Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 20 Recap

So, Kang Sun wasn’t really kicking Ga On out of the house at the end of the previous episode. Kang Sun is hoping to manipulate Mok and his confused feelings for the girl he raised as his own for 12 years by saying Ga On left because she felt bad. This should incite Mok to return to them and forgive them. For once, Ga On puts her foot down. She feels sorry enough towards Mok without exacerbating things. Needless to say Kang Sun is not happy with Ga On not doing everything her mother asks of her anymore.

Meanwhile, the boys request a full investigation into their shop by the health department to prove that the man did not get food poisoning from them. The officials cannot believe the boys are requesting the investigation, but they do perform it. In order to help with the investigation, the complainant needs to be checked out by the department as well. The boys get to the hospital just as the scammer is leaving it. They almost manage to catch him, but he quickly escapes in a taxi. Given that he was originally supposed to be hospitalized for several weeks, his running should work in the boys’ favor, right?

The boys also go around finding all the 49 customers who took home their steamed pears. They manage to track them all down and have them all fill out a survey about if they suffered any ill effects or not from the service. They also get the test results back saying that their shop is in the clear and that nothing bad was found. But bad news comes! An upset Jung Ah rushes in and tells them that the story has already leaked. This makes Ki Young feel horrible and Seul Woo doesn’t look too good either. Ki Young does explain about his past and why he went to jail. He didn’t have a good youth and did run with gangs and such, but that isn’t why he was jailed. He had a hyung who got scammed out of everything and he got in trouble when he got revenge for his hyung. And since then he has problems hearing the word “thug,” thus why he couldn’t ignore it when that man said such words.

Ji Chang Wook, Lee Gwang Soo, Ji HyukTae Yang meets with the reporter who wrote the article. Needless to say she is a complete witch. She talks about journalistic integrity and how she never writes without confirming the facts…um…whatever. It doesn’t really seem like given the situation she was as thorough as she should have been. Tae Yang hands off the survey and test results. The witch says that evidence isn’t enough for a retraction at all. Since they proved that he couldn’t have gotten food poisoning from their store, how does that not merit a retraction? The woman also reveals that she had a source from inside the shop confirm everything. So even though Seul Woo feels really guilty, he did do everything Kang Sun wanted. What an idiot.

Of course, since the article was printed, customers have been coming back to return their food. Even though none of them suffered from food poisoning and never had any problems before, it’s the principal of the matter. This really is a hard blow to the boys. But they do their best to not be defeated and defend themselves. Ho Jae posts the results on their websites, they go door to door with leeks and the pamphlet about how they were proven to run a clean shop, they even go to a sauna. However, nobody wishes to listen at all.

Ga On learns of the article and calls up the reporter to find out who the informant is. She is shocked to learn it is Seul Woo. When she asks him his reasons, he just says its because he doesn’t like the fact that Tae Yang is in Ga On’s life making things difficult for her. Ga On can tell he isn’t being truthful and tries to force him into telling the truth, but the man remains stubbornly insistent that it is his own jealousy. Meanwhile, Jung Ah also goes to the boys thinking that Seul Woo is the culprit as he won’t answer calls from them and nor is he reporting to work. Tae Yang refuses to listen to this, but you know the seed of suspicion is planted for all of them.

The next day Tae Yang rushes into Mok’s office demanding he take back the order to close the shop as they boys have done nothing wrong. Mok doesn’t care what is right or wrong, all that matters is the fact that company’s image will keep getting tarnished if the boys’ shop remains open. When Tae Yang asks Mok to trust him as they can definitely turn it around, Mok loses his temper. How can he trust someone like Tae Yang? Of course Tae Yang has no idea how bad the situation has gotten. He knows he was wrong to hide things from Mok. He does insist that his shop is aboveboard on everything and pleads for one more chance only to be thrown out of the office. Ga On sees this and rushes right over. Is he okay? Tae Yang states that he is and Ga On says she didn’t think the company would make a move so fast. Tae Yang asks if she got in touch with the journalist yet. Ga On lies and says she didn’t, she also tells Tae Yang that she wants to believe that they can trust Seul Woo. Really, the cat should just be let out of the bag before the situation gets even worse.

Dan Bi visits the shop and is shocked to learn they are being told to close. The boys then ask if she can get in touch with Seul Woo. Dan Bi says they haven’t talked lately and is surprised to learn that Seul Woo won’t answer his phone nor is he coming to work. Ho Jae obviously states that it was probably Seul Woo who sold them out, but Yoo Bong scolds him for saying such blasphemous words. They always give the benefit of the doubt, these boys. Dan Bi then goes to Ga On and asks if Kang Sun really lent the money to Seul Woo because Ga On asked. This shocks Ga On. Her mommy dearest did what? This confirms Dan Bi’s suspicions that Seul Woo is doing underhand things for Kang Sun in order to get the money to get his mother out of jail. Ga On leaves suddenly to confirm the horribly truth.

She rushes home and Kang Sun confirms that she is trying to ruin Tae Yang’s shop. Ga On shouldn’t be surprised at this given how much Kang Sun hates Tae Yang. Ga On is especially upset since the secret is already out, so there is no need to torture the Han siblings. Kang Sun doesn’t agree with this at all. It’s all because of those two kids that she lost the original Ga On and Mok has now learned the truth. Ga On snaps. She won’t stand still anymore. So what does she decide to do? Ga On is throwing Kang Sun away. Ga On also gets a little nasty with mommy and says that Kang Sun always makes herself out to be the victim and believes she’ll get sympathy and forgiveness, but that’s not the case. Kang Sun isn’t the victim but the root of all the problems they are currently facing. Woot! How true. I am surprised Ga On got mad enough to say such things. Kang Sun has a meltdown and screams at her daughter to get out. She’d rather lose Ga On then play nice with the Han siblings.

While the remaining trio of Fresh Men do their best to keep a positive attitude and promote their stock and shop, Tae Yang pays Jung a visit. He wants to know who had him kicked out of the market originally. Jung doesn’t think the time is right yet, but Tae Yang says the shop is in danger and he thinks the same person is behind it all. Jung thus breaks down and tells him that it is Mok’s wife who had him kicked out. Tae Yang  wanders aimlessly number for awhile before rushing off to confront Kang Sun.

Meanwhile, Jung brings in Seul Woo and gives him a well-deserved lecture. All parents want better for their children and want them to be good. The worst thing is for a parent to find out the bad things their child has done. This strikes home for the already guilt-ridden Seul Woo. He goes home for some mommy comfort. He lays in her lap and has her clean his ears. She scolds him for skipping work and tells him that given Tae Yang’s situation, that boy has had it much worse than Seul Woo, so Seul Woo should be a good and diligent worker. Talk about a stab to the heart. Seul Woo tears up and says he understands. Afterward, he runs into Ga On who asks why he lied. Seul Woo didn’t want her to hate her mother. Ga On confesses that deep down she has always hated Kang Sun and just confused that with love. She also reveals she is not Mok Ga On and that she has been living shamelessly in comfort all these years. She warns Seul Woo about keeping the lie to himself as it will only hurt him the most in the end. Seul Woo then wonders how Ga On could keep such a secret for so long as his is already tormenting him more than he can bear.

Tae Yang rushes into the Mok home uninvited and confronts Kang Sun who cannot believe the boy’s audacity. Tae Yang kept his word, so why is she moving against him. Kang Sun believes she is justified enough with the death of Ga On. She also reveals that thanks to Tae In and Tae Yang Mok found out the truth already. Kang Sun then says Tae Yang killed Ga On twice. If Kang Sun was Jin Shim, she would never forgive Tae Yang for taking away a loving father from her. Kang Sun also says that Jin Shim is getting kicked out of the house so Tae Yang should be happy knowing he completely destroyed his precious Jin Shim’s only chance at happiness and her life-long dream. Right. Because Jin Shim always dreamed of being a chaebol’s heir and inheriting a huge company.

Ga On goes to Mok and tells him that she is leaving her life as Ga On and will instead live now as Jin Shim. Mok is terribly unhappy. Doesn’t she know that means she’ll no longer be his daughter? As confused and as hurt as he is, Mok still considers the girl his daughter and probably would have accepted her given time, but Ga On has taken the decision away from him. She’s hurt him too much and cannot stand to bring him more pain. She also asks for one last favor as his daughter. What favor? Save Tae Yang’s shop. Meanwhile, Tae Yang has rushed to her office only to find it empty. Uh-oh. He really shouldn’t have to feel responsible when it was Kang Sun’s and Jin Shim’s decisions which has led to this entire mess.

Jin Shim goes back to the Mok house to pack up her things and leaves. Kang Sun does tell her that while Kang Sun can easily throw Jin Shim away with no regrets, Jin Shim will come to realize that she cannot do the same to Kang Sun. This really scares (?) Jin Shim. After Jin Shim leaves she wanders aimlessly while Mok returns home. Kang Sun is surprised, but happy he returned. However, she isn’t happy for long. Since Jin Shim has decided to leave Ga On behind and leave the Mok house, it is only right for Kang Sun to follow suit. Say what? Mok insists that no matter how out of her right mind Kang Sun was and no matter how old the 13-year-old Jin Shim clung on to her, Kang Sun should never have “kidnapped” the child and forced Ga On’s identity on her. Kang Sun is livid. How can Mok blame her? Mok reiterates that he just can’t understand her at all even given her mindset. In fact, he is most displeased with how she has handled herself and the entire matter. Plus, she has scarred poor Jin Shim for life. Kang Sun tries the baby tactic, but that holds no weight.

Seul Woo and Tae Yang wander around the vicinity of the Mok household while Kang Sun dreams of Ga On. The little girl is happy on a beach and rushing towards her mother with a smile. But the girl soon stops, a frown coming and she turns and walks away. Kang Sun wakes up in pain. 10 to 1 she’s going to have a miscarriage and go totally bonkers.


Kudos to Ga On actually standing up and telling Kang Sun where she can shove her victim act. Ga On is perfectly right in saying all those horrible things about her surrogate mother. I also don’t understand why Kang Sun thinks living as Jin Shim will destroy Ga On. The girl knows how to work hard and unless Mok and Kang Sun stop her from finding jobs, she should be able to make it okay perfectly fine on her own.

I would also like to point out that while Tae Yang might have indirectly caused Choi Ga On’s death, Kang Sun willfully caused his grandmother’s. How can she justify all the tormenting she’s doing when she’s taken more away from Tae Yang in the long wrong?

And seriously? 24 episodes? I really think this could stop a little bit sooner without losing anything believe it or not. I don’t think another 4 episodes are necessary to wrap up this plot. 2 should do it, but we shall see, they love to drag things out on this show.

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