tian Ze he cannot possibly afford the place. The realtor talks about how good Tian Ze is to his girlfriend and how he said there is no budget. The realtor then talks about how lucky Tian Ze is to have a woman who is trying to save him money. This sets the two off and they inform the realtor that they aren’t together and are just friends. I do admit that its pretty odd to bring a girl friend who is no relation to you instead of the woman you are dating to look at an apartment. Ai Xing drags Tian Ze out before he can agree to rent the place as she is afraid it will be too much for him which will make trouble for her.

Meanwhile, Jing Jing goes to take out a CD that she had so she can have more money and she is livid to learn that it has been closed out. Jing Jing immediately jumps to the conclusion that her mom is continuing to sabotage her by getting rid of all of Jing Jing’s money and credit cards. I have to say that I really didn’t think her mom did it this time as the bank employee tells Jing Jing that it was issued in the company’s name, so the company must have needed it. Jing Jing leaves in a huff only to run into Ren Wei. Definitely not someone she wanted to meet at this time. Ren asks her if Tian Ze is really worth all the hassle and pain she is going through. Jing Jing is shocked, how does Ren know she is dating Tian Ze? Ren tells her that Ai Xing let it slip and then says that Tian Ze has no idea how much Jing Jing is sacrificing for the relationship. Does she think that he can protect her because Ren doesn’t think so. Jing Jing angrily tells Ren that he has no right to say such things and judge her boyfriend.

Ren then asks if Jing Jing revealed their relationship to Ai Xing. He doesn’t care if she does, so Jing Jing can go ahead and tell Ai Xing that it was love at first sight at the bar. Say what!? This man, this man. He infuriates me. One, I don’t think he always says what he means as he does have some very ambiguous moments and he does seem alone and to kind of hate it at times, but he is still a jerk. Two, this man seems to enjoy playing with people. I hate that! I really just want to know what is going through his head. Even when his past is revealed later in this episode, while I feel sorry a bit for him, I still can’t bring myself to like his character at all. Jing Jing’s anger hits the roof and she tells him to save his disgusting mushy talk for the women who drool over him as she isn’t interested. Jing Jing then storms out and Ren approaches the same bank employee to find out her identity. He looks shocked and very unhappy when he learns that she is Director Meng of Fuhua Construction’s daughter. Uh-oh. This doesn’t bode well.

Tian Ze goes and talks to Director Zhang and asks him to step down from his position. Zhang doesn’t want to, but Tian Ze has proof that he wasn’t in attendance at a meeting that he was signed into. Zhang doesn’t care, but Tian Ze tells him that he can bow out gracefully and spend the next few months comfortably, or Zhang can choose to fight and spend the next few months in and out of court every day. Hmm, I’d go with option one if I new there wasn’t a chance in hell of me winning.

Jing Jing and Ai Xing meat for lunch and Ai Xing is shocked when Jing Jing says she is picking a salad because it is cheaper. Jing Jing then brushes off the comment and says she isn’t very hungry and wants a salad. Ai Xing gets more of a shock when Jing Jing doesn’t upgrade to a mean with her favorite milk tea. Ai Xing is not stupid, she knows that Jing Jing’s sudden concern with money is not a good thing. Ai Xing tells Jing Jing to make amends with her mother. Sure, Mrs. Meng’s methods and actions aren’t the best, but the woman does love her daughter and if Jing Jing waits too long, then she will regret it. Ai Xing then talks about regretting how much she treated her beloved mother and now she can’t take back some of the harsher words she said as her mother is already gone.

Jing Jing asks about the Ren situation and Ai Xing tells her that it looks like things have turned out well. She told Ren she wasn’t interested in him at all and he didn’t fire her, so that’s good. Ai Xing then wonders if she is stupid or possessed as she threw away money [basically what Ren amounted to in her eyes was money and money only]. Jing Jing then wonders if Ai Xing has ever been in love before. Ai Xing very cooly denies ever having such an emotion for anybody. Indeed, Ai Xing has only ever loved money. She tells a cute story about how her friends always looked at hot guys, but how she always kept her eyes on the ground to find money. However, she didn’t keep any money found on the street, but always put it in a donation box to make her mother happy.

Back at the apartment, Ai Xing and Tian Ze are alone and she asks him if Jing Jing has been acting strange. She then talks about Jing Jing suddenly being concerned over money and how much food cost. Ai Xing then quickly says that can’t be possible as Jing Jing’s family is loaded. Tian Ze thinks about it and says that Jing Jing left home, so her mom probably stopped her allowance and now all she has is her salary from work which wouldn’t be enough for her to spend freely like she once did. Tian Ze is frustrated and still thinking about what to do. He gets up to go to the bank to get money to give to Jing Jing [like he has a whole lot] and Ai Xing stops him. He wouldn’t take money from Jing Jing, so does he think she’ll take money from him? Then what can they do? Slaughter the piggies!

While the trio go through and destroy the piggy banks, Tian Ze wonders why Ai Xing never put the money in a bank instead of having the piggies. Ai Xing says it is more troublesome to use a bank, plus she was always on the run when she was younger due to debt, so having a bank account was really inconvenient. Jing Jing then says she likes being able to count the money in the piggies as you have more a feel from counting like that then just putting money in the bank. Ai Xing gushes that this is why Jing Jing is her BFF. Tian Ze fake vomits money and Ai Xing says that Jing Jing is hers and she is just letting Tian Ze have Jing Jing out of pity. LMAO. More fake coin vomit from Tian Ze. When Ai Xing goes to destroy the last piggy, Jing Jing hugs it to her chest and says she wants to keep one to remind Ai Xing that she owes her money forever. Why? Because it was Ai Xing owing Jing Jing that kept Ai Xing from ever forgetting about her best friend. Ai Xing says she just may be rich one day from her piggies and then she will be able to buy a house for Zhi Xing and Grandpa Du. Tian Ze wonders if Ai Xing ever gets tired of that dream and this gives Jing Jing and idea for work! Which makes no sense to me as I have no idea what exactly they are doing PR for.

Yia Nan asks Ai Xing what she wants for dinner and the girl complains about working late yet again, so only lunchboxes for her. Yia Nan says he has to stay and work on a proposal, so how about they go out for dinner as he knows a good place where there’s a discount on dessert after 9pm. Ai Xing knows what he’s up to and asks if she needs to explain it to him in English [meaning she already said she had to work late]. Then up pops manager Ling Li who tells Ai Xing to get off early and do what young people normally do. Ling Li basically wants her out of the office an away from Ren not knowing that Ai Xing has already given him up. Ai Xing won’t supply that fact either and turns the tables on Ling Li who understands that she has really underestimated Ai Xing’s skill [that girl can talk her way out a paper bag when she wants to]. Ling Li then hits poor Yia Nan for not being more helpful in the conversation when Ling Li was trying to match make him and Ai Xing. I feel so sorry for Yia Nan at times.

Tian Ze hands over Zhang’s and Hu’s resignations to Ren and happily says that it looks like suing them is unnecessarily. Ren, however, has other thoughts. He wants Tian Ze to prepare to sue immediately. The younger man doesn’t get it. Ren tells him that he wants what happens to these two to be a warning to the board. Tian Ze then says he’s looking out for Ren by refusing to do it. Since Ren is new to the company, this will only make the other directors of the board hate him and make them call for a new director over Ren. Does Ren Wei feel is position is really secure? Snap! I love how Tian Ze may be idealistic when it comes to law and helping people, but he is also mature, much more so than Ren.

Tian Ze then leaves and Ren Wei rushes after him. Ren goes as far as chasing Tian Ze down on his scooter. Does anyone else understand why they needed this desperate chase scene between a rattled Ren and an indifferent Tian Ze? It seemed very odd to me. Tian Ze notices Ren’s presence, but simply ignores it. Finally, Ren cuts in front of the scooter and gets out demanding to know why he was ignored. Tian Ze replies that he is not Ren’s dog. If Ren insists on going through with suing the Hu and Zhang, then he should march right up to Zhang [they are at his office] and tell him that he is being fired and sued. Ren reproaches Tian Ze for speaking to him like that as not only is he Tian Ze’s boss, but he is also older. Tian Ze then throws age back at Ren. He is only a few years younger than his boss, but Ren is at least 15 years younger than Zhang. Tian Ze then says he hates older people who just take up space and don’t do their job, but what can they do? The older generation cares about face and its just easier if they give it to them. Ren replies that he doesn’t trust anyone, but he’ll go ahead and place his faith in Tian Ze’s opinion and not sue.

Ren and Tian Ze then go out for a drink. Ren’s friend tells him that Miss Sake hasn’t been in since that night. Ren apologizes for making her lose a customer. The woman doesn’t really care as Ren is a regular. Ren then reveals that Ai Xing told him about Tian Ze working hard to earn money for Jing Jing. Tian Ze curses Ai Xing for her big mouth and says that he and Jing Jing haven’t been together for very long even though they met a few years ago, but they are finally together now and that’s why he treasures the relationship so much. Ren says that Tian Ze is pretty innocent. Tian Ze admits he’s not very experienced in love, but he’s rather spend his time with a woman he likes than girls he could care less about just to prove his charm and ability. [I think that’s a slap at Ren’s character.]

Ren wasn’t trampling on Tian Ze’s youthful innocence. He just isn’t anymore. At his age there is no one he wants to be with that doesn’t end up boring him eventually. It doesn’t matter or beautiful or special she is, she eventually ends up as bland as water and you won’t take a second look. He actually likes whiskey better than women. Tian Ze replies his feelings are the opposite. He wants to be with that person everyday no matter what until they grow tired of each other [if that ends up happening]. Tian Ze [also not knowing that Ai Xing has given up on Ren] says that he knows there is no way Ren can be serious about Ai Xing. Ren’s smug reply is about how serious Ai Xing is about him [looks like he isn’t letting on either just because he’s having fun playing with these three]. Ren then reveals he has met Jing Jing and she has left a big impression on him. This shocks Tian Ze, how did they meet? Ren doesn’t say she is the little Miss Sake from the bar, but just talks about how Ai Xing brought Jing Jing to analyze his character. Once alone, Ren calls someone and says he’s taken care of the board so they should meet. Hmm, a scheme is brewing.

Tian Ze gets home and Ai Xing asks if Ren treated him to dinner. Tian Ze asks how she knew and she replies Jing Jing told her. Tian Ze then complains that Jing Jing and Ai Xing tell each other everything, but don’t tell him anything. Why didn’t they tell him about meeting Ren? Ai Xing quickly deduces that Ren must have told him. Tian Ze then immediately yells at her. What were those two thinking? They didn’t need to go and examine Ren’s character as Tian Ze could already tell you he was no good and doesn’t care about woman. Tian Ze complains that doing that brought Ai Xing to a new low and what’s worse she dragged Jing Jing with her. Tian Ze says it’s all Ai Xing’s fault [poor girl, it was all Jing Jing’s doing really] as she wouldn’t listen to him. Ai Xing says she has listened to Tian Ze and has even moved back to this apartment. Tian Ze doesn’t listen and just accuses Ai Xing of being horribly easy. She will always say she doesn’t know how she got into certain situations and let herself be taken advantage of like a fool. The hurt Ai Xing reveals that she has already confessed to Ren Wei that she doesn’t like him. Does Tian Ze know how hard it was for her to reject money? Is he satisfied now? Ai Xing then rushes into her room and Tian Ze calls after her and wonders why she didn’t tell him earlier.

Jing Jing comes and tells him not to blame Ai Xing as it was her idea. Tian Ze says that is why he’s worried. It’s not worth it to see people like Ren who thinks alcohol is better than women. That man would treat Ai Xing thoughtlessly and he could do the same thing to Jing Jing in the future. Jing Jing tells him not to worry as she doesn’t like Ren at all. Besides, Tian Ze has no idea how fierce she was to Ren that day. She then asks if he’s jealous. Tian Ze asks if she wants him to be jealous and she immediately says of course as it proves how much he likes her. Jing Jing then teases that Tian Ze is handsome when he is angry. The two cuddle on the swing outside of the apartment, but the look in Tian Ze’s eyes makes me wonder if he’s not realizing just how much he might care for Ai Xing… I mean it… The way he looks and everything seems very odd and makes me wonder if he himself is realizing his true feelings for his best friend. Or not. I could be reading too much into his eye acting. Jing Jing then goes into the room she shares with Ai Xing and once again shows her insecurity wondering if it was really her or Ai Xing Tian Ze was getting angry and jealous about.

Ren meets Ling Li for lunch and asks her to help him out. He wants her to find out actual transaction prices on certain cases. Ling LI tells him they could have done this in the office and Ren replies that its his excuse to have lunch with her. While this makes Ling Li happy, Ren then turns around and says she cannot have any expectations of him marrying her. Ling Li smarts from this rejection, but tells Ren that she has a line of young pups after her, so don’t think she loves him or he’s anything special. So she says, but her face betrays her hurt. Ren reiterates that Ling Li is the only one he can trust and he hopes she will help him out with this favor. Sigh. I hope she doesn’t end up getting really burned thanks to him.

Once he’s alone in his car, Ren has a flashback to his past. His father takes his younger brother to a rooftop and jumps down with him. Ummmm…while I don’t like these types of scenes every time I see them, I am more confused as to just why the oldest son was not included and instead watched it unfold unable to stop it? Ren cries and says that he has never forgotten and it’s apparently all Mr. Meng’s fault! So of course he’ll lose Jing Jing to make them pay. Like I said yesterday, I wasn’t expecting this plot twist, but since it isn’t original and has been done many times over, it’s not a truly surprising twist, but it is definitely NOT where I thought this series would be going. But given how much has happened in so few episodes, I guess they had to throw something else in there to keep the story going. Ren then meets with Meng.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Meng meets with Tian Ze for a Jing Jing update. She also lets him know that the CD and credit cards were not her doing. She alludes to trouble with the company, but doesn’t say anything concrete. Tian Ze is horrified to hear that Mrs. Meng wants to use Jing Jing as a bargaining chip in order to keep the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to. Now, Mrs. Meng always seemed to have some love for Jing Jing, but this scene almost shows the complete opposite. I guess in order to save oneself and family, it doesn’t matter if you have to sacrifice your only daughter’s happiness. Despite of all this, Tian Ze refuses to give up Jing Jing.

Tian Ze meets with the realtor and learns that there is another party interested in the apartment so he signs the lease. Oy. He doesn’t have the money, but he signs it anyways. He tries to keep this from Ai Xing, but she finds out and is livid to learn how much money he needs to pay upfront. Money he obviously doesn’t have. Ai Xing says she will lend him the money, but he doesn’t want to accept her help. Tian Ze keeps this a secret [the apartment and meeting with her mother and the possible problem with her father’s company] from Jing Jing for the moment.

The next day the Meng parents talk about their problems and how everything is hinged on the Mei Ze development. As long as that is successful, then they company can recover. The only problem is that Ren Wei is in charge of the advertising and will be directly involved. I wonder if he will really end up ruining the Meng family in the long wrong or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Tian Ze and Ai Xing go to the realtor to try to talk down the lease after its been signed, but the realtor won’t budge and even offers to just let the next client have it, so Tian Ze cuts in and says he will accept the original terms still. Ai Xing isn’t happy but Tian Ze decides to try to ask Ren Wei for an advance on his salary. Ai Xing wonders if Tian Ze is actually capable of asking and he says he isn’t a man if he can’t take care of this matter. The realtor, watching them squabble again, points out that they really seem like a great match. Are they sure they aren’t a couple? This earns him scathing looks and a double threat. Tian Ze screws up his courage to ask. This amuses Ren highly, but he does give him the money after lecturing about how love is a bad investment, etc. – typical Ren Wei BS.

Ren goes to the Mei Ze construction site with Meng who tells him about how he used to work as an actual construction worker and has slowly built this empire of his. Meng says that since he has climbed to this position, there is more distance between him and those who buys his houses. Ren Wei then talks about the investment and returns on the land development and this seems to make Meng a little uncomfortable [‘cause I guess it goes against his earlier speech of dreams and the common man]. Ren then says that the little houses Meng produces can make people very happy, but can cause them despair as well. Ren then turns with a big smile on his face and says that real estate is just a money game for him. Meng thinks its remarkable that Ren has such deep understanding for one so young .Ren says that this has come at a great price.

And this is where we end things. The next episode’s preview shows things heating up between the foursome. What will happen now that Ren knows just who Jing Jing is?


  • Thanks so much for your recaps!!! I’m glad i’m not the only one that has a problem with Ren Wei. I just cannot ship him with anyone because he’s such a jerk.

    Hmmm I didn’t really notice the look in Tian Ze’s eyes, I’ll have to go back and rewatch that part. Tian Ze always gets so worked up when it comes to Ai Xing, even Jing Jing notices! Maybe Tian Ze is picking up on his own feelings. At least I hope because I ship him & Ai Xing…

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you think the same about Ren Wei. I know they have no introduced his tortured past, but unlike other characters in other dramas, I don’t really feel too much for him because for the first 9 episodes he is just a manipulative player.

      I could have been over thinking the situation. When he was talking to Jing Jing about her seeing Ren Wei, his eyes kept going all over the place and I wondered just what he was really thinking. You could say that Ai Xing and Tian Ze are really close friends, but for him to get quite as worked up, you’d definitely think there was something more so I can understand Jing Jing really wondering if there is no romantic love there. I really ship Tian Ze and Ai Xing, especially after episode 9, which I’ll try to get up tonight.

      • I know…I don’t really get why people still ship Ren Wei when he’s clearly a player. He has some serious catching up to do…hopefully he’ll change his ways?

        Yeah Tian Ze is so protective over Ai Xing. I love those two!!!

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