Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 10 Recap

It was the MV shooting, the MV shooting! NeeNee does a little happy dance. Loving the manga, I really loved this story as it really shows the deeper side of Shang’s and Gong Xi’s relationship [hard to believe when he so cruelly kicked her to the curb, but its true]. Now, I won’t give manga spoilers that can ruin the drama here, but I do have to say that in the manga there is all of this Shang buildup only to have him appear sporadically and not very steadily [or importantly] at all, which can be kind of a let down because there is so much there. But you know, in dramas and manga and anime, you do get this. We have characters that pop up with significant screen time only to completely disappear and only resurface occasionally or not at all. It can be rather annoying, but what can you do?

A squee for this episode as it was totally awesome!

Okay, I am done squeeing and gushing….NOT! One more squee for Donghae rocking the pretty-boy look nicely. And a squee for Du Jin teasing Lian even more about Lian’s feelings for Gong Xi.

Okay, now I have finished my fangirling and will get down to recapping.

We open with Shang staring intently at the commercial trying to figure out if that is really Gong Xi or not. It seems like her, but no one can change that much, right? Well…Ivy was a little plainer and dowdy in the beginning with the initial role of Gong Xi, but there is no way in hell that Shang shouldn’t be able to figure out if it’s really Gong Xi or not because her appearance wasn’t all that transformed here [in the manga Gong Xi looks hella different in everything she does so it makes more sense for him not to be too sure there].

While Shang is trying to figure out if the girl in the commercial is really Gong Xi, Lian and Du Jin are preparing to leave for Southeast Asia. Du Jin asks if Lian told Gong Xi and Lian wonders why he should tell her. Du Jin thought he would because the two seem to have grown closer since Gong Xi’s time as his manager. Lian does a cute little smile which he quickly hides. As he heads into the airport, he thinks about how Gong Xi will be just fine as long as she never has to cross paths with Shang again. If this can happen, then Shang will slowly fade and that raw, gaping wound will heal. If only she doesn’t meet him again. LOL. Aiyo, so funny. Although, Lian is right. As long as Gong Xi sees and interacts with Shang, she will never really forget him or her desire for revenge [even if it is put on the backburner to Gong Xi’s happiness about acting for herself].

Of course, Gong Xi is heading to meet Shang for the MV shoot. She stands outside of his building and has her grudge spirits look after her bike while she goes in. The poor girl at the desk is terrified by Gong Xi’s evil aura as the young girl checks in on where to go [she was in full dark mode – it was hilarious and I felt bad for that desk girl]. Gong Xi gets angry as she waits and waits and no one comes. Then all of a sudden she sees Shang’s reflection in the mirror. She is stupefied. What a great first meeting that is. Her grudge spirits come out and talk about playing it cool so Shang doesn’t guess that Gong Xi is really Gong Xi. So Gong Xi finally snaps out of her stupor and puts on a smile and acts like a brainless fan [I think she talks in Cantonese and then Mandarin with a really strong accent – she basically makes herself into a zealous, hick]. Shang is taken back by this, but this seems to confirm that he may be wrong about her identity. Gong Xi also introduces herself as Gigi [I really hate that name, not exactly sure why. In the manga, she went by just Kyoko and they tried to use the Japanese kanji used in the name to determine if that was, indeed, the right Kyoko].

Shang and Gong Xi then run into the company’s president Xu Yong Chun. Gong Xi is shocked to learn that the president is female [Shang gets all touchy with the woman, but in the manga, it was just an MV director and not the president, plus they didn’t have a flirtatious relationship at all]. Enter in Mei Sheng [or is it Mei Sen?] who recognizes Gong Xi. In an effort to keep her identity hidden, Gong Xi quickly puts on her crazy fangirlness once more and stops Mei Sheng from saying anything. Of course, Gong Xi’s dark aura also comes out, completely overpowering the girl.

The foursome all sit down and discuss the MV. Gong Xi and Mei Sen will be playing the roles of angels while Shang will be a demon. One angel will fall in love with Shang and one angel will kill him. Mei Sen immediately claims the angel who loves Shang while Gong Xi immediately jumps up and offers herself as the angel who kills the demon as that has been her lifelong dream. Snort. Couldn’t help laughing at that and Gong Xi’s crazy kung fu. Man people are going to think she’s even wonkier than she really is [and she’s pretty out there without her adding any extra effort].

After the meeting, Shang and Mei Sen sit together and Mei Sen comments on Gong Xi’s actions. Shang comments that is only how talentless people attract attention. Mei Sen then tells him that she is relieved as she was afraid Gong Xi would use LME’s power to take the lover’s role. This catches Shang’s attention. Gong Xi belongs to LME? Dun He Lian’s company? Mei Sen confirms this and also says how she thinks that Gong Xi just used connections to get into college and not scored high on the test like says. Shang immediately jumps on this and asks what “Gigi’s” real name is then. Mei Sen isn’t happy in this sudden interest of Shang’s in Gong Xi, but she does tell him that Gigi’s real name sounds like “Happy New Year” [which is why Shang’s manager gave her that nickname]. Just as Mei Sen is about to tell him the characters that comprise Gong Xi’s name, up pops Gong Xi with her evil aura and the Mei Sen can only bury her head in Shang’s shoulder in fright.

The three actors are allowed to have lunch because shooting is delayed. Mei Sen hands over a homemade bento for Shang and Gong Xi recalls doing that for him as well and wonders if Mei Sen will end up just like her. When Shang takes a bite of the egg, Gong Xi catches his expression and how he looks around. Gong Xi realizes that it must be sweetened eggs [ewww, who sweetens fried eggs? Just thinking of it makes me shudder, not quite sure why, but then again, not a huge egg fan anyways]. She throws what I think is a salt packet at Shang, catching his attention. She then shoots him a stare that Shang immediately gets, which is finish eating and don’t let Mei Sen catch on that he hates it. Shang immediately opens the packet that Gong Xi threw at him and keeps sticking his finger in it and putting it up to his mouth [this is why I think it’s a salt packet or some other seasoning packet].

In his dressing room, Shang recalls that not even his own parents understood what he likes and doesn’t like. No, it was only Gong Xi who knew of his distaste for sweetened fried eggs. Top that off with Mei Sen revealing Gong Xi’s name, Shang is pretty certain that Gigi and Gong Xi must be one and the same. But how to confirm it? Shang looks over at the makeup table and sees a glass bottle in the shape of a swan. He recalls how much Gong Xi liked this [interesting how Gong Xi is “just a maid” to him and yet he can remember her loving an expensive makeup set]. Shang makes up his mind to use this as final proof of Gong Xi’s identity.

Back in the girls’ dressing room, Mei Sen is getting her makeup done first. I have to say that it is horrible. Well, not the make up part, but the wig. It’s tacky and white and tacky and horribly fake looking and did I say tacky? Gong Xi comments on Mei Sen’s beauty, shocking the other girl. This really makes her believe Gong Xi is an idiot. How can she compliment the competition? Shang comes in looking all spiffy [the feather part of his outfit…a little tacky maybe? But he’s really pretty in all black with his dyed blonde hair and guyliner]. Mei Sen goes to put on her costume, but stops when she notices Shang drawing closer to Gong Xi. Shang is trying to get Gong Xi to slip up [the girl did seem a bit mesmerized by his prettiness] by coming in closer to her [she keeps backing away] and insisting that she call him “Shang” [what Gong Xi normally calls him, but as Gigi she calls him formally]. Getting jealous, Mei Sen gets in between them and scolds Shang for getting close to Gong Xi. Mei Sen is called out for wardrobe once more and leaves this time. Gong Xi sits down to get her makeup done and Shang starts talking about a certain famous cosmetic brand. The people try to figure out which brand he is referring to. Shang then pulls out the swan bottle and Gong Xi happily grabs it calling it “Odile the swan princess.” BUSTED! What is up with Shang crooking his index/pointer finger and doing the clicking noise? I mean, I get the gist of what the action itself means, but why is he doing that?

Meanwhile, Lian is oblivious to what is going on while he is filming on some Southeast Asian island. Du Jin asks him why he gave Gong Xi 100 just to deduct points. Lian is not the type to do anything by mistake. Lian then explains that Gong Xi was only doing what she was doing out of a sense of duty for her job and did not take his feelings or anything else into consideration. Du Jin pounces on this. What Lian really means is that he deducted the points because he was hurt after finding out that Gong Xi didn’t do all the really nice things for him because she truly cared about him, but rather because she wanted to do her job whole-heartedly. Du Jin then, of course, throws in the part about Lian really being hurt because the girl he likes didn’t care for him because she likes him back. We then gets this spinning scene between Du Jin and Lian where Lian protests liking Gong Xi. Now, I have no idea if that conversation really happened, or if Du Jin just imagined Lian’s thoughts and responses. I say this because after the merry-go-round ends, Du Jin smiles and calls Lian a “fool in love” and Lian looks up from his script and wonder what his manager said. Du Jin just smirks and tells him to go back to reading his script.

Back at the MV shoot, Shang is pacing and telling Gong Xi [mentally] to bring it on, he won’t hide from her. Then out comes Mei Sen who asks if she’s pretty [no, actually she looks horribly all in white with a white wig]. Shang tells her she’s pretty and then comes to a complete halt when he catches site of Gong Xi. Ivy Chen really looks pretty with the light brown bordering on blonde long hair. Xu and Shang’s manager [what is her name in this drama?], watch from above and the two are just as shocked by Gong Xi’s transformation. Mei Sen is very unhappy with Shang’s attention to Gong Xi. Shang is recalling the child Gong Xi and the teenage Gong Xi who told him that she needed nothing else as long as he was by her side. Shang then wonders if that is really Gong Xi. Amazing what makeup done right can do.

Gong Xi breaks this spell by kicking Shang in the shin. Shang hops and yelps in pain. Gong Xi grabs him and says he does know how to feel pain after all. She thumps her chest and says he can never understand the pain she feels there. Shang yells and asks what kind of attitude that is. Gong Xi tells him that she is no longer the Gong Xi of the past. Gong Xi then tells him that she will make him die of regret for playing cool and not replacing her once he found out her true identity. Shang visibly swallows and takes a breath. We pan out and Gong Xi’s evil aura sprouts black wings from her back. This catches Xu’s eye and she has the CG guys do that in plan for the scene where the angel becomes a demon after killing her friend’s lover. Xu’s genius is praised and she says it is only because she actually saw it happen before her eyes that she did this.

While the two angels prepare for their scenes, Xu asks Shang just what kind of a relationship he had with “Gigi.” Shang says that they were childhood sweethearts. Um…That…I am not sure you could call them that. It implies mutual puppy love and not just childhood friends… and given Shang’s attitude, it seems odd that he uses that expression. His manager is shocked as well as Xu. His manger being even more shocked to learn that Gigi is really “Happy New Year.” Shang then points out that she may be standing as a silent beautiful angel now, but when she sees him, she turns into a demon. Mei Sen then yells she can’t do it and stalks towards Shang’s group. She can’t act with that girl. Not at all. Mei Sen is scolded for being unprofessional. Shang then brings up to Gong Xi that she’s never had any luck making friends since they were little. This makes Gong Xi’s wrath explode. Just whose fault was it that she didn’t have any friends? Thanks to Shang always sticking to her, all the other girls loathed her. Shang laughs and comments on his popularity and Gong Xi tosses his arrogance back in his face. The other three watch this exchange in surprise. I also like how Shang does say, and it is kind of obvious in a way, that he and Gong Xi grew up together, so why wouldn’t he “stick” to her? LMAO. That was a good comeback. Mei Sen then breaks in angry at their camaraderie and shared memories that she knows nothing about.

Shang’s manager apologizes for Mei Sen’s actions, but Gong Xi waves them off. Meanwhile, Shang sits and tries to get Mei Sen to agree to keep acting. Mei Sen tells him that she does not like how he looks at Gong Xi and how they seems to be connected by their pasts. Shang explains that he was just surprised by her appearance [he obviously doesn’t like her]. He then declares Gong Xi as his rival. This shocks Mei Sen, but she does take this into account and agree to film. When filming starts, she happily plays with Gong Xi. Xu warns Shang that he has to be careful or else Gong Xi will pull him along with her just like she was pulling Mei Sen [Gong Xi’s powerful talent got Mei Sen acting the way that she needed]. Shang is surprised to hear this. Xu gets called away and Shang vows that he will not be led around like Mei Sen. He will be in control.

While watching the video playback, Shang comments on how surprising Gong Xi’s acting ability is. Gong Xi’s smile fades and she turns on Shang to say that if he hadn’t abandoned her then she would have never become interested in acting. These words bring silence and stares. We then cut to Xu explaining to Shang about the scene and how he will be attached to a wire harness [so he doesn’t go splat when he falls off the tower]. Shang isn’t paying attention and Xu yells his names a few times. Shang finally breaks out of his thoughts and Xu asks what Gong Xi meant about him abandoning her. We then cut to Mei Sen demanding to know if Gong Xi and Shang dated. Gong Xi says they never dated and that she can’t explain their relationship as it would take  three days and three nights covering elementary, middle, and high school. Mei Sen is very put off by this. Gong Xi assures her that Shang has never had any interest in Gong Xi since he likes busy beauties like his manger, Xu, and Mei Sen. Gong Xi gets a sad, faraway look on her face and Mei Sen thinks to herself how even if they didn’t date, there is still an atmosphere between the two that is hard to deny [not necessarily love, but a close bond, well they were together all the time since they were children] and it makes her jealous since she doesn’t have that with Shang at all.

Shang is with his manger and tells her about his conversation with Xu. His manager asks if he gave Xu a reply about dating Gong Xi in the past or not. Shang didn’t. Yes, he easily told his manger that Gong Xi was just a maid that he could easily throw away, but he couldn’t say that now. His manager wonders why and Shang says he doesn’t know, he just couldn’t say it. His manger laughs and says it must be his guilty conscience. Shang thinks about this and says that isn’t it. He then says that when he sees Gong Xi he recalls that she was something that belonged to him and he has the right to treat her that way. You know, if we are being perfectly honest here, Shang is just like Lian, denying and not understanding how he really feels about Gong Xi sachie. HIs manager then wonders what will happen if the day should come that Shang does fall for Gong Xi. I think it might be one of those cases where Shang never realized how truly important she was until she was gone and warped by his betrayal.

The time for the death scene dawns and Gong Xi gets all happy. She gets to have her revenge on Shang and act out killing him. Since this is what the script calls for, she will do it as viciously [and happily] as possible. However, when the filming starts, Gong Xi goes at it with too much gusto and glee [she actually was literally almost choking Shang]. A cut is called and they agree to film other scenes while Gong Xi gets herself under control. The miserable girl apologizes and Xu explains that the role calls for an innocent angel to kill a demon which leads to the angel turning into a demon herself and not the angel becoming a demon and murdering the demon. Gong Xi understands she was wrong and let her personal hatred towards Shang get the better of her. Shang then comes and asks if such acting is all she is capable of. Sure he regrets letting her stay, now the filming is even more delayed. It was such an interesting scene to have Shang grab her neck and pull her close to say those words in her ear.

Gong Xi is all muddled and worried trying to figure out the role. She wonders what Lian would do and gives him a call. When he doesn’t answer, she begins to leave him a message only to stop mid-sentence as she doesn’t want him to know about the MV filming as she knows he will only disapprove. Then the call gets cut off and she never finishes the message. Good going, Gong Xi! She then gets a call from Qin, immediately brightening her mood. Qing is calling from her drama filming and wonders what happened for Gong Xi to leave such a gloomy message, but sound so bright when she answers the phone. Gong Xi replies that she is happy to hear from Qin and then gloomily explains what happened and how she cannot get into the proper mindset of this role. Gong Xi then asks what would happen if Gong Xi killed the man Qin was in love with to save Qin’s life.

The scene is to begin filming again and Gong Xi comes out and pictures Qin in her Love Me outfit saying that she will hate Gong Xi forever if Gong Xi killed the man she loved as it was Qin’s decision to choose a man who could kill her [not as in physically kill her with his own hands, but the fact that demons and angels can’t be together without shortening both their lifespans]. Thinking that Qin would hate her forever really depresses the girl. Filming starts after Shang gets a reminder to close his eyes as he falls. Gong Xi’s expression is captivating. You can tell how tortured she is. How can she kill her friend’s lover and have her friend hate her forever? You then see the determination as she decides her friend’s life is more important and she tearfully kills the weakened demon. Shang is caught. He doesn’t know what to do with Gong Xi crying in front of him. He recalls how she only cried because of her mother and then he falls, staring Gong Xi in the eyes the entire time instead of closing them. He lands and Gong Xi’s tortured tears turn into an evil expression and the pure angel becomes the demon! She has succeeded!

After this success, we cut to Southeast Asia and Lian. He gets a break from filming and checks his phone for messages. He smiles when he sees Gong Xi’s call and immediately listens to the message. This shocks Du Jin. Lian usually only looks at calls and never listens to messages until work is completely over. Even more shocking is what happens to Lian after he listens to Gong Xi’s nonsensical message and the cut off. He immediately calls Gong Xi back and immediately gets worried when he can’t get through. Awww, how cute. Du Jin finds it amusing as well. Just more to show just how much Lian cares for Gong Xi. Lian wonders aloud what the problem can be and Du Jin points out that its probably just a reception issue, but Lian is still worried that something bad might have happened to Gong Xi. Oy. Just wait til he finds out!

Gong Xi cannot stop bawling. Xu tries to calm her down and Gong Xi apologizes, she just can’t stop. Shang watches in worry, unhappily thinking that poor Gong Xi is being tormented by memories of her mother again. Imagine Shang’s relief when he learns that Gong Xi is crying because she just made her first good friend and doesn’t want to lose her. Xu explains that wasn’t real and that Gong Xi won’t be losing her friend. This shuts of Gong Xi’s tears immediately. See, Shang being concerned over Gong Xi and her mother problems, goes to prove that she is more to him then he lets on…even to himself.

Mei Sen is walking on set and hears that Shang’s part must be re-filmed. Why? He didn’t close his eyes and that actually makes it look like he and Gong Xi were the lovers instead of him and Mei Sen. The song is called “Prisoner” and it is about how Shang is a prisoner in his lover for Mei Sen’s angel and that can’t be seen if Shang is staring into Gong Xi’s eyes as she’s killing him. This miffs Mei Sen. I do love Gong Xi’s reaction when she tells Shang to do a better job. Payback’s a b*tch. Nothing like basically throwing Shang’s words back in his face.

Gong Xi then goes off to change where she gets all depressed when the makeup comes off. Xu then comes in and compliment Gong Xi’s acting. It shows just how great an actress she is that her angel character lingered on even after the filming stopped. This makes Gong Xi happy and she wishes to share the compliment with Lian to show how her acting love and skills overcame her revenge [too bad she promised not to say anything to Lian because she didn’t want him to know about the MV filming].

Mei Sen goes to find Shen who is looking at a magazine. She wonders if he even likes her at all and starts crying. Shang, who froze when Gong Xi was crying, puts his arm around Mei Sen and comforts her – he even promises her a kiss. Gong Xi witnesses this and thinks that he can comfort crying girls after all.

We end there with the promise of good things to come with Lian learning the truth.

And more squeeable news! The drama with Gong Xi and Lian is going to be included! However, what the heck can happen with only 3 episodes left? Or is this drama going to be longer? This is a drama that needs to be longer. It’s like crack leaving me wanting more and I will be so sad when this ends.


  • This was my favourite episode of the series so far. I was squeeing along with you, lol. Donghae looked freaking awesome as the Demon, and Ivy Chen looked amazing! I seriously kept looking at her thinking “Wow!” And the scene where Gong Xi killed him, and he fell to the ground while staring at her the entire time. Loved that!

    And with the conversation between DuJin and Lian, i was thoroughly confused as well. I guess none of that conversation happened, judging by how it ended, but it was a really strange conversation for DuJin to imagine. Lian smiling when he saw he had a message from Gong Xi was totally adorable, and I am really looking forward to next week when he finds out about the MV.

    It looks like they’re really getting into the relationships now, which is great. Seeing Shang actually remembering things that happened with Gong Xi, and him actually caring about her even though he doesn’t realise it, makes me really like him. I’m glad, because although I don’t think there’s a love triangle (i don’t think Gong Xi has any feelings for Shang anymore, not really), it does make things more interesting to actually like everyone involved.

    I thought the end bit was weird. When Shang saw Gong Xi watching, he started asking Mei Sen if she had a fever, and if she wanted to lie down. Was that just trying to show Gong Xi that he was a better person now? Or did he want Gong Xi to be jealous? And Gong Xi left anyway. And the first person she wanted to talk to when she was complimented was Lian, which I love. She’s as clueless as Lian as to how much they actually like each other, and it’s quite adorable. Although with Lian, i’m not sure if he knows or not because at one stage early in the episode (before the weird spinning conversation), Du Jin made a comment about Lian liking Gong Xi, and Lian just smiled. He didn’t react. So that confused me.

    • LOL. Glad you were squeeing along, too. I swear that after the initial slight slowdown in like the 2nd episode, this series is picking up and keeping me thoroughly engrossed and enjoying each new episode more than the previous one.
      I do agree that even if Shang discovers his real feelings, Gong Xi will not go back to loving him as she did. So while they ship the romance as more of a love triangle, that really isn’t so, although that could change with the live action vs. the manga and anime, but I doubt it will since they are staying surprisingly true to the plot for a Taiwanese drama series based off of a manga.
      The ending was weird. In the manga, Kyoko catches Sho going in for a kiss and if I recall correctly Sho backs off and doesn’t kiss the girl, but nor does he do the whole concern over the girl as well. I don’t know if we’ll see this in the next episode or not, but Sho then afterwards explains to Kyoko when she cracks a comment about him actually knowing how to comfort a crying girl that it wasn’t that he didn’t care, it was just that he didn’t know what to do when she started crying at all. Kyoko then says that she had always known really and that she never cried in front of him again as she never wanted to make him feel uncomfortable. I think that was a blow to Sho in the manga because he realizes that meant she probably went off to cry somewhere else.

  • Oh, that would be a sweet scene for them to include!

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