Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 24 Recap

The end is here! And while not bad, it takes the route of a lot of kdrama endings. It’s not so much rushed as it doesn’t really tie things up as clearly as it could be and certain characters don’t make a final appearance that I had wanted… Why no Chan Sol and Jung Ha?

Oh well. I do have to say that the show wasn’t too bad overall, but I really wanted to divorce the assumed identity storyline from the eager young men trying hard to make something out of themselves. Those two just didn’t fit together at all. And while I can sort of understand Jin Shim’s and Tae Yang’s insistence that the other was the only person for them, it doesn’t really seem like a real relationship would be able to weather all that they did in order to be together. That was an extremely difficult and painful love.

So, Kang Sun sees Jin Shim standing in front of her and she actually swerves to miss hitting her! I guess it does show that even though Kang Sun was using Jin Shim all of these years, she does have some genuine affection for her. Jin Shim collapses [rather fakely] to her knees and Tae Yang rushes over. Is she okay? The shocked Jin Shim asks after her mother and Tae Yang goes to check on Kang Sun who had just managed to stop before going into the water. Kang Sun is staring straight ahead and not moving at all. Nary an emotion shows on her face.

Mok rushes to the hospital where Seul Woo, Tae Yang, and Jin Shim sit outside of Kang Sun’s room, all looking worse for wear. Mok demands to know what happens, but the three are silent. He then rushes into Kang Sun’s room and demands to know what she did this time. He is horrified to learn that she had planned on dying with Tae Yang. Just how far is she going to go? Kang Sun believes that it won’t end until she’s dead and she didn’t want to die alone. Meanwhile, Tae yang wants to leave, but Jin Shim won’t leave her mother. Seriously? Yes, Kang Sun isn’t completely sane, but after everything she has pulled and all the people she has made suffer, Jin Shim still can’t leave her alone? Tae Yang, close to tears, understands, and leaves her alone at the hospital. He’s followed by Seul Woo. Their relationship has finally gotten back to normal [Seul Woo even teases that he doesn’t have the guts to deal with a mother-in-law as scary as Kang Sun].

Mok tells Jin Shim to leave Kang Sun behind for good as there is no telling what that woman will do. No kidding, but Jin Shim remains resolute – she is the only one Kang Sun has now, so she can’t possibly leave her mother alone. While I can understand to some degree, I think it just might be better at times if those two were to completely part ways. Jin Shim then sits with Kang Sun. How could her mother do that? Jin Shim wants to believe that Kang Sun was still out of her mind, because if she did it in her right mind, Jin Shim can no longer stay with her and will have to leave. But can she? Jin Shim seems incapable of leaving her mother. Kang Sun says nothing to this and only cries silently and says it is a relief that Jin Shim wasn’t hurt [when the car came barreling at her].

Mok lets Tae Yang know that he plans on adopting Jin Shim as his daughter. He loves her and wants to take care of her. However, him adopting her means that she has to give Tae Yang up. Tae Yang says that if he really loves Jin Shim and wants to be her father, he won’t try to take away his daughter’s chance at happiness as Tae Yang and Jin Shim cannot bear to part from one another again. Tae Yang says that if Mok really loves and sees Jin Shim as his daughter, there wouldn’t be conditions attached. He then leaves and says he will be waiting for Mok to accept him as Jin Shim’s other half. He then meets up with Jin Shim who tells him about Mok wanting to adopt her and how she could never bring herself to stop lying as she wanted to be his daughter so badly since he was a great dad.

Now, I am not sure just how much detail to go into for the rest of the episode because there actually isn’t much going on. Kang Sun stays at the hospital [she has some mental issues that need fixing], Jin Shim stays taking care of her mom with Yang’s help while going back to work with Mok. The boys all decided that their dream is the same as Tae Yang’s and want to restart the store together. Chan Sol comes back for a very brief cameo in this episode as Jung Ha has their daughter [a really cute scene by the way with the four men all worried about the Jung Ha who is in labor and how they want her to hold off having the baby until Chan Sol can arrive].

The boys go back to the market and start up their truck business until they can afford their own shop. Boon Hong is hanging in their and the Jung family is on the mend emotionally. Seul Woo is taken in by Jung and becomes just like him. He earns quite the reputation at the market. Seul Woo, Dan Bi, and Tae Yang have become close friends now. Kang Sun slowly improves and regains her senses and finally gives up her huge grudge. She also says that she no longer wants to celebrate Jin Shim’s birthday on Ga On’s, but this time the day that Jin Shim officially became her daughter. Sweet, but so hard to believe that the vicious, calculating Kang Sun has managed to get over all of that… [though the amount of time is kind of…unexplained…has it been a year or more?].

Yoo Bong and Seo Young reunite. After she got beaten, she managed to convince people that the man isn’t in his right mind and keeps bothering her so thus she is freed of him. She moved back to the old neighborhood in hopes of reuniting with her giraffe. So looks like their relationship is back on track. Tae Yang proposes to Jin Shim who accepts [after he has managed to get back the store he initially lost]. He, Tae In, and Jin Shim go back to how things were when they were kids basically.

And that’s it. I mean it. We never get to see Chan Sol again aside from his baby girl being born. I was a bit sad about that. I wanted to see how he fared as an idol since he was the only one [minus Seul Woo] who didn’t go back to work at the shop. And I am not adverse to a happy ending, but is it truly realistic given all the crap that Kang Sun pulled? Yes, she got the help she needed and she did really love her adopted daughter…but still…

What a rollercoaster ride. It’s over. I’ll miss Ji Chang Wook and boys until their next dramas. I hope to see more of Kwang Soo and Jihyuk, Sung Ha and Shin Won Ho. After seeing Park Soo Jin take on a more mature character, I am liking her better. I do have to say that even though Wang Ji Hye did a decent job as the conflicted Jin Shim, I really do think her evil characters suit her better. I also still stand resolute that they should have chosen one direction and one direction only for the drama. The heavy melodramatic plot of Jin Shim becoming the dead Ga On and abandoning her childhood friend and first love really did not mix well with Tae Yang struggling to obtain his dream.

Although, I do have to say I enjoyed the drama for the most part, especially when we got the original quartet of Fresh Men together and then added Scruffy [Ki Young] to the mix.


  • Very young awesome man had a good heart JCW… komawo

  • Thank you for the great recap. I am watching this drama for the first time and the mental mother is toxic. I looked for recaps of the ending after ep 12, to see if it’s worth going on. After reading the recap i am happy to quit. Was anyway fastforwarding to leave out s try the crazy mom’s poison filled scenes. I’m happy JCW got the girl in the end. Very talented and hardworking actor.

    • I hated the mother’s scenes so much! She was such a toxic person. If you took her out of the drama, I wouldn’t mind the happy bromance and romance we could have gotten. I fell in love with JCW as an actor thanks to Smile, Donghae. 🙂

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