Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 11 Recap

While not a bad episode with a lot of cute moments, I kind of felt this was a little bit “meh.” A little bland. It’s interesting as one week you have an exceptional episode with a lot going on and this just kind of slowed down a bit while still pushing ahead. It’s kind of hard to explain.

We do get the conversation I was hoping to get between Shang and Gong Xi. We open with Gong Xi commenting on the fact that Shang does know how to comfort a crying girl. Looks like he just couldn’t comfort her. Shang immediately has to explain how much he had wanted to comfort Gong Xi as a child. The only problem was he didn’t know how to. He knew what kind of relationship she had with her mother and feared he would come off as bragging or insincere since he had a good relationship with his parents [minus the fact that they didn’t like his choice of careers]. Gong Xi then reveals that she already knew this. This surprises Shang. He gets an even bigger shock when Gong Xi confesses to going out to cry alone. Shang then recounts the times that she went missing. You can tell he feels bad.

Now, I have to say this is something I felt when reading the manga as well. What happened? What exactly happened between these two? They could have actually become a couple that stood the test of time. When did it all go south? especially when Shang realizes [too late] just how much he really cares for Gong Xi. Even though he was such a narcissistic arse, there are times I have felt bad for him. Too bad he discovered the truth way too late.

Gong Xi then gets a call from Lian and I must say she acts like a happy school girl getting a call from her crush not an actor she happens to admire. When Gong Xi tries to explain about the botched phone call earlier, the annoyed Shang grabs the phone from her and tells Lian that Gong Xi just wanted to let him know that she filmed his MV and that she will become a big star soon. He then hangs up. Gong Xi is livid and Shang is surprised. Didn’t she hate Lian? Ah, seems he forgot that she only hated Lian because of him to begin with. Gong Xi then does one of her fierce, deep-throated yells and lets Shang know that she hates him before stalking off. And Lian? The man is in shock. The worst has happened. Gong Xi met Shang again. The one thing that he didn’t want to happen happened.

Gong Xi, banking on the fact that Lian has never met Shang [how wrong she is], left Lian a message saying it was a friend playing a prank. However, Gong Xi is still depressed about what happened. Maria comes in and tells Gong Xi that she doesn’t have enough happiness left to be sighing so often [every time you sigh you lose happiness]. Gong Xi replies regardless of that she always is losing her happiness, one right after the other and she continues to sigh. Maria then wonders if they should throw a party for Nan Qin to celebrate her debut. This makes Gong Xi happy and then depressed, She has no idea what Qin likes nor does she even know her good friend’s birthday. Thus the two decide to stalk Qin.

On their way out they run into Lian and Du Jin. Lian’s angel smile is back and Gong Xi gets the chills from it. It’s not his nice, sincere smile. Gong Xi then finds out that Lian did know who was the one who took her phone. Totally busted. Gong Xi assures him that it wasn’t for revenge and Lian replies that is good, but his coldness doesn’t go away. He’s totally jealous and unhappy that Gong Xi took on the MV and then had the guts to lie about it to him. This puts Lian in a bad mood all day and he actually acts rude to people who brought him the script for a new drama. Yow. Du Jin correctly deduces that his foul mood has to do with Gong Xi, but Lian remains mum as to just why he’s upset.

Gong Xi and Maria follow Qin and are surprised to see her with a guy. This really throws Gong Xi for a loop. Her best friend has a boyfriend and she didn’t even bother telling her! This means Gong Xi is only #2 in Qin’s heart. Gong Xi’s grudge spirits come out and Gong Xi balls one up and launches it at the guy’s head. LOL. He felt that. Maria is impressed at her jie’s dark skills. From the amusement park date, Qin changes clothes and gets in a luxury car with an older man. Maria at first thought it was paid dating, but then both girls come to think it is probably Qin’s father. Gong Xi is also taken back by the fact that little Maria knows about paid dating. Out of the mouths of babes. Gong Xi goes back to work at the restaurant, still caught up in the fact that Qin has a boyfriend when she see Qin eating dinner with another older man. she calls this one “dad” and treats him like total dirt. Okay, Gong Xi is totally confused now.

The next day when Gong Xi approaches Qin about what happened the girl tells her to stay out of her business. This depresses Gong Xi greatly. It also makes Qin worry so Qin goes to the broadcasting station and picks up Gong Xi after work. Qin explains about her family life, her work troubles, and Gong Xi gets to spend the night. Gong Xi asks about secrets and when Qin is about to open up about one, Gong Xi asks after her boyfriend. Qin then explains that she works as a role-player. The guy at the amusement park wanted to get a girl off his back, so she played his girlfriend. The two older gentleman also had her role-play their daughters. When Nan Qin asks Gong Xi to reciprocate, Gong Xi refuses to tell her secret.

Meanwhile, Lian meets with Lou Li who wishes Lian to refuse the lead role of new drama Dark Moon. Luo Li has watched all of Lian’s films in one night and has come to the conclusion that Lian is really weak in acting love scenes. Has there never been anyone Lian has loved wholeheartedly? Lian replies that he treasured all of his girlfriends and Luo Li then asks if his girlfriends always broke up with him saying they loved him more and that being with him was lonelier than being alone. Bingo. Also, whenever they left, Lian let them leave with a smile. If he truly cared about them, he’d be a train wreck. Wow. Lian wasn’t expecting that at all. It puts him in a more foul mood as well. Du Jin wonders if its about Gong Xi and Lian replies that not everything is about the girl. Du Jin can’t believe its work related since Lian is so great. Funny how Luo Li is aware of Lian’s shortcomings, but Du Jin isn’t. Lian then mentions how Gong Xi is young. I think there is still a 6 year age gap between them like in the manga, but really, is that so difficult to overcome? It really made more sense when Gong Xi was a high schooler and here they made her 20. Du Jin replies that girls mature fast and he can see Gong Xi growing and shining. If Lian isn’t careful and worried about how young she is, then he just might lose her to someone else.

Shen tells Gong Xi that thanks to Shang’s MV, she has been offered a role in a drama. This excites Gong Xi, but when she learns that Lian is the male lead, she starts shaking immediately. Her happiness is dampened. Can Shen give her time to think about it? She goes all depressed to the locker room where she sees Qin. But how can she tell the other girl her problem? Qin turns and is shocked by Gong Xi’s gloomy face. What’s wrong. Gong Xi says nothing, but when Qin goes to leave, Gong Xi grabs her shirt and the grudge spirits come out. The two then go to a karaoke room where Gong Xi sobs and tells her the whole truth behind Gong Xi’s and Shang’s relationship. Qin is surprised a she thought Gong Xi was a fan. Qin then wonders if Lian’s reaction comes from being jealous. This earns her a face full of water as Gong Xi spits it out in surprise. That can’t be at all. So the only conclusion is anger over Gong Xi lying.

Gong Xi recalls Lian’s kind words to Coco and vows to apologizes sincerely for her mistake when she sees him again. Unfortunately, when she does see him again, she is completely unprepared for his sudden appearance. She screams and keeps pressing the elevator’s button to get the doors to close. Gong Xi then rushes off the elevator and into the stairwell. How scary that he just showed up. She then realizes what a mistake she made once more and screams again. Du Jin and Lian who were finally able to get on the elevator hear this. When they reach the lobby, there is Gong Xi bowing and apologizing. The three go to a café where Lian remains silent looking at stuff on his phone while Du Jin and Gong Xi sit silent wondering just what is going on. Gong Xi confesses everything and apologizes and Lian accepts this. He has read reviews of the MV and if Gong Xi was concentrating on revenge, she couldn’t have done a good job acting. Since she did well, then there’s no problem.

So Gong Xi accepts the role only to learn that Luo Li wants to keep Lian from doing it. To make matters worse, Gong Xi finds out that the character isn’t the wealthy princess she wants to play [she’s a dark, twisted character]. Lian convinces Luo Li to give him a shot even with his bad love acting. Thus Lian delivers the good news to the director, Du Jin, and Gong Xi. The day of the press conference arrives and everyone is nervous save Gong Xi. When she approaches Lian about his nerves, he doesn’t say anything and just attacks her attitude. The girl wasn’t worried before but is now. How will she portray this character and make it better than the original that launched that actress to super stardom?

I expect that the next episode will pick up the pace and not be so laggy. I don’t mind the laggy parts, but they almost seem a waste. They also got rid of a lot of scenes already, so its amazing that there was a slower, laggy pace to this episode given everything they actually cut out of it.


  • The scene in the elevator was the funniest thing I have ever seen. When the door opens and she sees Lian and just starts screaming, I wasn’t expecting it so it almost had me in tears laughing! And when Gong Xi threw her grudge spirit at Qin’s ‘bf’, that made me chuckle. I love it that people just accept that her spirits are a part of her.
    And all of Du Jin’s remarks about Gong Xi. He’s really pushing it, isn’t he? Lian isn’t reacting though. He’s hardly even denying it. I don’t get why he seems concerned about her youth either. 20 isn’t young if you’re only in your mid-20’s. Although her tantrum in front of the Director makes her look younger, lol. It did make me laugh though. I loved Du Jin’s smiles. She comes in, sits down, admits to eavesdropping and asks if she can keep listening, and Du Jin just smiles! He totally finds her so adorable, I love it.
    And yay, we got the scene you mentioned last week, I’m so glad. It was very sweet. And it was the only time we actually saw Shang in this episode, I think. After last week, I really missed him.

    It was a ‘meh’ episode, that’s what I was thinking too. I guess it was just setting the stage for the next episode. Next week looks awesome, with Gong Xi changing the character she’s playing to better suit her. And then Lian thinking he should change as well. It’s going to be interesting. I’m assuming we get some kind of love scene with them, otherwise the whole “you can’t act in love scenes” bit was pointless. I’m assuming that’s going to be where one of them, or maybe both, realises how deep their feelings are. I have to say though, Lian looks stupid in a school uniform. Just ridiculous, lol.

    I wonder how Shang is going to come back into it, as well.

    • Well, spoiler, for you. If they do it like the manga, Lian uses Gong Xi to improve his acting by getting her to role play as the lead actress. This way he can kind of open himself up to his feelings so he can convey them properly on screen. It’s amazing how many scenes we have in the manga after that where Lian has to forcibly hold himself back from doing what he really wants to Gong Xi because he doesn’t want to frighten her off or make him hate her. I wonder if Lian is really a student as in the manga he was playing a teacher who has a forbidden love with a student who is his fiancee’s cousin.

      If it follows the manga as well, we might get to see Lian and Shang come together and protect Gong Xi, but with few episodes left, I have no idea if they will include that part [which I think is great because it really showcases Shang’s an Lian’s feelings and it starts showing just how much Gong Xi depends on a certain, tall, smiling male].

      I also totally loved Du Jin in this episode. He really does play cute manager roles well. I would actually love to see him in a major lead character role, but he does well at stealing the scenes he’s in. I really loved him as Jiro Wang’s manager in ToGetHer.

      • I think he suits a supporting role, actually, but i’ve never seen him in anything else. I think i was going to check out his filmography and then i just never did, lol.

        What do they protect Gong Xi from? As you can see, I have no problem with spoilers. Whatever happens in the manga, even if it doesn’t happen in the drama, it’s great to hear about because I can imagine it.

        Maybe he wasn’t wearing a school uniform; thinking back now, all i really noticed was his hair, and I just hated it, lol.

        • I know the actor playing Du Jin rocks at supporting roles. I am just curious to see how he would do in a starring role. I think he has the charisma and talent to do it, though some actors are better in the perpetual supporting roles…
          I really hate that period-teacher, slicked hair look on Siwon, too.

          ***SPOILER ALERT***
          I have no idea if we’ll get to see this, but this was the even I was referring to:
          Well, in the manga, Gong Xi and Dark Moon crew go off to the country for a location shoot where they run into Shang who is there to record his new album. Also at the same spot [by no coincidence] there is a band that skyrockets to instant stardom by copying everything about Shang. Gong Xi notices this and cannot believe Shang is standing by and just letting them make a fool of himself. The lead singer and lyricist of the band [Vie en Ghoul] is just out to destroy Shang for the fun of it and decides to use Gong Xi to do it because he thinks the two are an item. Later, he decides to just go after Gong Xi because of her aura and grudge spirits [he’s a weirdo who can see them].

          Lian is delayed doing a photoshoot when all this is happening. So Gong Xi is getting stalked and calls Lian in a panic, scared, but she tries not to let him know, but the man can sense something wrong, so he busts his butt to get to the location shoot as soon as possible Well Beagle [Gong Xi’s nickname for the lead singer] corners her alone in the woods and Shang rides in to the rescue. Lian later comes and escorts Gong Xi back to her room [she feels so much better with him there] and Shang, to prove that Lian is nothing to Gong Xi reveals that he knows the about the whole incident in the woods because he saved her. What a blow to Lian’s ego. We then get some cute moments where Lian and Shang and doing their best to one-up and show just how much they mean to Gong Xi. Whereas Lian wants Gong Xi to like him, Shang decides he wants Gong Xi to hate him because that way she’ll never forget him and he’ll always be on her mind.

          And from that point in the manga, Shang all but disappears… It’s sad kind of. Just when the plot was heating up between the three.

          • Oh, that sounds really interesting! But Shang deciding that he wants Gong Xi to hate him just annoys me, for some reason. They could do that in the next 2 episodes but leave out the band. Like, just have one scene of her getting lost or something, to still have them competing but not making it a bigger story than it needs to be in the limited time they have.

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