Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 8 Recap

We open with the intense staring contest followed by Nan Qin’s slap which stunned everyone – even Gong Xi who is desperately wondering how to react. When Gong Xi decides that a reciprocal slap is needed, she raises her hand only to stop when she sees Nan Qin’s shaking and tears. When the other girl falls to her knees, Gong Xi can only apologize in shock. The first trial ends and everyone is impressed how they managed to do so much without words.

During the break, the panel are now shipping Nan Qin and Fei Li Hua [sorry, this would be the Fei Hwa from episode 7, I got her name wrong]. The director thinks that actually it should be Nan Qin and Gong Xi together, but it is the 2nd part of the challenge that will really cement who should be the winners. Meanwhile, Nan Qin is amazed and happy that Gong Xi responded as she had hoped. She is shocked to realize how much she already recognizes Gong Xi. What the heck is going on? Li Hua comes to talk and when she bad mouths Gong Xi, Nan Qin picks up a stool to hit her. O. M. G. Seriously? This goes to show that in spite of herself, Nan Qin is already falling for Gong Xi [friendship-wise]. This shocks Li Hua completely. Nan Qin never stands up for herself but can’t stand it if someone trash talks Gong Xi? Nan Qin then explains about Gong Xi’s talent.

Li Hua then goes to check out Gong Xi who is wheeling back and forth in despair. How can she follow-up what Nan Qin did so excellently? In the end, Gong Xi comes up with using the soda that the commerical will be promoting. She then goes into her crazy fantasy mode where she imagines playing with her best friend Nan Qin. She is playing both roles, and yeah, she looks totally silly. Li Hua thinks she’s off her rocker, but is happy to sabotage the girls by stealing Gong Xi’s idea since her group goes first.

Li Hua and her partner dance [her partner sings the commercial’s theme song] and at the end to show reconciliation, the two girls share a drink. When Nan Qin sees Gong Xi’s reaction, she understands Li Hua’s words about not needing to worry about another group doing the same thing since they went first. The two go up and poor Gong Xi is racking her brains to figure out how she can save the situation with Nan Qin is depending on her for. The director realizes that Li Hua must have copied their idea as well, but you can’t intervene with no proof [I think in the manga he actually saw Li Hua steal the idea]. Gong Xi then asks for soda and Nan Qin worries about being labeled unoriginal copycats. However, this time, Gong Xi takes a can and a bottle. Start is called and Gong Xi sprays Nan Qin with soda and says it is revenge, shocking everyone. Nan Qin then recalls Gong Xi’s words to follow her lead and shakes up her bottle and goes to shoot it at Gong Xi only to have it sprayed all over herself again. Nan Qin falls to the floor in surprise and starts laughing. Gong Xi and her then make up and everyone laughs along and agrees that those two girls’ skit was the best.

The director and his team decide to use both girls instead of just Nan Qin. Why? It was Gong Xi’s skill that carried them through the crisis in the final round which proves just how much of a genius she is. Meanwhile, Gong Xi happily sits with Nan Qin and tells her not to worry as Nan Qin definitely passed. Nan Qin, after trying to avoid her friend’s clinginess, then smile and says that she believes Gong Xi has passed as well. Gong Xi smiles and settles in on Nan Qin’s shoulder once more. The two girls get the good news and then get a thorough speech from the director about maintaining their health before and during the filming. He will not forgive unprofessional actors who do not take care of their health or body.

The two girls then go out and Nan Qin asks if Gong Xi new about the can vs. bottle when she handed out the drinks. Gong Xi smiles. She knew and she is glad that Nan Qin was able to do what she expected. Gong Xi is very happy with how well things went to plan. How lucky. She then grabs Nan Qin to eat ice cream. Nan Qin is put off that Gong Xi only got one, but eventually takes a spoonful. Gong Xi gushes about always wanting to do this and envying other girls before digging in for more. Nan Qin recalls all the times she has pushed the other girl away and considers that she had planned on one bite before leaving, but now she can’t leave nor can she forcibly push the other girl away. Gong Xi has already wiggled her way into Nan Qin’s heart. Gong Xi then figures it out that Nan Qin was friendless until now, too. This excites her as that means they are each other’s first friend. That’s very special indeed. On the ride home, Gong Xi sleeps on Nan Qin’s shoulder. Nan Qin takes out Gong Xi’s Love Me notebook and stamps her full points for helping her with the audition and Fei Li Hua situation. Aww. It’s so cute to see the stoic, stone-faced Nan Qin doing her best to keep on her mask while letting her feelings seep through unintentionally.

Shen then reports the good needs to Luo Li who is disappointed that the two girls are officially debuting without him. He wants to throw a grand party for them, but Shen then says that since it is only a commercial, the president can plan such extravagancies for when the girls make a bigger actorial debut. This brightens the mood and Luo Li decides to visit the girls to give them support during filming. Meanwhile, Du Jin reports the good news to Lian who tries to keep his pleasure hidden. He has already decided to stay away from Gong Xi. He is secretly pleased about Gong Xi getting the commercial and her using her uniform to stand out.

Later, Du Jin [who’s battling a cold] goes to get Lian lunch, but Lian’s female costar approaches with it already. She asks to eat with them and Lian agrees, but out pops Maria. She hands a special lunch box to the girl who runs screaming while Lian apologizes for Maria’s actions. He then invites the little girl over and Du Jin wonders over how Lian lets the brat close to him. Sigh. Lian will never have a girlfriend at this rate. So cute! Maria then tells Lian that she and her grandfather are their to support Gong Xi who is filming the commercial nearby. Luo Li comes and invites Lian and Du Jin to go with him.

The two girls are running around in a field [I think this was way less cheesy in the manga, but when seen in real life, oh my god how horrible!] playing tag and laughing. This tires them both out. Maria comes to visit them and she lets Gong Xi know that Lian was there, but he left without saying anything. Maria is sly, she is trying to hook Lian and Gong Xi up just like Du Jin is. Gong Xi goes running to catch them before they leave as she wants to personally thank Lian for all of his advice. Lian sees her in his rearview mirror, but stays true to his decision to avoid her. Poor Gong Xi.

The commercial shooting officially ends and Gong Xi is unhappy to learn she must return the school uniform. Nan Qin laughs at this and at how she caught Gong Xi playing school during breaks. This annoys Gong Xi and she goes to change. Maria asks why her jie is so sad about changing out of the uniform. Nan Qin explains that she thinks its because Gong Xi wishes she could be a student. This shocks Maria who hates going to school all the time [when is that girl ever in school?]. She then wonders if Gong Xi couldn’t go to college because of her not having a father. Luo Li listens intently. You know he’s hatching another scheme. Meanwhile, Gong Xi has changed and she caresses the uniform, thanking it for allowing her to experience the joy of being a student once more. This really made more sense in the manga where Kyoko [Gong Xi] was only 16 and really wanted to attend school like a normal girl.

Du Jin’s cold has gotten worse so he asks Shen for a substitute manager. Lian is not happy with this. He believes he would be fine for a week by himself. Du Jin explains it is impossible for a top star to be without a manager. At this moment, in pops Gong Xi! Lian’s expression is priceless. You can tell he’s thinking “oh crap, the last person I want to see.” Shen has tapped her to replace Du Jin while he’s recovering. Lian is absolutely against the idea [of course he is]. Gong Xi follows him out, but Lian tells her to go back and he will tell Shen to forget. Gong Xi doesn’t want this as it goes against the Love Me rules and means that she was bad before even trying. In the end, she resorts to throwing herself on top of Lian’s care and demanding he run her over and kill her if he won’t let her try. Of course he caves to that and lets her in the car.

Gong Xi is shocked by Lian’s jam-packed schedule. Lian then talks about how great Du Jin is when it comes to managing Lian’s schedule and popularity. Gong Xi memorizes the schedule for the day and vows to do her best. Only, Lian carries his own luggage instead of allowing Gong Xi to do it. And when she tries to protect him from the fans, Lian instead protects Gong Xi. While Lian is filming, Gong Xi is mistaken for a worker [really, in her bright pink jumpsuit?] and gets in trouble when she drops props. Lian has to come to her rescue and he wonders what exactly she was doing. Gong Xi wonders how any one could mistake her for being a worker there, but is shut up when a girl with a muted pink jumpsuit walks by with arms full. Go figure. Lian then tells her to go ahead to meet the press and prepare tea as Du Jin is really good with that stuff.

Lian’s filming goes over time, making him late. When he gets to the press meeting, only Gong Xi is there. What happened, where are the reporters? Gong Xi said that because he was late, she copied his schedule. The reporters were very happy with this and left. Lian cannot believe how gullible Gong Xi was that she allowed the reporters trick her into revealing his schedule for the rest of the year. Apparently he is under contract to not leak his activities for a certain project. This means Lian could face legal issues [I don’t think this happened in the manga at all. Mostly, people just talked bad about Gong Xi behind her back for being a useless manager – she didn’t commit such a grievous error]. Gong Xi huddles in a corner crying. She doesn’t deserve to live. This makes Lian recall the crying Gong Xi of the past and he can’t not comfort her. He then takes partial responsibility for not telling her what she can and can’t do as his manager. From now on, it will be a better partnership with communication to avoid any more such situations.

After they get that mess all cleared up, Gong Xi sees a poster of Shang. Of course, Gong Xi goes nuts and tries to rip the poster to shreds. Only she can’t because it’s behind glass [or that really strong plastic]. The two security guards who seem to be haunted by Gong Xi’s yells pull her away, protesting, and deliver her to Lian who is less than happy to learn that she got in trouble for trying to destroy Shang’s poster.

End the episode. I. Want. More. NOW!


Whee! I found myself chuckling constant in this episode. We had a lot of cute and funny happenings. How I love this show. How I love that it is staying pretty true to the manga when Taiwanese dramas based on mangas tend to go pretty far off the norm. That said, you really don’t have to be a fan of the manga to understand or love this drama. Being a fan of Siwon’s dimples or Donghae’s…smoky eyes? (I heart Donghae – esp. after It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl)…and Ivy Chen’s beauty and acting is good enough.

I am also really liking Bianca Bai. Now I needs must see other of her and Ivy’s dramas. They are really great actresses. Maybe this means I will start watching more Taiwanese dramas instead of the occassional ones here and there. Then again, maybe not. Who knows? But, anyways, I really loved the developing of their friendship in this episode.

And O.M.G! It’s finally coming! Finally! The PV shooting! I can’t wait to see how Ivy and Donghae will play this out. It will be interesting. Given what we’ve seen so far, I have high expectations. With the PV shooting comes Lian really recognizing his feelings and getting jealous and fearful of Shang’s hold on Gong Xi. I wonder if we’ll get the Dark Moon filming, too? That really helps develop Lian’s and Gong Xi’s relationship even more…and if we get Dark Moon…could we maybe, possible get Beagle? Not an essential part of the storyline, however, Beagle really helps get Shang to figure out more of his feelings towards Gong Xi, which would be really cool to see even more of the softer side and feelings that Shang didn’t even realize himself.


  • HI was wondering if u knew the name of the theme song of Gong Xi’s and Qin’s commercial? I am IN LUV wit it but i don’t knw the name…thanks!

    • I am not certain. The official ost is now available from YesAsia now. I found samples of most of the songs and can’t seem to find the one you’re looking for. Hope this helps.
      01. 華麗的獨秀(S.O.L.O.) / SUPER JUNIOR M
        [*2012年SUPER JUNIOR M所演唱之全新中文新曲,「華麗的挑戰」轟動片頭曲]
      02. 這是愛(That’s Love) / 東海(DONGHAE) with HENRY From SUPER JUNIOR M
        [*SUPER JUNIOR東海創作+首次中文獨唱的”不破尚之歌”,「華麗的挑戰」片尾曲]
      03. 等你(Wait) / A-Lin
        [*天生歌姬 A-Lin絕美詮釋劇中女主角內心世界的”宮囍之歌”]
      04. 不留紀念(Goodbye) / 周覓(ZHOUMI) From SUPER JUNIOR M
        [*SUPER JUNIOR M周覓首次獨秀之感人情歌”敦賀蓮之歌”)
      05. 未來(Future) / 米非(Mify) From roomie
      06. 愛你沒有太多理由(No Reason) / 貝貝(BaeBae) From roomie
      07. 一場微醺(One) / roomie
      08. 手擁(Hands) / 信
      09. 這是愛(That’s Love) – Piano Version / Instrumental
      10. 華麗的獨秀(S.O.L.O.) – Guitar Version / Instrumental

  • I would die of happiness when tht happens 😛 lol…and same! Their choice of music for the scenes in the drama is absolutely amazing..and also considering im a huuge suju fan 😉

    • I love SuJu, too. It started with Heechul and grew to encompass all members, but I think Donghae is my bias now.
      I think my favorite song [besides Donghae’s and SuJu M’s S.O.L.O] is Wei Lai by Miffie from Roomie, which I guess is a new Taiwanese girl group.

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