D=Out Music Nippon Full PV

Finally! Tokuma Japan has released the full PV of D=OUT’s “Music Nippon.” While it is pretty standard fare for a visual kei PV, I still really enjoyed it. The fan bit at the end was really cute and Kouki in a … was it a yukata? … totally LOVED it! Although, I am not sold on him and black hair. Speaking of hair… I am shocked. No pink or orange hair. In fact, the band’s hair was actually pretty uniform in coloring and styling which is a little rare from D=OUT.

I really loved the guitar solos that came in along with that…whistling, high-pitched sound which I have no idea if it came from the guitar or if it was an added sound effect. I remember when I first heard D=OUT, I didn’t think I really liked Kouki’s voice, but I have since fallen in love with its uniqueness and now own almost all of their albums.

Music Nippon just went on sale today. Support the boys and buy the album!

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