Love Forward Episode 6 Recap

At long last! It’s not that I hate this drama. I do like it. It’s more like I hate the actions and attitudes of characters and just how predictable this is. Really. There isn’t too much I’m actually surprised on. If you’ve ever seen the Bollywood movie Bride and Prejudice [their modern Indian take on the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice], then you’d understand how frustrating it is to have characters very stubbornly and ignorantly DELIBERATELY misunderstand a situation and person when there really is no just cause for it. This happens a lot in this drama.

Step Six: I Love You. Thank You. I’m Sorry.

Ai Xing happily eats the food that Ren Wei cooked with gusto. She tells him that they are a perfect match as she loves eating and he likes to cook. Ren confesses that its been a long time since he’s cooked for anyone. Ai Xing asks after his family as she remembered that he had a little brother who passed away. Ren admits that he has no family now and marvels how Ai Xing asked what no one else had. He then reveals that Tian Ze took the job offer. Ai Xing grumps about Tian Ze not telling her and Ren Wei brings the topic around to the two’s relationship. They’ve known each other a long time, have they ever slept together? Ai Xing immediately starts choking at the question and assures her boss once again that there is nothing between her and Tian Ze besides friendship. She tells him that Tian Ze has a girlfriend who is not her, plus Ai Xing confesses she is a virgin. What an embarrassing confession! Ren cannot believe that Tian Ze’s girlfriend would be okay with his and Ai Xing’s currently living situation. Ai Xing then tells him that Tian Ze’s girlfriend happens to be her best friend and they all trust each other. Ren then says that he believes love is an erosive relationship and that lovers cannot tolerate imperfection in their relationships even with strong friendships. How did this man get so jaded?

The next morning Ai Xing gets up to find Tian Ze getting ready to make coffee using the machine that Jing Jing bought. This horrifies Ai Xing. That coffeemaker takes beans and electricity. No, it’s instant coffee for the both of them. They will save using the new coffeemaker for when Jing Jing comes over. Tian Ze then asks after what happened at Ren’s place. Ai Xing asks if Tian Ze cares about her and he replies that a man asked a woman over to his apartment and he was worried that she’d be taken advantage of. Ai Xing replies that she wouldn’t mind if she was and then reveals that Ren Wei asked if she and Tian Ze had slept together. Do you think that means her boss cares about her? This sets Tian Ze off. Is his friend so blinded by money? Wouldn’t she think a poor man who asked that question was harassing her? Ai Xing says she gets the point and then asks after the watch. Tian Ze replies it was a birthday present from Jing Jing that he feels pressure from. He then confesses that he met with Jing Jing’s mom the other day. Things start clicking into place for Ai Xing and she realizes why Tian Ze has been so sensitive of late. Tian Ze then swears her to secrecy. We then get a cute scene where Ai Xing steals the last piece of toast that Tian Ze made. These two have such a cute relationship at times.

At the office, Tian ze confronts Ren about his intentions towards Ai Xing. Tian Ze warns him that although Ai Xing acts tough and says she’ll never be fooled, she is often taken advantage of. He also tells Ren that once Ai Xing puts her heart into something, she won’t stop so if Ren isn’t serious about her, then he should just leave Ai Xing alone. Ren commends his audacity and guts on his first day of work. Ren then tells Tian Ze that he won’t heed his talk about Ai Xing as TIan Ze and she are just friends, plus Tian Ze is in no position to protect her. Ouch. Talk about a blow to Tian Ze’s manly pride and protective instinct for his best friend.

Meanwhile, Ling Li confronts Ai Xing about having ulterior motives in approaching Ren for the use of his apartment to help Jing Jing. That was just an excuse to get close to him, wasn’t it? After all, isn’t Ai Xing only in real estate to meet a wealthy husband? Ai Xing doesn’t back down this time and asks Ling Li if that isn’t what she wants as well. This stumps the other woman. Looks like Ai Xing hit the nail on the head. Ling Li isn’t in real estate for the joy of the work either. Ling Li confesses she wishes to marry and Ai Xing replies that they are in the same boat and should be helping each other. She goes to walk away, but Ling Li stops her and says that they are love rivals [both going after Ren Wei] and Ling Li warns Ai Xing from trying any tricks. Ai Xing mutters that she can’t do anything if Ren Wei likes her instead of Ling Li. The older manager asks Ai Xing to say that to her face. Instead, Ai Xing vows to work hard as she *really* loves to sell real estate. LMAO.

Jing Jing has lunch with her mother only to find out that Mrs. Meng is trying to set her up with yet another son from a wealthy family. She is annoyed and tries to leave, but her mother manages to make her stay.Jing Jing is really angry when her mother says that she has many suitors and is just playing around now as to be more settled when she marries. Omo. WHAT mother in her right mind tells another person that her daughter is sowing wild oats? When Jing Jing asks why her mother did that, Mrs. Meng replies that even though Jing Jing and Tian Ze are serious now, they will soon have to face reality that they don’t belong together. Jing Jing says that her mother doesn’t know Tian Ze so who is Mrs. Meng to says that he isn’t right for Jing Jing? Mrs. Meng replies that she has given Tian Ze a chance to prove his worth. This makes Jing Jing livid, especially when she realizes that Tian Ze kept the visit between him and her mother a secret.

Ai Xing asks after Tian Ze’s work. Isn’t he happy to have taken the dive? Tian Ze says he doesn’t know how long he can work with Ren and he then comments on how blindly Ai Xing follows him. Ai Xing then gives Tian Ze some advice:

Sorry. Thank You. I love you. Just use these three sentences in combination and you’re good.

Tian Ze tells Ai Xing to stop nagging him when Jing Jing storms in asking about why Tian Ze didn’t tell her he met with her mother. How could he let Mrs. Meng humiliate him and push him into going to work? Ai Xing immediately steps in and tries to smooth things over, but she makes things worse as Jing Jing cannot believe both of them kept the secret from her. Jing Jing then tells Tian Ze that she isn’t dating him for his money and and doesn’t care where he works. Tian Ze wonders if that is really true as he feels she uses her money to remind him of the fact that he doesn’t have any. Snap. Things reach a boiling point and Jing Jing storms out in anger over Tian Ze seeing her so superficially. Ai Xing urges Tian Ze to go after her, but he stays still, so Ai Xing runs after her.

Ai Xing begs her not to be angry as Tian Ze changed for Jing Jing. The other girl replies that is why she is angry, she never asked Tian Ze to change. Jing Jing doesn’t want Tian Ze to make himself unhappy for her sake. Ai Xing then starts lamenting over the two lovers. What is so wrong with money? Why do they hate it so darn much? Ai Xing then tells Jing Jing that she is lucky to have a lot of money and even more love. Jing Jing used her money to save Ai Zing and Zhi Xing, to buy Ai Zing shoes and a coffeemaker. Jing Jing couldn’t have done any of that without her current wealth. Tian Ze is now aware of just how important money is now thanks to him leaving home and cutting ties with his father. Because of Jing Jing, he now wants to prove himself and be able to take Jing Jing out to nice restaurants and give her presents. To do this, he has to have make money as he cannot just borrow from Ai Xing. Ai Xing ends her lecture by sending Jing Jing home and saying that she will take care of Tian Ze.

After drying up Jing Jing’s tears and getting the other girl to laugh, Ai Xing goes home to confront Tian Ze. She yells at him for overacting when he should have stayed calm and told Jing Jing his feelings and plans. Ai Xing asks if he thinks he’s better than Jing Jing because he gave her love while Jing Jing gave him money. Tian Ze tries to talk, but Ai Xing silences him, complaining about his bad personality and low IQ even after graduating university and passing the bar exam. She then asks if he needs someone to teach him how to apologize now. She then leaves him to reflect on his actions. Tian Ze is floored by this lecture. He then says he knows how to apologize and starts stammering out the three sentences Ai Xing told him to use earlier.

Tian Ze goes to Jing Jing’s office where he practices the three sentences while waiting. Jing Jing comes out and surprises him. What is he doing there? I think she already knows and the two smile. She then grabs his arm and drags him off to meet her mother and Mrs. Meng’s friends. Mrs. Meng tries to cover the situation, but Jing Jing boldly declares that Tian Ze is her boyfriend and she then insults the women’s sons by saying she’d never date a man who didn’t understand the meaning of money and didn’t know how to work for it. Mrs. Meng cannot believe her daughter’s audacity. After Jing Jing made this declaration, she marches out with Tian Ze in tow [he was uncomfortable about the whole situation]. Mrs. Meng’s “friends” are extremely unhappy and badmouth Jing Jing before leaving and asking Mrs. Meng to never call them again. Ouch. Poor Mrs. Meng, but she was the one who created the situation.

Tian Ze apologizes for what he said to Jing Jing the other day. He had started to doubt himself with Jing Jing constantly giving and he constantly receiving. He then states that Ai Xing was right. He was stupid for getting angry over Jing Jing giving him a present. He then reveals that he hates presents as they were always something his dad gave his mom to make up for a fight. And after his mom left, his dad gave him presents all the time as well. He didn’t want to accept them. He wants to earn and spend his own money even though that is tougher. Jing Jing understands that Tian Ze didn’t accept the gifts or money as he didn’t want his father to think that he’d forgiven him. She then says she doesn’t want to go back home again and Tian Ze says he’ll take her in.

At Ai Xing’s office, she is working overtime yet again thanks to her fight with Ling Li. Yia Nan stays back to help, but Ai Xing tells him it’s okay. Working overtime in that cold room won’t kill her. Yia Nan then confesses that he’s loved her since college and will marry her and take care of her. He’s so innocent, sincere, and sweet. Ai Xing tells him he’s sweet, but she was only joking. She can go for three days with only eating a sole bun. She’s deliberately misunderstanding his sincerity here, but you know she doesn’t want to lead him on. She then vows to snag a rich man. Then up comes Ren Wei who finishes her thought by saying she’ll then marry him and be a rich housewife. Talk about a lot of embarrassing moments for Ai Xing this episode. Ren Wei then tells Ai Xing to come with him. Ai Xing explains Ling Li has told her to work overtime. Ren plays the trump card: he’s the boss on top, so who should Ai Xing listen to? Poor Ai Xing. She sighs and tells Yia Nan to punch her out and goes off wit the director.

Ai Xing tells Ren about her precarious position being caught between the sales department [and Ling Li] and being his personal assistant. Ren doesn’t understand what she’s saying and Ai Xing confesses that she is very confused. Just what is their relationship to one another? Ren stops the car and kicks Ai Xing out. Does she or doesn’t she want to be his assistant? Ai Xing should understand their relationship. He wants her as his assistant. He wants her to eat with him when he tells her to, and she can’t say no. If she can’t do that, she can work elsewhere. Who else thinks that Ren is just a giant ass? He then tells her to get out again. Ai Xing does and cannot believe that he will just leave her there without her even knowing where she is. Ren, however, can’t just abandon her and tells her to get in.

Ai Xing asks where they are going and Ren promises to fulfill her dream. He takes her to a hotel and apologizes for his temper earlier. Ai Xing will have to learn to tolerate him. The nervous girl says it is okay, and then says the earlier situation was because of her own stupidity and the fact that she said the wrong things. Ren then asks to shower together, but he eventually goes to shower himself. Ai Xing is torn. What to do? She decides to sleep with him. If she’s lucky she’ll get pregnant and they will have to marry. She jumps into bed and goes to take off her clothes before remembering her underwear is less than sexy. She then ends up falling asleep and Ren can’t wake her. He looks at her sleeping form and smiles. Yep, Ai Xing is something else.

Now, before going further I have to say that I completely HATE Ai Xing’s thought process. Given her overall attitude, it really amazes me how she could make that decision. I also have to say that even if she did get knocked up, it’s 10 to 1 that he WON’T marry her as that is how it goes in these dramas. Girl gets pregnant [and sometimes the family forces the marriage] and boy dumps girl and leaves her to raise the kid alone. I also believe it’s the kids who would suffer more in this situation as they are mere pawns in hoping to win the ultimate easy life.

Ai Xing wakes up and quickly looks at her body. All her clothes are in place and Ren is gone. So they didn’t do it? She finds a note that Ren left saying that she was snoring so loud he just went home. This embarrasses Ai Xing even more. She puts a paper bag over her head and “sneaks” out of the hotel. When she gets home, she is annoyed to find Tian Ze sleeping soundly when she didn’t come home all night. Boy does she get a surprise when she finds Jing Jing in her bed. Ai Xing is surprised, but willingly takes Jing Jing in and scolds Tian Ze for doing it without consulting her. The two then turn the tables and wonder where Ai Xing was all night. The girl actually confesses she went to a hotel with her boss, but nothing happened. That doesn’t matter, her friends are still worried, especially Tian Ze. In fact, Jing Jing looks a little unhappy about how much Tian Ze cross examines Ai Xing to get the truth out of her. When Ai Xing leaves for work, Tian Ze explains that the girl easily makes people worry about her.

At the office, Ling Li tries to put a move on Ren, but he says he’s going out of the country on business that very day, so he can’t have dinner with her. He then tosses Ai Xing his house keys and asks her to find a maid. I guess that eases the awkwardness a bit between those two, but it raises it between her and Ling Li.

That night is Jing Jing’s welcoming party. Ai Xing also reveals that she will be living at Ren’s place for the time being to work as his maid. The real reason behind this is that Ai Xing wishes to give the couple their space, so she’s taking herself out of the equation. Neither Tian Ze or Jing Jing are too happy with Ai Xing’s living arrangement. The girl then confesses that Ren doesn’t even know she is his maid and that she plans on coming and going as secretly as possible. What a plan.

Ai Xing happily works, eats, and sleeps at Ren’s. She is shocked when he comes in unexpectedly. She manages to hide, but leaves evidence of her existence behind with the food she was eating. Ren notices this and looks confused, but he starts stripping in the kitchen before going off to sleep or shower. Ai Xing quickly uses this chance to sneak out.

At work, Yia Nan wonders if she moved as she didn’t come from the same direction and Ai Xing quickly replies she ran an errand before work. Ren then comes up and Ai Xing wonders how he likes the maid’s work. Ren complains about the lack of skill and wishes Ai Xing to find a new maid. The girl protests and Ren comes to the conclusion that the maid must be a relative of Ai Xing’s as the younger girl keeps insisting he give the maid a chance. Ren agrees to give her another shot. Ai Xing tries to figure out when he’ll knock off, but Ren won’t tell her. This makes Ai Xing’s cleaning plans very difficult. In fact, Ren almost catches her, but she locks herself in the bathroom, saying she has a cold and they can talk face-to-face later. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, Jing Jing tries to shower, but there is no hot water. Tian Ze jokes about how they should have showered together as the gas has run out. He then tells Jing Jing he was teasing, they have more gas, he will go and change it so she can have a hot shower. Tian Ze explains about the how they don’t get hot water since it’s a rooftop apartment, so they have to buy gas. He also tells her about the leaky roof, blown fuses, mice, and cockroaches. Jing Jing then wonders why Ai Xing hasn’t moved to a nicer apartment. Tian Ze says it is partly because Ai Xing wanted to save money to repay Jing Jing. Tian Ze also reveals that Ai Xing said that this apartment was the nicest one she’s lived in so far. If he dared to complain about it, she’d throw him off the balcony. Jing Jing then resolves that if Ai Xing can live like that, so can she.

Ai Xing has to get up really early in order to clean and get out before the director. She isn’t getting enough sleep and the life isn’t all that she thought it would be. Ling Li is talking to clients when Ai Xing lets out a huge yawn. After they leave, Ling Li pounces on Ai Xing’s bad behavior. Ling Li then asks for Ren’s house keys in order to check on the maid. Ai Xing refuses. Will she be found out? Stay tuned.

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