Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 13 Recap

Ack. That’s all I have to say. This drama is going more in the direction of what I don’t like, but oh well.

Kang Sun demands to know how long Ga On has been seeing Tae Yang. Has the girl been lying and plotting with him all this time? Ga On insists that she only just rediscovered her childhood friend. She also says that Tae Yang has no idea that she is really Jin Shim nor that she is living her life as the dead Ga On. That’s not good enough for her mother. Kang Sun wants all ties severed immediately and wants Ga On to kick Tae Yang out of the new store. Ga On pleads to save his dream, but  Kang Sun refuses to listen. If Ga On forces Kang Sun to ruin Tae Yang, he will be hurt more than just losing his life long dream. B*tch.

Tae Yang and the boys are busily setting up shop so Tae Yang doesn’t get a chance to see the conflicted Ga On who is forced to quit her job at the market to decrease her chances of running into him. Jung gives back the truck, which shocks the other boys. Tae Yang keeps quiet about the conversation he had. Jung tells him that he is giving him back the truck and letting him back in the market as he has a use for the boy. So, the truck is coming back with a price tag. Jung says that as long as Tae Yang does as he says, then Jung will reveal the person who so badly wanted him out of the market.

As the opening day approaches, the boys go around promoting their store with fresh vegetables, but are met by resistance with the locals who complain of the noisy construction. This depresses Ho Jae, Yoo Bong, and Chan Sol. The depressed trio head back to the store and tell Tae Yang about the animosity they have met with since they are young and got a store for nothing basically. It looks like they will really have a tough time making a go of it if this continues on.

Ga On meets with Seul Woo who reveals that it looks like the investigators have already decided to arrest his mother. He then asks Ga On to be his girlfriend starting from today on. The two then go to meet Hwang who is tearily clearing out her office. Seul Woo tells her he has successfully seduced Ga On [why else would she be with him] and that his mother better make good on her promise and get his Monster back. Hwang tells him to work hard and earn money to get it back himself and immediately focuses her attention on Ga On. She’s happy she gets to meet the girl. This surprises Ga On.

Hwang asks Ga On not to feel bad about being seduced on demand by her son. She only asked Seul Woo to do that because she really admired Ga On. Seul Woo then asks why Hwang likes Ga On so much and Hwang quickly replies that it is because Ga On has everything her son lacks. Such as? She’s sincere, diligent, responsible, thrifty, and devoted to her parents. Seul Woo stops her and tells her to stop and Hwang says there is much more. This annoys Seul Woo. How can she compliment another girl more than her own son? Because she knows him so well. Seul Woo then tells her to be relieved and not worry about him, but rather herself, since he has managed to hook Ga On.

At the store, the boys go upstairs to find Jung Ah working hard. Chan Sol scolds her and she says that she can still do this much in her condition [she’s pregnant after all]. She has made up the living space for the boys. I don’t know why, but I am reminded of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…talk about random. Jung Ah looks really sad to know that Chan Sol will be living away from her. She says that even if that is so, she will still watch over her brother everyday to see that he’s doing okay. It’s a nice scene between the brother and sister. Ho Jae then says that he is the only one who will be commuting because his mother would die if she finds out he works in a vegetable store. Yoo Bong says he can’t keep lying and Ho Jae says he knows. He then tells the others not to worry about his family life and just concentrate on making the store a success.

Tae Yang and Yoo Bong go downstairs to work and Tae Yang is a little down. This store was his dream, not theirs. Is he just pushing his dream on them? Yoo Bong says that yes they want different things and Tae Yang is pushy, but they are all there working on his dream together while they try to figure things out. It makes Yoo Bong feel like he’s accomplishing something and not a worthless loser after all by helping out Tae Yang. Aww.

Ga On and Seul Woo go to leave. He offers to take her home and Ga On initially refuses, but eventually caves. Seul Woo gets in the driver’s sseat and starts tearing up. He apologizes to her for such an uncomfortable situation. Ga On says that it is okay and that she realized that he was more mature than she had initially thought. Seul Woo was able to make his mom smile until the end before they parted. Ga On doesn’t think that she could do that at all. Seul Woo explains about being a bad son, so he should at least send his mother like an adult. Ga On then wonders if she can be an adult like he was and send “him” off.

The next day Tae Yang prepares a gift for Ga On and then arranges to meet her in her neighborhood. Secretary Yang catches sight of him and rushes to tell Kang Sun who quickly asks to leave before she can be seen, but Tae Yang does see her upon coming out of the store. He is in total shock to see the witch who told him to promise never to see Jin Shim again. Tae Yang drops the drinks he bought and chases after the car. Yang asks if he should stop, but Kang Sun has him keep going. Meanwhile, Ga On goes out and finds his truck, but Tae Yang is nowhere in sight. Tae Yang finally catches up to Kang Sun when the light turns red. When it turns green, Tae Yang steps in front of the car to stop it. Kang Sun then gets out and there is a mini stare off.

Kang Sun and Tae Yang go to a coffee shop where she is as rude as ever for him. Again, it is NOT completely his fault that Ga On met her untimely demise back then. Yes, he kept her note a secret from Ga On, but things wouldn’t have been that exacerbated if Kang Sun hadn’t pulled her “not good enough for my daughter” stunt which kept Ga On and Jin Shim apart. Kang Sun says she can’t stand his apologies and then decides to test out if Ga On was lying about Tae Yang not knowing who she really is. Kang Sun asks if Jin Shim is well and Tae Yang immediately answers that he doesn’t know where the girl is.

Tae Yang then asks if Kang Sun doesn’t know where Jin Shim is, especially since they disappeared around the same time. Kang Sun says she wasn’t in the right frame of mind after the accident so she couldn’t have taken Jin Shim with her. Tae Yang then asks if she meets Jin Shim in the future, to please let him know as he needs to meet her. Kang Sun then says that Jin Shim would never want to see him as he ruined her future. She was supposed to go and live with Ga On and he destroyed that. UNBELIEVABLE! She then tells him to pretend they don’t know each other if they ever happen to meet again and leaves. Kang Sun immediately tries to call Jin Shim who is still trying to call Tae Yang who is completely out of it after meeting with Kang Sun. When Tae Yang says he was late because of meeting someone he knew, Ga On looks frightened. Just who was it?

Seul Woo drops Hwang off and she warns him not to give too much of his heart to Ga On since her family will never approve of him because of his situation now. Seul Woo tells her not to worry about him and gives her his gloves in place of his hands since he won’t be able to be with her anymore. Dan Bi arrives as Seul Woo runs back to cry and give his mother a big hug. Even after its gone so far, Seul Woo is still having problems believing what has happened. Well, it all did happen rather fast, but that’s how these things go.

Tae Yang confesses he met Kang Sun and feels horrible as he feels like he hurt her heart once more like he did in the past. He hates to inflict such a wound. He wishes that he could tell her just how horrible he feels and how sorry he feels towards her. He then says he even mentioned Jin Shim as he couldn’t not ask to see if Kang Sun knew anything about her. Ga On asks what Kang Sun’s reply was. Kang Sun said she didn’t know and now Tae Yang is worrying that something really bad happened to Jin Shim and she can’t contact anyone. Ga On then changes the subject and tells him to stop thinking about the past as the store is opening tomorrow. She then leaves and tells him to go finish preparing.

Pretty song! Pretty song! I really love drama soundtracks.

Ga On gets home to meet Kang Sun’s wrath for having her phone off. Did she meet with him? Ga On says that she did and Kang Sun immediately lights into her about bringing him into the neighborhood so that they had a run in. That boy recognized her and now that means Kang Sun needs to step in and push him out before he discovers everything and ruins everything. Jin Shim gets on her knees and vows to make it all up to her mother until she dies as long as she leaves Tae Yang alone. Kang Sun tells Ga On to get out. Does Ga On think that she’s only doing this for herself? She’s doing it for Ga On’s future. BULL! She doesn’t care about her fake daughter at all. If she did, she wouldn’t torture her or try to sell her for a better place in society.

Opening day arrives and Scruffy is no longer scruffy. He got a haircut and even shaved! Looking good, Scruffy! The boys then go out to promote the store opening and attract customers. In spite of the initial bad reaction to their earlier promotions, they do manage to attract quite a few customers. They even promise to hand out free leeks [kind of a like an onion] to their customers regardless if they buy or not [as buying in bulk they go bad faster than just getting a small bunch at a time]. Boy, these boys are really pushing the fact that they are bachelors [they promise to serve their loyal customers with “bachelor love”]. Looks like Ho Jae was the brains behind the leek marketing. It’s so cute how Chan Sol and Ho Jae can be so good together one moment and at each other’s throats the next.

Seul Woo is at Dan Bi’s and is running a fever. Tae In wonders if he shouldn’t go to the hospital, but Dan Bi says its not that type of sickness. Seul Woo is heartsick from putting up that strong front in front of his mother for so long. Tae In asks what will happen to him now. His house will be seized soon, will he go live overseas? Dan Bi doesn’t know. She leaves Seul Woo alone with Tae In who does show the ruined young man some TLC surprisingly enough. Looks like she isn’t completely a horrible person yet with her rich man hunting. That’s good.

At the store, one of the customers comes back in and demands a refund for bad oranges. Say what? Yoo Bong looks over the box and says that it is indeed something he sold earlier. Tae Yang says that he will replace it with whatever else the man wants, but the man refuses. He cannot support such bad business. The boys then rush back to the storeroom and find all the produce is like that. Yoo Bong says that it is a ploy where the good produce is placed on top to hide the bad produce underneath. Chan Sol wonders how the market people could treat Tae Yang like that. Is this Jung’s doing to try to get back at Mok… or is it the evil Kang Sun’s? Tae Yang demands that they load up the truck and take all the stock back in exchange for good product.

At the market, they are all met with resistance when trying to exchange the products for better ones. Scruffy gets angry, but Tae Yang tells him to hold on to his temper as they need to still do business at the market. Even the nice ahjumma says that is how everyone does business. Not honest people proud of their work. Meanwhile, Yoo Bong tries his best to apologize to the angry customer, but the man kicks him out. Just as Yoo Bong feels all depressed, a pretty young woman comes to help him pick up his scattered good oranges. He is immediately enamored with the girl. She asks if they deliver. When Yoo Bong says that they do, she promises to have them deliver later and then tells him that there are a lot of good people out there in that neighborhood and to cheer up. Aww, has Yoo Bong found his match at last.

The boys go to the market the next day armed with box cutters. Since they can’t get exchanges for the earlier bad produce, they have decided to check all the produce out firsthand before taking it to ensure they are getting what they paid for. This, of course, is not met with any better results than trying to exchange the bad produce for good. Tae Yang gets water thrown at him and Scruffy gets hit, Ho Jae gets pushed while Chan Sol gets chased with water and Yoo Bong gets salt thrown at him. Sheesh. That is definitely not a way for the market people to do business. The boys go home depressed. What can they do if they have no produce right after they open? Tae Yang says they must keep the promise to the customers to sell only the best. Chan Sol says that is right, but it’s already hard and they are just beginning.

Ga On goes to see Kang Sun and says that she will go see Tae Yang and just like in the past, she is choosing Kang Sun over Tae Yang. Wae! Wae! Kang Sun really doesn’t deserve it as she chose a well off life over her own daughter. Ga On goes to the store, surprised to find it closed. The boys then come up and they are happy to finally meet Tae Yang’s girlfriend. It’s cute. Tae Yang wants some privacy, but the boys keep staring, so Scruffy closes the doors, annoying the others. Will Ga On be able to break things off now? Ga On asks what happened and Tae Yang says that there are more problems than he thought, but she doesn’t have to worry. So why is she there? Because she has something to say.

Dan Bi and Tae In are at the market shopping for food to cook for the ill Seul Woo when Tae In sees Mok. She remembers seeing him with Kang Sun and she asks an employee who he is. She is surprised to learn that he is the chairman and even more surprised to learn that he is the father of the girl Seul Woo is after. Mok, Ga. On. Will Tae In figure it all out before Tae Yang? And if she does, can she keep it secret to protect her brother?

Just as Ga On is about to tell Tae Yang why she is there, she gets a phone call. When she answers, there is no answer and music plays. She hangs up. The phone rings again and Tae Yang answers it. It’s a drunk Seul Woo. They are told by a man he is with to come and get him. The two go out and Tae Yang is angry that Seul Woo is calling Ga On when he is drunk. Ga On tells Tae Yang that it is because he is going through a hard time and that something bad happened to his mother. Its rare to see a little jealousy out of the normally nice Tae Yang. I especially liked when he asked Ga On when she got so close to Seul Woo.

Tae In approaches Mok only to be cut off by his men. She asks to see him, but they refuse to let her go over to him. Tae In then calls out to him and he turns around. She has one thing to ask him. Mok nods and the men release her. Mok asks what she wants and Tae In asks if he remembers her from the orphanage. Mok doesn’t really remember, but that doesn’t matter. Tae In asks if the woman he was with was his wife. Tae In then explains that she looks like someone from her old neighborhood. Yep, Tae in will discover the truth first it seems.

Meanwhile, Ga On and Tae Yang go and find the drunk Seul Woo. Tae Yang couldn’t wake him up, but the moment Ga On calls him he wakes up and hugs her. He even says he loves her and that angers Tae Yang. More jealousy. Again, kinda cute.

You know, I don’t know why, but I so wouldn’t mind right now if Ga On and Seul Woo ended up together and Tae Yang got Dan Bi. Not sure why, but I really wouldn’t mind that. I am also wondering if my conjecture about Scruffy having a link to the Jung family is true or not because if it was, why would he go to a market where Jung is revered? Ah, always more questions and no answers. I really, really, really could do without the melodrama as they have it set up. A normal drama with the typical rich girl falling for poor boy wouldn’t be bad. This whole accidental death and assumed identity, and Kang Sun’s viciousness is just…meh.

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