Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 21 Recap

So, I was right. I knew this would happen and I knew that Kang Sun would push all the blame on Tae Yang again. Sigh. Is this show over yet?

Seul Woo and Tae Yang both look for Ga On. Seul Woo finds her looking like a lost child and he scolds her to wake up and come to her senses. Seul Woo makes sure she gets settled into a hotel before leaving her alone. Meanwhile, Kang Sun learns from her doctor that she miscarried the baby. Of course, Kang Sun is in denial. She even refuses to get the necessary surgery to clear out her womb so she doesn’t get sick. Her baby is fine. Boon Hong is at the hospital and witness Kang Sun’s hysterics. You know that will become important later.

Mok receives Ga On’s official letter of resignation and recalls her earlier words about going back to living as Jin Jin Shim. Secretary Yang comes in worried about Kang Sun’s actions and all Mok can do is ask about Ga On. I do find it odd that Mok always seemed to care more about his daughter than his wife. I mean, he was always good and loving, but always seemed extremely attached and partial to Ga On. Mok sends Yang away and asks Oh to look for Ga On. Tae Yang then arrives to beg Mok to find Jin Shim. Mok finds it fascinating that both Jin Shim and Tae Yang are asking favors of him for the sake of the others. Mok does relent and have Tae Yang leave his phone number with Oh in case they find Jin Shim. However, Mok does end up calling in to check on Kang Sun. Guess he’s not completely insensitive, although Kang Sun deserves everything she goes through. That’s right. I have no sympathy for that woman. I should as she has just lost her 2nd child, but her tears and pain just can’t move me at all.

Back at the shop, Jung Ah’s business is doing well, but her customers who were regulars of Fresh Men refuse to go back. The boys still put on smiles and try their best to win back the customers they lost after the scandal broke out. Ho Jae then gets a call where he learns that Seul Woo is the culprit behind the story. Ki Young immediately rushes out, but Tae Yang stops him and decides to go himself. In a later flashback we learn that the boys found out Ga On knew everything and didn’t tell anyone. Jung Ah conjectures its because she and Seul Woo are close. Definitely not what the angry Tae Yang wants to hear.

Dan Bi confronts Seul Woo who claims he has changed and he doesn’t want his mom or Dan Bi to feel badly for his own actions. Dan Bi tries to get him to apologize and come clean, but the boy refuses. Lady Hwang is most displeased. She’d rather have rotted in jail than have her preciously son dirty himself to such an extend to accept someone’s money and ruin a perfectly good young boy. Seul Woo plays it off that it’s his own decision and he did it knowing full well his mom wouldn’t approve and he doesn’t regret what he did, but Hwang is completely upset and you know Seul Woo really is aching inside at lying, destroying the boys, and hurting his mother.

At this point, Tae Yang gets a call from Oh saying they’ve located Ga On. Meanwhile, He goes to see Ga On and when she turns him away, he runs out to buy her porridge [as she sounded really weak on the phone]. Tae Yang catches him going up to Ga On’s room and silently follows. Tae Yang cannot stand to look at the scene and he rushes up and punches Seul Woo and grabs Ga On and drags her back into the room. Tae Yang demands to know why Ga On lied to him on several occasions, not just about Seul Woo. Ga On reveals that her mother was behind everything, thus why she tried to protect Seul Woo and keep the truth from Tae Yang. Besides, she wanted Seul Woo to come clean himself. She tells Tae Yang that she’s trying to go back to being independent like when she was a child. She doesn’t want to burden him anymore than she already has. Tae Yang isn’t happy about this at all. But he does honor Ga On’s request to leave her alone for the time being until she’s ready.

Tae Yang leaves and Seul Woo stops him. He doesn’t want Tae Yang to misunderstand Ga On. Tae Yang says Jin Shim [as he refers to her now that she has left the Moks] is the only reason he isn’t beating Seul Woo to a bloody pulp. Now, I think Seul Woo is just a little angry and bruised and he’s fighting when he should be apologizing, but whatever. Seul Woo then refuses to apologize for his actions and says he’ll never confess the truth and will continue to lie. Tae Yang doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to drag Seul Woo to the chairman. Tae Yang will clean up this mess and get back on his feet. He understands the reason why Seul Woo did it, but Tae Yang cannot accept that reason as it is a coward’s way out. He also warns Seul Woo that he will never be able to stand again. Wow! Go Tae Yang. The boy is right. Seul Woo, even though what he did brings him great pain, did take the coward’s easy way out. It just turns out that the easy way can be the harder way and the way that is more painful vs. if Seul Woo had just obeyed his mother and tried hard to live right.

Back at the store, Seo Young’s stalker comes. He reveals to Yoo Bong that Seo Young and he are married. He also says that Seo Young has played this game countless times. Yoo Bong rushes off to confront Seo Young. She acknowledges that they are technically married, but that was because the man got the registry done without her knowledge. He believes her right. Honestly, I know the girl isn’t a vindictive hussy like her “husband” painted her, but her doing this wasn’t the best either. Poor Yoo Bong is sad that she wasn’t honest up front. Seo Young admits she couldn’t tell him as she was afraid she’d lose him. Yoo Bong walks out deject and poor Seo Young cries. Are two dejected fresh men meet outside and go in the store only to have a person from Mok come to give notice that as of the next day, the shop would be closed.

But Tae Yang won’t give up. He and his boys go to the market the next morning and pick out the best products once more. The people at the market are all happy and supportive, completely unaware of just what is going on at the store. This makes the boys a little sad, but also gives them more vigor. They go back to the store and clean it thoroughly and get it set up to run once more. Dan Bi is shocked to find them still open. She goes to see Tae Yang where she complains about not being able to comfort him and make him smile. She then begs him to ask her dad for help, but Tae Yang refuses. Jin Shim catches this exchange an looks a little shaken. Well, we all know that Tae Yang’s heart will always belong to her, but it might be good for her to realize her competition and that pushing Tae Yang away isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Jung asks where Dan Bi is and Bong Hoon tells him about her going to the store as Dan Bi is really worried this time. Jung then wonders if he should step in and put that woman in her place. Bong Hoon says that Jung shouldn’t interfere with that woman as she has already suffered one of the cruelest blows. Basically, it’s kind of saying God is being fair, isn’t it? Kang Sun has committed so many sins, she has thus received one of the most hurtful punishments a woman can have. Jung does listen this time, but you know he won’t sit still if this continues on.

Tae In goes to Kang Sun to beg her to let Tae Yang off. It’s not fair to keep strangling her brother, especially when Tae In acted all on her own. Kang Sun refuses to stop tormenting Tae Yang until he regrets being born, just like he made Kang Sun regret that she was ever born into this world. Meanwhile, Seul Woo confesses the entire truth to Mok. Seul Woo then begs Mok to take care of Kang Sun and stop her from ruining Tae Yang. Hearing this completely shocks Mok. Why is his wife doing that? He confronts Kang Sun who finally reveals the truth that Tae Yang killed their daughter. No, he didn’t. It was an accident that Tae Yang shouldn’t accept sole blame for. Kang Sun was partially to blame for doing what she did to drive Jin Shim away from Ga On, but she leaves that part out.

Mok goes back to his office where his man tells him that the boys are still operating their shop. He recalls Jin Shim’s request and Kang Sun’s words. Kang Sun’s words win out and he tells the man to force the boys out of the shop. Oy. Of course, the customers are finally starting to come back when the goons come to chase the boys out. Sigh. 3 more episodes left…

End it already! We really don’t need to keep dragging this out any longer.

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