Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 15 Recap

Now, I won’t say that I hated this episode because I didn’t, but I can’t say that I loved it either. While they did bring the drama to a somewhat promising conclusion, due to the fact the manga is ongoing, there is still no satisfactory resolution. I also really missed some scenes they cut out of the manga, but again, that’s due to the limitation imposed by making a drama based on a manga with currently no end. Sigh.

Okay, so…yeah. Lian’s playing of “Cat Steps” ends up bringing things full circle until Mei Yue goes back to the script. His acting makes everyone happy and receives rave reviews [although Luo Li is reluctant to show this and tries to hide how happy he is that Lian passed the test]. After Lian’s successful performance, Luo Li takes the director, Du Jin, Lian, Gong Xi, and the actress playing Mei Yue to a secluded corner where he acknowledges Lian’s acting. It wasn’t quite where it could be, but it was definitely better. Gong Xi is a little miffed by Luo Li’s reluctance to praise Lian openly. She is also shocked when Lian thanks Luo Li for all that he did.

Later, Gong Xi starts acting really weird around Lian, she tries her best to stay away from him. She says nothing is wrong, but her problem comes from the fact that she thinks she just might be falling for him. Didn’t she make a blood vow swearing off romance? Luo Li then requests Lian’s presence for a little one-on-one time. He is happy Lian has finally managed to connect to real feelings and has grasped Jia Yue’s character. Now Luo Li wants to know what young lady caused this change in Lian who flatly denies that there is anyone special in his life. However, when Luo Li notices Gong Xi circling the stretch hummer like a shark, Lian can’t hide his expression. Luo Li says that loving someone like Gong Xi will be difficult, but that is probably the magic that will heal Lian’s past trauma. Lian leaves the car and asks Gong Xi what she is doing. She explains that lunchtime is almost over and she has been waiting on him to eat. Lian then leads the way back to the set while Gong Xi wonders how she can help him as his expression did not look too good after he exited the car.

Filming goes smoothly and three months fly by. Gong Xi is still on the fence about her emotions. She is afraid that if she truly acts across from Lian that she just might end up falling under his spell like everyone else and she can’t have that. Du Jin interprets this behavior as Gong Xi being jealous of the leading lady [well, if Gong Xi were honest with her feelings, she’d probably be jealous romantically, but her jealousy really stemmed from Lian acknowledging Mei Yue’s acting ability and Gong Xi wants that acknowledgment, too].

It’s a wrap and there is one final press conference before the airing of the first episode. The director is asked about his father once more and this time he stands up to the question [with the help of the actress who played Wei Xu in the original]. Gong Xi is terrified to watch the first episode, but is eventually dragged in to watch it with the boss and his wife and her friend [who finally makes a reappearance after like 12 episodes]. Afterward, Gong Xi and the drama are praised for the wonderful acting and plot. This makes Gong Xi fall off her chair. Her friends gather around worried, but the girl smiles, happy that the drama is loved.

The ratings for the drama quickly skyrocket and Gong Xi garners much attention in her role as the dark Wei Xu. Shang’s manager tries to keep this from him, but he snatches the paper and reads it. He sends her off to fetch the car while he wonders why his heart is aching. Looks like Shang has finally acknowledged his real feelings for his childhood friend. As he leaves the building, Gong Xi enters with Lian [Du Jin detained her and offered her a ride while Lian was in talking to Luo Li about how his father was the original actor of Jia Yue and how its about time for Lian to step out of his father’s shadow and allow himself to fully love. This hits Shang pretty hard while Gong Xi realizes that she is completely calm — she no longer harbors any hatred towards Shang. Is her first love officially over? Gong Xi stares straight ahead as does Shang. He stops at the entrance of the building and vows to become even greater than Lian. Just wait until then Gong Xi then he’ll come back and show his sincerity. Sigh. It gave me some resolution, but I really can’t help but feel that Donghae’s last appearance as Shang was just thrown in for some closure without having anything substantial enough behind it.

While they wait for the Dark Moon interview, Gong Xi confesses that while she started acting for all of the wrong reasons, it is thanks to Lian that she has fallen in love with it and pursues it wholeheartedly. She’s basically letting him know that she no longer harbors hatred or feelings of revenge towards Shang. Silently, Gong Xi thanks him for helping find that one emotion she had lost. From her freaking out earlier to being afraid of falling under Lian’s spell, this acceptance seems a bit odd. Lian doesn’t say anything too much, but you know he is ecstatic to hear her say it’s well and truly over when it comes to her feelings for Shang.

Time passes and Nan Qin makes her final appearance. Again, feels kind of off as if it was just randomly thrown in at the last minute to bring things together. Nan Qin is doing well and has gotten a starring role in an idol drama. Gong Xi supposedly hasn’t gotten any new work since Dark Moon wrapped and now wants to take a vacation. Qin tells her that Lian is working hard on a new project which just happens to be in Gong Xi’s home town. So, of course, Gong Xi goes there for her mini-vacation. Seeing the inn where she used to work, she recalls the past memories with fondness now instead of bitterness and anger. She goes back to the spot where she first met Corn and lo and behold there is Lian!

Okay. So the two come together and Lian asks to move forward with Gong Xi by his side. The two growing as actors together until the time where they will stand on the same stage. Gong Xi is very happy to have Lian acknowledge her skills as an actress. The girl even imagines Lian kissing her [Gong Xi and her daydreams]. Gong Xi goes back to Taipei where Shen makes his final appearance to let her know that in spite of her success in Dark Moon, she is still a member of the Love Me section. Gong Xi is horrified. She yells for Luo Li to hurry and return from his own vacation so that she can be rid of that uniform forever as she has really found that missing emotion at long last.

Ivy Chen, Choi SiwonMy thoughts:

It’s over. That makes me sad. The ending actually makes me even sadder as they did their best to condense a lot of manga chapters into one episode. They skipped over a lot of plot and character development and the way they did it, I don’t know how they could make a second season while still being as faithful to the manga as they had been pretty much for the entire series.

In this final episode, they make a big deal about hinting at Lian’s past issues, but then chalk everything down to him living in his father’s shadow [this was only a very tiny part of his issues – one of his biggest comes from him being of mixed race], so that being the trigger to have closed himself off from the world just really doesn’t seem plausible at all.

Shang’s emotions, while believable, fell flat as his appearance didn’t last longer than like five minutes. The previews almost made it seem like a declaration of war between Lian and Shang would be declared and that Gong Xi would still be wondering if she was really over her childhood love of Shang. That didn’t happen at all. I HATE previews and trailers that are misleading.

Since Gong Xi never accepted her feelings for Lian in the manga [as of yet] her peaceful acceptance [after brief denial and fear] does not seem real as it is not very Gong Xi like at all. And I find it sad that they totally cut out the part about Gong Xi being swamped with offers to play dark roles like Wei Xu. I know that there was only one episode left, but really, the could have cut some of the laggy scenes from earlier episodes… Of course, if they did that then they would have to introduce Lian’s father and show Lian’s more Eurasian looks.

And where was the Emperor of the Night? Sniff. Truthfully, although Lian accepted his feelings, I really missed seeing him fight them constantly because of Gong Xi’s gun shyness and obtuseness. That was half the fun. And the confrontation between Lian and Shang in the manga would have made things a lot better than just Shang’s silent declaration.

I really did enjoy the scene between Gong Xi and Lian where they talk about the past. Lian is happy that Corn [him as a child] is really important to Gong Xi. I wonder if he will ever reveal that or not? Especially since Gong Xi is in her 20s and still believes in fairytales [i.e. Corn being the prince of the fairies]. I did kind of miss it in the manga where Lian warned her that there was a possibility that Corn was dead and that earned him a death glare, but oh well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series, but I have to say this ending is disappointing. They did leave it open for a second season, but it would suffer once again as the manga probably still wouldn’t be finished. Curse the ongoing mangas that never seem to end!


  • I agree with you, it wasn’t a terrible episode but it also wasn’t that great. It really seemed like they had no idea how to end it. And really, even if you’re basing a show off a manga, you should still be able to come up with your own satisfactory ending. If you know a manga still hasn’t finished, change some things and create your own story!
    I’m gonna miss the manager. He was my favourite thing about the whole show.
    And i also found myself quite attached to Shang, which makes no sense, except that the MV episode is probably my favourite. So there’s that. Plus, it’s Donghae. I’m concerned that I’ve been influenced by the actor rather than the character. But I really wanted some more scenes with Shang. I wanted that declaration of war (even though I know they didn’t have time for it so logically, i accept that)! But now, because we got that little “wait for me Gong Xi” thought, I kinda want him to get with Gong Xi now.
    Lian at the end was quite funny, when he realised Gong Xi still believed Corn was a fairy prince. Oh, and Gong Xi, when she was waiting for Lian to finish his meeting with the CEO in the car… what was she doing? Literally just stumbling around in circles. She’s too crazy sometimes. And the kiss at the end, before I realised it was a dream, my first thought was “not a crappy Korean kiss!”, lol

    • I know, right? Although, I guess the anime had an even more unsatisfactory ending. At least with this episode there was growth and basically a promise. Lian wants Gong Xi to stay [as an “actress”] by his side and she has accepted her feelings [which still doesn’t seem quite right] and gotten over poor Shang [whom did not get enough screen time – Sho has more scenes in the manga, granted they have become fewer and fewer as it progresses, but we lost a great chunk of Sho/Shang time by them ending at this episode].

      I missed the manager after I watched ToGetHer, too. Sigh. He is such an adorkable scene stealer.

      I was shocked by the kiss. I was also disappointed that it was all in her head, but I guess it makes sense given how slow these two move. It’s nice to see something that is NOT just two lips touching [without any pressure to look like a kiss like that horribly fake kiss in The Musical or pretty much all Japanese dramas].

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