Love Forward Episode 3 Recap

Step Three: “Do you still love me?”

We back track a wee bit to Tian Ze being shocked when Jing Jing asks who he is. He forces a smile and asks how she can forget a handsome guy like him. Jing JIng then gets some flashes of her time together with Tian Ze. Before she can recall everything, Ai Xing rushes in and throws herself at Jing Jing who she believes has finally remembered. Jing JIng confesses she still hasn’t regained her memory, but Ai Xing doesn’t care. Her long lost friend is finally back. Tian Ze tires to pry the two apart as Ai Xing is clinging on to Jing Jing fiercely. Ai Xing asks if Tian Ze is jealous because she can hold Jing Jing and he points out that Ai Xing is crushing her friend. Ai Xing immediately pulls back and asks if Jing Jing is okay. The  girl replies she is, it’s just an old illness [that I think stems from the accident four years ago].

Ai Xing then shows Jing Jing the piggies she worked so hard at saving money for. Since she owed Jing Jing so much, Ai Xing wants to make sure that she pays her friend back. Jing Jing says that since the IOU is forgotten, Ai Xing doesn’t need to bother, but that doesn’t matter to Ai Xing as she remembers the promise and will make sure that she keeps it. Ai Xing is such a horrible drunk and eventually passes out. Tian Ze then walks Jing Jing home. He says he went to her house, but she was already gone four years ago. When did she get back to Taiwan? At last a question Jing Jing can answer. She’s been back for two months. Jing JIng confesses that she feels like she’s been sleeping for the past four years and now she has two interesting people in her life. Tian Ze doesn’t like the Sleeping Beauty analogy as the prince must wait a long time to get the girl. He’d rather be the servant of the princess so he can always be by her side. Aww, sweet [and yet a little creepy if you think about it]. Jing Jing asks if they were that happy four years ago. Tian Ze says that the Jing Jing of old was an aggressive lioness who almost ripped his hair out [nothing like teasing a girl who can’t remember]. He then says he’s joking and says he’ll go off to make sure “that drunk” is doing okay.

When Jing Jing gets inside her family’s apartment, her mom is up and waiting for her. She’s already heard from Jerry that Jing Jing ran off with another guy. Who was it? Jing Jing says her mom wouldn’t know him. Mrs. Meng then questions her daughter’s whereabouts for the day. Jing Jing then says that her mom may want her to forget the past, but Jing Jing went looking for it anyways. Mrs. Meng concedes her daughter can look for her past, but Jing Jing can only have so much fun with her old friends. Her daughter better not forget that she’ll end up with Jerry or someone else like him. Of course as he’s from a rich family who can help out her dad’s business. Mrs. Meng doesn’t like Jing JIng’s tone or that comment and wants to know why her daughter is treating her like that. Jing Jing then says that all she wants to is be free and happy, but her mom has been keeping her a prisoner these past four years. Jing Jing doesn’t want to end up with her mother who is content to be a wealthy wife. Jing Jing wants happiness and love, something her mother doesn’t have at all.

We then cut to see Ren Wei in a restaurant eating and drinking alone. Looks like he was a regular there and now that he’s back, he’s planning on being a regular again. The owner comments that Ren seems to be a decent man as he never brings girls with him. Doesn’t he have anyone to eat with? Ren confesses he prefers eating alone as women bring trouble. You take her out to dinner and then taker her home and next thing you know she’s being clingy and wants a commitment and to be lavished with gifts. So, Ren is a little commitment phobic? The upset Jing Jing then comes in after rushing out of the house to be able to breathe. She sits down and order sake (and let me say her drinking scene just comes off as terribly fake for whatever reason]. Ren becomes intrigued and watches her. Wonder if something will happen or if a misunderstanding will arise later?

Tian Ze gets back home and Ai Xing demands to know where Jing Jing is the next morning. Tian Ze replies she has left already. Ai Xing then wonders what they should do since Jing Jing’s memory is not back yet. If they sit back and do nothing, they might go back to square one and Jing Jing might decide not to be their friend anymore. Ai Xing begs him to think of a plan since he’s a smart lawyer. Tian Ze then defends the poor Jing Jing who must be feeling badly since she has no memory ot their time together. Ai Xing calms down and apologizes and Tian Ze promises to think of an idea as well. We then cut to a scene of Tian Ze rereading his blog that he started after Jing Jing left. What would she think if she new about this online diary dedicated to her?

To help Jing JIng remember, the trio go and do things that they had done before. Ai Xing goes to the rocks overlooking the ocean and and shouts her dreams. Tian Ze pokes fun of her dream of wealth and Jing Jing still doesn’t remember. What did she wish for back then. Ai Xing whispers something and then the two girls prank Tian Ze and pull his pants down before running off and laughing. Tian Ze then takes the girls to the spot where he and Jing Jing jumped into the ocean together. This time he jumps with Ai Xing who is completely terrified. Seeing her friends jump brings memories rushing back and Jing Jing collapses. When Jing Jing comes to, a drenched and worried Tian Ze is there.

Later as they walk home, Tian Ze reveals what happened after the beach and that they were in a motorbike accident. When he had woke up, Jing Jing was already gone and he never got a chance to say he was sorry. That day he had asked Jing Jing to give him 3 hours and he can never repay the time and memories she’s lost. Jing Jing wishes to speak, to say that she remembers, but can’t quite confess that she does. The two part ways and Jing Jing recalls the jumping memory again and Tian Ze recalls his first meeting with Jing Jing and how he offered her a ride home. Ai Xing pointed out Jing Jing’s car, but the girl decided to go with him on his motorbike. Ai Xing then said if anything happened to Jing Jing, she’d skin him alive. Tian Ze silently apologizes as he was overly confident in his driving skills back then and Jing Jing ultimately got hurt due to this.

The next day Ai Xing goes to work with a cold. Her friend scolds her for not taking the day off to look after herself. Ai Xing replies that you get a big bonus for full attendance. She has only one more week to get it. Ren watches this exchange with a smile on his face. As he is about to go over, Ling Li comes and starts talking about days gone by and how Ren used to ask her out to breakfast all the time when they were sales reps. Ren takes this up and uses this as an excuse to ask Ling Li to make him coffee. It looks like he may flirt back, but he really wants his old “friend” to be kept at a distance. I don’t blame him, that girl comes on way too strong. Ren then goes over to Ai Xing and asks if she’s okay. Ai Xing replies she’s sturdy like a cow and she’ll be fine after a night’s rest. Ren then says he can’t wait as he needs her “body” now. This shocks Ai Xing, her male friend [whose name I still haven’t quite caught], and the returning Ling Li. Ai Xing then sneezes all over Ren and begins cleaning him off.

Jing Jing is distracted by her resurfacing memories and heads towards the bank where she and Tian Ze had their first date. Tian Ze follows her and wonders why she’s there. Jing Jing is shocked to see him. He tells her he was in the area to have lunch with her and when she came out of her office all distracted, he followed. Jing Jing then apologizes for being a coward and walks away, but Tian Ze won’t let her go with that. What is she talking about? Jing Jing finally confesses that she is finally remembering what happened four years ago. She started remembering at the beach yesterday but just didn’t know how to tell him and Ai Xing. Tian Ze hugs the crying Jing Jing and is very happy that she is finally remembering.

Meanwhile, Ai Xing is at a store trying on clothes. She loves the elegant look, but balks at the price. She then remembers that the director will be paying and gleefully decides that she can make a tidy profit by selling the clothes online after the luncheon is done. Although Ai Xing is completely mystified as to why the director asked her out for this luncheon. When she’s ready, Ai Xing goes out and asks if all that stuff is really for her. The director replies that it is and Ai Xing tries to hold down her happiness and nonchalantly says that while the luncheon interferes with her work, since it benefits the company, she is happy to go. She then wonders why she was chosen. Ren replies that he doesn’t need a reason to assign tasks to his employees. Touché.

Jing Jing has to go back to work. She still hasn’t told Ai Xing about her memories returning. Tian Ze comments that Ai Xing will be over the moon and won’t let Jing Jing go as she never stopped talking about her best friend even after four years. Jing Jing asks what they talked about and Tian Ze said that Ai Xing did most of the talking and praised Jing Jing’s talent and brains. Ai Xing really admired her friend. Jing Jing says there is one thing she couldn’t learn and Tian Ze asks what that is. Jing Jing thinks to herself that she can’t swim, but doesn’t say it aloud. The two go to part ways, but TIan Ze stops her and asks her out to celebrate her return and her memories’ return with Ai Xing. Jing Jing agrees, but is bitterly disappointed that Tian Ze didn’t remember that she couldn’t swim.

Ai Xing has finally managed to pay the rent and then scolds Tian Ze for doing things that waste money [he’s preparing for the celebration with Jing Jing], Tian Ze tells Ai Xing it’s a special occasion and to get out plates as they are expecting a guest. Tian Ze then reveals the guest and the reason for the celebration. Ai Xing, as predicted, is over the moon. She thinks its because of the piggies blessings. Tian Ze says that it’s because he jumped into the ocean. The two start their usual bickering. They are so cute together. Ai Xing then recommends going out, her treat, as she’ll do anything for Jing Jing.

The three do end up going out and Ai Xing tells Jing Jing she is happy that her friend’s memory has finally returned. Ai Xing then tells Jing Jing about how the Mengs refused to let Ai Xing contact Jing Jing after the accident. Ai Xing even left her number with the maid at the Meng house just in case. Ai Xing has waited for four years without a call, an email, nothing. Jing Jing apologizes. Ai Xing then says that while she feared Jing Jing forgot about her and didn’t want to be her friend anymore, she always had faith that wasn’t the case since Jing Jing was proud, but gentle and kinds as well. This really touches Jing Jing. She confesses she didn’t have friends in the US and thanks Ai Xing for waiting and remembering.

Ai Xing who passed out drunk again gets piggybacked by Tian Ze who points out her worn shoes to Jing Jing. Since she had to pay her friend back, Ai Xing went without buying herself many things. Jing Jing feels badly about this. She just didn’t know there was anyone out there waiting for her. Tian Ze then changes the topic. Does Jing Jing remember their time at the bank? Jing Jing confesses to not remembering everything just yet. This makes Tian Ze feel even worse about the accident. Of course, Jing Jing then gets the wrong idea. Tian Ze couldn’t forget her out of pity, not love. Poor Tian Ze, he’s been misunderstood. Of course he will feel badly for the accident, but he honestly did like her.

When Ren gets to his friend’s restaurant, Ling Li is their waiting for him. She even orders his “usual” drink for him. Ling Li confesses she knew he always came to that restaurant when they were younger, so she decided to try her luck. Ling Li then asks why he took Ai Xing to the luncheon when she can be no help to him. Ren says its because he wanted Ai Xing to go and that is all. Ling Li then says she doesn’t want the inexperienced girl to embarrass him and then offers her own services. Ren diplomatically points out that such an event would be a waste of Ling Li’s time and talent.

Tian Ze blogs about his argument with Jing Jing and wonders if she can really think he only pities her and feels badly about the accident. Ai Xing then comes out complaining about the earth moving. Tian Ze then scolds her for her bad drinking and her crazy actions. Ai Xing then smells the coffee he’s brewed and he pours her a coup and takes it to her. He’s a really nice and caring friend. These two bicker, but it shows their affection for one another. Tian Ze notices the designer clothes and asks where they are from. When Ai Xing lets him know, he immediately tells her to take them back as it makes her look easy if she keeps him. Ai Xing, who does have pride, understands this and reluctantly agrees to do as Tian Ze said. I really loved it when Tian Ze says that Ai Xing is worth so much more than that one outfit. It was really showing how much he has grown to care about his crazy friend.

Ai Xing reluctantly goes and hands over the dress and accessories to Ren who is surprised. He doesn’t need such things. What will he do with them? Ai Xing understands this, but also admits that it isn’t right for her to accept something so expensive. Even though she’s giving the clothes back, Ren has to pry them out of her hands. She then sadly leaves and he says that she isn’t all that stupid. Does that mean he thinks better of her for not keeping the stuff?

Later, Ling Li talks about making clients fall for you and calls out Ai Xing who is looking all depressed. Is the girl paying attention. Ai Xing perks up and says she’s already broken up with her money. Ling Li then assigns her a difficult task as she is starting to bully her for Ren’s interest. Ai Xing must find out a competitor’s plans for an area that is just starting to be developed. If they can figure this out, then they’ll have an edge up on the competition. Ai Xing wonders how she’ll find the necessary info in only a week. Her male friend steps in and offers his help. This makes her happy, however, when he tries to confess, she goes off to deliver Ling Li her piping hot, but not too hot coffee. Poor guy.

At Jing Jing’s office, they have hit a snag in their current ad plan. They need a mansion, but where can they find one? The want Jing Jing to use her family’s influence to get one, but Jing Jing refuses saying that she will get a mansion on her own merit. Though she talked big, she has problems finding one. She runs into Ai Xing who tells her about her own work problem. Jing Jing confesses she feels like she can’t live up to Tian Ze and Ai Xing who are pursuing their dreams. Ai Xing tells her not to think too highly about her refound friends because Ai Xing’s hobby is making money, so as long as she gets more, she’s happy and Tian Ze may be a lawyer, but he’s struggling to be able to find any cases to work on. No need for envy. Jing Jing then asks about Ai Xing’s and Tian Ze’s relationship. Ai Xing replies that they are only friends and that Tian Ze hasn’t looked at another girl in four long years. This relieves Jing Jing who thought there was something going on between Ai Xing and Tian Ze.

Jing Jing doesn’t want to use her connections for herself, but she has no problem using her family’s influence to help Ai Xing get the information she needs. When Ai Xing goes to get the info, Jing Jing shows up and that’s where we end this episode.

More fun hijinks and misunderstandings to come. And wow, this drama is moving at a lightening pace. Not quite sure how I really feel about it just yet.

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