Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 19 Recap

What is there to say? Not a whole lot actually. As much as I do like this show for the most part, with almost everything out in the open, I am ready for the conclusion. Will it be a satisfactory one? Or will it be a typical drama ending with everything getting smooshed into an hour with a few minutes at the end to show how things all turned out after the big bruhaha is over with?

Wang Ji HyeMok knows the truth and just doesn’t know how to deal with it. He confronts Kang Sun who denies to the end that Ga On died, but Mok already knows and cannot stand her lies any more. Poor Ga On doesn’t know what to do. In the end she even goes to her father and takes all the blame on herself. Mok, however, cannot see how it is all Ga On’s fault. Even if she clung onto Kang Sun forcing the woman to take responsibility for her, he still cannot overlook what she has done to him for the past 12 years.

Ga On also confronts Kang Sun about just what she means to her mother. Before Mok confronted Kang Sun, Ga On begged her mother go run away with her, but Kang Sun refused. Ga On knows that in the end Kang Sun will abandon her if she can no longer live as Mok Ga On. How unfair is this? Kang Sun will throw Ga On away, but Ga On was not allowed to throw her away? Talk about a double standard.

When the worried Tae Yang confronts Ga On about Mok knowing or suspecting the truth, she smiles and lies saying that everything turned out okay with the fake Jin Shim. Tae Yang doesn’t believe her, but Ga On insists that it is the truth and basically asks Tae Yang to only worry over himself and the store as they have already decided to go their separate ways. Sheesh. With all that is going on, Ga On should just give up and go over to Tae Yang and Tae In already. With all that is going on and her knowing her place in Kang Sun’s heart, she should just leave and go back to living as Jin Shim.

We also have Jung Ah telling Tae Yang about Chan Sol’s chance at debuting. The boys all sit down with Chan Sol and tell him to take the opportunity as it is his dream. Chan Sol explains it means going to Japan right away. What about the store, his hyungs, and his noona? The boys say that they will be all right and they also point out there are five uncles to take care of Jung Ah and the baby. Seul Woo does a count and smiles when he figures out that he is uncle number 5. He has been officially accepted by the boys.

Chan Sol departs making everyone sad. Thus, to brighten things up a bit, Tae Yang suggests doing a steamed pear service for their customers. It’s at this time that Kang Sun’s sneak attack starts to happen. A man that Seul Woo recognizes comes and buys a box of pears. Seul Woo steps in and keeps Ki Young from helping the man out to the car. Later, Seul Woo gets a call from mommy dearest who wishes to meet Tae Yang. The two hit it off really well and Tae Yang comes to understand Seul Woo a little better. This makes Seul Woo feel guilty once more. Especially after Ho Jae, Yoo Bong, and Ki Young point out Seul Woo has been given an official nametag now.

Meanwhile, Mok decides to leave home until he figures out just what to do. Kang Sun tries to keep him with her by reminding him of the baby, but Mok says that he doesn’t know how he feels about the baby anymore. Aww. Don’t say that. It is my belief that you should never hate the child for they are not to blame for their parents’ sins. Kang Sun says she wishes to give this baby everything their poor Ga On could never had, so she will cling on til the end. This does not move Mok at all. He later confides to Ga On who tries once more to plead for her mother that with what he has found out, he has lost two daughters. This tears at Ga On’s heart.

Dan Bi goes to the concert as planned with Boon Hong who kept insisting she was fine when she was unwell. Jung does remain quiet about his wife’s illness, though. Dan Bi then asks after Kang Sun and Boon Hong bluntly states that she doesn’t like the woman at all as she is not a good person. Dan Bi is shocked by this bold statement from her normally meek stepmother. Boon Hong says she will now live and talk as she pleases. Dan Bi promises revenge for her mother and then talks about how strange it is that Kang Sun gave Seul Woo the money to get Hwang out of jail. This really strikes a cord with Jung, especially after he hears Tae Yang has Seul Woo working in his shop now. Will Jung figure out what is going on and step in to put Kang Sun in her place?

The setup man comes back complaining of food poisoning that he got from their shop. Tae Yang and the others try to calm him down, but he gets louder and keeps saying they are messing with people’s food. To keep Ki Young safe, Seul Woo steps in and takes a punch. Tae Yang also visibly restrains the angry Ki Young, but when the man calls them thugs, Ki Young loses it and gives him a hefty punch. This lands the man in the hospital for several weeks [you know its all fake]. Ho Jae says it is a black customer and that they have to work hard to nip this in the bud as the man is trying to extort money from them. Tae Yang agrees to pay hospital fees, but no other money as they had already found that he was the only one who supposedly got sick from the pears. When Tae In finds out she tells Kang Sun she will tell Mok everything and Kang Sun gleefully tells her that it’s already been revealed and that Tae In better be prepared for the hell Kang Sun will rain down on her and her brother for turning her into a monster. Whatever. She made herself in to the monster, not the Han siblings.

Ga On finds out and goes to the store. Tae Yang says he will handle the matter himself. Ga On urges him not to as that is the last thing they need as it will probably just make things worse. Tae Yang needs to le the company handle. Poor Ki Young offers his resignation, but Tae Yang says that makes him irresponsible versus responsible. They boys will either succeed or fail together, there is no backing out now. Ga On is shocked to see Seul Woo at the store [its great because her coming is after he and Tae Yang had a talk while steaming the pears where Tae Yang got annoyed about how close Ga On and Seul Woo was getting that Seul Woo even knew that they were childhood acquaintances]. Seul Woo begs her to protect the store for him and Tae Yang and then asks her to go on a vacation with him when the weather warms up. Ga On knows that he has something to tell her, but Seul Woo won’t just yet. When the vacation comes he will.

Tae Yang, not heeding Ga On’s advice, goes to the hospital with everyone but Seul Woo who was left to watch the store. Yoo Bong and Ho Jae distract the nurse while they sneak into the room. The man is not happy to see them. Tae Yang goes all serious and angry and says that unlike the man who goes to the company, Tae Yang will deal with him directly and the man will regret starting this whole mess. Oh wowza. That’s a different side to Tae Yang, but I like it. Ga On goes home only to have Kang Sun kick her out. Great.

Oh, and amidst all this angst and melodrama, we have a cute scene between Yoo Bong and Seo Young, He takes her house hunting where the realtor asks if they are newly married and says they will have a long, happy life together. Yoo Bong then goes back to her apartment where he falls asleep and the happy Seo Young covers him up and lets him rest. This earns him a lot of teasing from the boys. Is he going to knock a girl up like Chan Sol?

So yeah…

it wasn’t much…

Just a lot of Kang Sun being vicious and shameless with Ga On defending her and Mok confused as just what to do.

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