Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 14 Recap

Wow. A jealous Tae Yang. The man is strong and just and good at standing up and not backing down, but that is definitely different than his jealous side. Why is he jealous? The passed out Seul Woo mutters that he’s sorry to Ga On and then when Ga On calls his name, he falls into her arms and says he loves her. This, surprisingly enough, angers Tae Yang. He pulls Seul Woo off of Ga On and the other man collapses to the floor while Ga On gives Tae Yang a shocked looked. What happened? Looks like Tae Yang has come to the conclusion that Ga On came to talk to him about her liking Seul Woo [or so he thinks].

Tae Yang piggybacks Seul Woo out and when Ga On tries to help him, he tells her not to touch [Seul Woo]. Ga On says she was afraid that Seul Woo was too heavy and Tae Yang replies that his heaviness is greater. Awww. But, hey, if Ga On looks on the bright side, this misunderstanding is just what Kang Sun ordered to help keep the two apart. Not that Kang Sun would be happy with Ga On hanging around Seul Woo either.

Back at Dan Bi’s, Tae In is lost deep in thought. Dan Bi wonders what the matter is and Tae In asks if “that girl’s” name is really Mok Ga On. Dan Bi cannot believe she is still harping on this subject. Tae In recalls that the girl from the past who died was Choi Ga On [she used Kang Sun’s surname in the past]. Tae In then asks how old Ga On is and is told the same age as Seul Woo. What is with all these questions?  Tae In then says the age is right, confusing Dan Bi even more. Tae In tells her that it is nothing and Dan Bi wonders if her sudden interest is because she is wondering about her brother being close with the daughter of Mok Yong group. Tae In then wonders if Tae Yang and Ga On are really close. Dan Bi nods. Tae In doesn’t seem to like that. But given what has happened, I think its right for her to be worried.

The drunk Seul Woo wakes up and falls out of bed. He’s at Tae Yang’s store! He looks around and catches his half naked state in the mirror, getting a shock. When he goes downstairs, the boys are getting ready for work. Tae Yang unhappily hands him some water to drink. Seul Woo looks around and wonders why Tae Yang is there. Tae Yang explains that it is their store. Seul Woo then asks why he is there. The angry Tae Yang is wondering the same thing himself. Ho Jae then says it’s a good thing Seul Woo woke up before they had to leave. Who knew what kind of problems he’d cause when they were gone. This baffles Seul Woo. Him cause problems, say what? Chan Sol, always blunt and brutally honest, points out that they all have red eyes from trying to clean up all the mess that Seul Woo had already created. Seul Woo asks what happened and Chan Sol angrily states that he threw up everywhere [even on poor Chan Sol’s blanket], so Seul Woo’s shirt is in the wash. Ho Jae then mentions that Seul Woo threw a fit about peeing out a window [uh, isn’t that illegal or unsanitary?]. Yoo Bong then jumps in saying that Seul Woo held on to him crying for his mother so Yoo Bong actually began to feel he was the younger man’s mother.

Tae Yang says those are only minor points considering what Seul Woo has done to him. Tae Yang drags him away from the others and complained about the drunk Seul Woo calling Ga On. Luckily Tae Yang was there to take care of him, or else how would have Ga On been able to cope?  Seul Woo apologizes for Tae Yang’s suffering, but says that he is close to Ga On. Tae Yang recalls that Ga On said there was a problem with his mom. Seul Woo is surprised that Ga On told him and Tae Yang [who doesn’t know the whole story] says that is the only thing keeping Tae Yang from hitting him. Tae Yang then says that Seul Woo better not bother Ga On like that in the future. Seul Woo won’t agree to that and wonders why he should need Tae Yang’s permission to bother Ga On. The boys meanwhile listen and conjecture that Tae Yang, Seul Woo, and Ga On are in a love triangle [how envious they are]. Tae Yang asks if Seul Woo really doesn’t know why he should ask permission. Seul Woo knows, but he refuses to back off as a change of heart is always possible.

The two guys’ stare off is interrupted by the eaves dropping boys who accidentally fall through the door. They they then get ready to go to the market and drag Seul Woo with them to help work off all the trouble he caused. They go to the market armed with their box cutters once more. They drag Seul Woo in who doesn’t want to come as well. As they walk through the market, they get water and food thrown at them [Seul Woo gets a bucket of water right in the face]. He gets angry and the Freshmen all smirk and Tae Yang gets secret high fives from Yoo Bong and Scruffy. The plan to make Seul Woo suffer is working.

The Jungs are all gathered in Jung’s office eating. Jung wonders what is going on that Dan Bi cooked for him and came to the market. Dan Bi then smiles and thanks him for giving the truck back to Tae Yang and granting the father she asked of him. Boon Hong says that Jung always listens carefully where Dan Bi is concerned and isn’t good at showing his emotions. Dan Bi then pours him some soup as he cannot eat rice without soup. It’s a cute little family moment, although I don’t think Jung did it just for Dan Bi. He has a grudge against the Moks because of his wife, but you also know he is happy to have his daughter being so good to him. I still really want to know what was the stressor to their relationship being so on the rocks.

Tae Yang demands to know why the market people [who want him out of the market now] are refusing to do business with him. Do they really not know? Who wants to do business with crazy b*stards like them? Tae Yang says if they are crazy because they won’t accept underhanded dealings like sopak [putting the good on top to cover the bad], then they, okay, they are crazy. Tae Yang says that its because they are psychos that they will do business with them. Tae Yang then climbs up on a truck while Seul Woo wonders what’s going on and Yoo Bong holds him back and tells him to watch Tae Yang draw his knife.

Dan Bi and Bong Hoon then come out and Bong Hoon recognizes Tae Yang and stops Dan Bi. It’s the young man from earlier, right? Tae Yang then says that as Fresh Men they promise no screwy business. They will pay for all their goods with cash, they will not try to talk down the prices so give them the good products. Tae Yang then asks who wishes to work with him. It’s a first come, first serve basis. Soon all the vendors are raising their hands reluctantly. Ho Jae then asks Seul Woo isn’t their captain’s knife amazing?  You can definitely tell Tae Yang’s boys are proud of him. Seul Woo just looks plain annoyed. Bong Hoon tells Dan Bi to go say high and she will see her daughter at home. Dan Bi calls out to him with a big smile [yep, this girl is clearly falling in like with Tae Yang]. This makes the other boys all smile and Ho Jae is enamored once more.  Seul Woo then calls out to Dan Bi who is shocked to see him there.

The boys then start getting their produce. They still check the boxes to ensure the best quality products. Tae Yang then places the orders and Ho Jae divvies out the cash. Seul Woo sits in Dan Bi’s car and wonders how Tae Yang will make a profit with such horrible business habits [not trying to barter on the price]. Dan Bi then says that its not a businessman who can take the deal in front of him, but the one that thinks ahead that is the best. This surprises Seul Woo. What does that mean? Dan Bi then says that is what Tae Yang said to her father. Seul Woo then asks if Dan Bi thinks Tae Yang is cool and he is not happy at all to hear that she thinks he is. Her eyes must’ve gotten bad. Dan Bi then turns and asks him to hang out more with Tae Yang in the future, an idea that Seul Woo rejects. Does she have any idea how he’s been treated for being with Tae Yang today?  Dan Bi then points out that being with Tae Yang has lightened his heaviness a bit, hasn’t it? Seul Woo says that Tae Yang may have something to teach him, but he doesn’t want to tie himself to the other man. Sigh. All because of the Ga On standoff, I am sure.

Kang Sun is working on sewing baby clothes when Mok comes in. When he mentions the baby Ga On, Kang Sun clams up a bit. She’s too obvious sometimes. Mok then mentions meeting Han Tae In. Does Kang Sun remember her? She lived in the same town as Kang Sun and Ga On before they came back to him. This shocks Kang Sun. She is really uneasy when Mok says he wishes to talk about the young Ga On if he should meet Tae In again. Kang Sun asks if the girl said anything else to him.  Tae In apparently just asked after Ga On and left her phone number. Great. Now Kang Sun will seek out Tae In to destroy, too?

Kang Sun seeks out Ga On and demands to know if Tae In is really Tae Yang’s sister. Ga On confirms this and Kang Sun talks about how Tae In brazenly met with Mok and said she knew the two from the past. Does Tae Yang really know nothing?  Ga On swears he doesn’t know anything and decides to feel things out to see if she can figure out how Tae In found out. Kang Sun turns this down and tells her bleeding heart daughter to stay out of it. Tae In definitely has something planned and Kang Sun is going to get to the bottom of what that plan is. I don’t think Tae In really has anything planned.

The boys’ store is doing well and the ahjummas are all happily flocking to their store and praising them. The boys even say that as long as they keep coming, they will remain bachelors [yeah right] as they love their customers. Dan Bi and Tae In then come by and prepare two different salads to help attract more people and sell different produce. Ho Jae brings in the strawberries they are promoting. He’s so cute with how enamored he is with Dan Bi! Tae In finds time alone with Tae Yang to ask how well he knows Ga On and is shocked to find the two are dating. Does he know who her parents are? Misunderstanding the question, Tae Yang says he doesn’t care as he looks only at Ga On and besides, he never thought he’d like someone other than Jin Shim. I think this makes Tae In realize that Tae Yang doesn’t really know who Ga On is. Tae Yang leaves to take produce out and Tae In gets a call from Kang Sun asking to meet without Tae Yang finding out. I smell trouble. What does the vindictive witch have planned?

Dan Bi is upset, searching for her dead mother’s missing ring. Tae Yang sees this and asks what is going wrong. When he learns about the ring, he tells her to calm down and think carefully. Dan Bi recalls taking the ring off to cook and putting it in a box. Tae Yang says they use that to make deliveries and the two go out in search. They come up empty handed. Tae Yang then notices a box in the trash on the way back to the shop and they find Dan Bi’s lost ring. That was fast. Then out comes an ahjussi who starts chasing after them for meddling with the trash. Dan Bi grabs his hand and takes off running. An awkward cute moment. Dan Bi thanks him and Tae Yang says he should be the one thanking her. This scene is reminiscent of when Ga On and Tae Yang hooked up.

Tae In tells Kang Sun that she hasn’t changed a bit, that’s how she recognized her. Kang Sun wants to stop the small talk and demands to know why Tae In saw the chairman. Tae In says because no matter how she thinks about it, it’s strange. Ga On died 12 years ago, so how come the chairman doesn’t know this? Just who is the girl that is Mok Ga On?

Ga On stops buy the shop and the boys are all jealous and giggly. There’s no way he can lose to Seul Woo, right? Tae Yang wraps Ga On in a big hug. He’s missed her so much. That shouldn’t be the case since he just saw her the other day. The two then go to a restaurant famous for its pasta [Tae Yang got the recommendation from Chan Sol]. He says he always feels bad that Ga On only eats ramen and such when she is with him. He then orders the best the restaurant has to offer. You can tell Ga On is starting to feel bad. Will she drag this on or will she put an end to it?

Kang Sun tells Tae In it’s not her concern just who Ga On is, but Tae In begs to differ since Ga On is dating Tae Yang. Tae In then asks if she knows something to make Kang Sun nervous. Tae In then says she has thought of an amusing story and basically tells it all out that she knows that Ga On is really Jin Shim. Uh oh. Hopefully Kang Sun won’t physically harm Tae In. But if she did, I don’t think Ga On would be able to stay on her side any longer. Which would be about time.

Meanwhile, Ga On says she is starting at Mok’s company and officially starting the successor process. Just as he has always dreamed about his store, she has always dreamed about succeeding her father. She basically tells him that she can’t be with him because she has to think of her image and not be too emotional. So basically she is choosing her dream over Tae Yang [its not hers, it’s her “mother’s”]. Poor Tae Yang cannot believe it. Ga On won’t let him get a word in and says that she she only met to tell him this and end things as she respects him. She then gets up and leaves and the confused Tae Yang chases after. Ga On tells him they can’t take this to the end and Tae Yang asks why they can’t. Ga On says she doesn’t want to date someone and feel apologetic to them all the time [due to their social differences]. Thus it is over and she legs go of Tae Yang’s hand and walks away.

Such a sad song. T_T I love ballads, especially the ones where you can feel the emotion behind them like this one.

The depressed Tae Yang goes back home and the boys all worry over him. Yoo Bong is elected to ask what is wrong, but can’t bring himself as it isn’t the right time. Tae Yang then goes running out of the store making the boys worry more. He tries calling Ga On but cannot get through. Looks like he waited out in her neighborhood all night! The poor boy. Ga On should never have started this, since she knew she couldn’t see it through… but then we wouldn’t have this story.

While Dan Bi happily thinks about Tae Yang when she catches sight of her ring, Tae In thinks about the rest of her conversation with Kang Sun. The witch tells her that she can’t do anything without proof. Tae In replies that she doesn’t need proof. Once she tells Mok about Ga On’s death, he could very easily figure out the rest. Kang Sun turns the tables by saying that Mok is bankrolling Tae Yang’s store, so if Tae In doesn’t keep her mouth shut, her brother will be out on the streets. Tae In then throws it back that Kang Sun will have a mess on her hands if she threatens her and acts out against Tae Yang. Kang Sun asks what she wants, but Tae In says she’ll think it over. She warns Kang Sun once more to leave Tae Yang alone. If he finds out about Jin Shim, then things will get even worse and more complicated. All he wants is Jin Shim, while Tae In wants more than that.

Kang Sun cannot believe that Tae In dared to threaten her. Ga On asks how the meeting went and Kang Sun waves it off. Since Ga On is starting at the company, they are getting a haircut. Ga On thinks about chopping off her hair to live as Ga On all those years ago and starts crying. Sigh. This girl. Later, Yang shows pictures to Kang Sun and says that it appears Tae Yang hasn’t been able to meet Ga On since the girl broke it off. Kang Sun then goes through the pictures and asks Yang to dig up all the info he can about the boys working with Tae Yang. If Kang Sun threatens them, you know Tae Yang won’t let it go and will eventually cave as he loves those boys. I hate how she automatically thinks bad things about them since they are “living like this.” The condescending b*tch.

Yoo Bong is out delivering leeks and fliers around the neighborhood. He’s looking for his dream girl, but comes up empty. How cute. When Yoo Bong gets back to the store, Ho Jae gets a delivery call. No, they don’t do home deliveries. Yoo Bong grabs the phone and says that they deliver [after he confirms it’s the fruit girl]. He takes her order and goes around the store happily picking out produce for her. Cute, cute, cute. This catches curiosity of the other boys. They scold Yoo Bong for putting in things that she didn’t order and Yoo Bong gives back the fruit. When Chan Sol demands to know who the person is, Yoo Bong grins like an idiot and rushes out. LOVE IT! So much better than the stupid hidden identity plot.

Yoo Bong gets to the gir’s house where he finds her on the roof tending flowers. When he offers to take the box in for her, the girl refuses as she lives their alone. Yoo Bong goes to hand it over and their hands touch. An awkwardly cute moment. She then takes the box and goes in, telling him to wait. Yoo Bong is in heaven! He sits on a bench outside grinning like an idiot, especially when he notices that there is no men’s clothing on the clotheslines, just women’s. The girl then gives him a flower that she grew as an opening present for the store. I can’t wait to see how this relationship will develop. I am sure it will be cute.

Ga On joins Mok at work with her new shorter do. For this being her dream, she looks extremely unhappy when she enters the office. She looked so much brighter when she was planning the even to help Tae Yang. Mok takes her out to lunch and asks if she wants to stop by the store, or is being with the bothersome Tae Yang too uncomfortable [remember Kang Sun’s earlier lie as to why she dislike Tae Yang]. Ga On immediately denies this as she doesn’t want Tae Yang to be misunderstood, he’s a good man and hard worker. Mok then says how impressed he is and how much he likes the young man. Ga On then says that it’s okay if they go check out the store.

At the shop, Tae Yang is listless. When a customer complains about produce and wishes an exchange [her peppers aren’t hot enough], Tae Yang immediately goes to do the exchange even after Ho Jae explains that due to it being winter, peppers won’t be as hot. Yoo Bong follows Tae Yang who complains that the peppers were supposed to be hot, but were really mild. When Yoo Bong asks what happened with Ga On, Tae Yang tears up and keeps eating the pepper. Yoo Bong tells him to stop or else he’ll get sick. Tae Yang then wonders how they can sell products without knowing their taste or quality. Yoo Bong agrees and says they have to study harder. Poor Tae Yang. So broken hearted over Ga On.

Mok and Ga On arrive at the store, startling Tae Yang. He snaps out of his funk and goes to greet them after a big sigh. The boys are shocked to learn that Ga On is Mok’s daughter. Mok congratulates him and asks how the business is faring so far. Tae Yang only replies that they are working hard. Ga On says that is necessary because if the business fails it will reflect badly on Mok Yong Group [was that a reminder of her position?]. Mok then brings up them working together in the market. Ga On replies that Tae Yang had helped her out a lot when they worked together. Mok then tells him that Ga On who is now in charge of marketing is the go to person that Tae Yang will have to deal with from now on. Rubbing salt on the wounds, man. Tae Yang forces himself to be bright in front of the customers and this makes his boys worry about him.

Chan Sol comes downstairs that night to see his hyung busy cleaning and looking very unhappy. This makes the maknae feel very bad. The boys unload the truck and watch Tae Yang with worry. He hasn’t slept or eaten in days. This can’t go on for much longer – his body won’t be able to take it. Chan Sol wants to angrily charge into Ga On’s office to confront her, but Yoo Bong says that won’t do at all. When they go back inside, they find Tae Yang collapsed on the floor! Scruffy picks him up and piggybacks him to the ER with Chan Sol following.

Tae In and Dan Bi then rush to the hospital where Chan Sol explains Tae Yang dropped from exhaustion. Tae In demands to know what they have been doing to her oppa for him to be in such a state. Chan Sol says it wasn’t there fault, but the fault of the girl who dumped Tae Yang. Scruffy tries to stop him, but it’s too late. This surprises Tae In and Dan Bi. Chan Sol then confesses that Ga On dumped him. The boys leave and tell the others that Dan Bi and Tae In are there with him and they need to work hard for Tae Yang while he is ill. Meanwhile, Tae In leaves Dan Bi to watch her brother while she goes to pick up some clothes an things.

Dan Bi calls Ga On to tell him about his collapse. Ga On says that she and Tae Yang don’t have such a relationship. This pisses Dan Bi off. Of course they have that kind of relationship as Tae Yang collapsed because of Ga On. Ga On still coldly hangs up the phone and tells Dan Bi to never call about such things again.

Seul Woo goes to visit Hwang who is worried about her son’s appearance. Hwang doesn’t think she’ll be getting out any time soon as it is a serious crime. She encourages Seul Woo not to wonder like a lost soul since it will be awhile. He tells her not to think like that. She will be getting out of there soon. We have some crying and I wish I could feel more about this scene and plot, but I don’t. Probably thanks to all of the earlier, heavier melodrama, I don’t really care about Seul Woo’s problem, even though I like Lady Hwang.

Dan Bi goes back to the room and is shocked to find Tae In missing. She asks where he went, but the nurses don’t know. She rushes out to look for him. And where is he? He’s siting out in Ga On’s neighborhood once more. The idiot! Ga On sees this and fights back tears. She steels herself to walk by, but can’t do it. She turns around and angrily demands to know why he is there, trying her best not to cry. Tae Yang struggles to his feet and Ga On looks even more shocked by how altered he is. Tae Yang tells her with tears in his eyes that he’s hurting so much. Ga On can’t look at him for very long.

End episode.

Our poor Tae Yang. Really, even though you know its not going to happen, I am totally shipping the Dan Bi – Tae Yang couple right now. She’d bring him so much less heartache. It’s going to take Ga On forever to break away from her stupid mother and it really isn’t worth the heartache. If you think of it, Jin Shim has betrayed him so many times. She chose having a mother who will only pretend to lover her over Tae Yang and Tae In who genuinely loved her. And even now she selfishly [after she discovered his real identity] started dating him and then drops him again choosing the mother who is only using her over the man who loves her. I really would like Tae In to give her once beloved unni a piece of her mind. Ga On needs a wake up call and Tae Yang needs to realize that he can’t let two women destroy his life when he’s worked so hard to accomplish his dream and it is now within his grasp.


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