U-KISS – “A Shared Dream” MV

So, I won’t lie. Sometimes I really don’t like what kpop artists do in Japan. To me it seems that their Japanese singing skills are sometimes very awkward. For Korean artists who are more popular in Japan than Korea and have more experience singing in Japanese, that isn’t necessarily the case. I also think that some of the problems lie with the fact that they turn Korean songs into Japanese and I am used to the Korean versions and find it hard to adapt to the Japanese versions.

A Shared Dream / U-KISS
A Shared Dream [CD+DVD / Jacket A]
[Disc 1]
01. Tick Tack
02. Forbidden Love
03. Show Me Your Smile
04. We Set off!!
05. A Shared Dream
06. The Sound of Magic
07. Orion
08. Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe
09. Man Man Ha Ni -Japanese ver.-
10. Bingeul Bingeul -Japanese ver.-
11. Shut Up!! -Japanese ver.-
12. Believe
[Disc 2]
01. Tick Tack (Music Video)
02. Forbidden Love (Music Video)
03. A Shared Dream (Music Video)
A Shared Dream Regular EditionA Shared Dream [CD Only]
01 Tick Tack
02 Forbidden Love
03 Show Me Your Smile
04 We Set off!!
05 A Shared Dream
06 The Sound of Magic
07 Orion
08 Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
09 Man Man Ha Ni -Japanese ver.-
10 Bingeul Bingeul -Japanese ver.-
11 Shut Up!! -Japanese ver.-
12 Believe
13 Tick Tack -MARCAN Mix-

I listened to U-KISS’s “A Shared Dream” with some trepidation and was pleasantly surprised. I love the song, the Japanese ballad doesn’t sound awkward coming from them. I do have to say, though, that Dongho’s and Eli’s rapping left something to be desired for me. It sounded rather awkward and those two are generally fairly decent in the rap department. AJ’s rapping seemed a step above the other two, but still not as great as it usually is in either English or Korean. Even the English in the rap parts sounded kind of off to me, probably because the Japanese and rhythm seemed awkward and that threw the English parts off.

I really wished that Kiseop got more solo singing time. The boy is not just a pretty face, but we still mainly get Kevin, Hoon, and Soohyun. While those three do have amazing voices, I have never understood why Kiseop gets hardly any solo parts at all [especially when all three rappers get quite a bit of solo rap time]. That being said, I am happy to see that Kiseop is getting more and more singing time with each song.

KiseopAs for the music video. It’s kinda cool. The dancing…well, I never really think energetic dancing suits ballads, but the boys can dance and dance well. I wonder what it is about putting U-KISS members in white and then getting them drenched? We saw that in “Neverland” and are seeing that with “A Shared Dream” as well. Although, Hoon and Kevin do look good 😛 I have to say it looks like Kevin is finally putting more meat on his scrawny bum. It looks good on him.

Two things I really love about this video? One is Kiseop with his angel wings and the other is the M. C. Escher stairs. If you know who Escher is, then you’ll understand what I mean. Besides the stairs going nowhere, I do really like the starry background and the all white rooms and such. I mean, its not the glaring, clinical white, but…a nice whiteness, I guess? It really helps fit the theme and mood of the song, I think. Enjoy the MV. I know I did as it is an amazing song [minus awkward rap which should just not have been included]. I do curse that Avex always cuts the PVs short. I am sure there wasn’t too much left on the song, but they have to end it early. Sigh.


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