Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 22 Recap

There are two episodes left after this and you know it. We are down to the wire with this series. While the plot is not overly horrible, at this point, I do think they could have safely condensed the ending and made it a 20 episode series versus 24, but oh well.

While there is a lot going on, there also seems to be nothing going on of truly any great importance [even though important events happen]. We go more back to the cutesy moments between Jin Shim and Tae Yang in this episode which kind of seems out of place with the heavy melodrama taking place in the Mok and Jung households. This series really does suffer from identity crisis. I think the writers may have been better off to choose one path or the other instead of choosing a more schizophrenic plot.

We backtrack just a little to when the men first come in and order the boys out. Then we get the scuffle and Tae Yang yelling asking what is going on. He and the other three boys then form a line refusing to be chased out, but in the end they can do nothing. Technically, they don’t really have a right to hold on to the store that the company bought and paid for. It looks like the boys have been officially defeated this time and the know it. How tragic.

Jin Shim goes to Mok’s office to talk to him once more, but he refuses to hear anything to do with saving Tae Yang. Mok then reveals that Kang Sun told him the truth about Tae Yang being responsible for Ga On’s death. Jin Shim tries to explain what really happened, but it doesn’t matter to him. Yes, I know it resulted in Ga On’s death, but I still don’t get how you can completely blame Tae Yang for everything. Maybe that’s just me, though. Jin Shim does explain about how Tae Yang has been haunted by Ga On’s death to this day so can’t her father save him just this once? Mok’s answer is still know. He also complains about how hard it is to see Jin Shim. I think in that respect Mok isn’t being entirely honest, but it’s hard to tell with his sudden [and deserved when you think about] attitude change.

Jin Shim stops Tae Yang from rushing into Mok’s office to plead one last time. She explains the situation and Tae Yang can’t blame Mok for doing what he did as Tae Yang wouldn’t forgive himself easily either. Ga On then worriedly asks if she needs to worry about Tae Yang. She doesn’t have to, right? He can pick himself back up from this fall, can’t he? Is she asking in hopes to assuage the guilt she feels for being the main catalyst for all the torment? Tae Yang says neither yay or nay and just goes back to the store in dejection where his boys await his return. They all swear that they have no regrets after Tae Yang apologizes for everything. Since they did all they could until the end, even though they hate losing the store, at least they know they gave it their best and didn’t just give up.

Mok, recalling Kang Sun’s words about the baby being everything to her, calls her and asks to go to the doctor’s with her for a checkup. Uh-oh. Kang Sun can’t bear to tell him the truth and lies and says that she went recently and everything is going fine. Mok then says that he will go and speak to the doctor himself as that is more comfortable for him as well. Kang Sun calls the doctor, but she is in surgery. So Kang Sun rushes over to her office to try to head off her husband. Mok meanwhile gets waylaid by Jung and Boon Hong. Kang Sun gets to the doctor’s and pleads for her doctor to keep the miscarriage a secret from Mok for the time being and Kang Sun will explain everything later. She then calls Mok and asks where he is.

Kang Sun arrives to a tense scene. Jung asks if Mok forced Tae Yang to close the store. Kang Sun wonders what right Jung has to ask. Jung then denounces her for setting out to destroy Tae Yang’s life and even dragging poor Seul Woo down with her. Kang Sun should fear heaven’s wrath for the crap she’s pulled. However, Kang Sun doesn’t show one shred of remorse at all. Boon Hong tries to stop Jung, but he won’t listen. Feeling unwell, Boon Hong gets up and goes to the restroom. Jung then says he is only holding back his temper because of his wife and how she felt badly for Kang Sun when she saw her in the hospital. That frightens Kang Sun, but before the truth can be revealed, Boon Hong collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

Yoo Bong meets with Seo Young who says she hears the shop is closing. Yoo Bong confirms this. What will he do? Yoo Bong plans on going back to the country. He is a promising young farmer after all. There are plenty of people who would taken him on. This makes Seo Young sad. She wonders if he is leaving because of her. Will he come back? When? Yoo Bong doesn’t know if he will ever come back. He grabs Seo Young’s shoulders and wishes her well before strolling off and crying. Seo Young takes the plant back and reads the note he left with it. He thanks her for the plant with the many blossoms and told her that he really enjoyed being her giraffe for awhile.

It is time for the boys to leave the shop. Yoo Bong tells them to look on it as a much needed vacation from all of their hard work. Put that way, Tae Yang was in need of a break the most. They will use this time to recharge and think of what the next step should be. Yoo Bong gives Tae Yang a great hug before leaving, Ki Young shakes his hand and calls him “captain” loudly [I loved how earlier he told Tae Yang not to be sorry because if it wasn’t for him and the shop, then Ki Young would still be living as trash], and Ho Jae ignores Tae Yang’s hand and pulls him into a big hug before going off again. How many times has it been already? These boys come together, work hard, suffer, part ways, come together again, work hard again, and part ways again. Tae Yang takes one last look through the shop before shutting off all the lights and leaving.

Tae Yang heads back to his hometown to visit his grandmother’s grave. He apologizes for not coming during the new year, but he knows his grandmother would want to see him working hard. The poor boy wonders what to do now. He tried his best like his grandmother always told him to do, but it still failed in the end. Awww. Its heart breaking to see Tae Yang likes that. It had nothing to do with his lack of ability, but rather the effect of a the evil Choi Kang Sun. If only they had never met again.

Dan Bi comes home to find Jung packing up Boon Hong’s things. What is going on. Jung says that Boon Hong is only out for awhile, but Dan Bi isn’t stupid. Why is Jung packing mother’s things then? Jung breaks down and reveals Boon Hong’s cancer is back and she only has a year to live at most. Dan Bi is horrified. She only just know gets close to her mother and now she is losing her. Jung tells her not to visit nor let Boon Hong know. Dan Bi doesn’t like this at all, but she does concede when Jung says this is what Boon Hong wants and they should honor how she wishes to live out the remainder of her life. Dan Bi cries and hugs her father. I admit its nice to see that relationship getting better.

Kang Sun goes to visit Boon Hong to confront her. Boon Hong confesses she knows that Kang Sun lost the child. Kang Sun then demands to know if Boon Hong told Mok. Boon Hong deduces that Kang Sun is keeping it a secret and cannot believe she would do something like that. This devolves into Kang Sun’s trash talking Boon Hong. No person is that good. Boon Hong calls Kang Sun out on her persecution complex and tells her that she will always be a sad woman. You tell it Boon Hong-ssi! Too bad no one can talk any sense into Kang Sun to make her understand the world is not her enemy, nor does everyone owe her something. I really did love how Boon Hong admitted to hating Kang Sun and how she has gotten beyond that thanks to her husband and daughter. Why can’t Kang Sun see the good things she has? Because she is always grasping, wanting more security. She’s too greedy.

On the way home, Kang Sun has stomach pains and Yang rushes her to the hospital and calls Mok who learns from the nurse that she had miscarried several days earlier. The man is livid [can’t blame him]. He tells Yang to not tell Kang Sun that he was there at all. Looks like he’s giving his wife a chance. One last chance to be a decent human being. Do you think Kang Sun will pass that test?

Seul Woo is going by the shop and notices the plants are growing. He recalls Tae Yang’s words when he asked why Tae Yang would plant them when the shop may close at any time. Then up comes Jung Ah. She is unhappy that he has showed up. She waters the plants and leaves. Seul Woo then notices Jin Shim. She congratulates him on coming clean even though it didn’t change anything. Seul Woo then makes up his mind to call her Jin Shim and reintroduces himself. This way he can be a part of Jin Shim’s life just like he became a part of Ga On’s.

Tae Yang sticks around his hometown, especially the market where he warms up to a granny who has problems selling her produce. Meanwhile, Tae In meets with Jin Shim. She apologizes for being part of Jin Shim’s fall from grace. Jin Shim tells her not to feel bad as she thinks she had been waiting for someone to come along and shatter her false life and set her free all along. Tae In says that Jin Shim is sounding like herself again. Tae In then confesses that she prefers Dan Bi now for Tae Yang as Dan Bi won’t cause him as much pain as Jin Shim, but her brother is stupid. He needs Jin Shim right now. Tae In then asks what Jin Shim will do if Tae Yang doesn’t come back. Jin Shim smiles and says she believes in Tae Yang. He will come back.

Okay. So, in the last 20 minutes of the show, we basically just have a lot of good Jin Shim and Tae Yang time. The two come together and vow to stay together this time. They’ve tried being apart and just can’t do it. They begin to go back to the old days and even end up staying in Tae Yang’s old house. Jin Shim vows to stay by Tae Yang’s side and work hard with him while he tries to set up another vegetable store. That is his dream and he just can’t give up on it. There really isn’t too much to say other than that. Cute moments. Good to see them casting off the past and its baggage, but the past will always rear its ugly head.

Wang Ji Hye, Ji Chang WookWhile all that cutesy sweetness is going on, Kang Sun comes back from the hospital to find Mok sitting alone in the dark house. She turns on the light and when he asks where she was, she freezes and then lies. Oh, how shocking, Kang Sun blew her chance. Mok tells her he is moving back in so she can move out. Say what? Mok confesses that he knows about the miscarriage. He cannot take her anymore with her lies. He says its better for a baby NOT to be born to such a mother [I agree, but I do feel badly for the little baby being lost though not for its mother]. Kang Sun cannot believe he’d say such a thing. She lied because she didn’t want to hurt him. Mok then says that Ga On, Jin Shim, and that baby were just tools for Kang Sun’s success and comfort. Kang Sun denies this, but how can she? Let’s review the evidence, shall we?

  1. She left Mok with Ga On because she didn’t get into a relationship with the heir to the Mok group only to have him throw everything away for her – she wanted the comfort and status
  2. She pressured Ga On to be perfect so they [meaning Kang Sun mostly] wouldn’t be tossed away when they went back to Mok
  3. She chose to cover up Ga On’s death by getting Jin Shim to take on her dead friend’s life
  4. She desperately tired to get pregnant for the last 12 years to secure a stronger foothold thus making it harder for her to be kicked out of her place
  5. She told Jin Shim that she was worthless unless she was Mok Ga On

Need you say more? Does any of the above actions sound like a good woman and caring mother? I don’t think so. I am not saying that she didn’t love her daughter or the unborn baby, but it was a twisted love in which she hoped to benefit from their existence.

Kang Sun goes crazy and threatens to kill herself in front of Mok. He tells her to quit it and when she asks to die together, the man had enough. Mok told her to kill herself or murder him, he doesn’t care. He can’t be bothered with her anymore. Kang Sun does not go through with the suicide and starts crying [it does almost sound like she’s laughing at times, too].

We then cut back to Tae Yang and Ga On who had a very sweet date [they even talked about marriage and children and how they would be the best parents they can be] which gets interrupted by a call from Kang Sun. Tae Yang tells Jin Shim to answer as she has no reason to hide. Jin Shim reluctantly answers the phone and when she answers Kang Sun’s question of who is this with Jin Shim, she is shocked when Kang Sun demands to know where Ga On is. Jin Shim gets a greater shock when she calls Kang Sun mom and Kang Sun gets worked up. She wants Ga On. Put her on the line now!

So Kang Sun has officially snapped and lost her marbles? Looks like she went back to the day when Ga On disappeared. Told you the past couldn’t help but rear its ugly head.


  • ahhhh! i haven’t watched the last two episodes. gosh its finally over. THANK YOU for continuing with the episode recaps 🙂 you are awesome!

    • I am happy that its over. It was a bumpy, yet good ride. And you are most welcome ^_^
      I hope to have the final 2 episode recaps up this weekend, if not earlier.

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