Gong Episode 5 Recap

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The Summary

Not much happens in terms of romantic plot development unless one counts the 4th prince’s politically beneficial marriage. We are definitely seeing more of his ambition. Qing Chuan is finally connecting the dots that the man who always comes to her rescue is destined to be the future emperor. Yin Si is still after Qing Chuan in the cutest possible way. Comedic highlight of the episode is definitely when he sought out ways to understand a woman’s heart to make Qing Chuan his.

The Recap

Kangxi is troubled by the pressure of naming a Crown Prince and admits whenever such pressure is placed on him, he feels old and starts to think of death. His discussion with Consort De is interrupted as Longkedo asks to be seen.

Kangxi accuses Longkedo of wanting to promote the 1st Prince for the Crown Prince position as they are blood relations. Surprisingly, Longkedo instead berates the 1st Prince for his unruly behaviour claiming he is not fit to be emperor. Instead, he suggests the 4th, 8th, 13th, and 14th princes for the role. Kang Xi appears happy with Longkedo’s suggestions and asks him to observe the princes for the ideal candidate.

Yin Zhen buttering up Longkedo

4th prince Yin Zhen invites Longkedo out for a drink and calls him Uncle, as he was raised by Longkedo’s sister Consort Tong Jia. Yin Zhen asks whether Longkedo is responsible for the selection of the next Crown Prince and he confirms the honor. Yin Zhen asks if he had a particular prince in mind whilst at the same time bringing up a story of how the 1st prince denied Longkedo a favoured servant, saying Yin Zhen on the other hand, would have given Uncle everything. Longkedo acknowledges the 4th prince’s kindness but cannot divulge the huge palace secret of who the candidates for the Crown Prince are and hopes Yin Zhen can understand.

Their soiree is interrupted as a servant runs up to Longkedo to tell him the daughter of Feiyanggu is committing suicide. Longkedo hurries away at this news and promises to invite Yin Zhen out next time instead. Yin Zhen stares after Longkedo and wonders why he would be so concerned over the daughter of his subordinate, does he want to take her as his mistress? The obviously female servant corrects Yin Zhen and tells him the daughter is actually Longkedo’s illegitimate child, given to Feiyanggu’s care for discretion. We discover the “servant” is actually the daughter Longkedo cares so much for, Jin Zhi. Today is her birthday and instead of coming to the mountain with her, Longkedo chose to attend a tea party with Yin Zhen, for this, he must be punished. As she leaves, Yin Zhen finds her theatre ticket and wonders how to use this one weakness of Longkedo for his benefit.

Jin Zhi arrives at the theatre only to find it empty. Annoyed, she turns to leave only to be stopped in her tracks by a dressed up Yin Zhen ready to perform the show. He invites her to sing with him as a form of seduction. Yin Zhen does a good job of attracting her and she confesses her parents fell in love at first sight. However, as her mother was an actress, her father couldn’t marry her given their disparity in social position. She too wishes for love at first sight. Yin Zhen claims if he ever had the honor, he would willingly spend a lifetime with just one person.

Yin Zhen’s prowess #1: Love at first sight?

The joy of manipulating daddy to do things

Taken in by his sweet nothings, Jin Zhi uses her life (this time for real) to threaten her father at the edge of a cliff. She wants to marry 4th prince and doesn’t believe Longkedo can’t make that happen. On paper, she’s still the daughter of a wealthy family and secretly, has Longkedo for protection. Longkedo tries to dissuade her but Jin Zhi is adamant and uses the example of her dead mother having no regrets being with Longkedo to convince him.

In open court, Kangxi praises Yin Zhen and asks him to help with other governing matters. He also approves his marriage. As Yin Zhen leaves, Longkedo begin praising him to Kangxi. Seeing his intent, Kangxi tells Longkedo serious matters cannot be seen within one or two days but does agree he has underestimated the 4th prince.

In the gardens, Qing Chuan reminisces about when she saw Yin Zhen play the gu qin. Conveniently, Yin Zhen arrives with his gu qin and offers to teach her. This is seen by Xin Lian, the maid who start gossiping about Qing Chuan and her relationship between the 8th and 4th princes. She finally realises the kind prince who’s always come to her rescue is the future Yong Zheng. The other maids tease her about how Yin Zhen is getting married. As they tease her, Yin Si comes into the yard and possessively tells all the maids Qing Chuan is “his woman” and to stop bullying her.

Yin Zhen’s Prowess #2: Unintentional or otherwise?

As the maids skitter off, Qing Chuan turns on Yin Si and tells him off for calling her his woman. Yin Si says he finally thinks he understands why she refused him: she doesn’t want to be a concubine. He will ask his father for permission to make her his true wife. Qing Chuan once again says she does not like him, will not marry him and he will never have her heart.

Feng Shao Feng, Yang Mi

My woman!

Off in search of the way to a woman’s heart, Yin Si is taken to the local brothel by Yin Tang and Yin E (princes # 9 & #10). Inside, the loyal Yin Si is repulsed by the girls and Yin Tang is shocked to learn this is his first time in a brothel. Rather than learn through direct means (a woman) Yin Si chooses to pay for the ideas and opinions of the other men within the brothel.

Yin Si’s disgust, unimpressed

Later that night, Su Yan meets with Yin Zhen and asks about his impending marriage. He claims this marriage will allow his future path to be smoother and hope she understands. He hopes that one day, the one beside him will be her. Su Yan goes home crying to Qing Chuan and asks what to do when the person you like doesn’t like you back. Qing Chuan says she’d forget this person, they’re is worth it if they don’t love you. Qing Chuan then proceeds to show her Yin Zhen’s trick of walking barefoot to stop heartaches.

Yin Zhen’s prowess #3: Appeased with one touch?

Longkedo comes to Yin Zhen in his study where he is still working. As long as Yin Zhen treats his wife well, Longkedo promises to support him as their relationship is now much deeper.

As Yin Zhen prepares to move out of the palace into his future home, he meets Qing Chuan and tells her she’s very pretty today. Beaming from the compliment, Qing Chuan trips over the doorway in her absent mindedness. Back at the maid’s quarters, everyone is fighting over the gifts Yin Zhen gave on the event of his marriage. Qing Chuan was left with only a piece of fabric whilst the jewellery were divided. The bullying once again, is relentless.

End of Episode

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