Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 9 Recap

A whole episode of Gong Xi and Lian. Yes, please! This is one of my favorite episodes to date. It might even top the previous episode in which we had a lot of cute Gong Xi/Nan Qin moments. A funny thing to watch for this episode when you get the chance to watch the raws or subtitled videos: Gong Xi’s hair. Why? Her hair goes back and forth between chin length and halfway down her neck. Seriously.

We do start off with the disappointed Lian and abashed Gong Xi. Just as they were starting to get along a wee bit better, this had to happen. In the car, Gong Xi explains that she doesn’t want to do such things, but whenever she sees Shang she gets irrational and a bit crazy. This does shock Lian as from when he knew Gong Xi when they were children, she was always happy whenever she thought about Shang [the prince who would put on her glass slipper and make her a princess]. Lian also explains that he can’t tolerate what Gong Xi did as she is supposed to be his manager. What does that mean? Her focus is supposed to be solely about him, his needs, his comforts, his work, etc. Translation: I don’t want you thinking about other guys, I want you to think about me instead. That is correct. Even if Lian hasn’t totally realized it yet, he wants Gong Xi’s full attention on him and not some other guy. Kinda cute really.

At this time, Gong Xi’s stomach starts rumbling loudly. Nothing like tummy-talk to break the awkward silence that followed such a conversation. Lian asks her what she wants to eat, but Gong Xi refuses his offer. Lian, however, will not take no for an answer [I was kind of sad that they didn’t do the tricks he played on her in the manga in this scene – it was so funny and cute. Oh well, can’t have everything]. After the third or fourth time with Lian asking, Gong Xi finally tells him she wants steak with egg and noodles. The two then go to a restaurant where Gong Xi downs her food with gusto. Lian watches, a genuine smile on his face for once when he is with Gong Xi. When Gong Xi notices his expression, she then wonders what he’s thinking. He comments on her healthy appetite and Gong Xi offers to eat his food as well since he isn’t touching it. Lian then digs in and tells her its good. During this time, Gong Xi also apologizes sincerely for the mistake she made earlier with Shang’s poser. We get a genuine laugh and smile from Lian once more [how can anyone keep a straight face when Gong Xi almost face plants in her food and apologizes with gravy around her mouth]. Gong Xi cannot believe that Lian is showing this face to her. He always showed her the fake smile.

After dinner, the camaraderie built is broken once more. Why? Lian is still not happy about Gong Xi using acting for revenge. While he can understand she has her reasons to be angry at Shang, he cannot be happy about her motive for joining the entertainment world. He then walks ahead of her her and Gong Xi scurries to catch up, unhappy that she has come off in such a bad light. Seriously? How is this even surprising at this point because Lian has said basically the same thing over and over about not liking Gong Xi’s motives. But whatever. I guess it’s finally sunk in. Gong Xi follows Lian all the way to the driver’s seat when she snaps out of her funk and goes around to the passenger side. Instead of sitting in the front, she goes to the back to maintain distance. LOVED Lian’s expression at this. Gong Xi’s phone then starts ringing and she answers it only to hear a very angry Luo Li. He’s been calling her for a long time, why hasn’t she answered? Gong Xi explains she forgot her phone in the car and Luo Li delivers the news that he found a college that is accepting students mid-term and he is willing to send Gong Xi to school. The girl is ecstatic and smashes her head on the car’s ceiling when she bounces for joy. Lian quietly smiles in the front seat. Awww. How cute. He’s happy that she’s happy.

The next day Gong Xi uses her time to start studying while also trying to be a good manager. Lian’s hairdresser comments on Du Jin’s absence and Lian explains that his manager is out sick and the muttering Gong Xi is his substitute manager. Lian even boasts how he never had a cold so he doesn’t have to worry about catching what Du Jin has. Lian then glances at Gong Xi in the mirror and recalls her tears when she was a child. She cried when she didn’t get a hundred even though her score was good. Seeing Gong Xi’s determination makes him see how much she hasn’t changed in certain respects. [Gong Xi thought that if she got hundreds, her mother would love her and come back for her.] Lian then clears his throat and Gong Xi’s head comes up from her studies.

Later, Gong Xi watches him closely. Lian has an occasional cough, and keeps clearing his throat. She approaches him when she sees him drinking milk tea. The main only drinks things plain without sugar and milk, so why is he drinking milk tea. She then runs down a list of symptoms and Lian agrees that he has them all. Gong Xi smiles and tells him congratulations, that is a cold. Lian is disbelieving. He has never caught a cold in his life and always exercises. However, like it or not, a cold he does have. Gong Xi wishes to buy him medicine and set up an appointment at a clinic. Lian initially refuses, but when she tells him about the black dragon director calling actors who get injured or sick unprofessional and the lowest of the low, Lian quickly changes his mind. Cute.

His schedule continues and Gong Xi is horrified that he has to shoot a rain scene outdoors. He’s already feverish, this will not help him at all. She asks if the scene can’t be delayed. Nope, it can’t. Gong Xi really gets irritated every time Lian’s costar NGs, prolonging the ill Lian’s time in the rain. [God they got a really horrible actress, literally, to play his costar]. When the sick Lian calmly gets the actress to nail her lines by using gentleness and kindness, Gong Xi is a little miffed as she believes he would never be that caring for her since she is the only one he really seems to dislike. The scene finally ends and Lian collapses on Gong Xi when they get back to his tent. Gong Xi can’t move him and he is out cold. When his costar goes by complaining about being a broken record in front of Lian, Gong Xi angrily starts saying the lines. Lian wakes up and starts doing his lines as well. This shocks Gong Xi. Slowly Lian realizes he is on top of Gong Xi and gets off of her.

Filming then recommences and Gong Xi is amazed at Lian’s ability to still act. She really respects his dedication and stubbornness. While filming is going on, she quickly rushes out to buy things. She gets him medicine, a cold patch, pillows, water, and a whole lot of stuff. She even bought a shaver and shaves a daikon and puts some sauce on it to give it to Lian to soothe his sore throat. You can see that her giving her all for him really touches him.

Gong Xi even takes care of Lian at home. She brings him water and changes his ice pack. She is astonished when Lian calls her “Xiao Xi” – its more of an affectionate nickname used by people who are close to you. For girls it’s usually “Xiao” before their first name while boys usually have “Ah” put in front of their names. After that, Gong Xi just can’t concentrate and spaces out. Before she knows it, it’s morning and she had gotten no studying done like she meant to. Lian comes out to find Gong Xi in his kitchen, busily studying while cooking. He makes his presence known and asks if she took care of him all night. Gong Xi says that she did. He looks down and wonders if she changed him as well. Gong Xi gets flustered and asks doesn’t he remember? Lian shakes his head and Gong XI says that all she had to do is say the lines from the script and he would immediately respond with his own lines and then he would take out his key to go into the apartment and even change his clothes. Lian had no idea. Gong Xi takes this to mean that he probably also doesn’t remember calling her Xiao Xi. He sits down to eat and Gong Xi apologizes for burning the toast. Lian tells her that’s fine since he doesn’t really eat toast. Gong Xi then busies herself cleaning up the kitchen and Lian happily eats her cooking, commenting on how tasty it is. Yep, Gong Xi attention and care is really making him happy. Especially when she said that she’d make this complicated [and somewhat disgusting sounding] energy drink twelve times a day if she has to.

Lian’s cold improves with Gong Xi’s TLC. He keeps filming as scheduled. Gong Xi cannot help but watch him when he’s acting even though she’s supposed to be studying. She tries to clear her head and start on a new subject only to find the script for that day’s filming. She becomes so engrossed she doesn’t even know that the shooting for that scene wrapped and everyone went to the next location. She quickly buys drinks and goes to find Lian who is still slightly feverish and having trouble remembering his lines for the drama. She quickly steps in to help by doing the other actor’s lines. Lian stops and stares [I liked how in the manga, Gong Xi did this hiding so as not to really interrupt him while trying to help him – it actually gave a little more weight to the scene than this has, although it is still good]. Gong Xi wonders if she did something wrong, why isn’t he replying back with his lines? Lian then smiles and compliments the improvement of her acting. This makes Gong Xi happy. When Lian brings up her doing it for Shang, Gong Xi immediately asks who would do that for a such a pig head. She talks about her love for acting and her enjoyment of classes. She also tells him about her life living as Shang’s maid before getting kicked to the curb after his debut and skyrocket to fame. Acting is the first thing that she has done for herself. She feels that this Gong Xi is who she is meant to be and she believes she’ll slowly become stronger until she is completely able to live for herself and no one else. Hearing this really makes Lian happy.

That night Gong Xi dreams of Lian awarding her 1000 points and making her the empress of acting. She wakes up to Lian sitting beside her. He tells her that she needs to wash up and go to sleep. Gong Xi doesn’t have to strive so hard to be perfect. Gong Xi listens and cannot believe that she got caught up in the same rut of thinking she needed to be perfect [to gain her mother’s approval]. She takes Lian’s words and advice to heart. Now, this scene is really funny and cute. Lian tells her to go to bed and take a shower first. Gong Xi’s mind goes into the gutter. Whether or not Lian understands that to her his words implied something else, I don’t know for sure. But Gong Xi really gets embarrassed and yells at him to go to bed before she goes to shower and sleep [in the guest room, not Lian’s bed]. I love how he teased her asking her if she’ll fall asleep in the rub. Priceless!

The next day, Gong Xi gets angry at the van’s driver when they get stuck in a traffic jam. Lian scolds her for being mean to the driver. Gong Xi can’t help it. Lian will be late and Lian is never late. Gong Xi then rushes out of the van followed by the worried Lian. When he finds Gong Xi again, she has “borrowed” some nice person’s bike. Lian gets on, not really believing they’ll make it there on time biking, but Gong Xi tells him not to worry. She then takes off and we gets some really, really horrible green screen effect. You can so tell that Gong Xi and Lian aren’t really moving, just that there is footage behind them to make it look like they are going fast. Needless to say Lian gets there on time and we then cut to a montage of Gong Xi taking her exam and going to college like a normal girl.

Gong Xi is happily eating lunch by herself when a fellow classmate Guo Mei Sheng comes up. She says how envious she is of Gong Xi who has no schedule and can attend classes regularly. Gong Xi knows that Mei Sheng is just rubbing it in that she is extra busy. When Mei Sheng makes a crack about Gong Xi getting into school because of her company, Gong Xi gets angry and yells after her that she got in on her own ability by scoring a perfect score on the entrance exam. Gong Xi then heads off to work at LME [she has to be Coco that night], she thinks about how she will tell Nan Qin about Mei Sheng. She then notices her commercial is playing. Gong Xi is happy, but her happiness bursts when everyone praises Nan Qin but calls her ordinary. Obviously she has talent. She Shang send those people to torment her?

Her evil vibes start coming out, but she gets a call and quickly scrabbles for her cell which is lost in her bag. It is Lian who tells her that she shouldn’t wear such a face when her commercial is now airing. Gong Xi looks around and demands to know where Lian is. She looks up and sees him and Du Jin at a nearby building. The three then go for coffee. Gong Xi thanks Lian for giving her the advice that allowed her to stop stressing which led her to getting a perfect score. Lian in turn thanks her for her impressive biking skills in order to maintain his excellent record. Gong Xi then pulls out her stamp book and thanks him for giving her 100 for being his manager. This shocks Du Jin as well. Gong Xi then says how she was only doing what any substitute manager would do and Du Jin thinks to himself that no substitute manager would really go that far. Hell, some regular managers wouldn’t do what she did for Lian. Lian then says he did not give her full marks and turns the page to show her a minus 10. In the manga, Lian stamped a 100, but when he heard that Gong Xi was only doing it to be a good manager and not necessarily because she cared for him, he stamped a –10 right in front of her saying he had meant to give her 90 from the beginning. Poor Gong Xi. Lian is being childish because his feelings were hurt.

After Gong Xi gets to LME and changes, Shen meets her. He has just gotten a request for both her and Nan Qin to act in an MV. Apparently this person saw their commercial and thought the two girls had promise. This excites Gong Xi until she learns that it is Shang’s MV. Why does it have to be his? While she is angrily thinking to herself that she won’t do it as she hasn’t risen far enough yet to face Shang, Nan Qin comes in with a worried expression. Gong Xi asks her about the MV and Nan Qin says she would rather do the drama. What drama? Nan Qin got a small part in a 2-hour special drama. She really wants to do it as she thinks the character suits her. Gong Xi wonders what the problem in and Nan Qin explains that the role was originally another newbie’s and the director swapped them out after he saw the CF. Gong Xi then says that since Nan Qin didn’t use money to buy her way in, then she should be happy that her talent was recognized. This encourages Nan Qin to take the role. She also declares that she will use whoever she can as a springboard. Gong Xi takes this to heart and agrees to do Shang’s MV to help jumpstart her career even more.

Meanwhile, Shang is watching the CF. He pauses it when Gong Xi comes on screen for a close up. Is that really Gong Xi? Could a haircut really change her so drastically? He asks the director the girl’s name and the director is surprised that Shang is interested in the short-haired girl. The director may have invited both girls, but she was really hoping to get Nan Qin, but now they only have Gong Xi. It has been decided that since Nan Qin can’t do it, Sheng’s underclassman Mei Sheng will do it.

I. Can’t. Wait. Til. Next. Week! The PV filming for Shang’s new song has finally arrived! Woot! For those who’ve read the manga you understand my excitement. For those who haven’t, you’ll understand when it comes.


  • I thought the green screen was deliberately bad. I think it fits with the show actually, lol.

    Lots of Lian in this episode, which is always a good thing. When he collapsed on top of her in the tent, and then woke up, he looked like Lee Min Ho. That scene was stupid though because they were clearly in a position that would have been easy for Gong Xi to push him off, lol.

    I love that he was smiling so much in this episode! During the dinner scene, he was genuinely enjoying himself. And oh, Du Jin near the end actually said “he’s falling deeper and deeper”. I think that’s the first time someone has said [thought] something so blatant about Lian/Gong Xi. Lian giving her 90 points made me laugh; whenever they start getting comfortable with each other, he does something to make her angry, even if it’s a joke.

    I can’t wait til next week, it looks awesome.

    • You may be right given this show’s penchant for bad slow-mo effects as well.

      I was really happy to see more of Lian in this episode. And I do love how Du Jin realizes it before Lian just how much Lian likes Gong Xi. This makes me really hope we’ll see the Dark Moon drama filming as that is one of the major catalysts in their relationship, as is their portrayal of the Heel siblings, but given the amount of time allotted to the show I really don’t know how much we’ll get to see develop.

      • I was watching the stream on and people were discussing how they hoped it would end. Leave it hanging like the anime, or make up an ending for the show, or what? I know the manga hasn’t finished but I really really hope they don’t just leave the show with no clear ending. I want Gong Xi and Lian well and truly together by the time it finishes.

        I didn’t realise they actually film a drama together, i would love to see that!

        We’ve only got 4 episodes left though. Argh, every week I just get more and more disappointed that this is such a short series. Taiwan isn’t like Japan. They have long series! Why make this one a short one?

        • I know, right? Although, they did the same with Love Buffet. Though, truthfully, I really wasn’t feeling that drama after a certain point due to the acting and plot changes, etc. However, Taiwan has shows that go anywhere from 5 episodes to 20+. This show so could be like 20 episodes. It’s sad to think there is only 4 left. Being an avid fan of the manga, which you’re right is still ongoing, there is so much a I want to see, but I know that we’ll probably never get to see.
          I do think we will get to see the two film the drama together, though, as one scene in the opening shows Ivy Chen with super short hair. In the manga, Kyoko dies her hair black again and chops it shorter for her role in the drama. I am also wondering how they will handle Lian’s past. We really don’t learn too much about him until pretty far into the manga and it’s not until the most recent chapters that we really learn about his past and his struggle to overcome it instead of just forgetting it like he’s trying so hard to do here [and thus why he’s distancing himself from Gong Xi initially when he learns who she really is].
          I’m okay with not getting everything as long as they give us a definitive ending between Lian and Gong Xi. I hate open-ended finales when you know there is probably not going to be a sequel to give you a final ending [and if there is a sequel, half the time it can never live up to the original].

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