Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 7 Recap

Gong Xi manages to escape her chicken prison and goes out to watch Shang perform. How can she catch up to that sparkling talent? She dejectedly goes through the studio after being told that she will never work there again due to her stunts during the live broadcast. Gong Xi sees the reality of what happens when a newbie small fry goes against a bigger, popular entertainer. This makes her even more depressed. To make matters worse, she runs into Lian who is filming at the same studio! She notices his troubled look and this surprises her. What could have him so troubled? However, she doesn’t want to be seen in her chicken state and she tries to slink off only to catch his attention. She quickly puts on her chicken head when he approaches and asks her for help.

When Lian asks for a cell phone, Gong Xi replies that she doesn’t have one. This really depresses Lian. Gong Xi then notices the script and recalls how Lian looked up Shang’s information on his cell, but spelt the name wrong. Could it be that Lian doesn’t understand something in the script and wants to look it up? Lian immediately denies this and Gong Xi loses her temper and calls him out. Lian is shocked by this. How could a stranger know his attitude so well? Gong Xi immediately drops to her chicken knees and apologizes. Lian laughs out loud. A genuine laugh [which let me tell you. really highlights Siwon’s killer dimples and smile]. He forgives Gong Xi right away and the two sit down and Gong Xi cannot help but laugh when she realizes that Lian has no idea what a certain phrase [common slang/a figure of speech] is. Lian reads it literally and thinks it is a sutra, but it is really just a term expressing how serious a person’s attitude was.

After this Gong Xi falls over and mistakes Lian for Shang for a moment. Will she ever be able to catch up to Shang who is shining so brightly so far away? Lian wishes to help her out of the suit to make her more comfortable, but she tells him about getting fired and wanting to stay in the costume a little while longer. Lian then encourages her. She can’t let this rejection be the end of her world and should instead learn from it. Gong Xi says that he wouldn’t understand her feelings and Lian said that he has been fired many times in the past! This shocks Gong Xi. Mr. Perfect was actually fired? Lian tries to count all the times he’s been fired or replaced and loses count, but he is pretty sure it’s over 20 times. Du Jin then comes to say filming is about to begin and Lian introduces his new friend the chicken. This surprises both Du Jin and Gong Xi to hear the word friend coming out of Lian’s mouth. Gong Xi is also really shocked to see Lian’s real smile, not the fake, bright smile, but one with genuine feeling and warmth. He starts making her heart beat a little faster. Afterward, our lost chicken goes to the roof where she vows to not give up and work hard until she can surpass Shang.

Somewhere in here we have Shang pretty much figure out that Coco is Gong Xi. It amuses him at how horrible a chicken she was. There is no way the girl can catch him and get her revenge. When his manager expresses concern over the wrestling incident, Shang just waves it off as a zealous fan he will never encounter again. His manager worries that the type of fan the chicken is could be a lot more problematic than he thinks, but Shang refuses to believe Gong Xi will ever be able to touch him.

Back at LME, Gong Xi sees Lian with Du Jin and when she goes to happily greet him, she recalls that he has no idea that she is the chicken and she would rather keep it that way. Plus, she flipped him the bird! Gong Xi turns around and walks away and Lian takes off in hot pursuit. Gong Xi cannot believe this man is keeping up with her [guy with longer legs, hello?]. Lian stops her before she can escape and scolds her for not properly greeting her senior. He then mentions her giving him the finger and Gong Xi bows in apology, whacking her head on his arm. Lian then reads her mind and calls her out on thinking he holds grudges. Gong XI tries to protest this, but has to admit that she has noticed he seems to bear grudges. Du Jin then comes over and wonders why Lian is with Gong Xi at the ladies’ room. Lian smiles and replies he is just teaching Gong Xi about manners and greetings. [I admit I liked it in the manga a wee bit better when Du Jin comes over and sees Lian with a crying Gong Xi outside the women’s room and assumes the worse – no, not sexual harassment, but pregnancy].

The spaced out Gong Xi follows Lian and Du Jin and Lian wonders why she isn’t wearing the uniform. Gong Xi replies that she doesn’t want to wear such an eye catching uniform. Lian says she must really not want to be a star. In the entertainment industry, standing out and catching attention is what can help take you places. Gong Xi then takes out a flier and asks if Lian knows about the company holding the commercial auditions. Lian hands her over to Du Jin who says the company is big and well known. This worries Gong Xi. This means competition will be fierce. She has already signed up for the audition and now must tell Shen about it.

Gong Xi tells Shen about the audition and says she wanted to do something after her major flub as the chicken. Shen then reveals that in show business, audience reaction can make or break you. The audience loved Coco and thus the studio called to offer the role permanently to Gong Xi! Still, Gong Xi doesn’t want anyone to know she’s the chicken, especially Lian and Shang. Shen interprets this desire as more of feminine vanity. Of course, Gong Xi would prefer to debut in a pretty role all dressed up with makeup. Well, she would, but that isn’t the main reason for her not wanting others to know.

At a shoot, Lian’s costar comes in crying. Thanks to her forgetting the lines, she made him reshoot the scene many times. Lian puts on his false smile and tells her to stop crying or she’ll cry away her confidence. Nor does he mind the retakes. Du Jin watches with a bemused smile. How can Lian spout such lines with a straight face? The costar dries her tears and leaves and Lian then notices Du Jin’s expression. What is it? Du Jin comments on Lian’s gentleness and then comments on how much nicer Lian has been to Gong Xi. This shocks Lian. Has his attitude towards her really changed that much? When Du Jin says that is has, Lian resolves to change his ways. He has already cast the past behind him, he can’t let memories of the young Gong Xi throw him off his current track.

Gong Xi arrives at the audition and gets hit in the face. When she apologizes, she realizes the girl is ignoring her and yelling at someone else. Just who is it? It’s Nan Qin! Gong Xi rushes over to her friend, ignoring the other girl which shocks and annoys her. This girl tells Nan Qin to give up and go home as the role is already hers just like all the roles before. Gong Xi tries to figure out what is going on, but Nan Qin won’t talk. The other girl just turns and asks if Gong Xi really thinks she’d take bit parts. Gong Xi replies she doesn’t believe it and the two walk on. Gong Xi then learns that the other girl [with three girly butlers accompanying] is the wealthy daughter of a major investment company. Instead of using her talent alone, she buys her way into getting the auditions. The panel, minus the director who has been detained, immediately take a shine to Fei Hwa’s background. Then starts a chaotic audition where the other girls flock around and demand attention and Gong Xi and Nan Qin [who sit in utter shock at the spectacle] realize just why they are in the Love Me department. They don’t have that overwhelming desire for attention and love.

The next part of the audition is to talk about a memorable, refreshing moment as the commercial will focus on being refreshing. Gong Xi and Nan Qin both flub this and fall off the audition radar. Why? Gong Xi admits that she’s has no good moments in her bleak life. All the memories she treasured [of Shang] turned out to be meaningless lies. Nan Qin, with a very unhappy expression, then talks about her best moment was winning a leading role in the 3rd grade. When Gong Xi asks afterward, she hears of Nan Qin’s history with the other girl. Fei Hwa has always taken the roles away from Nan Qin and single handedly set out to destroy her and her dream [the reason behind this whether here or in the manga is never clearly defined]. Gong Xi gets really upset with Nan Qin’s defeatist attitude and her decision to quit before the next round, so she slaps her friend and tells her to snap out of it and grow a spine. It’s time for Nan Qin to fight back. Nan Qin asks Gong Xi how they can fight back after such a miserable audition. Gong Xi recalls Lian’s words about standing out and gets Nan Qin to reluctantly agree to wear her LME uniform at the next round. This whole exchange was viewed by a scruffy man who turns out to be the director who was missing from the first half of the audition.

The next day the girls come in the uniforms shocking and horrifying everyone. Fei Hwa can’t believe Nan Qin came back and is even more surprised to see Nan Qin’s determination. Fei Hwa’s men go to buy off the director, but he refuses the money, angering Fei Hwa and amusing Nan Qin. The director also reveals he has changed his mind about the commercial. It will star two females and be about friendship. The girls then draw lots and it turns out that Gong Xi and Nan Qin are partnered for the next round in which you must have a genuine fight over a boy with your best friend. Fei Hwa protests this as the two girls work together so it is not fair. She proposes the two girls go into the audition cold with no discussion. Gong Xi protests and the director says they can redraw lots, but Nan Qin accepts this challenge.

The audition starts and Fei Hwa does an excellent job with her partner making the director wonder why she would try to buy her spot when she obviously has talent. This shows the girl lacks confidence. Next up is Gong Xi and Nan Qin. It is obvious that Gong Xi is completely a mess with worry. Nan Qin tells her to just follow her lead and calm down. The trial starts and Nan Qin glares at Gong Xi who glares back. Then everyone is shocked when Nan Qin slaps Gong Xi. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out.


While Ivy Chen’s normal way of speaking in this drama is starting to slightly wear on my nerves, I am still enjoying this show to the utmost! I don’t really get what it is, especially in Taiwanese dramas with these more sort of cutesy voices, but having heard her different voices for the varying roles Gong Xi has already done, I am prone to think that her normal speaking voice for the drama is NOT her normal voice. It would be so much better if she just talked normally. Or I could be wrong.

Aiyo. Donghae, Donghae. Why on earth did they make the character of Shang do that stupid “Ja Hey” and “Yes” shouting with those stupid moves? Sho never that in the manga and seeing it in the drama is really kind of annoying. Also, I think they really aren’t doing the manager justice. In the manga, she did do a little flirting back with Sho, but she was mainly an older woman who thought of him as a little brother than as a romantic interest and had a much bigger role than she does in this series. While I liked her in the manga series, I am really not liking her in this drama at all.

I really liked seeing Siwon’s Lian in this episode as we explored the genuine side of Lian that normally doesn’t get seen. How great is it that he can be himself with the Coco Chicken Gong Xi? And how weird is it that Lian actually confides and warmly advises someone that he doesn’t know [figuratively speaking since he had no idea its Gong Xi in the chicken suite]? For as close as he plays his private life and troubles, how is it that he feels he can trust and confide in this strange chicken? It’s really interesting how against character it goes [this does happen in the manga as well, but still its surprising in no matter which version].

I am getting excited as with the commercial audition here, we are getting closer to Gong Xi acting as Lian’s temporary manager and to Gong Xi going to do Shang’s music video out of her desire to show him up and debut through his latest single. Can’t wait!


  • Next week’s episode looks like fun! I’m looking forward to more Lian/Gong Xi scenes.

    I had assumed that Shang doing the Ja Hey’s was in the manga, so now i’m confused as well as to why they have him do it. It just looks stupid.

    Lian and the chicken. That was a really cute scene, but I found it amusing how sad he looked when he asked her for her phone and she didn’t have one. He literally seemed crushed that he couldn’t look that phrase up, and while I thought that reaction was a bit much, I guess it ties in with his character. He always wants to be the best he can be, and he obviously can’t if he doesn’t understand what he’s acting.

    I liked the fact that Fei Hwa was actually talented. I had half expected her to be terrible, hence the bribing. But she could get the roles she wanted without actually needing to bribe anyone, so it makes her a very sad character, rather than just a bitch.

    Also, Siwon’s smile is the best thing about him. It seriously makes him so much more attractive, lol.

    • I know, I am really looking forward to Sunday’s episode! Lian and Gong Xi should have a lot of screen time together!

      No, Sho was very image conscious and tried to be really careful about the image he showed others, which is how he is portrayed here, but Shang’s Ja Hey is just really stupid and I don’t know what fan would think that was “cool.”

      Well, yes Lian is a perfectionist, but I think the real heartbroken, crushed expression behind him not being able to look up the meaning of the phrase has to do with his real identity, which I won’t say anything more on, though it has been hinted at with the blonde-haired boy flashbacks.

      Yes, even in the manga Fei Hwa had some really good talent. It is sad that she doesn’t have the confidence to compete one-on-one with Nan Qin without using her background, although I still can’t really feel much sympathy for her. Why? Well, the character [more so in the manga] is portrayed as someone who went out of their way to do whatever she can to destroy Nan Qin, but they never really show the motivation for that. Was it really just because Nan Qin was the better actor that one time?

      Ahh, Siwon’s smile. Mr. Dimples. His smile is really what does make him so attractive, I agree. The character of Lian is known for his killer smile. The fake, gentleman smile that masks how he really feels and the genuine smile that we see here that is his most killer smile as it expresses his genuine feelings.

  • Shang’s such a jerk and Donghae’s been playing him so well. I can’t help but find him irresistibly attractive, but I think that’s Donghae’s doing and not the character’s doing xD But I agree, the Ja-Hey! thing is weird and not cool at all, but I guess it’s his character’s “catchphrase” (not a really good one though)? Though Donghae seemed to be enjoying saying Ja-Hey during the Super Junior concert in Taiwan recently when he was “promoting” it, telling everyone he was Bu Po Shang and singing “This is Love” – he seemed very vested in the drama and his character.

    I personally don’t know the manga’s storyline at all, but based on the drama, I’m enjoying any scene involving Ivy Chen and Donghae, especially after episode 6, their scenes together are just a riot and I always keel over in laughter.

    Contrasted to Ivy’s scenes with Siwon (gorgeous man), I always smile like a silly fangirl. But when Siwon flipped her off in her nightmare dream I keeled over in laughter too. His face was just too priceless. I loved it. I had to replay it over and over, the same with episode six’s tussle between Ivy and Donghae. More Donghae and Siwon, please.

    Honestly, the show just needs to focus more on these three together, their chemistry as amazing. Ivy’s energy bounces off so well with Siwon and Donghae. I find myself drawn into the story more and more whenever they’re onscreen together.

    • PeanutButterSpread

      Also, I found out why Donghae’s Shang keeps saying Ja-Hey!
      Apparently it’s the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Gambatte/Gambaru and the Mandarin Jiayou.
      So I guess, it’s his little catchphrase to pump himself up that they gave him or Donghae came up with since he spoke Korean for most of the filming.

      • Ah, mystery solved…
        It’s still stupid and distracting, though. But, I will forever love Donghae, so I guess it doesn’t matter about the “Ja Hey” thing. I’m surprised he’s using that vs. “Aja” which would be more fitting and a little less annoying.
        Yeah, Donghae is very vested in the drama, which is good. It’s his first starring role…although he actually has such little screen time, its hard to see him as the 2nd male lead even though that’s what he is.

    • I would’ve thought Aja would be more fitting too, lol. Totally agree with PBS, when Siwon threw her the bird, I wasn’t expecting it and it totally made me crack up. I like some of the cute little things they do. Like when, in another dream, Shang started singing Sorry Sorry. Or was it Siwon that sang it? Either way, it made me smile. And i imagine it would be fun to film.

      I’m hoping (assuming) we get more Shang/Lian scenes later on. I mean, they have to actually start having scenes together eventually, surely?

      • There are quite a few Ren/Kyoko scenes in the manga…so there should be even more Lian/Gong Xi scenes in the upcoming episodes. Sho, while prominent early, really falls off the map for long stretches before coming back to show that he’s still a major factor and influence in Kyoko’s aka Gong Xi’s life.
        Give that this series was originally billed as having 13 episodes, I can imagine we should get to see quite a bit of Shang still especially since his PV filming is coming up. I seriously cannot wait until that episode! You get to (hopefully see) the childhood bond between Shang and Gong Xi.

        *currently working on episode 8*

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