Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 15 Recap

Ga On wants to go by, but just can’t leave Tae Yang alone. She demands to know what he’s doing there and is shocked to see how altered he is. Tae Yang says he’s in pain. He’s also thought it over a bit and can’t see why Ga On is doing what she’s doing. Ga On says it’s because she’s tired of their relationship. Tae Yang says that what she says is the opposite of what she really feels as he can’t feel anything cold from her. So why is she lying? Tae Yang may not have much, but he is confident he can be her strength. Ga On scorns this. She is someone who was born with everything. She even has the power to take away the dream Tae Yang worked so hard on, so how on earth can he say he can be her strength and support her? Well, that is a very valid question.

Ji Chang Wook

Ga On goes home and tries to throw herself into work, but just ends up bawling instead. Tae Yang goes back to the hospital and crawls into his bed where his baby sister scolds him for making her worry like that. Does he know how long Dan Bi and she looked for him? Tae In won’t answer. Dan Bi just looks at him and cries silently. Tae In then asks if Tae Yang left to see Mok Ga On – the girl who dumped him. At this, Dan Bi gets up and ushers Tae In out of the room, leaving the disparate Tae Yang alone.

The next day Dan Bi drives him home and Tae Yang thanks her for everything she has done. He’s indebted to her. Dan Bi then replies that he owes her nothing since he helped find her mother’s precious ring when it was lost. She then offers up her help should he need anything – no matter how trivial. How sweet. The boys are shocked to see Tae Yang back already. Shouldn’t their captain be resting a bit more? Tae Yang can’t do that when there is work to be done. Ki Young actually breaks his customary silence to ask if he’s okay. Chan Sol immediately breaks in and says that its obvious that Tae Yang isn’t okay just by how he looks and the younger boy is immediately silenced by the others. Tae Yang isn’t back 100% –health or emotion-wise- but he’s still striving to show his boys his usual, happy face.

Ga On and Kang Sun go to visit Mok in his office and get the shock of their life to find Tae In there. Mok says that she came by and was telling him tales from when the two girls were young. Ga On immediately invites Tae In to her office for a private talk which disappoints Mok as he was hoping to hear the two girls chat about their younger days. Tae In follows and while the two girls talk, Kang Sun wishes to know what Tae In said. Mok said that Tae In told him about Kang Sun being a mother to Tae In and her brother who were parentless. Wow. Completely opposite from the truth. Kang Sun warns him about letting Tae In into their lives and then says she wants no rumors popping up as there is enough about her and Ga On already. Mok doesn’t care about such things and neither should Kang Sun. Right. He wouldn’t say that if he knew the whole story.

In Ga On’s office, Tae In asks if she is an unwelcome guest. This surprises Ga On. What could Tae In mean? Does the younger girl have no idea how much Ga On missed her? No, obviously not since Ga On never contacted her, even after Ga On knew Tae In met with Kang Sun. While Ga On can say nothing to this, Tae In says that since Ga On has been lying to Tae Yang all of this time, then of course Ga On wouldn’t want to acknowledge his sister. Ga On then thanks Tae In for not telling Tae Yang and Tae In blows a gasket. She didn’t lie to protect Ga On, she lied to protect her brother who has been destroyed and betrayed twice now. Once by Shin Jin Shim and once by Mok Ga On. Tae In then yells at Ga On for even bothering to approach Tae Yang when she just crushed his heart a second time. Does Ga On realize how he pined and waited for Jin Shim? Yeah, she does have an idea, but she can’t say this to Tae In. Ga On admits that she was wrong and then begs Tae In to stay away from Mok and Choi. Tae In refuses, hurting Ga On as Ga On turning her back on Tae Yang will have been meaningless then [Tae In seems to miss that comment or chooses to ignore it]. Tae In warns Ga On that she is different from Tae Yang and that Kang Sun and Ga On better be on their guard. Ga On pleads with Tae In to stop whatever it is she’s planning, but the younger girl won’t listen to reason.

Ga On gets home and Kang Sun immediately wishes to know what “that girl” wants. Ga On says that Tae In just came because she wanted to see Ga On. The older girl then tells Kang Sun that she shouldn’t worry as she warned Tae In away from the office [as if the younger girl would listen]. Kang Sun is unhappy as Tae In had the audacity to go to Mok’s office and declare war on them. Ga On asks Kang Sun to leave Tae In to her as her mother should only be concentrating on positive things with the pregnancy. Kang Sun admits that is true as the baby is the most important thing to her right now. It is also because of the baby that Kang Sun can’t and won’t leave Tae In alone because Tae In can get in the baby’s way. Ga On tries to defend Tae In by commenting on the rashness of youth, but Kang Sun won’t listen. Tae In is greedy and needs to learn a lesson about how scary of a hand she has been dealt. Great.

The boys are having a publicity photo shoot at the store. They are cute and awkward all at the same time. They then go to a store where they each get a nice, fitted suit as a gift from the chairman. Wow. They all look pretty darn good dressed up formally, although, in their line of business it is a little overkill. They then go to Mok’s office where Ga On watches on uncomfortably while they take pictures with her father. I am wondering just why Chan Sol looks so awkward and out of place. He was almost an idol. Where did all of his verve and cockiness go? Shouldn’t he be more at ease in front of the camera? While Ga On goes to talk to Tae Yang, Ho Jae, Chan Sol, and Yoo Bong go into an office to take pictures to send to Ho Jae’s mother. Ho Jae reveals that he told his mom he worked for a trading firm. Quite the lie. When will that blow up in his face? You’d think his mom should be proud of him as he is the business brains behind the store’s promotions.

Tae Yang tells Ga On that he thought about quitting and leaving the store to make her more comfortable, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Why? More than his pride and more than her comfort, he thinks about his boys first. He can’t jeopardize their future for his pride. So he will not be leaving the store and will be doing his best to make it a success for his gang. Ga On says that is a relief as the store needs to do well for the sake of the company if nothing else. Cold, but she is doing it on purpose. I am glad to see a little more of Tae Yang’s fighting spirit and his need to watch over and protect his boys. It means he’s slowly on the mend. Enter Seul Woo. Scratch that. Tae Yang is very unhappy to see Seul Woo paying Ga On a visit.

Seul Woo and Ga On go back to their office. He came to tell her something, but invites her out for fresh air instead. He’s pretty much guessed that Ga On dumped Tae Yang because of her mother, although Ga On will never admit to that. She just says that Tae Yang isn’t someone to play around with and it soon became very tiresome and hard. Seul Woo knows that Ga On doesn’t really mean what she says [while, she does mean that it was hard as it was very hard, but no, she doesn’t mean it when she says its completely over], but tells her that he hopes she won’t let Tae Yang touch her heart any more. The two then end up at a batting cage where Seul Woo easily hits the balls and Ga On completely misses. The tears pour out as she keeps swinging and missing. Meanwhile, Dan Bi, Tae In, and the Fresh Men go do karaoke to help lift Tae Yang’s spirts. It works for awhile, but then he starts singing a ballad [he’s got a fairly decent voice by the way] and thinks of his moments with Ga On and tears up while his friends all get depressed and worried. Tae In gets a call from Kang Sun who says that Tae In won’t be able to reject her offer and they arrange to meet.

The next day, the boys are cleaning and getting ready to open show when they notice that someone is moving in next door. It’s none other than Jung Ah! She worked hard to get the building next to theirs in order to set up shop. This way she can rely on their help, cook them meals on occasion, and keep an eye on Chan Sol. The boys are more than happy to help her get settled in and Yoo Bong comments on why her husband isn’t there to help. Awkward pause as Jung Ah exchanges a glance with Chan Sol. Jung Ah says that he’s away on business again which surprises Yoo Bong since she’s in such a delicate state. The boys then start helping her move and Chan Sol takes her aside and says he doesn’t want to lie anymore. Jung Ah tells him they can’t tell the truth as he will no longer be the refreshing maknae. I really don’t think the others would really judge and pity him so much if they really knew the truth.

Seul Woo then shows up to the store and wishes to see Tae Yang about a job. Tae Yang cannot believe this at all. Seul Woo definitely has gall to show up there begging for a job. Seul Woo gets a punch and Tae Yang telling him that he will never hire him. I can’t believe Seul Woo actually laid there and told Tae Yang to hit him until he felt better. Wow. How the mighty have fallen. I have a feeling that Seul Woo going to see Ga On to talk the other day was in order to ask for help getting a job. But he decided the best place to go was to Tae Yang. Well, the man does need a job and a way to live and have food to eat. Tae Yang’s is the excellent choice as housing and food is provided. Too bad Tae Yang doesn’t like him at the moment. It also doesn’t help as Seul Woo made it sound like just anyone could do the job and kind of belittled the knowledge and skills needed for the shop either.

Kang Sun and Ga On come out from Kang Sun’s baby appointment [the fetus is healthy for now, thankfully] only to run into Dan Bi and Boon Hong who are coming out from Boon Hong’s check up. While the two mothers sit and have coffee, so do the two girls. Kang Sun tells Boon Hong about being pregnant and how she feels apologetic towards ousting Boon Hong, but it was never Boon Hong’s place by Mok’s side since he had met Kang Sun first. Ouch. Meanwhile, Dan Bi tries to talk to Ga On about Tae Yang, but Ga On doesn’t want to and wonders just why Dan Bi is getting upset over Tae Yang like she did earlier over Seul Woo. Dan Bi says she doesn’t know and is working that out for herself. I wonder if Ga On will ever get jealous of Dan Bi who seems to be falling for Tae Yang? I must admit to really liking how Boon Hong tells Kang Sun not to worry or feel bad as Boon Hong may not have given birth to Dan Bi, but that girl is her precious daughter. Aww.

Afterward, Dan Bi and Boon Hong talk. Dan Bi is shocked to learn that Boon Hong knows Kang Sun just as Boon Hong was surprised to learn that Dan Bi knows Ga On. Boon Hong then reveals that she was once Mok’s wife. This really floors Dan Bi. Boon Hong talks about getting divorced and going to a monastery to hide away from the world as she hated everyone at that time. When she was really low and thinking about killing herself, she met Jung in the mountains who cussed her out but good when he found her tryign to hang herself. Jung then came to visit her everyday after that and when Boon Hong’s ill health caused her to collapse, she woke up in the hospital to learn that Jung had signed as her guardian, getting her the surgery she needed. So that is why she is in love with that bear! He may not be the nicest in the strictest sense, but he’s really a man with deep feelings and kindness. Boon Hong then talks about her love for Dan Bi and how she strived to be healthy and live so that Dan Bi didn’t lose another mother. Dan Bi breaks down at this. If only she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have treated Boon Hong so badly as she though the woman married her dad for his money. The two women cry and hug while Jung wipes away tears outside the door. Looks like the family is on the mend maybe.

Seul Woo waits for the boys to come back and when they do, he goes to help them carry in their produce. However, Ki Young [I have decided to stop calling him Scruffy since he is scruffy no more] takes the boxes away. Seul Woo is being froze out by all the Fresh Men. Can’t blame them as I think they think Seul Woo has more to do with Ga On breaking things off than he really does. The boys make mixed rice and dig in, but Tae Yang can’t eat. Why? Seul Woo is still sitting outside and freezing. Tae Yang may not like Seul Woo much right now, but he is still not a completely heartless individual. Tae Yang sends Chan Sol out to bring Seul Woo in. The man eats alone, tearing up as each one of the boys tells him how unwelcome he is and how none of them want to work with him. Chan Sol even stops the silent Ki Young from just walking by and asks him to tell Seul Woo his nickname. Ki Young says “Ong Bak” [it’s a reference to a warrior from a Thai film]. Chan Sol then tells Seul Woo with that, if Seul Woo messes with Tae Yang he’s going to get it from Ki Young. Nice.

Dan Bi goes to visit Hwang and tells her about Seul Woo searching for a job which shocks his mother. Hwang then begs Dan Bi to keep watch on her poor son. Meanwhile, Yoo Bong is trying to work up the courage to visit his lady crush. He goes to go on past until he sees her crying on the roof. When he goes up, he is shocked to see the disarray the rooftop is in. The girl wants to know why he is there and Yoo Bong says he was bringing her extra fruit they had on hand [and a bouquet of roses to boot]. The girl doesn’t want company and he sets the fruit down and turns to leave, but just can’t bring himself to go. He gets down and helps he repot all the plants. When he’s done, he says that he will come by to check on them as he isn’t sure if they will live or not. He then says she can depend on him since he’s a farmer. The girl then confesses she is from the countryside as well which shocks Yoo Bong. He gets invited in to tea where the girl apologizes for the mess in the apartment as well. Looks like there was a nasty fight. Yoo Bong asks what happened, but the girl refuses to say. She then asks if stepson is really his hame. Yoo Bong looks down at his nametag and says that is only his nickname at the store. He is basically the one who becomes the son of all the neighborhood ahjummas. The girl smiles and wonders if she should call him step son-ssi. Yoo Bong then tells her his full name and he is very happy when she calls him Yoo Bong-ssi. She then introduces herself as Kang Seo Young and it was so cute to watch him stammer out Seo Young-ssi. So cute! So cute! I want more of these two.

Tae In goes to meet Kang Sun who is running late. She is then brought a drink which she guzzles nervously. When she goes to look at her phone, her vision blurs and she passes out. When she wakes up she’s in an abandoned building with no shoes. The door is unlocked and she must walk through the snow and woods with no shoes until she gets to the road. A car drives by and stops. Tae In gets in and immediately thanks the person, but freaks out and tries to get out when she sees it’s the waitress from earlier. At the same time, Secretary Yang tells Ga On Kang Sun isn’t home and that while he can’t tell her what is going on, Ga On needs to be aware of what her mother is doing [how cryptic, but Ga On takes the hint]. This really freaks Ga On out and she anxiously keeps trying to call her mom or Tae In.

Tae In is brought to Kang Sun who asks that her shoes be given back. Tae In cannot believe what Kang Sun did. Kang Sun did says that she told Tae In that the girl couldn’t refuse her offer terms. Tae In tries to strike back with she’ll tell everything to Mok and the police. Kang Sun says she doesn’t feel one iota threatened as she’ll just take care of Tae In before she can blab. If Tae In doesn’t want the same thing to happen again, this time to Tae Yang, then the girl will take the money Kang Sun left in her purse and stay out of their lives or else. Kang Sun then leaves while Tae In cries and shivers. The girl should have known better, but she went ahead at full speed, completely blind.

Tae In gets home where she collapses. Dan Bi is completely freaked out and wondered what happened to her friend. Tae In just holds onto her new unnie and cries. Tae Yang rushes out of the shop as soon as he gets Dan Bi’s call. He thanks her for calling him to let him know about Tae In. What exactly happened? Dan Bi doesn’t know and then she tells Tae Yang about the poor state of Tae In’s feet. Tae Yang looks and gets seriously angry. Can’t blame him. That’s his baby sister lying ill on the bed with bruised and cut feet. Dan Bi then shows him Tae In’s phone. She turned it on and saw all the missed calls from Ga On. This shocks Tae Yang. How does Tae In know Ga On? Ga On tries calling again and gets quite the shock when Tae Yang answers instead. Tae Yang demands to know what is going on. Did Ga On know something bad was going to happen to his sister? Ga On denies this and quickly hangs up, but Tae Yang is angry and suspicious now.

The next day Kang Sun goes to pick up Ga On for lunch with Mok. You know Ga On is burning to talk to Kang Sun about what happened with Tae In, but can’t get the backbone to do it. Just at the two are about to leave the office, Tae Yang comes running up to the office to confront Ga On about Tae In. End episode. Will the whole truth finally be revealed? Stay tuned.


I must say that I am really hoping Tae Yang finds out the truth in the next episode thanks to where this one leaves off, but I won’t hold my breath as kdramas or Asian dramas in general are really good at the near misses and almosts that drive you crazy for however many episodes. If he finally figures it out with more than one episode to go, that would be great.

And with this episode I felt kind of stupid. If you think about the reason why Chan Sol got the boot from his agency, it was because he got a young girl in trouble. Then enter in his pregnant noona. Especially when the two seemed sad that Chan Sol was staying at the store vs. her apartment, it should have hit home. But then again, they did pick two people who did kind of resemble real siblings, plus they never really seemed to give off a romantic vibe whatsoever, but this episode pretty much tells you that they are a couple and it’s really Chan Sol’s baby and not some husband’s who is always away on business trips. This also explains why Chan Sol’s and Jung Ah’s last names are different. If they were siblings, shouldn’t they be the same?

I really liked Yoo Bong’s budding romance with Seo Young. I can’t wait to see more of this side story and to figure out just what the mystery is behind the disaster zone that was her rooftop garden and apartment. I would also like to get more of Ki Young’s story, but so far we have nothing in that department. I am also wondering how long Ho Jae can lie to his mother about working for a firm with all the publicity that is going on for the Fresh Men’s vegetable store.

I am really happy that nothing major happened to Tae In. Well, something big did happen, but I mean where she either died or ended up in a coma. Although, with what the evil witch pulled, you know that she is totally capable of taking Tae In permanently out of the picture. The girl is tough, but she really bit off more than she can chew when she decided to take on Kang Sun. Although, you know one of the reasons she went to the chairman’s office to seek the two out was to light into Ga On for dumping poor Tae Yang.

And what is up with Seul Woo? I am not saying his character was completely immature and not serious, but I think his character changed a little too much in such a short time. Yes, he loves his mother who coddled him his whole life and she has been thrown in jail and they have been ruined, but to change so fast? That’s actually rather rare. For him to give up his pride and all of a sudden understand Ga On’s real feelings for Tae Yang? It seems a bit against character.

Speaking of which, I think Tae Yang’s jealousy was cute, but now its kind of annoying. I know he thinks of Seul Woo as competition and he knows that Seul Woo is going after Ga On, but Tae Yang’s complete 180 against a person he was on such friendly terms with while Ga On gets even friendlier is rather odd as well and seems a bit too drastic given Tae Yang’s normally jovial personality. I do have to say that I thought it was so cute how the other four of our quintet ganged up on Seul Woo to show their support of their captain. It goes to show you just how much brotherly love they have for him. I especially loved how Chan Sol had to stop Ki Young and do the whole Ong Bak thing. Ahh, those boys. I love them and their scenes more than the Ga On and Tae Yang scenes and definitely more than any time Kang Sun is onscreen.

Ga On knows she’s pretty much getting kicked to the curb by her mother, so why does she keep doing whatever the witch wants? Truthfully, Kang Sun will never want to the truth revealed for fear of losing Mok regardless. So, Ga On should use that knowledge and fight back, but no, she cowers in fear and lets mommy dearest get away with tormenting the two people Ga On supposedly loved the most when she lived as Jin Shim. Whatever.


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