Love Forward Episode 5 Recap

Step Five: Love or Friendship?

It looks like Ren Wei is believing Ai Xing and Tian Ze – which seems a little hard to believe as Tian Ze’s acting isn’t the best. On their way to work, Ren asks about Ai Xing’s family. She confirms she only has a brother who comes to visit occasionally. He’s a little slow, but he’s funny and a good artist. Ren says it sounds like they are close. Ai Xing replies that she and Zhi Xing are twins. Ren also reveals he had a younger brother he always played with when he was younger. However, that boy died when he was 10. I am sure there is a story there that we’ll probably learn later. Ai Xing is sorry to hear that his brother is dead and for bringing up that old wound. Ren tells her its okay. He didn’t think he’d say such things to her, but for some reason he relaxes around Ai Xing and ends up talking more than he initially thought he would.

At work, Ai Xing wonders if her boss has really fallen for her and that’s why he feels comfortable around her and even came to her house that morning to pick her up. Then up pops Yia Nan who reveals that the director called him to find out Ai Xing’s address. So what did he want? Ai Xing explains that Ren was checking out his new office and wanted her with him. She then swears Yia Nan to secrecy about just who she is living with. She also tells him to call Tian Ze Zhi Xing when he sees him. Yia Nan agrees to this, but wonders just what her relationship is with Tian Ze. Ai Xing says it’s the same as their relationship. This confuses Yia Nan. Just what is their “relationship”? Ai Xing tells him to stop asking questions and help her type up something or else she’ll be stuck working overtime again. Yia Nan goes to help, but up pops Ling Li with an order that needs to be typed up pronto. Ai Xing asks to do it, but is turned down. Then starts a war between the girls with Ling Li mocking her new position and Ai Xing stubbornly insisting on doing the order. Having enough of being caught in the middle, Yia Nan eventually yells at them to stop and Ling Li walks away complaining about Ai Xing’s stubbornness and immaturity [look whose talking]. Ai Xing then thinks to herself how helpless she feels as Ren’s personal assistant.

When Ai Xing gets home she is greeted by Tian Ze and Jing Jing. I think out of jealousy that Tian Ze always makes coffee for the drunk Ai Xing, Jing Jing buys a fancy schmancy coffee maker. Ai Xing looks like she feels left out watching her friends’ lovey dovey-ness. Jing Jing then pulls out three new mugs: red, white. and blue [so patriotic, lol]. Tian Ze is confused as to the meaning behind the cups. Jing Jing explains his is blue because he’s the sky, hers is white as she is the clouds in the sky and Ai Xing’s is red because she is the sun that is always around them. As touched as she is, I think this makes Ai Xing feel even more like a third wheel.

The next day, Tian Ze goes to his client’s house to collect the down payment he is owed for his services, but he can’t bring himself to do it when he sees Mr. Huang’s overflowing past due bills and the man [who is wheelchair-bound] complains about not being able to afford crayons for his son who loves to draw. Instead of collecting money, Tian Ze gives the family money to get the song crayons. Mr. Huang protests, but Tian Ze insists. After all, there will be plenty of money when the case is won. Hopefully that all works out. He goes home and Ai Xing asks for the rent. When Tian Ze doesn’t cough it up, she complains about him spending it all. Tian Ze explains his pity for the child and Ai Xing wonders why he doesn’t pity her who is swimming in debt and can’t even pay her rent properly. Tian Ze instructs her to break open a piggy.

Tian Ze asks Ai Xing to make him food, but she refuses as it’s a rare day off. At this moment, Du and Zhi Xing show up with food. Du immediately believes that Ai Xing and Tian Ze’s friendship has turned into an actual relationship. The two protest, but Du just can’t get it through is head that they are not lovers. Du has even brought health supplements to help with pregnancy, totally freaking Ai Xing out. She wonders what Tian Ze told his grandfather, but he insists the man just has a vivid imagination. This leads to an argument and Du tells Ai Xing she needs to be nicer as it isn’t good for women to fight like that. Tian Ze says that Ai Xing was only giving him a massage and Ai Xing goes along with this, but really hits her roommate as hard as she can. Funny moment.

That night, Grandpa Du takes the floor and Zhi Xing gets the couch. Ai Xing tries to take her brother to sleep with her so Tian Ze can sleep with his grandfather, but Du won’t have that and Zhi Xing wants to sleep where he can see the fish. Thus the two friends are stuck sleeping together. Ai Xing and Tian Ze are both equally unhappy with this. Ai Xing complains that she is being seen as an easy woman who would sleep with a man and Tian Ze complains about gender inequality and his own virginity. They start wrestling around on the bed and Du smiles as he listens thinking they are doing something more. Zhi Xing wanders up and wonders what is wrong, but Du won’t explain it as its something beyond the younger man’s understanding. Despite their argument and fight, Ai Xing and Tian Ze do manage to fall asleep and they get a huge shock when they wake up face-to-face the next morning. They both yell and Ai Xing gets really upset when she sees Tian Ze’s morning salute. She can’t live anymore, her reputation is ruined. Tian Ze tries to explain that is normal for guys, but Ai Xing keeps muttering her reputation is ruined.

Tian Ze and Zhi Xing go out and Zhi Xing wonders if Tian Ze will have babies with Ai Xing. Hearing this totally floors Tian Ze. Babies? He immediately says that won’t happen. Then who will Tian Ze have babies with? Tian Ze stutters out that he won’t have babies with anyone. Zhi Xing then reveals that Du said men and women who live together have babies otherwise they can’t live together. Tian Ze can’t necessarily refute that point, but does tell Zhi Xing that he and Ai Xing just don’t have that relationship as they are only good friends. So does that mean Tian Ze doesn’t like his sister? Of course, Tian Ze likes Ai Xing, but only as a friend. Tian Ze then explains that he has a girlfriend, Jing Jing. This excites Zhi Xing who remembers who Jing JIng is. Zhi Xing then says that he understands the situation now. Ai Xing likes Tian Ze who likes Jing Jing. Not quite what Tian Ze was hoping for. He insists that Ai Xing only thinks of him as a friend [there are times I wonder about this – but it could just be Ai Xing feeling lonely and left out].

Ai Xing meets up with Jing Jing for tea and almost chokes when Jing Jing mentions that she heard Du and Zhi Xing are staying there. Jing Jing then goes on about her mom’s arranged marriage for her. Jing Jing is completely opposed to such a match as it is a lonely life where you are stuck with a husband who sleeps around and are left all day in an empty house with the children while dressing up to have others judge you. Ai Xing pats her friend’s hand. Jing Jing doesn’t have to worry, besides the children and the maid, Ai Xing will be there for her. Jing Jing calls Ai Xing a fool and says that she refuses to end up in such a crappy life. Jing Jing then tells Ai Xing how happy she is to have a friend like her and then mentioned what Tian Ze said about nothing happening even if the two shared a blanket. If he hadn’t said that, Jing Jing would be even more worried and jealous. Poor Ai Xing feels really guilty then even though nothing happened.

Back at home, Ai Xing scolds Tian Ze for making her lie to Jing Jing. Tian Ze said that the metaphor just slipped out, how was he supposed to know that they’d end up really sharing a blanket? Ai Xing then complains about how tiring it is to act all the time. First in front of her boss and then in front of her grandfather. She can’t take it anymore. Tian Ze promises to think of something to fix the situation. Tian Ze then asks Ai Xing about what Zhi Xing said – about her like Tian Ze. However, he doesn’t get to hear the answer as Ai Xing is already fast asleep. Tian Ze calls her all his favorite nicknames and when she doesn’t move at all, he says that her liking him is impossible as she doesn’t even know how to take care of herself.

The next day, Grandpa Du has prepared a nutritious meal for the youngsters. Tian Ze then tires to break the news and Du talks about how the lord answered his prayers to let Ai Xing be with Tian Ze. Du then gives his blessing for the two to get married. They both yell that Du has misunderstood. Tian Ze and Ai Xing reveal they are only just friends. Du wonders if it is because of money that they are saying this. Du promises to pay for the wedding and the kids can keep all the red envelopes for themselves. Ai Xing then spouts out that Tian Ze already has a girlfriend and its not her. Grandpa Du then starts cussing Tian Ze out as a two-timer. The two insist that isn’t the case and Du complains about Tian Ze living with Ai Xing and potentially ruining her reputation. Tian Ze insists it is only temporary.

Jing Jing has arrived and is not part of the ongoing conversation. When Zhi Xing reveals that Ai Xing and Tian Ze slept together, the two immediately freak out. Jing Jing doesn’t look happy about this news, but says she believes in her boyfriend and best friend and then begins to plead her case with Grandpa Du. She refuses to change for Du and tells him that she loves Ai Xing and Tian Ze very much. The group eventually quiets down and lunch commences once more. Poor Du is not happy at all. He really wanted Ai Xing for his granddaughter.

Tian Ze later tries to explain things to Jing Jing. She tells him that she had quite the scare for a moment, but she trusts them. Tian Ze then explains how he had a fight with his dad, packed his bags and left. He didn’t have anywhere else to go, so he went to Ai Xing. He initially wanted to stay with another friend [probably a male one], but he didn’t want that awkward moment of overstayed welcome and a friend who felt bad to let him know he was a burden. That’s what’s so great about Ai Xing. She very vocally says she wants to throw him out everyday and he feels really comfortable with her. Jing Jing then reveals she can’t honestly say she’s happy the two are living together. Tian Ze then says he will go back home as that is best for everyone.

Meanwhile, Ai Xing has made soup for Du and Zhi Xing. Du refuses to eat it for a moment, but Ai Xing sits down and coaxes the disappointed man. She tells him that he makes her feel sad and Du asks doesn’t she understand he really wants her to be his granddaughter-in-law. Du then talks about how Tian Ze and Ai Xing seemed like a great match when they first met. Why aren’t they together. Ai Xing points out they only quarrel all day. Du says that proves love as if you hate someone, you don’t even want to talk to them if you don’t have to. Ai Xing replies her mother said the same thing. Du then says that Tian Ze only likes Jing Jing because he doesn’t really know her [that is true, he only knew Jing Jing for a little bit before the accident and then she disappeared]. Du believes that with time Tian Ze will realize that Jing Jing is the wrong girl. Since he grew up without a mom, he doesn’t understand women. Ai Xing interrupts as Jing Jing is her best friend and she doesn’t like the way Du talks about her. Du then wonders why she takes such good care of Tian Ze. Zhi Xing breaks in and says Ai Xing loves Tian Ze, but he doesn’t love her. Du says that even Zhi Xing understands this and Ai Xing tells him to just eat his soup. Funny how she doesn’t deny it. Maybe there was a time when she liked him?

That night, Tian Ze sleeps out in the living room with Du who is still made at him. Du also announces he is going home the next day. Zhi Xing sleeps with his sister and wonders if she and Tian Ze really won’t be having babies later. Ai Xing asks if her twin likes babies. Zhi Xing doesn’t answer the question and says that their mom told him that Ai Xing will get married and have babies and then Zhi Xing can’t bother Ai Xing anymore. This really hurts Ai Xing. She promises him that no matter what happens, she will never leave him behind – she will take him with her. It’s a touching moment between the siblings.

The next morning, Tian Ze goes home, but when he sees his father’s secretary in a bathrobe [I think its is secretary/personal assistant person from before], he decides that he cannot move back at all. He drops off his bag and picks up a suit and tells her to take it as he never came back at all. I feel bad for her. You can tell she wants to try to build a relationship, so why is Tian Ze all against it? I wonder if we’ll learn that later? Tian Ze thinks to himself that this is no longer his home. Meanwhile, Ai Xing is sitting on the couch eating ramen. She is obviously lonely, but doesn’t get to be for long when Tian Ze shows up yet again. Didn’t he go home? Did he fight with his dad again? Tian Ze just says he’s hungry and Ai Xing tells him to buy his own ramen. Tian Ze gripes that he lives there anyway, so what’s one more cup of instant noodles. Tian Ze then reveals that he did not meet nor quarrel with his dad. So what are his plans? He’s not staying at Ai Xing’s again is he? Tian Ze then tells her he is because he’s afraid she’d be lonely. Awww. Ai Xing then says its his problem he doesn’t have a place to stay and that he needs to solve the problem himself to be together with Jing Jing.

After some thinking, Ai Xing takes a piggy bank to Jing Jing who doesn’t want it. Jing Jing refuses as she doesn’t need the money. Ai Xing points out that Jing Jing might not, but there is someone who does. After all that bluster about not helping Tian Ze, what is Ai Xing doing? Trying to help him. Jing Jing points this out and Ai Xing says she isn’t helping him, but Jing Jing. Riiiiight. Jing Jing then calls their debt even and says she will take the piggy home as a souvenir. Ai Xing can keep the rest for herself.

While this is going on, Mrs. Meng has called out Tian Ze. He says that he and Jing Jing are serious about one another. He can accept Mrs. Meng’s dislike, but he will never stop trying to prove his sincerity. Mrs. Meng says she needs neither his seriousness or sincerity. We get to the typical talk of how Jing Jing needs someone worthy of her who can keep her in the style she’s accustomed to, which a poor lawyer like he is can’t do. Mrs. Meng feels this will ultimately lead to the breakdown of their relationship. Well, it is true that love cannot always conquer reality…

Back at the apartment, Tian Ze looks at his resume and notices a piggy is missing. Ai Xing tells him that she gave it to Jing Jing to help rent an apartment for the couple. This makes Tian Ze mad. Ai Xing shouldn’t meddle in their affairs. He probably wouldn’t have been quite so irate if Mrs. Meng hadn’t made him feel so useless and unworthy earlier. Poor Ai Xing tries to defend herself as she just wants to help them. Why is he so angry at her? Tian Ze says he is angry at himself and goes out for some air. Well… that went well.

The next day Ai Xing and Yia Nan are moving stuff to Ren’s new office where they run into Tian Ze. Oh, this will be fun. Ren comes out and recognizes Tian Ze who plays off like he never met Ren. Recalling Ai Xing’s earlier words. Yia Nan calls Tian Ze Zhi Xing. Totally busted. Tian Ze and Ren go in to his office for the interview and they talk about coincidences – a head hunter recommended Tan Ze and Tian Ze’s friend works for Ren, although Ren doesn’t necessarily believe they are just friends. Ren wants to know why Tian Ze became a lawyer, surely not with some ideal or great ambition. Tian Ze says he’s sorry to disappoint, but that is his reason for being a lawyer. So why is he at the interview? He needs money, which isn’t a shameful thing. People who can’t admit this are pathetic. Sigh. Ren’s character – I just don’t know what to make of him. Tian Ze wonders why Ren would bothering hiring a novice lawyer. Ren says experience doesn’t matter. If Tian Ze’s good, he can surely win against lawyers with more experience.  Ren then lays out the job description. As his legal council, you don’t have to come in unless he needs you. If he asks a questions you must respond quickly and give the best and worst choice without all the case history and background crap. This working relationship will be very interesting.

Later, Ren and Ai Xing go to show Mrs. Liu a house. The woman is happy and is thinking of buying. As she goes to look around, Ai Xing asks Ren what he thought of Tian Ze. Will he hire him? Ren asks if that lawyer is important to Ai Xing who wonders just what her boss means. When she asks, Ren says he’ll consider hiring Tian Ze if the other man is important to Ai Xing as he doesn’t want to waste time on someone who isn’t important. Ai Xing says if that is the case, then Tian Ze is a very important friend. Ren then asks after their living situation. Ai XIng says it is only because Tian Ze is poor. There is nothing between the two, they are only friends. Besides, Tian Ze happens to have a girlfriend already. Ren asks why Ai Xing is so anxious. Is she worried because her having a boyfriend will end things between Ren and her [as if they actually have anything going on right now]. Ai Xing then wonders why Ren picked her as his assistant. Ren tells her to think about it and when she has an answer, let him know. Eyeroll.

So Ai Xing’s conclusion? She tells Yia Nan that maybe the director does honestly like her. This idea is crushed when she sees the director and Ling Li looking chummy getting into a car together. When she tells this to Jing Jing while grocery shopping, her friend actually tires to get Ai Xing to go back to her original conclusion. Ai Xing tries to council her friend in grocery shopping [the cheaper the better] and Jing Jing tries to council in love. Ai Xing hands off her keys to Jing Jing for a surprise birthday present to Tian Ze. Can Jing Jing cook. No, but that isn’t stopping her. She’s smart, she surely will pick it up fast… anyone who cooks should know that isn’t entirely true at all.

Jing Jing gets a rude awakening. None of the food turns out right at all. Tian Ze comes home to find his girlfriend crying in the kitchen which is a complete mess. Tian Ze calms her down and sets about cooking himself. He then explains he made all of his favorite foods. It was the last meal his mom cooked for him before she died and that he does this every year to remember her and feel like he’s with her again. Jing Jing then presents him with a watch, which he doesn’t want to accept since its so expensive [and he has her mother’s conversation ringing in his ears]. Jing Jing says the gift is basically herself and if he rejects the watch, then he’s rejecting her. Guilt trip much?

Meanwhile, Ren Wei is cooking and he can’t stop thinking about Ai Xing. So he calls and invites her over. When she arrives the girl is confused, why is she there? Ren explains that he thought of her when he thought of food so that is why he asked her over. This surprises and perplexes Ai Xing. She goes to help, but Ren kicks her out of the kitchen.

Things are going to heat up even more. Sigh. I think I am quickly going to get sick of Tian Ze’s and Jing Jing’s on and off again relationship and their tempers.

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