Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 13

Things are heating up as Gong Xi tries to encourage the disheartened Lian, Shang starts noticing his true feelings, and Lian learns just what love is and comes to understand his own feelings.

1 episode left. Seriously? Say it isn’t so. Of all dramas needing more episodes, Skip Beat! is one as the magna itself is still ongoing and this drama probably won’t be wrapping things up like we the audience would like. There is still so much to see. How I wish there will be a season two.

Enough said.

We open with Gong Xi and Du Jin teaming up on Lian to guilt him into eating like he should. Du Jin is really happy to see just how much Gong Xi cares for Lian. Gong Xi is surprised to learn that Lian stayed up all night watching the original drama. Why would Lian do that? Gong Xi was so frightened of inadvertently being influenced by the original Wei Xu, she refused to watch it. Soon its time to resume filming and the unthinkable happens! Lian gets an NG. The cast and crew then take a break.Choi Siwon, Ivy ChenGong Xi cannot believe her acting god as NGed. She wishes to go to him, but Du Jin  tells her that will add too much pressure on Lian. It’s no use though. No matter how much Lian agonizes and tries, he has lost the feeling of Jia Yue. The director even chats with Lian about just what he’s doing wrong. Lian understands the backstory that isn’t told in the drama, so he should no that his actions towards the leading lady are not showing what they should. Jia Yue loves Wei Xu’s cousin, but has to fight against that love as his father killed hers for Wei Xu’s father. Lian understands this but still cannot get the emotions across. Thus, production starts slowing down like crazy as Lian is told to take a break to regroup.Choi SiwonWe then cut to Shang who is working diligently. Yin Yin wonders if he is really okay as she knew he was upset when he saw the news article about Gong Xi working with Lian. As his manager goes to make reservations, Shang fantasizes about Gong Xi and Lian becoming a super lovey-dovey couple. Oddly enough, that thought really bothers him. Why? Why should he care if Lian likes Gong Xi or vice versa? Shang convinces himself that he needs to beat Lian and become the most handsome guy in Taiwan and thus have Gong Xi officially kicked to the curb. Um…how funny Shang’s brain works. When will he realize that it’s love? It’s pretty sad when you lie to other people who see it is a lie, but even sadder when you lie to yourself and refuse to see it. [Poor Shang, this actually might be the last time we see him in this drama – what a way to go].Lee DonghaeThat night, wallowing in despair, Lian drinks, ignores Du Jin’s calls, and doesn’t go to his scheduled events. The next day, Gong Xi asks if the director really gave Lian time off. Xu Fang confesses he did and that he knew doing so was very cruel. However, this is the only way he can help him. Xu Fang then talks about how hard he tried to get out of his father’s shadow and how he is useless as production is being slowed down because of this problem. Gong Xi assures him that no one will think less of him, but you know the klutzy director.

Ivy ChenGong Xi is all worried about Lian. How can she help him when he has hit this roadblock when she herself is just a newbie actress? She ends up meeting Lian in the hallway. She looks down at Coco’s costume and decides there is a way she can help after all. She quickly disguises herself as Coco and offers to lend Lian her ear. Lian pulls her into the same room where they had their first meeting. While she is freaking out about how she will help him, he asks if she’s even been in love, but she misses this and has to ask him again. Gong Xi is shocked when Lian asks again. So it has nothing to do with work? Gong Xi then realizes that Lian’s work problem stems from his love scenes. Gong Xi gets astounded once more to learn that at Lian’s age he’s never been in love. When Gong Xi gets distracted by a cockroach [in the manga, the cockroach was Shang], Lian gets angry and the two get into a scuffle where Gong Xi almost loses her head, but instead she loses Coco’s coxcomb. Gong Xi’s scream was hilarious here.

Of course, Luo Li comes to the film site and looks for Lian. Xu Fang tries to brush off what happened and tells Luo Li that Lian has already gone to another schedule, but Luo Li is sharp and pretty much guesses that what he feared the most would happen – Lian cannot do the love scenes well at all. He does warn Xu Fang that Lian will be replaced at this rate. Xu Fang does want to hang on to Lian, though.

skip beat! 13-7Lian and Gong Xi manage to fix Gong Xi’s costume, and the girl is relieved as it was a close call – Lian almost discovered she was Coco. The two continue to discuss Lian’s problem and Gong Xi ends up having to explain what love is. When she talks about being happy to be together and being happy when the other person is happy, Lian doesn’t get it. So she asks if there has never been a girl whose normal actions he found cute no matter what. There is such a girl! Gong Xi tells him to date the girl to gain acting experience. It’s win-win as the he genuinely likes the girl and can overcome this hurdle. Lian replies that its impossible right now. He can’t have anyone “over here” become his most important person. Gong Xi picks up on that phrase, but lets it go even though it confuses her. Got to love how Gong Xi basically just told Lian to date her. Dramatic irony, so funny…or is this situational irony where the audience knows something the character doesn’t? It’s been awhile since I studied that stuff… You also have to love how Lian’s hung up on their age difference…she’s a college student, not a high schooler like in the manga, so their relationship has no taboos really.skipbeat13-8Lian is really distracted by Gong Xi’s advice and words. Does his thinking Gong Xi is cute, mean he’s falling for her? That’s impossible, he cannot allow himself to fall for her. Du Jin comes in and notices Lian’s mood, but Lian assures him nothing’s wrong which isn’t believable as it isn’t followed up by his usual smile. Meanwhile, Gong Xi wonders and worries about Lian, too. Can he overcome this hurdle and regain the lost Jia Yue?

Filming commences and Gong Xi’s Wei Xu is awesome twisted and dark. Gong Xi relishes the filming process and the speed. She barely gets into her emotions and the scene is over and they are going to the next one. While Gong Xi is changing, the lead actress comes into the tent next door. She praises Gong Xi’s acting while bashing Lian’s. Gong Xi can stand no more and yells at the lead actress before running off to vent in the bathroom. This shocks the lead and her manager. Why would Gong Xi get angry when she was getting praised? Because they trashed her beloved senior. Gong Xi rants in the bathroom about their nerve of comparing her, the newbie, to the great and established Lian. It’s really cute. More kudos to Ivy Chen for her acting chops.Meanwhile, Lian is giving an interview. They ask about his love life and he assures the reporter that there is no girl he currently likes. Du Jin smiles at this as he knows Lian really likes Gong Xi. And speak of the devil. She calls up Du Jin as she wants Lian’s schedule [so she can dress as Coco and encourage him to make his move already so he can stop being badmouthed]. Du Jin gets an idea and gives her the schedule so she can cook Lian a meal since he isn’t eating like he should. Gong Xi immediately goes grocery shopping, wondering what kind of healthy meal she should prepare for Lian. How sweet. She’s as good at lying to herself as Shang is. It takes her FOREVER in the manga to realize her feelings.Ivy Chen

Lian heads home and recalls that he would be filming Dark Moon at this time usually. He then spots Gong Xi walking towards his place, arms full of bags. Gong Xi is happy to have met him. Can he give her a ride to his apartment so she can cook him dinner? Lian is shocked and touched. He finally snaps out of his daze and lets her in. He keeps stealing glances at Gong Xi, making her uncomfortable. She has noticed a gentle change in his attitude. What is going on? [Du Jin is trying to imagine this change and his idea is so fake and horrible – he just can’t imagine that expression on Lian’s face.] They get back to Lian’s apartment and things are awkward. Lian smiles and treats Gong Xi extremely well and this just terrifies the girl. Why would he be acting like that? So cute. Ah, will we see Lian become the “Emperor of the Night” to Gong Xi? THAT really terrifies her more so than any other time.

The two then have an awkward ride to Gong Xi’s house. Gong Xi tells him goodbye and that she is anticipating his return more so than anyone else. Why? He’s the most important actor to her. Well not a love confession [yet], it can’t help but make Lian really happy to hear those words from the girl he’s falling for. Gong Xi goes inside and Lian drives off. He does have to swerve to the side of the road as a realization comes crashing down on him. He isn’t falling for Gong Xi – he already loves her! How the heck did that happen?Choi Siwon

The next day Du Jin wonders where Gong Xi is as she asked for Lian’s schedule, but hasn’t shown up yet. Well, Gong Xi can’t confront Lian as herself and dresses up as Coco. Du Jin is shocked when the chicken shows up and asks to speak to Lian alone. Even more surprising is Lian sending his manager out while he talks to Coco. At the same time, Luo Li tells Xu Fang that Lian has only one more day. If Lian doesn’t show up tomorrow, then its over and Lian will be officially replaced. Xu Fang wants to call Lian and warn him. What else can he do but have faith that Lian will return with a better Jia Yue?

We’ll find out what happens in the finale. Say it isn’t so!

**I totally love all the posters they have for Taiwanese dramas in this series. I’ve seen them for The X-Family, Summer Love, and ToGetHer [in which Du Jin played Jiro Wang’s manager].**


  • Ah, the manager is his adorable self again this episode. And oh, the imagined sequences of Lian and Gong Xi smiling and being lovey-dovey had me cracking up! And i loved it when Gong Xi was getting freaked out by Lian being so nice.

    I thought it was funny when they kept taking breaks for Lian. And you just see Lian walk off, think about it, come back, NG a few times, then go back and think some more, then come back and try again. Stop giving him breaks, it’s clearly not helping.

    Seriously though, even if Shang doesn’t have a proper send-off in the manga, they should give him one in the drama! It does seem like he’s not going to have any kind of resolution, and that’s really frustrating. I think, though, that i came into the show with preconceived notions of how things would play out, so the fact that they’re not going the way I had expected, has thrown me.

    I have no idea what Lian was talking about when he said he couldn’t have anyone more important to him ‘here’. And it still annoys me that he has this issue with the age difference, more so because the actors don’t look far apart in age. If Siwon looked 30 and Ivy looked 18, maybe. But they look exactly the same age! Ah, i know that’s no ones fault, but it bugs me anyway.

    Also, it was weird that it wasn’t Ivy Chen’s voice in the chicken at the end.

    • Ah, Du Jin was his awesome matchmaker self in this episode. I was happy to see that again. His plotting to throw the two together and then trying to imagine it (awkwardly and badly) was really amusing. I really loved his reaction to Gong Xi as Coco at the very end of the episode. Like ‘why in the world is their a giant chicken here?’

      Well, since the manga has no conclusion as of yet, Shang doesn’t have a send off at all. He disappears, shows up long enough to shake things up or make a cameo to show his surprise and horror at Gong Xi and Lian’s growing relationship and then goes away again. I am sure the mangaka will resolve their relationship [maybe they can go back to their childhood friends status?], at least I hope she/he will. I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t get anything in the drama, but it really looks like they’ll just focus on Lian’s 11th hour acting to show how his love for Gong Xi made him grow as an actor.

      Well, I am not sure anyone would know what Lian was talking about if they didn’t have the manga background and know his backstory. It is kind of sad that we probably won’t get to see the real reason why Lian was so dead set on this role despite his president’s protests… Ah, the age difference. In the manga its 16 vs. 22. Six years, while not insurmountable, is more taboo since Lian is an adult and Gong Xi still in high school, but since they changed their ages to 20 and I’m guessing like 26, then it really makes no sense whatsoever and is very frustrating to me.

      Yeah. other people said that it wasn’t her voice at the end as well. Maybe something happened and they had to use a stand in for that scene, which would work since you don’t actually see Ivy, but the voice was obviously different.

      And what about poor Bianca Bai? She plays a pivotal role and falls off the face of the planet in these past few episodes. We at least got to see her more in the manga, but I guess they cut those scenes due to their time restrictions and episode limitations. Sigh. Poor Qin.

      • That’s what I was thinking too, where is Qin!? Lol, i guess she’s not needed anymore. And oh, in the manga, it’d be great if Gong Xi could end up friends with Shang again. Like, just regular friends. That would be a nice way to end their story, although maybe not too realistic considering Shang’s personality, lol.

        • It’s kind of sad to think Qin served a purpose and was taken out of the rest of the story. I liked their interactions. I think Gong Xi and Shang healing their old wounds and becoming friends is possible if they both mature a little more and Gong Xi can fully get over her abandonment and trust issues and Shang gets over his narcissism and realizes just how bad he was.

  • Thanks a lot. . . . .n 4 the pics too^^

  • What is the song that was playing during Lian and Gong Xi watching tv then while he drove her home? ^_^ It was so nice!

    • I know exactly what you are on about and it took me 2 years to find it so here you go its BaeBae (Roomie) – Don’t Have Too Many Reasons For Loving You. if you want here is the youtube link for the song

      enjoy \^x^/

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