“Living with Joy” Lyrics – Yoko Takahashi

Takahashi Yoko albumHello again everyone! Chani’s back with some song lyrics. This will be a pretty short and sweet post, but I wanted to share with everyone one of my favorite Yoko Takahashi songs and its lovely lyrics. I blogged about Yoko Takahashi’s latest album, a sort of jazzy-feeling, sophisticated pop mix called “20th Century Boys and Girls”, earlier in the year. This is one of her older songs, “Living with Joy”, which I discovered on my album of hers “Best 10”, which I purchased at CDJapan and so can you! The song can also be found at CDJapan on another Yoko Takahashi CD, “Golden Best”, which can also be found at YesAsia.

Since I don’t have the Kanji with me (The CD is now living with my parents in another state XD) these lyrics may not be 100% perfect, but I am quite confident in my translation. It’s a pretty straightforward song to translate with the knowledge of Japanese that I currently have.  I really just wanted to get a formal translation out for my own purposes because, listening to it, I knew it was a lovely song. But please, if you are going to send me lyrics for translation please have the kanji lyrics handy. If the song is any more complex than this I will probably be unable to translate it just by listening. Thanks,  and enjoy!

 Here is the song:

And here are the lyrics:

 Yoko Takahashi

“Living with Joy”

Hashiru you ni ikiteta koro

(Living as though running)

Nanimo mienakatta

(I couldn’t see anything)

Itsumo itsumo warainagara

(Always, always, when I was laughing)

Zutto nakitakatta

(I was always crying)

Anata ni aeta koto ga watashi no

(And then when I met you)

Yoake da to omou

(I felt my sunrise)

Nee namida yori mo kanashimi yori mo

(Hey, more than tears, more than sadness)

Soba ni itai kara

(Because I want to be by your side)

Sou anata to nara

(Yes, if I’m with you)

Arashi no yoru mo aozora wo shinjirareru

(Even in the stormy night I can believe in blue skies)

Hoshii mono wa nanimo nai no

(There is nothing more that I want)

Koko ni anata ga iru

(You are here inside of me)

Negau koto wa tatta hitotsu

(I only have one wish)

Zutto aishitai

(I always want to love you)

Mienai basho de sotto anata ni

(In an invisible place I will softly)

Yuuki wo agetai

(Give you courage)

Nee ashita yori mo omoide yori mo

(Hey, more than tomorrow, more than memories)

Ima wo shinjiteru

(I’m believing in right now)

Sou anata to nara

(Yes, if I’m with you)

Ikiru subete wo

(Everything in my life)

Yorokobi ni kaete yukeru

(Transforms into joy)

Tatta hitotsu dake no

(My only love…)

Ai wo okuro anata ni

(Is sent to you…)

Nee suki na shatsu ya koohi ni no aji

(Hey, the shirt I love, the flavor of coffee)

Sasayaka na koto ga

(The simple things)

Sou itsu no manika onaji ni natte

(Yes, everything becoming the same)

Futari wa ima hitotsu ni naru

(Two will now become one)

Nee namida yori mo kanashimi yori mo

(Hey, more than tears, more than sadness)

Soba ni itai kara

(Because I want to be by your side)

Sou umaretate no ai wo sou datte te

(Yes, this is the love that was born)

I’m living with joy

Forever you and me

See, isn’t it sweet and pretty? ^_^

I just love it. Thanks for taking the time to check out the lyrics and the song! 😀

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