Love Forward Episode 7 Recap

Ay de mi! This is fast approaching the land of NeeNee doesn’t like due to the arising complications of the plot. I will admit to being surprised by one aspect in episode 8, but since it’s a pretty typical drama plot, it didn’t knock my socks off. And Leroy Young. What is up with his character of Ren Wei? The character oozes so much player oiliness, I don’t know what woman in her right mind would want him. Although, I must admit there was a moment when Ren was chasing Tian Ze down in episode 8 that ALMOST had me liking him. Maybe I will by the end of the series…

Step Seven: Mansion and Shack

Anywho, episode 7 has Ai Xing escape Ling Li’s grasp as she corners Ai Xing about the maid working for Ren. This seriously annoys Ling Li yet again, but Ai Xing has eluded her grasp and kept her identity as Ren’s maid a secret [though with all of her actions, it’s really quite obvious].

At work, Jing Jing’s coworkers titter about her uncharacteristically cheap clothes. She borrowed Ai Xing’s since she doesn’t have any [literally she left home with only the clothes on her back]. This embarrasses Jing Jing immensely so she goes shopping [I don’t know if its on her lunch break or after work]. However, all of her credit cards have been stopped and this royally pisses her off. I don’t know why. She was the one who wanted to leave her family, so why would she suspect they would support her? What a girl.

So Jing Jing goes home to confront her mother who was very happy to see her daughter [Mrs Meng thought Jing Jing had seen the error of her ways]. Mrs. Meng’s happiness quickly leaves as Jing Jing confronts her about getting her credit cards cut off. Jing Jing then vows that her mother’s scare tactics won’t work. She didn’t choose Tian Ze for money, but for love, so no lack of material comfort will make her leave him. Again, Mrs. Meng spits back that she hopes Jing Jing doesn’t regret her decision.

After having it out yet again with her mother, Jing Jing calls up Ai Xing to hang out, but Ai Xing is stuck at work yet again thanks to her row with Ling Li earlier. Jing Jing tells her to come over no matter what time it is, but Ai Xing says she isn’t even certain if she’ll even be able to leave work at all. This disappoints Jing Jing who was feeling down and wanted her friend’s company (Tian Ze was working late as well), so the girl heads of to the bar Ren frequents. The two get into an argument over love and money [Jing Jing’s all for love white Ren only cares about money] and eventually Jing Jing cuts up her credit cards that are no longer any good. Ren also seems to be flirting with her in a really weird way [after bashing up her choice of love over money, etc], just what is with that man?

Jing Jing gets home and Tian Ze scolds her for making him wait for her. She holds him and begs him to never let her go no matter what happens in the future and no matter what insults or trickery her mother throws at him. Jing Jing tells him to hold on to her as if she’s the most important thing in his life. I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling Jing Jing is very insecure about her choice and their relationship that she has to keep telling him to remember her and never throw her away or leave her. Tian Ze picks up on the slightly desperate vibe and asks what’s wrong, but Jing Jing refuses to say and just reiterates that he has to promise. Tian Ze tells her not to worry as he’ll hold onto her as tight as an octopus since he’s already waited four years for her.

Tian Ze and Jing Jing part ways for work while Ai Xing complains about the emptiness and loneliness of Ren’s apartment. She then curses herself for missing her shack. Before she can really consider why she misses her home, Ren and Ling Li come in. Ai Xing quickly ducks behind the counter to try and wait things out until she can sneak safely there. This means she gets to hear all of Ling Li’s and Ren’s flirtatious banter. Ling Li then says that Ai Xing is not his type and she then describes a highly desirable woman [her], and Ren pegs it down that Ling Li is the type to sleep with, but he isn’t sure he wants to sleep with Ai Xing or not. Weird. What’s even weirder is Ai Xing’s reaction. She doesn’t really seem to upset about learning that Ren and Ling Li had a sexual relationship in the past. Her main concern is them doing it now in front of her while she’s hiding.

The moment is interrupted by a phone call. Ling Li says that is Ai Xing’s case and she hangs up to call Ai Xing who is silently begging her not to as she accidentally left her cell on the table. Ling Li calls and the phone starts ringing. What is going on? Ai Xing then pops up and says that is her phone. Ling Li is livid and Ren just seems amused. Ling Li scolds Ai Xing for coming and going as she pleases and accidentally lets it slip that she wanted Ren’s keys. Ren says he can’t possibly have his head of sales acting as his maid and sends her off while letting Ai Xing stay. Ai Xing tries to leave as well, but Ren tells her she is staying for dinner. Love how he never gives her an option and Ai Xing just always blindly follows along.

Meanwhile, Tian Ze goes apartment hunting for him and Jing Jing. He feels bad about Jing Jing living in Ai Xing’s rundown apartment with no elevator, air, or proper heat. Unfortunately, the apartments he can afford are too far from Jing Jing’s workplace, so he drops his budget to look for a nicer, downtown apartment.

Ai Xing once again compliment’s Ren’s skills and he says that he hates leftovers so Ai Xing states she’ll eat everything up so he won’t have leftovers. Ren says she’s odd as most women get mad and complain about him asking them to eat leftovers. Ai Xing doesn’t understand this as why complain when you get free food and don’t have to cook or pay for anything yourself? Ren goes to ask about the maid, making Ai Xing choke. She quickly gets up and is saved by the doorbell. It’s Tian Ze! He sits down to dinner as well and when Ren asks about the maid, Tian Ze speaks up and starts describing her. Ren notices that it sounds a lot like Ai Xing. Tian Ze then talks about how he and the maid grew up together and even shared the same bed [but he could never be interested in her in *that* way]. Ai Xing is completely angered at Tian Ze being so obvious and also bashing her figure.

After dinner, Tian Ze is handed files and told to look through them and decide which board members to kick out. Tian Ze cannot believe Ren. He has only been in his position for a short time and he’s already planning on firing board members. Tian Ze then says that he doesn’t think Ren needs to get rid of his enemies to make people respect him. Ren understands what he means, but doesn’t Tian Ze understand that he can be fired for saying that? Tian Ze says that Ren wanted a legal advisor, not a sycophant. Nice. Ren admires his gutsiness and says that it’s up to Tian Ze to fix on firing the two board members. Tian Ze then speaks up about Ai Xing yet again. Tian Ze begs Ren to remember that Ai Xing is his employee and not his competition. Ai Xing catches a hint of something near the end of the conversation and wonders if they had been talking about her. Yep. they were.

As Tian Ze goes to leave, Ai Xing scolds him for blatantly saying all that stuff about the maid. What happens if Ren finds out? Tian Ze points out that Ren isn’t an idiot so he most likely knows already. Ai Xing then demands her money back, but Tian Ze refuses to give her the maid’s salary check. They play keep-away in the apartment’s lobby and stop as they get strange stares from the occupants. Tian Ze then wonders why Ai Xing isn’t coming home yet. Ai Xing says she loves the apartment and doesn’t care if her boss takes advantage of her. Tian Ze orders her to move back pronto as he knows she only became Ren’s maid and moved to his apartment so that she could give him and Jing Jing some privacy. Ai Xing reluctantly agrees. Tian Ze also reveals his apartment hunting and when Ai Xing asks where he’ll get the money, he looks down at the check in his hand. LOL. Tian Ze really knows how to get Ai Xing worked up.

Ai Xing goes home and sits locked in her room with Jing Jing who is worried over Ai Xing’s ambiguous relationship with Ren Wei. Jing Jing wishes to meet him to see how good a man he is. Ai Xing thinks the situation will be too awkward and weird, so Jing Jing says to play it like a set up. She then swears Ai Xing to secrecy as Tian Ze would be livid if he found out. Tian Ze then tries to come in, but the girls refuse to unlock the door. When he goes away, Ai Xing then starts questioning Jing Jing about just how far her and Tian Ze’s relationship has gone, much to Jing Jing’s embarrassment.

The two girls go out as agreed to meet with Ren Wei. Needless to say that both he and Jing Jing are surprised to see one another. They play it like its their first time meeting [Jing Jing was going to confess, but for whatever reason, Ren covered it up]. Instead of playing the arranged date card, Jing Jing instantly demands to know what Ren’s intentions are towards Ai Xing. This freaks Ai Xing out as she is afraid that Jing Jing will offend her boss and get Ai Xing into trouble. Jing Jing just charges ahead and asks about if Ren Wei has what it takes to stand up against family intentions and work gossip. Ren actually doesn’t see what problem there could be. Jing Jing gives him one more warning and he asks who she is to say that to him. Jing Jing replies that Ai Xing is her best friend and she won’t stand for him hurting her. Ren smiles and thinks this is getting even more interesting.

Ai Xing wonders why Jing Jing took such a direct approach. Jing Jing replies she changed her mind about testing him lightly as soon as she saw him. She lays down that if Ren truly cares about her then he’ll start treating her better and if he doesn’t, she’ll be fired and that will be good as Ai Xing should stay away from him before her morals and reputation gets compromised. Ai Xing understands where Jing Jing is going with this and agrees to move out as soon as possible.

At work, Ling Li exacts her revenge for finding Ai Xing in Ren’s apartment and getting kicked out while Ai Xing was allowed to stay. She acts as a client while Ai Xing acts as a salesman. Ling Li is deliberately grumpy and hard to please and actually intentionally hits Ai Xing with the shower head. Ai Xing comes close to blowing, but manages to tamp down her temper and try to do her best as a salesperson.

Ren goes to his usual haunt and Jing Jing comes in to confront him. Ren cannot believe such a coincidence exists. Jing Jing says he must think it’s a pity since she knows how he really is. He isn’t the type to commit to a relationship and is a womanizer who uses his career as an excuse. Rent then throws up her boyfriend, making Jing Jing uncomfortable. Jing Jing does get her fighting spirit back and asks if he thinks women are only a burden, then why is he playing around with Ai Xing. ren replies that he may not be interested in love, but he finds Ai Xing to be very interesting.

Okay, I admit it. I do like her. But not to the degree where I can’t live without her, but so what? Should I stop seeing her? Perhaps to you the relationship between a man and woman is all or nothing. But what about the 50% or 70% love? Don’t those relationships count? Perhaps some women only want 70% material and 30% love. What about them? Do you look down on them?

Ren then gives Jing Jing another verbal slap by saying that she is a very possessive friend. Jing Jing doesn’t like hearing this, but she warns him once more to stay away from Ai Xing. Ren says okay, but only if Jing Jing can control Ai Xing.

Jing Jing goes home looking for Ai Xing, but she finds Tian Ze cooking noodles instead. He tells her that Ai Xing went back to Ren’s to pick up her things as she is officially moving back in. Jing Jing says she has something to say, but will wait for Ai Xing [I think she was going to tell him about meeting Ren], when her mother comes. Mrs. Meng is not happy at all to learn that Jing Jing is living together with Tian Ze [she thought she was living with Ai Xing alone]. Mrs. Meng scolds Tian Ze for living alone with two girls and Jing Jing scolds her mother about her behavior and vows to never go back no matter what her mom does or says. Poor Mrs. Meng actually only came to bring Jing Jing some clothes and blankets since the weather is getting colder. You can tell Jing Jing is taken back and feeling a little sheepish, but she does not apologize for wronging her mother.

Back at Ren’s place he discovers Ai Xing leaving. She tries to cover up the fact she was his maid, but he lets her know he already knew since he and Ling Li discovered her hiding behind the counter. Ai Xing wondered why he didn’t say anything and Ren tells her about how he finds her interesting and since he didn’t know the reason why she moved in, he wanted to see where things went. Ai Xing readily tells him she moved into his apartment to give Tian Ze and Jing Jing space. Let me tell you, Ren totally did not expect to hear that. He really finds it interesting to learn Tian Ze and Jing Jing are dating. Ai Xing then says she is moving back in to her old place as both Jing Jing and Tian Ze both find it too dangerous for her to live in Ren’s place. Ren then asks if she’s afraid he’ll rape her. Ai Xing immediately denies this, but Ren says her face says the exact opposite.

Ren then corners her and asks her to be his woman. If she says yes, then she can’t cry when he tires of her and asks her to leave, nor can she linger when she’s unwanted. Can she do that? He leans in to kiss her, but Ai Xing closes her eyes and holds back, shaking. Ren eases off and says that Ai Xing really doesn’t like him, does she? Ai Xing asks for another chance, but Ren sends her packing as he doesn’t want to play with her at the moment.

Back at Ai Xing’s apartment, Tian Ze reveals that he’s been apartment hunting to Jing Jing. This makes Jing Jing really happy so she takes Tian Ze to one of her clients’ stores. In it is a scooter and the two play around acting all cutesy. Later, Tian Ze gives the information to Ren about the directors who should be fired. It seems two have skipped out on meetings where they said they were in attendance. Tian Ze lays out the options and Ren wants to sue them, but TIan Ze doesn’t think that’s the way to go. Tian Ze would rather privately settle by getting the two members to step down and resign. Ren threatens to hire someone more ruthless and Tian Ze plays his cards by saying he wanted to learn from someone who managed to become so wealthy and head a giant company so young as he believed Ren got there from not be ruthless but smart. Will that plan work?

Ai Xing goes to Ren’s office and wonders if she should tell him or not. Ren catches her and asks what she’s doing there and she blurts out that she really doesn’t like him and doesn’t want to take off her clothes for him or sleep with him. Wow. What a declaration. Since it’s like that, can Ai Xing still keep her job? Ren then comments about how lucky Tian Ze is to have two women in love with him. That’s definitely not what Ai Xing expected to hear.

Stay tuned for her response in episode 8!

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