Love Forward Episode 4 Recap

Step Four: Can We Still Be Together?

We start back up with Jing Jing coming to Ai Xing’s rescue as she is about to be tossed out of the competitor’s building. When the woman finds out who Jing Jing is and that Ai Xing is Jing Jing’s friends, the tables turn and Ai Xing manages to get the information she needs. Later, Ai Xing wonders if its really okay as Jing Jing said before that she wanted to do things on her own without her family’s connections. Jing Jing was referring to her own work. She has no problems using her connections to help her newly refound best friend.

Back at her house, Ai Xing takes out a medicine packet to pour into hot water and mixes it up. She got it from Yia Nan [is that the guy from college who’s head over heels for her I wonder?] Tian Ze who was looking up ways to confess to the girl you like coughs and Ai Xing asks if he got a cold, too. She then offers him the drink which he refuses, but she eventually coaxes him into drinking it by mentioning Jing Jing. Ai Xing then complains that Jing Jing had to work late as Ai Xing wanted a “killing the piggy” party. Ai Xing then teases Tian Ze asking if he’s sorry, too. Tian Ze bluffs that he’s sorry he doesn’t get free food from Ai Xing again. Ai Xing then sighs and mutters about Tian Ze forgetting the kiss. Tian Ze wonders what she’s talking about and Ai Xing tells the story about how she saw a guy and girl kiss. Tian Ze knows the story is about him. Ai Xing has misunderstood the situation and thinks that Tian Ze is at fault. He then asks her what if the girl doesn’t like the guy anymore. Ai Xing then replies that she though the guy didn’t express his love. This piques Tian Ze’s interest. Does that mean “the girl” still likes the guy. Ai Xing plays coy and says he has to ask the girl himself.

So Tian Ze goes to Jing Jing’s office the next day for lunch, but the poor girl is stuck in a meeting and can’t get out. Meanwhile, Yia Nan approaches Ai Xing about rumors that she and the new director Ren Wei have something going on. Like always, Ai Xing isn’t really listening. She stopped after Yianan mentioned Ren’s mansion. Why didn’t she think of it earlier. Jing Jing needs a mansion sans her family’s connections and Ai Xing just happens to have a boss with a mansion. Ai Xing quickly thanks Yia Nan before rushing off to storm into the director’s office where Ling Li was offering her “special services” to Ren. Ling Li complains about the younger girl’s rudeness, but Ai Xing tells her to wait and asks if she can borrow something from Ren. What is it? Ling Li and Ren seem utterly shocked when Ai Xing replies his house. I know that Ren kind of likes her, but you’d think with her actions, she would end up getting fired…

However, Ren lends her his house and Jing Jing’s photo shoot for the ad goes well. She is left alone to clean up the house. I know she’s a spoiled rich girl, but really, her cleaning skills are so lacking? Ai Xing comes in and can’t help but laugh at her “princess” cleaning. Ai Xing then takes on the role of a wealthy matron pointing out all that needs to be done until Jing Jing tells her that’s enough and asks for her help in cleaning everything up. The two girls then arrange to meet later for dinner. Ai Xing sends Jing Jing on ahead as she still needs to return the key to her boss. When Jing Jing leaves, Ai Xing calls Tian Ze and tells him to meet Jing Jing for dinner as she won’t be able to make it as she has a dinner date with her boss. Of course Ren comes in at that exact moment and overhears her lying about how he’s completely smitten with her and wrapped around her finger. Ai Xing gets a shock when she turns around, but Ren just smiles and agrees to take her out for dinner since he’d “forgotten” the promise.

Jing Jing gets a surprise when Tian Ze shows up instead of Ai Xing. Apparently Ai Xing never told her that she couldn’t come and Tian Ze was coming in her place. The two go off to eat together and they are spotted by Jerry who comes over to make mischief. He says that Tian Ze looks plain and that he’ll turn a blind eye just as Jing Jing should do for him. He then says that it doesn’t matter as he will end up marrying her anyway. This earns him a slap from Jing Jing. Jerry is stunned. He’s never been hit before in his life – not even by his parents. With his attitude, I’m kind of surprised no one has clocked him yet until now. When he goes after Jing Jing, Tian Ze punches him and says that now Jing Jing isn’t the only one who hit him. Jerry threatens to call his lawyer and Tian Ze reveals that he is a lawyer and walks off with Jing Jing. Tian Ze tells Jing Jing he’s impressed as it’s the first time he saw a girl hit someone. The two then head out to eat.

Meanwhile, Ai Xing is wondering where Ren is taking her. She immediately starts freaking out when she sees a hotel. Surely her boss doesn’t think she’s that easy? She imagines different scenarios and eventually embarasses herself by saying they needs to slow down as that’s moving way too fast. Ren is confused…it’s too fast to eat hot pot? But it’s better to eat it together. Poor Ai Xing. Her imagination running wild is not a good thing at all.

At the restaurant, Jing Jing notices how Tian Ze checks his wallet before grabbing more dishes. She takes the dishes back saying that there is no way they can eat that much. She plays it off like a girl can’t eat that much and she isn’t really hungry, but I think Tian Ze knows what she’s really doing. Jing Jing is pleased with the dishes they do have as her mother never let her eat such things before. Tian Ze can’t believe it. Look at how much her mom is missing out on. Tian Ze then broaches the subject of Jerry. Jing Jing insist they aren’t engaged. Their fathers are old friends and the two went to college together and the next thing you know their families were matching them together, but Jing Jing doesn’t like him at all and won’t marry him. This relieves Tian Ze. Jing Jing then asks if he had a girlfriend as she had misunderstood his and Ai Xing’s relationship. This shocks Tian Ze. Him and Ai Xing? That’s just not possible.

Meanwhile, Ai Xing is happily stuffing her face with hotpot. Ren is amazed at how she eats with such gusto. Ai Xing says this is how she always eats. She then tells him that free food is really the most delicious. Ai Xing thanks him for the food and he tells her that her normally eats alone except when he craves hotpot as it is not something a person can finish by themselves. This doesn’t phase Ai Xing and she keeps eating. Ren asks if her boyfriend won’t be upset since she’s eating there with Ren. Ai Xing denies having a boyfriend [well, she doesn’t have one] as relationships are too troublesome. Seeing the natural flow of relationships and the misery that can happen, Ai Xing feels it’s a waste of time and that girls should just work hard to earn money instead as that is more constructive. Ren then says he is beginning to understand why he likes Ai Xing, her thinking is along the same lines as his.

Jing Jing and Tian Ze go to part ways and Tian Ze asks Jing Jing to go to the bank with him again one day. Jing Jing agrees and goes inside to be met by her mother who is not happy as Jerry’s mom Mrs. Gao called to yell at her and to say that they took Jerry to the hospital. Wow. Totally over dramatic about a slap and a punch. Mrs. Meng asks what has gotten into her daughter and Jing Jing replies that she can’t marry someone she doesn’t love and live like an empty shell. Mrs. Meng doesn’t like what her daughter is implying and blames it on Jing Jing’s youthfulness and her not knowing the true meaning of marriage [as if Mrs. Meng even knows what that is as she married for status and wealth which is definitely not the real reason behind that institution]. Mrs. Meng guesses that Jing Jing is currently in love and she demands to meet the boy. This won’t go well at all.

At the lunch meeting, Jing Jing and Ai Xing do all the talking. Ai Xing praises Tian Ze’s intelligence and even brags about his rich, lawyer father. Tian Ze wishes to speak, but Ai Xing and Jing Jing quickly cover for him as they want Mrs. Meng to think well of him. However, Tian Ze isn’t comfortable with putting on a pretense and says that he has broken with his father and also doesn’t have any money. Mrs. Meng then says she knows exactly who Tian Ze is and will never allow her daughter to be with him after what happened. Tian Ze tries to apologize, but Mrs. Meng refuses to forgive him for the accident four years ago and she stalks off. Jing Jing is upset and fights with Tian Ze over his declaration. Her mom would have been willing to accept him if he hadn’t broken with his father and had money. This angers Tian Ze as he doesn’t want to lie about who he is. He apologizes for not being like Jerry and wonders if Jing Jing still wants to be with him. Ai Xing tries to mediate the fight, but the couple are just too worked up and go away angry.

That night, Tian Ze writes in his blog about the fight and wonders if he is too stubborn, clinging to his ideals. Ai Xing comes running in with the fried chicken and favorite meatball he likes and he actually refuses to eat it. This saddens Ai Xing as it means that he was really affected by the fight earlier. Ai Xing then gives him advice on how to make up with Jing Jing, though its completely absurd as she’s using tricks Manger Ling Li uses to seduce male clients into buying. Tian Ze says that is ridiculous and Ai Xing pleads with him not to be like that. They only just got Jing Jing back and with her memories now, too. Tian Ze then asks Ai Xing to put all blame on him as he got Jing Jing into the accident that took her away from them for four years and robbed her of parts of her memory, some to never be regained. Poor Ai Xing, she doesn’t blame Tian Ze and wishes he wouldn’t blame himself like that either.

The angry Jing Jing goes back to the beer house to drink sake again [I don’t know why but her drinking scenes just seem completely fake]. The owner tries to get Jing Jing to eat, but the girl refuses and keeps drinking. Ren then says he and Jing Jing are a lot alike as when he doesn’t get what he wants, he’d rather not eat [Jing Jing wanted a chicken stick but there wasn’t any so she wouldn’t take any other food]. Ren continues that people like him and Jing Jing are annoying because they know they don’t need to pursue perfection, but they do anyways as they can’t stand imperfection. Ren then explains that’s why he doesn’t do relationships as they are never perfect. Food for Jing Jing to chew on and mull over.

The next morning Ai Xing comes out of her room to find all the lights in the living room on. She scolds the sleeping Tian Ze for the waste and then gently tells him that seeing him upset makes her unhappy. Awww, how sweet. Ai Xing always squabbles and says she wants to be rid of him, but she really does care about him [I think only as a friend/brother and not as a love interest]. Ai Xing then goes to work where she is writing a how to make up guide. Yia Nan wonders who she’s fighting with. Ai Xing says she isn’t fighting with anyone. She’s doing this  to help Jing Jing and Tian Ze get back together. Ai Xing complains about troublesome relationships and up comes Ren who says that he wants her to be his personal assistant. Say what?

Meanwhile, Tian Ze goes to the bank to sell his stocks. Will he do it this time? Jing Jing then comes in, surprising him. What’s she doing here? Jing Jing asks hadn’t he always wanted to take her there? That’s why she came, to see him. Tian Ze then shows her the stock they gambled on four years ago and then he talks about the beach and how brave she was to jump when she couldn’t swim. Jing Jing is pleased – he remembered that after all. The two then decide to gamble once more and this time, their stock wins and they vow to be together since they both dislike money. These two, really.

Ai Xing comes home and finds her shoes missing. She immediately asks Tian Ze where they went and is shocked to find Jing Jing there as well. Ai Xing is then presented with shoes. That’s what the two did with the money they won. They bought Ai Xing new shoes since she always wore her old, worn out ones. Ai Xing is touched, though she scolds them for buying new shoes when hers were still wearable. Ai Xing then wonders she can accept the shoes when she hasn’t paid Jing Jing back yet. Jing Jing says again that it isn’t necessary since she has forgotten about it, but Ai Xing insists. Since Jing Jing is there, the should kill one of the piggies. Tian Ze takes the pig and the two being their usual, cute fighting. Jing Jing watches with a smile.

The joyous party [which ended with Ai Xing pretending to reluctantly accept Tian Ze as Jing Jing’s boyfriend] is interrupted by a phone call from Ren. Ai Xing has to go do karaoke with Ling Li and an older woman to entertain him. Ai Xing cannot believe she has to do that, but oh well. While she is singing with Mrs. Liu [who is rich, but her sons are all spoken for], Ling Li calls Ren out to talk a she isn’t happy with him choosing Ai Xing as his assistant. Ren explains its because he doesn’t want to waste Ling Li’s talent as a basic errand girl. He wants her to work with him to expand the company with her talent. Ling Li likes this, but I don’t think she’ll give up her anger with Ai Xing so easily.

Back at the house, Tian Ze said if no one brought Ai Xing home, they’d probably have to pick her up at the police station. Jing Jing asks if Ai Xing drinks often and Tian Ze replies as long as the drinks are free or someone else is buying. Jing Jing again seems uncomfortable with Tian Ze’s and Ai Xing’s closeness, especially when Tian Ze reveals how he’d take care of the drunk Ai Xing and make sure she had strong black coffee before work. Picking up on Jing Jing’s feelings, Tian Ze once again says that there is nothing between him and Ai Xing. Tian Ze says he is currently only living with Ai Xing because he has no choice. He then promises Jing Jing he’ll move out once he can track down a case that pays well.

The next morning, Mrs. Meng reveals that the Gaos pulled out their investment. She is very unhappy that her daughter destroyed the hard-won marriage she had arranged because of two strangers. Jing Jing says that they aren’t strangers but two friends who know her best. Mrs. Meng says those friends are in the past, they aren’t more important than Jing Jing’s future. Mrs. Meng then asks if Jing Jing truly loves Tian Ze. Jing Jing replies that she does and her mom [sarcastically?] wishes their love overcomes all obstacles.

Ai Xing comes out happy to have the normal coffee prepared. Tian Ze scolds her for drinking like that and wonders how her boss can demand her to meet clients that late. Ai Xing replies that she is now his personal assistant and Tian Ze says there are only two kinds – the daughter or the mistress. This annoys Ai Xing who says she is only making sacrifices so they can make a living. How else will she pay for their rent. Tian Ze replies that he found a case that should pay their rent and also have enough left over for him to get his own place. Ai Xing feigns happiness, but is really sad. She doesn’t want him to really leave her all alone.

Ai Xing then says she’ll throw a goodbye bash and maybe meet a rich guy and move into a mansion. Tian Ze asks if she’s still sleeping and Ai Xing then gets a call from Ren who is outside the apartment. She freaks out and she and Tian Ze quickly clean things up and hid his presence. As soon as Ren comes in, Ai Xing does her best to get him to leave [he came to pick her up as they need to go somewhere]. He asks to use the bathroom before he leaves and Ai Xing tries to sniff out where Tian Ze is hiding. She finds him behind a coach covered with a blanket. She scolds him for hiding there and then out comes Ren. So Ai Xing was lying when she said she was single? In attempt to save AI Xing’s reputation, Tian Ze acts like her mentally disabled brother. Will Ren buy it?

Stay tuned to find out.

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