Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 14 Recap

No, this is NOT the end. I must say it looks like the series MAY end with episode 15. That said, I am just not 100% certain at this point. I will say I am totally geeked for the next episode. I. CAN’T. WAIT!!! One more week. Tear.

Gong Xi starts implementing more of her plan to help Lian. Disguised as Coco, she tries once again to broach the subject of the age gap. She mentions the program the other night and Lian says he saw it, too. Gong Xi is then surprised to learn that he doesn’t feel a big age difference is a huge roadblock. In fact, he cheers those couples on. So why, why can’t Lian get over that roadblock? Because that isn’t Lian’s problem. When Gong Xi asks about his reference to what “here” means, Lian just replies he doesn’t think he’s capable of loving. It really doesn’t have to do with the age thing [that’s just an excuse]. This confuses poor Gong Xi even more. After she goes and changes, she thinks about Lian’s words and how his heart is sheltered in a dark, hard to reach place.

Du Jin then comes in as Lian gets a phone call from Xu Fang telling him about Luo Li’s ultimatum. This news shocks both manager and actor. If Lian does not show up to set in two days time or fails to manage to figure Jia Yue, then he will be replaced! Lian thinks about how he can find his character. No matter what he cannot touch the person he loves and wouldn’t you know when he and Du Jin get off the elevator, there is Gong Xi waiting for them. I think Lian has finally found his inspiration. Yes, he figured out his real feelings, but he was bound and determined to shelve them – really perfect given that his character is in love with Mei Yue, but cannot express this in order to get revenge for his father.

The three sit down and Du Jin wonders why Gong Xi is there. She takes out a lunchbox that she prepared with sincere concern for Lian. This makes Du Jin’s day; however, Lian just sits and stares, deep in thought. This creates an uncomfortable silence where Gong Xi thinks she is butting in too much and Du Jin is telling him to stop being rude as Gong Xi worked hard on that for him. It would be impolite to refuse. Lian finally moves and he smiles warmly at Gong Xi and thanks her for the lunchbox. He then says that he will take that and in return, Gong Xi must lend him her body that night! You should see Gong Xi’s [pure shock] and Du Jin’s [shocked yet gleeful] expressions. What on earth could Lian be saying?

Definitely not what Gong Xi was thinking! Lian invited her over and wanted her time and body in helping him act out Jia Yue. Gong Xi scolds him for not being clear right away and Lian wonders if she’s disappointed. LOL. Gong Xi’s reaction is priceless. She is happy to be able to help Lian, though. Gong Xi and Lian will be acting out a scene where Mei Yue goes to visit Jia Yue who has been out from school due to an illness. Gong Xi is familiar with the script, but doesn’t know Mei Yue’s lines. Lian tells her that’s fine as they will improvise. This worries Gong Xi, but goes out into the hall to try her hardest to help Lian.

Gong Xi’s first attempt at Mei Yue’s role earns her an NG from Lian as Gong Xi was not properly thinking about the situation. A lone female student is going to visit her male teacher and to make matters worse, he lives by a train station which is a very public place. Gong Xi is chagrined about her mistake and sets about to do better. She imagines the busy train station and people watching her. She really captures the spirit and feeling of Mei Yue. This time when Lian comes to the door, he finds Mei Yue instead of Gong Xi.

He asks what she is doing there and Gong Xi says that he was gone for so long that she wanted to check on him. Lian assures her that he is fine and goes to shut her out. Gong Xi cannot believe it, the act cannot end so soon. She quickly shoves her foot in the door before Lian can close it. Lian thinks to himself that is a lame reaction, but Gong Xi smiles, lame or not she manages to get invited in. Lian goes to tend her foot and Gong Xi wonders if she can look around. Lian says no as she must go home right away. Gong Xi refuses treatment for her foot unless Lian lets her stay. This irks him and he goes to through her out. Gong Xi retracts the words and then says even though its not good for the male teacher to be alone with a female student, she is his fiancée’s cousin. They are family. Even though they are acting, it cuts Lian deeply to have Gong Xi mention another woman and him in connection. Shaking it off, Lian says that he doesn’t want Wei Xi to misunderstand.

Gong Xi wonders what to do next. If this keeps going on, she’ll be kicked out. Lian then collapses onto the couch and Gong Xi gets word. Is Lian just acting out Jia Yue’s cold, or is he really sick? Gong Xi gets angry and scolds Lian for lying earlier that he was better. She’ll help him lie down and he must eat the congee she prepares for him. Lian lets himself be led to his bedroom and Gong Xi recalls a similar scene when Lian was sick and she was his manger [cute that we finally got to see the scene she alluded to!]. After he sits down on his bed and Gong Xi sees how much preparation he put into the act from the beginning, she feels really bad for her slow start and tears up. Crap, she’s out of character. Lian gets spooked by this and wonders what is wrong. Gong Xi quickly covers and says she doesn’t know how to make congee. What a save!

Gong Xi goes out into the kitchen where she thinks about the close call. Meanwhile, Lian berates himself for almost completely dropping character and letting his real feelings show through. While he’s thinking about this, he hears a bang from the kitchen and rushes out. This scene was a little funnier in the manga as Gong Xi was literally hanging from his cupboard after trying to reach a pan. Gong Xi is on a stool and had tried to get a pot down, but it was too high and it fell instead. Gong Xi apologizes for this and then slips and falls. Lian quickly catches her. When Gong Xi realizes that she is safe and sound, she starts feeling uneasy as Lian isn’t letting go – in fact, he squeezes her tighter. Uh, what’s going on? Gong Xi tries to continue the act and Lian loses character completely. He asks Gong Xi if she’s ever kissed before. Gong Xi cannot believe Lian as Jia Yue would do that to Mei Yue. Gong Xi stutters out that she hasn’t [as both Mei Yui and herself] and Lian then asks if she wants him to teach her. Gong Xi is heading towards major freak out when Lian pulls back and says it was a joke – a lesson to a naughty student who wouldn’t listen. Truthfully, he barely manages to reign in his emotions, but he does so by thinking about how much Gong Xi would hate him if he acted too soon.

The dangerous play finishes with Gong Xi finishing the congee and apologizing for the fact that she got distracted [because she was thinking about the near kiss] and that it got burnt. Lian then ends the play. He thanks Gong Xi for all of her help. The girl is surprised that the play is over already. Gong Xi gets ready to go and turns down his offer of a ride. She asks if the play was helpful for him. Lian smiles and says that he has fully grasped Jia Yue. Gong Xi jumps excitedly and says that she is happy and looking forward to his Jia Yue. She says goodbye and leaves. Lian’s smiles slips and he thinks about how he was determined to get over his feelings for Gong Xi. Too bad he just can’t stop loving her. He sits at the table and stares at the badly burnt congee before spooning it into a bowl. Before he can eat it, he gets a text from Du Jin letting him know that the Jia Yue situation and ultimatum has been leaked to the press so they will be present at the screen test. Talk about pressure. Lian puts his phone away, not happy, but then goes back to eating the burnt porridge, which I guess shows just how much he really loves Gong Xi.

The next day Gong Xi happily heads off to work not knowing about the added pressure for the test. Needless to say she picks up on the atmosphere and wonders what is going on. Luo Li warns Lian that if he has not found or cannot produce a satisfactory Jia Yue, then not only will he be replaced, but he will also have to announce his departure from the entertainment field. Gong Xi is horrified. Lian is shocked, but takes up the challenge and make the announcement himself at the press conference. Afterward, he finds Gong Xi sitting with her head on her knees and grudge spirits [which he can’t see and I don’t know if he can feel them like others] trying to comfort her. He asks what is wrong and Gong Xi tells him about how he is the reason she is acting so earnestly now. She wants to be able to act with him and cannot believe he said he would quit so easily. This surprises Lian, but makes him happy. He tells her he won’t fail and this perks Gong Xi up. It’s a really cute moment between the two, especially with Lian happily eating up Gong Xi’s words about how she’d be lonely without him and how she wishes to become an actress worthy of being by his side [acting that is – I think she means more as a lead where their characters would be able to interact more].

The test is all set to go and Lian announces he wishes to improvise the tea scene. This shocks Xu Fang and worries Gong Xi. Is Lian crazy deviating from the script? It is allowed and the actress playing Mei Yue vows to not be pulled along and leave Lian sweating as he deserves to be punished for all of his NGs. However, once the test starts, Lian’s acting shocks and pulls everyone in. There is no doubt that he has found Jia Yue an does an amazing job portraying him. Gong Xi even sees how this scene parallels what happened in her and Lian’s play the other night. We end before the final decision is made when Lian starts playing “Chopsticks” with Mei Yue.

OMG! Great episode of development between Lian and Gong Xi. Lian realizes he can’t run from his feelings and Gong Xi is slowly beginning to realize how Lian feels about her. And I totally cannot wait until next week as the previews show Gong Xi realizing her own feelings and wondering if she is completely over Shang. Meanwhile, Shang has also realized his feelings and vows to make Gong Xi his and keep her from Lian.

Excited? I am!!!! I have to say that this episode coming up on Sunday probably will be the final one, but if it is, it will be a more satisfying conclusion, I think.


  • I can’t wait for next week. Plus, i’m glad we’ll get some more Shang.

    Gong Xi at the end there, realising that the way Jie Yue is smiling at Mei Yue is how Lian has smiled at her made me laugh, because she didn’t come out with “he likes me”, she came out with “he doesn’t dislike me”. If that was the correct translation, anyway. So it’ll take a bit more of a push for her to realise his feelings are deeper than just ‘not dislike’, and that’s very in character for her.

    Lian eating the burnt porridge was cute. And at the beginning when Gong Xi gave Lian the lunchbox and he just stared at her until the Manager said he was being rude; he’s such a Mum. The acting at the end went forever though. I seriously think that if I was watching Dark Moon, I’d be wanting someone to talk already! Even with us getting the voice overs, the silences between Jie Yue and Mei Yue just felt too long. And that’s a drama within a drama so I shouldn’t even care about that, lol.

    But how pleased was Lian when Gong Xi was saying how much she wanted to be by his side!? He was loving it! Ah, i like Lian in love.

    • Yes, it was very Gong Xi-like to determine that Lian’s expression meant that he didn’t hate her. Since the girl is so naive and down on love, she would never immediately think that someone loves her. It was a pretty extreme moment when she found out in the manga that she was in love with Lian. I wonder if we will get to see her panic/shocked mode in the next episode or not…?

      I did also think that the end part with the drama test was a little dull. In certain films/dramas, a prolonged silence works, in others not so much. This was a prime example of it not working. Oh well. I usually enjoy meta-drama, but found I liked this part in the manga better than seeing it actualized. Some things translate better than others.

      It looks like we’ll find a bigger deviation from the manga in the next episode as there is no ending and no “real” showdown between Shang and Lian, although the two do vie for who is most important to Gong Xi, but nothing where they come out and declare they like her and go at it. I’m really looking forward to that and I do hope that Gong Xi and Shang can mend fences and be friends.

  • Again thanks for the recap 🙂

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