Gong Episode 6 Recap

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The Summary

The episode centres less around any political ambition and more around the women of the show, and not in a good way. Rather than sweet nothings and romantic gestures, the women are shown to be petty and single mindedly manipulative. Kang Xi is probably enjoying being caught in the seduction of Consort Xi in light of Consort De’s much loftier goal. Yin Zhen is stuck with his new wife’s wild leaps of imagination and unfounded jealousy towards Qing Chuan. Of course, no one loses to Yin Si in the jealousy department with the reintroduction of Xiao Chun and in his eyes, a potential competitor. Dear prince, how will acts of violence and hired stalkers ever get you your girl?

The Recap

The maids are still bickering over who gets the presents given for Yin Zhen’s marriage. Su Yan watches dejectedly at this reminder of his marriage and storms out in a huff. Qing Chuan comes in and is bullied by the maids who give her a piece of fabric and tells her to dress herself up as with her plain looks, not even a eunuch would want her for a wife.

Jin Zhi’s powers of persuasion (or lack thereof)

In their newly wed chambers, Jin Zhi asks Yin Zhen to promise that he’ll only love her in this lifetime. If he refuses it would mean  their marriage is a sham. She only cares about keeping the person, not the heart, as having someone’s heart means nothing if you don’t have their person (like her parents). He politely refuses to promise and instead spends his wedding night in his study “working”. The next day, the couple go pay their respects to Kang Xi & Consort De who comment on how well suited they are. As they leave, Kang Xi continues to praise Yin Zhen’s recent reports and skill, Consort De instead begs Kang Xi not to let Yin Zhen be the crown prince. Kang Xi chides her and says if someone is suited for the position, one must put aside personal preference in consideration for the good of the country. Consort De then continues to praise the 14th prince. In this moment, Kang Xi is introduced to Consort De’s true motives and appears unimpressed.

Kangxi’s moment of realization

Brotherly love of the Princely Trio

As the princely trio (Yin Si, Yin Tang, Yin E) wanders throughout the gardens, they bump into some maids who immediately drop down and beg for forgiveness. Just as Yin Si is about to deal out punishment, he remembers the advice given by the men from the brothel: be gentle, be kind and speak nicer. He forgives the maids and dismisses them. This is followed by much taunting by his brothers for his out of character behaviour. They meet Yin Zhen and Jin Zhi in the gardens and this being the first meeting, proceed to praise Jin Zhi’s beauty. Of course, another coincidence in this amazingly small palace, Qing Chuan sees them also and sees how pretty Jin Zhi is. Right as she’s feeling sorry for herself, she’s scolded by Madame Jin for being lazy.

Scheming for favour

Consort Xi pretends to feel sorry for Qing Chuan’s poor hands and says rules are rules and in the palace, bad behaviour must be met with punishment. Qing Chuan says she understands. Consort Xi once again asks Qing Chuan for help in getting Kang Xi to visit as he hasn’t for awhile. Qing Chuan suggests Consort Xi try to relive her and Kang Xi’s special memories. They decide to have Consort Xi sing whilst wearing something Kang Xi hasn’t seen before, an outfit from outside the palace. As Qing Chuan goes to the clothing department to fetch Consort Xi’s new outfit, she bumps into Xiao Chun (her almost fiance). They find out how they both ended up in the palace. He asks her whether she’s had it tough in the palace. At hearing this, Qing Chuan is suddenly overwhelmed by everything she’s endured and asks to lean on Xiao Chun for awhile. Just in time, of course the princely trio must wander past and see this scene, making an angrily jealous Yin Si storm off. As soon as the princely trio disappears, Qing Chuan returns to acting normal, bubbly and treating Xiao Chun just as a friend. Hearing his stomach grumble, she rushes off to get him something to eat. Left alone, Xiao Chun is quickly ambushed by a bunch of men sent by Yin Si and brutally beaten. Qing Chuan on returning, overhears from some maids and deduces Yin Si sent the men to attack Xiao Chun.

The Cause

The Effect

She rushes to get an explanation from Yin Si at his training field. Yin Si yells that she’s his woman, and if she goes around publicly hugging other men, how is he supposed to live with the shame? She replies that the hug was a friendly hug and that Yin Si and Qing Chuan are nothing. She goes on to say that if he wants to kill Xiao Chun, he must kill her first. This only serves to further infuriate Yin Si.

Getting schooled

Consort Xi gets ready for her performance and we see one of her maids cut some stitching from her new outfit. According to plan, Kang Xi is captivated by the sound of xi’s voice and just as they’re about to speak further, a button pops off her dress. Kang Xi leaves embarrased at his consort’s behavior. Back in her quarters Consort Xi angrily blames Xiao Chun for her ruined opportunity and orders he be beaten 100 times. Qing Chuan pleads with Consort Xi to reconsider but she is adamant in her anger. Qing Chuan is convinced this is anoher ploy of Yin Si’s to destroy Xiao Chun and is determined to help him. As Xiao Chun, still wounded from his earier beating, is being tied down, Qing Chuan arrives and bribes the guard so to allow her to place a cushion to soften the blows. After faking the beating, they get up to leave only to be stopped by another group of guards who accuse them of faking the punishment. They search Xiao Chun and find the cushion. Seeing this, Qing Chuan grabs Xiao Chun and runs.

Caught red handed but not red butted?

Yin Zhen, Jin Zhi and the princely trio are walking in the palace again. Yin Tang asks if Jin Zhi always comes with Yin Zhen into the palace because she is worried he keeps other women here. She replies by saying she’ll definitely look out for any women trying to get close to her man. If one day her man has someone else, she definitely won’t blame anyone else. Instead, she’ll blame herself for not keeping a closer eye on him. The trio laugh as Yin Zhen looks decidedly uncomfortable. In runs Qing Chuan and Xiao Chun chased by the palace guards. Yin Zhen tries to help them only to have Yin Si tell him not to concern himself with his business, unless Yin Zhen also has feelings towards Qing Chuan? Hearing this, Jin Zhi helps Qing Chuan up and observes that she certainly has the looks for two princes to fall for her. Yin Zhen tells Yin Si that he is definitely going to butt into this. Qing Chuan looks secretly glad her savior is once again on her side as the princely trio leaves. Jin Zhi takes Qing Chuan away, somewhat unwillingly, to get her cleaned up. Back in her rooms, Jin Zhi asks Qing Chuan how long she and Yin Zhen have known each other. Qing Chuan is unwilling to do anything to hurt their marriage so therefore lies and says she knows of the 4th prince but has never spoken to him. Jin Zhi seems doubtful, and says that if they are truly in love, she’s willing to have her as a sister (concubine) and let Yin Zhen marry her. Qing Chuan begs her not to say that as she knows her place. Jin Zhi is appeased and offers to introduce her to a higher ranked servant when she leaves the palace when she’s 25. Although this depresses Qing Chuan, she is very mindful of her lowered station.

Thrilled at his loyalty – Jin Zhi

Later, Yin Zhen asks Jin Zhi what she and Qing Chuan talked about. Jin Zhi is instantly jealous and asks why he wants to know. Frustrated with her pettiness, he walks ahead and ignores her. Jin Zhi comes clean and explains she tested Qing Chuan by askng her wehther she’s willing to be Yin Zhen’s concubine. She says Qing Chuan of course was more than willing and only wanders whether Yin Zhen is willing too? He angrily replies having just Jin Zhi is annoying enough, why would he want another wife? Jin Zhi is thrilled with this answer and admits Qing Chuan never was willing, she suspects Qing Chuan likes Yin Si. Consort De is giving out buddhist blessed fruits and snacks and everyone’s lining up to get some. Qing Chuan learns that although Consort De is often sick, because she’s afraid some people would hog the snacks, she comes personally to oversee the handing out so no one misses out. Qing Chuan suspects Consort De’s sickness to be asthma. Later that night, Consort De is present with a wild honey drink and learns Qing Chuan gave it to the maids and told them it would be good for her asthma. She remembers Qing Chuan from the cleaning incident and is surprised to learn she didn’t stay around to receive any reward money.

Looking upon Yin Zhen’s road to Yong Zheng

Outside, Qing Chuan bumps into Yin Zhen and asks her if his mother’s cough is any better. Qing Chuan says she never met the consort as she was only dropping off some medication. Qing Chuan asks if he’s happy in his new marriage. Yin Zhen replies of course. Qing Chuan says that she’s glad, as long as he’s happy, she’s happy, whenever he’s sad, she is sad along with him. Yin Zhen asks Qing Chuan whether she knows what happiness. Is it the happiness of the moment? No, happiness is the light that shines upon the grand road in the far distance, knowing that one day, you’ll get there. Qing Chuan thinks of course he’ll get there, he’s the future Yong Zheng. Yin Zhen says he’s very happy whenever he talks with Qing Chuan, and wonders if shewill still be there to talk to him in the future when he’s sad? She nods in acquiescence and watches as he walks away. Consort Xi is suffering from indigestion and is walking in her yard, blaming the kitchens for making food that was too delicious so she can’t resist. Qing Chuan offers to help her and massages her foot pressure points to relieve the indigestion. Consort Xi immediately thinks of whether Kang Xi would like to have a foot massage. As Kang Xi is feeling tired, An Da suggests the foot massage to him, and he is pleased. An Da says it was Consort Xi’s idea. Hearing this, Kang Xi decides to visit Consort Xi tonight. He arrives just as she’s teaching the girls about pressure points. Kangxi asks why she doesn’t massage it for him personally? Their exchange once again puts Consort Xi in Kang Xi’s favour. Qing Chuan feels unwell as she walks in the gardens only to soon realise she’s being unsubtly followed by four eunuchs. Of course, who else would send people to tail Qing Chuan but Yin Si?

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