Puto – Filipino Cake

I’m sure this would be better if my friend JG and I had made this from scratch, but we didn’t. We cheated by buying a box of puto mix from the Asian grocery store in Lansing last fall. It has to be my favorite Asian market next to the one I discovered in Alabama where I discovered Kimchi noodle bowls, so good even though I usually don’t enjoy spicy food. I *think* this puto mix uses rice flour, which I wouldn’t have had on hand any ways.

The handy dandy mix has everything you need except for like…oil and water or milk. So you get to throw that stuff in, some sugar as well, mix it up and put it in ramekins or puto molds if you are so fortunate enough to have them. Once you’ve got it all whipped up an in the molds, it’s time to steam them! Yes, we are steaming cake essentially.

These turned out nice and fluffy and were pretty good. A little too sweet, but still really good! I think when we make the second package, we’ll definitely cut down on the sugar. I can handle sweet things…but there’s sweet and then there’s the ohmygod sweetness that makes you cringe and these were bordering on that level…but thankfully they weren’t there yet.

Totally enjoying this and it is a lot easier to make than baozi (Chinese steamed buns which take TONS of effort and patience…and like a half a day or more to make). At first the taste seemed odd (probably because of the aforementioned rice flour), but the more I ate the more the weird initial taste disappeared and it was yummy cake from then on.

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