Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episodes 17-18 Recap

Thank god the end is near for the melodrama part and how sad that the end is near for our Fresh Men. I will miss Tae Yang and the boys when this is all said and done. I won’t, however, miss Kang Sung and her craziness at all. I suppose I should feel sorry for her. She lost her daughter. I believe Kang Sun did honestly love Ga On, but her drive for a better life cost her her daughter in the end. I suppose we should be satisfied that even though she lived as a chaebol’s wife, she was never really content or happy as she was always afraid of being discovered. But since that was a situation of her own choosing, I really don’t feel bad for her… or Ga On/Jin Shim for that matter.

Episode 17

Seul Woo comforts Ga On and wonders how she can care so deeply for Tae Yang when they only knew each other for a short time. Of course no one knows just how long Ga On has really known Tae Yang. If Seul Woo did, then he would understand why Ga On just can’t forget him easily. Ga On  also tells Seul Woo that he shouldn’t worry about her tears as she has caused Tae Yang a lot more pain. She does have that right in a way. Her pain is all self-inflicted thanks to the choices she made in life, while Tae Yang’s pain has always been because of others. Meanwhile, Kang Sun cannot believe she heard the words “Jin Shim” come out of her husband’s mouth. She plays it cool and says that she has no idea who Jin Shim is. Mok is suspicious. He has every right to be given his wife’s and daughter’s actions of late. Poor man.

Kang Sun asks if Mok said anything to Ga On the next morning and when she hears that her husband said nothing to her daughter about Jin Shim, she really gets worried. Kang Sun jumps to the conclusion that it must be Tae in who did it. Well, jumping to that conclusion isn’t surprising given what Tae In has done already, but I really don’t think the girl would have the guts to do that after the stunt Kang Sun pulled last time. When Kang Sun calls Tae In, the girl is in a meeting with the chairman! Tae In confesses to knowing Jin Shim and also says that he should ask his wife more about her as Jin Shim was really good friends with Ga On to the point that Ga On wanted to live with Jin Shim when they moved to Seoul. This surprises Mok. His wife had said she didn’t know Jin Shim at all and here the girl was close to Kang Sun and Ga On. At least Tae In doesn’t speak the whole truth, so she has kept her promise to say nothing. Looks like the younger girl wanted to make them squirm for what they did, but not reveal the whole truth.

Worried, Ga On confronts Tae In at Dan Bi’s place. Tae In assures Ga On that she was not the one behind the picture, nor did she reveal the truth to Mok. When Tae In learns that Tae Yang knows the whole truth now, the girl is livid. How could Ga On do something so cruel to Tae Yang and not keep the facade up until the end? Tae In then asks if Kang Sun knows. When she learns she does, she grabs Ga On and tells her to go to her mother instead as Kang Sun won’t let Tae Yang be since he already knows. Very True. Ga On meets Dan Bi on the way down and Dan Bi questions Ga On about that night Tae In came home hurt. Ga On refuses to say anything and Dan Bi reveals that Tae In sleeps with the light on, often cries, and wakes up from nightmares since that happened. So Ga On comes home and promises Kang Sun that Tae In had nothing to do with the picture being sent to Mok. She then warns her mother to stay away from Tae In or else Ga On won’t stand back and keep still any longer. We’ll see how long that brave front lasts.

At the shop, Seul Woo finishes closing up and goes in the back to find the boys each with a box of fruit, veggies, or greens in front of them. They are tasting and taking notes. Seul Woo wonders why they do this when they are so busy at the shop and Tae Yang says that is exactly why. They need to make sure to understand the produce to better serve their customers. This makes Seul Woo feel guilty for being Kang Sun’s mole and saboteur [will he really be able to go through with it?]. Seul Woo gets Ho Jae’s job of tasting chives to which he is not happy about at all. The boys then tease him about the different foods they are tasting and how it can make you sick and hurt you if you eat enough of it. When they mention pesticides in orange peels, Seul Woo spits out the peel he is tasting [because Tae Yang was tasting it, too as customers dry the skins] and Tae Yang tells the others to stop their teasing.

Mok gets Tae In’s background check from Secretary Oh [not to be confused with Kang Sun’s Secretary Yang]. Mok is surprised to learn that Tae In is Tae Yang’s baby sister. Uh-oh. Looks like the web of lies is slowly latching on and leaving the fibbers wide open and unable to escape. Mok then recalls Kang Sun’s reactions to Tae Yang and Tae Yang wanting to meet with his wife. So Mok asks Ga On about meeting Tae Yang. Ga On tries to lie, but man you can always tell when that girl is lying. How anyone can ever believe her when she makes it so obvious, is beyond me.

Back at the shop, Seul Woo gets named the “temp bachelor” since he is the only one without a nametag. This annoys Seul Woo, but makes the other boys happy. When an ahjumma comes in asking him for the apples she bought last time, he is at a loss. Tae Yang quickly gets the apples and asks after the woman’s son who is in the military. Again, this attention to detail shocks Seul Woo. Tae Yang says that he had already told Seul Woo about wanting to make his customers happy, so learning about them and listening is the least he can do. Right on, man. Dan Bi then shows up with the stuff to make gift baskets. Why? It’s Valentine’s Day. So the boys do a fruit basket promotion that takes right off. The other boys approve of Dan Bi as better for Tae Yang then Ga On, though they are totally flummoxed as to what to think when they learn Dan Bi is Seul Woo’s ex. Dan Bi confesses to Tae Yang and tells him that thanks to him, she has gotten over Seul Woo [as a new person in the heart pushes out the old person]. Tae Yang is uncomfortable, but Dan Bi’s teasing gets him to smile. That smile quickly disappears when he gets a call from a certain person.

Yoo Bong stops at Seo Young’s since it is Valentine’s Day. He is hoping for some chocolate and given Chan Sol’s ratings, home made chocolates which proves she cares. When he hems and haws and tries to drop hints, it seems as Seo Young is completely clueless. Awww, shucks. Then Yoo Bong gives her a cell phone. Seo Young doesn’t look too happy and this upsets Yoo Bong, but Seo Young does accept it and promises to use it well. She then gets out a present she had planned to give him after work. It’s chocolate! And homemade! She made him a chocolate giraffe. How cute! Our sweet Yoo Bong was overjoyed. I guess, being an American, I really don’t understand why Valentine’s Day is such a big holiday in Asia. It was never really all that big of a deal in school or out of it. I mean, in elementary school, you have to give everyone in your class a card and/or candy so no one felt left out. There were seriously rules about it.

Meanwhile, Chan Sol has reaped the gifts for Valentine’s Day. His [wife, Jung Ah is his wife. I wondered if they were married or not…] girlfriend does not seem upset by his popularity at all and is happy to know he’s still doing well. Chan Sol goes in for a kiss, but Jung Ah stops him. They can’t at the shop. What if they are caught? Chan Sol looks around and the coast is clear, but then in comes Yoo Bong. It was such a cute and awkward scene. Although I was reluctant when it came out that they were officially an item, I do admit that I am totally shipping them now.

Shin Won Ho

Jung goes out into the kitchen to find Boon Hong taking some pills which she quickly tries to hide from him. He says nothing about them and asks her to get the ingredients for spicy seafood soup. Boon Hong quickly goes out shopping while Jung searches the house. He finds a drawer full of different types of medications. His expression isn’t happy. Who can blame him, though? It’s obvious he does love Boon Hong in his gruff way. Of course he will hurt knowing that her health has taken a bad turn yet again. When Boon Hong returns, her husband is nowhere to be found.

Tae Yang goes to meet Mok who asks him about knowing Ga On from when they were kids. Tae Yang tries to lie, but this makes Mok angry. He knows Tae In is Tae Yang’s little sister and that they grew up together with Ga On before she moved to Seoul to live. When Ga On learns that Tae Yang is in with her father, she is terrified. When Tae Yang leaves the office he pulls Ga On into the stairwell with him. He’s kept her secret, but she needs to stop lying now. It isn’t right to do such a thing to Mok, nor is it good for her to constantly live in fear like she is. Tae Yang points out that she did not steal Choi Ga On’s life, but lost her own as Jin Shim. Ga On should at least have been happy, but what kind of life is she living? Meanwhile, Mok doesn’t seem to convinced about Tae Yang’s answer about the competition and bad PR for the company. The man isn’t an idiot, he knows something’s up.

Back at the shop, Chan Sol is trying to help Yoo Bong, but gives up and when he turns around, the shock on his face and hearing him yell “Ho Jae hyung” before running and jumping on his friend is just a laugh out loud moment. It’s really cute to see how much their bond has grown since their constant bickering of earlier episodes. And what’s more, Ho Jae is really happy to see his dongsaeng as well. The others [minus Seul Woo who just sits back and watches and feels guiltier] soon join the group hug. Ho Jae reveals he left home to work at the shop. He will prove himself to his family by helping make the shop a success. The boys are all happy to see him, but not happy to learn that he left home.

While that bittersweet reunion is going on, Tae Yang confronts Tae In about knowing Ga On is Jin Shin and toying with the chairman. Tae In believe she is justified as Kang Sun and Ga On are living the chaebol life since abandoning the siblings. Plus, with Ga On approaching Tae Yang only to dump him, Tae In was looking for revenge for her brother who will just standby and let himself get stomped on. Tae Yang scolds her for this and tells her to stop. Tae In tears up and says that she really hates it when he’s like that and runs upstairs to cry. Dan Bi sees this and you know she is really feeling for the younger girl.

That night, Kang Sun is shocked to have Mok keeps his back to her in bed. He won’t even turn to look at her when he talks. Uh-oh. Yep. He’s angry. He’s angry at being lied to. So the next day Kang Sun pays Tae Yang a visit. She wants him to take money and leave. Tae Yang won’t leave the shop as he has a responsibility towards his friends. Tae Yang promises to keep her secret until the end. Kang Sun gets angry and when Tae Yang apologizes and vows that she can trust him and leaves, she runs after him in tears, begging him to go away. If he is there, then Ga On will abandon her eventually and Kang Sun can’t live without her daughter. This woman. Just which person is the real her? Seul Woo catches the last part, but not the first part where they were talking about how Ga On is really dead and that this Ga On is really Jin Jin Shim. I must admit that seeing Kang Sun now. It does seem a little like she might care about Ga On in some twisted way. I wonder if it’s like the relationship with Jun Ha in Can You Hear My Heart? One that started out with an ulterior motive, but did turn to genuine love?

Back at the shop, Ho Jae reveals that someone is spreading rumors about Chan Sol on their newly made website. Ho Jae is sick of taking them down and tells Chan Sol to finish it for him When Chan Sol sees his pictures with red exes through them and the comments talk about him and a woman. Uh-oh. Where are the rumors coming from? Anti-fans> The president from the company that kicked him out? Meanwhile, Yoo Bong goes to see Seo Young, but she won’t let him step foot inside the door and just hands him an empty delivery box with a note telling him to please leave. When Yoo Bong turns to go, he sees a man’s silhouette. Just what is going on there?

Mok decides to look for Jin Jin Shim. The deck of cards it starting to come tumbling down at an alarming rate now. Seul Woo waits for Ga On and confesses. She tells him that she will pretend not to know. Wow. The reason? She can’t stand hurting two people. Um, hello? Telling someone that you’ll pretend they don’t like you is hurting them. Dimwit. Ga On then leaves him and goes up the stairs only to have Tae Yang call out to her as Jin Shim. She pauses, but keeps going, but when he angrily says he entire name she stops and turns.

Episode 18

Ga On turns around and next thing you know, Tae Yang is running towards her and hugging her. The two are both teary eyed. After this hug, they then go out holding hands. Tae Yang buys her flowers, they take pictures to commemorate the event, go out to eat, and discuss the issue in front of them. Did Jin Shim ever want to come back to him? Many times, but she could never bring herself to go all the way home. When did his grandmother die? The same day that Jin Shim disappeared from his life. Bad things came all at once for him. At that period, he didn’t even know himself how he was, he was just concerned about Tae In. He then pulls Ga On in for a kiss. After that, the two say their “final” goodbyes. At least they are parting on better terms now. Both go their separate ways crying.

Wang Ji Hye, Ji Chang WookSeul Woo meets with Kang Sun and reveals he overheard part of her conversation with Tae Yang. Seul Woo also wants to know which is the real Kang Sun – the woman filled with venom, or the woman crying and begging Tae Yang to leave Ga On? Kang Sun is livid and basically says that it’s the venom part right. She only did that to Tae Yang to gain insurance that he won’t do anything before she crushes him. She then hands over an envelope with pictures of Ki Young. Apparently Mr. Scruffy has had a prior conviction, so she wants to use him to ruin the shop. Say what? Don’t do it Seul Woo! You can’t because Ki Young has taken a liking to you and feels badly for you. You can’t turn on him now! Seul Woo returns to the shop only to be scolded by Ki Young for coming and going as he pleases. However, Ki Young then takes the initiative to ask if everything is okay. Awww. See, Seul Woo-ssi, you can’t turn on Scruffy!

When Ga On leaves the office, Seul Woo is waiting for her. He asks her to go drinking with him because he’s broke. Ga On knows something is wrong, but Seul Woo turns on his playful, boyish charm and says that isn’t the case. They go out and Seul Woo complains that Ga On is quieter when she drinks, the opposite of what he was hoping for. He then confesses that something was indeed bothering him, but being with Ga On calms him and puts him at ease. The two then start having some fun playing darts. Although, when they separate for a bit, they both go back to their more dour moods. True, they have a lot going on.

Tae In comes out to find Dan Bi finishing up a scarf. Tae In asks if it is for Seul Woo and Dan Bi says that it is for Tae Yang. This shocks Tae In. Does Dan Bi like her brother? Dan Bi asserts that she does so Tae In needs to help her out and be on her side, okay? Tae In then wonders if Dan Bi isn’t upset about Tae Yang being heartbroken over another woman. Dan Bi is very upset, but what can she do, she already likes him? Dan Bi delivers the scarf and tells Tae Yang about all the feeling she put into it. He doesn’t want to accept it, but Dan Bi refuses to let him reject it. She also asks him to take her on a bike ride. Tae Yang is hurting a bit as he doesn’t want to hurt Dan Bi nor accept her feelings as he still isn’t over Ga On. Meanwhile, Seo Young won’t reply to Yoo Bong’s calls or texts. He stares up at her apartment with sad puppy eyes, but can’t bring himself to go up or ring her bell. Instead he turns and leaves. Seo Young watches from above, unhappy.

The rumors regarding Chan Sol have increased to the point where Mok’s company calls to verify what the truth is as it could hurt the company. Tae Yang gets upset and tells them to call the agency to confirm the rumor instead. Chan Sol finds out what the fuss is all about and decides it’s finally time to confess. He takes his hyungs aside and tells them that the rumors are all true. Ki Young then wonders what happened to the girl. He grabs Chan Sol and wonders if he just threw her away. Enter Jung Ah who insists that Chan Sol did nothing wrong. So she knew about it, too and kept it from them? How could they, aren’t they all a family now? Chan Sol explains that he wanted to tell them and Jung Ah explains that she told him to keep it a secret. She then confesses that she is the girl and that her baby is also Chan Sol’s. This floors the boys, they weren’t expecting that. But they welcome Jung Ah just as warmly as a sister-in-law as they did a sister. Chan Sol also explains that the rumors started because he ran away several times as he was frightened of being a father. But Jung Ah chased him down every single time and made him face up to his responsibilities [and now its all love and they are really married, which is why it’s a PR problem since they advertised themselves as bachelors].

Oh arrives at Jin Shim’s church only to find that the priest didn’t know the girl at all as he is relatively knew. He then tells Oh that there is a young man who comes once a month who is looking for Jin Shim, perhaps that man can help him. Oh waits and sure enough, Tae Yang comes. However, Tae Yang takes down his signs and leaves. Well, makes sense since he already knows what happened to Jin Shim. There is no point in waiting for her at that church any longer. When he leaves, he runs into Oh who reports back to Mok that Tae Yang knows Jin Shim and further more, he has stopped looking for her. That smacks of something fishy, doesn’t it?

Seul Woo comes downstairs to overhear Tae Yang telling Ga On [though Seul Woo probably has no idea it was her on the other end] that something is up as the chairman is looking for her. The shocked Ga On hangs up. It’s time isn’t it? It’s finally time for them to come clean before things get worse. Kang Sun won’t allow this at all. Why? Mok is looking for Jin Shim and will never find her since she is now Ga On. Kang Sun plans to take this to the end even if it’s a dead end. What an idiot. Her husband, while he probably won’t forgive her, might take it more kindly to hear it from them rather than learning the truth from someone else.

Jung confronts Boon Hong about her health. Apparently he disappeared to talk to her doctor who told him about the severity of her heart problems. Jung demands she has the surgery, but Boon Hong refuses. The surgery won’t prolong her life too much longer and she doesn’t want to spend her remaining days in a hospital hooked up to machines. She wants to enjoy what little time she has left. Jung says he wants her to live as long as she can so please just get the surgery, but Boon Hong remains stubborn. She also begins him not to tell Dan Bi until it is necessary as she wants to give Dan Bi as much time with a mother as possible without her knowing the whole truth. Dan Bi comes over to dinner and Jung tells her to eat with them every night. Boon Hong says that is impossible since Dan Bi has her own life. Jung then says just move back in. Dan Bi won’t move in, but she promises to come by as often as she possibly can. Mother and daughter then plan a concert date and Jung has to excuse himself to the bathroom as you know he’s getting emotional.

Chan Sol meets with the president who wants him to come back and debut. Say what? Since the president found out that Chan Sol did the right thing and is living as a “human being” now, he wants to bring Chan Sol back. Plus, him being married so young and working at a vegetable store will make for an interesting story. Funny. Most companies try their darndest to hide relationships, and this one they’d be promoting it. Chan Sol tells Jung Ah that he can’t go back. There is a part of him that wants to, but he can’t abandon the shop and his hyungs. Awww. This is proof of how much the boy is maturing.

Oh is going around looking for Jin Shim with no luck whatsoever. He finally finds an ahjumma in the market who recognizes both girls. Oh is shocked to hear that Ga On was the one who died. He tells Mok that he found a lead, and that he needs to confirm the girl’s death at the police station. He does not, however, tell Mok about Choi Ga On’s death as he doesn’t want to say anything without confirming the facts. Then in comes Kang Sun who reveals that she does know who Jin Shim is. Ga On is going to meet with the girl to see what she wants. Lies. Lies. Lies. Mok shocks her when he demands to meet the girl as well [don’t blame him after hearing news the girl is supposed to be dead]. Kang Sun reluctantly agrees and then reminds him to make time to go to the doctors with her. Yeah. That baby has no effect really right now. I guess, I can’t believe how cold Mok got so fast. Granted, he knows he is being lied to and that isn’t right at all, but shouldn’t you be concerned over the well being of the unborn child at least?

Seo Young goes to the shop looking for Yoo Bong and the boys gather around, happy to meet the girl he talks about all the time. Yoo Bong then comes out and takes her outside to talk privately. He admits to being mad over what happened and then says that she can tell him anything and he will be on her side unconditionally. Oh. Wow. That’s Yoo Bong for you. Seo Young then explains that the person in her house that night was her ex. He was the one who broke the stuff in her apartment and her roof garden. He was really nice when she first came to Seoul, but she found out everything he said was a lie and when she tried to break up with him, he got violent. So the girl has been moving around, but he always finds her. Seo Young then says she’s moving although she had really wanted to stay in the neighborhood with Yoo Bong for much longer. Yoo Bong  then says that he doesn’t care what happens, he’s been reading about giraffe’s too. They aren’t just wardens, they pack a pretty mean wallop when they get angry and start stomping. Awww.

So Kang Sun hires an actress to be Jin Shim. OMG. It’s so fake its pathetic. One glance at Ga On’s face and you know its one big lie. To test this theory, Mok takes JIn Shim and Ga On to meet Tae Yang whose reaction is even more proof of the lie. You can also tell how unhappy Tae Yang is with Ga On for doing what she did. On their way back, Mok stops the car and kicks the girl out. The girl immediately calls Kang Sun to tell her what happened. Mok takes Ga On back to the office and demands to know why his daughter and his wife are lying to him. Ga On goes to tell him, but gets stopped by a call from the worried Kang Sun. Ga On says she will confess it all, but Kang Sun threatens to kill herself. Seriously? There are no words to express how annoyed I am.

Meanwhile, Hwang gets released from jail. Seul Woo takes her to Dan Bi’s where the girl has prepared a feast for her. Hwang demands to know how Seul Woo got the money for bail. Seul Woo breaks down and reveals it was from Kang Sun. This floors both Dan Bi and Hwang. Dan Bi then corners him and asks what is going on. Seul Woo says he has thrown his pride away to save his mother. He even got down on his knees and begged Ga On’s dad for help. He doesn’t regret throwing his pride away. Sure, fine. He threw his pride away, but he should regret his actions as he agreed to ruin a perfectly good man to save his mom. And ruining that person also ruins the lives of four other men. Is that really worth it? I think Lady Hwang would agree that it isn’t.

Ga On rushes home to find Kang Sun in bed with a bottle of pills. Ga On grabs the pills and Kang Sun hugs her crying. She knew she would come. Yes. As much as Ga On wants to be truthful to Mok, she just can’t let Kang Sun be. Seriously, Ga On would be better off if she wasn’t so easily swayed by that woman. Back at the office, Oh returns with what he learned from the local police in Jin Shim’s hometown. Mok is shocked to see his own daughter’s name on the death certificate instead of Jin Shim’s and that is where this episode ends.

Talk about a cliffhanger. Only two episodes left to bring the resolution.


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