Attic Cat Episode 4 Recap

This episode is, like, Jung Eun almost getting her way for a change, yet thwarted at every move by how much of a douchebag Kyung Min is…

Jung Eun tells Kyung Min that he can stay in the house, and she’ll pay off his debt, just as long as he focuses on studying. But Kyung Min’s attention span is a little weak, and his passion for Hye Ryun is just as strong as his passion for law. When she (Hye Ryun, that is) starts showing interest in him for his school notes, he jumps on the chance and goes out on a date with her. She explains that she’s totally caught up on Dong Joon, but that she’ll settle for him. And he takes it. He takes it all the way to pawning his watch for money (after trying to steal some from Jung Eun), and then spending the entire wad on tickets for a show.

Well, Hye Ryun blows him off at the last minute when she finds out Dong Joon is going to her house for a dinner hosted by her parents, and a confused (and progressively broken-hearted) Kyung Min finds himself standing around and waiting for her. He waits so long that he gets drunk off of convenience store beer, and then passes out in front of the house.

Jung Eun had been at her parents’ home for the night, but when she returns, it’s to find her roommate sick with a cold and hung over. She brings him inside and tries to take care of him, but all he can mutter in his feverish state is how much he wants Hye Ryun.

Seeing how miserable he is – enough to make himself ill – she inexplicably takes pity on him and hunts Hye Ryun down, and drags her back to the house, screaming that she needs to apologize. Hye Ryun stubbornly refuses, Kyung Min flips out and lies about why he’s at Jung Eun’s house (and is generally a sleazebag), and then the two girls get in a hair pulling fight. Kyung Min takes Hye Ryun’s side and runs after her as she darts for a taxi. And Jung Eun… The poor girl was shoved, fell over, and cut her hand on a flower pot… But Kyung Min doesn’t care, and proceeds to give her the silent treatment, going so far as to turn away from her every time she tries to talk to him.

Why she likes this guy is beyond me. I would’ve shoved him off of the roof by now.

Meanwhile, Kyung Min’s grandfather has disowned him, but his grandmother is still determined to baby him. Through Hye Ryun she finds out where he lives, and then just barges in and starts snooping around. In a mad rush to conceal the truth, Jung Eun is jammed into a tiny plastic closet, where she overhears his grandma discussing the real reason he needs to hide out: he’s borrowed a ton of money from gangsters because he has a gambling addiction.

Even though Jung Eun now knows the truth, and has every right to be acting superior to her loser roommate, he’s still behaving like a bratty jerk. It’s only when he sees how icky her hand is that he starts to talk to her again (by chastising her for not taking care of it), and then he proceeds to teach her how to dance (he’s trying to give her tips on how to gain a boyfriend). She, in turn, apologizes to him (oh my god, why?!?) and things start to get back to normal.

As far as Jung Eun’s job goes: In the previous episode, she’d reamed Dong Joon out for seemingly making fun of her by only hiring her as a part-time consultant of sorts. In this episode, she goes back and apologizes because she needs the money. He not only takes her back, he throws a new assignment in her lap: to give a presentation to a client. The problem is, he doesn’t tell her this until she’s already in the office of the client, and the only reason she’s there is because he’d told her to deliver something. So she bumbles her way through the afternoon, only to come back and chew Dong Joon out again for making fun of her. Dong Joon gives her a calm lecture about how he thinks she’s got potential, and he hands her a book to read so that she’ll know what to do next time. …Things are kinda lookin’ up on the career front! (If you don’t mind how sadistic Dong Joon has the potential of being.)

Oh! And the subtitles are kind of bad by this point. Not terrible. I’ve certainly seen worse… But they’re still pretty pathetic.

And that’s that for episode 4!

An image of Jung Eun and Kyung Min from some random site I found on the 'net.

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