Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 6 Recap

Gong Xi is in trouble! How should she portray the character of the big sister who really hates her little sister for inadvertently killing their mother while trying to convince the sister that their father DOESN’T hate her [which means the hateful sister really does love the little sister deep down]? Nan Qin cannot believe that Gong Xi has no plan and talked so big. Nan Qin also doesn’t understand Gong Xi’s view on the script either. She tells Gong Xi to just follow the script – that’s what a tried and true actor does. Plus, Gong Xi isn’t allowed to fail as it will bring shame to the Love Me section after Nan Qin already showed off her talent.

The play starts and the nervous Gong Xi does start off following the script, however, her portrayal and delivery drastically changes the character and gives off a more malevolent feel. She eventually veers off the script and this shocks everyone even more. The actress playing her little sister is stuck, what to do? She recalls Gong Xi’s taunt of not being able to follow her lines and she decides to stick to the script – only she is doing Gong Xi’s lines instead of her own. Watching this play of the older sister saying that parents can hate their children, makes Maria start crying. She lies to Lory and says that it’s because of Gong Xi’s acting and not because she’s sad. What a boldfaced lie.

As the play continues with the swapped lines, Maria begins to realize just how wrong she really was about her father hating her. It was Maria who built a wall between them, not her father. Maria can’t take it anymore and bursts into the play herself so she and Gong Xi finish it out. Lory realizes that Gong Xi is remarkable as she was able to get Maria to confront the truth and finally start to open up and understand her father. After the play, Nan Qin realizes  that she cannot underestimate Gong Xi. That girl may seem unremarkable, but has a very great talent. Thus Nan Qin upgrades Gong Xi to being her official rival.

Lory and Maria go to find Gong Xi at the end of the day. Maria wants jie’s [older sister’s] advice on what to talk to her father about. Gong Xi says she can’t help out there as she doesn’t have a father. Maria immediately apologizes and then asks after Gong Xi’s mother. At Gong Xi’s silence, Maria is shocked, has jie lost both of her parents? Gong Xi quickly replies that she does have a mother. This relieves the younger girl who then goes off to use her grandfather’s phone to call her father. Lory then asks if Gong Xi’s mother knows about Gong Xi entering the company and show business. Gong Xi asks if she has to tell her mother as her mother has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t care about her daughter at all. Lory, recalling Gong Xi’s acting during the play and how sincere and dark she seemed when she said that parents can hate their children, tells Gong Xi that it’s up to her whether or not to tell her mother. You can tell he doesn’t want to push it as he can see it’s a very deep scar on Gong Xi’s heart.

After Lory leaves, Gong Xi sits on the stairs trying to tell herself that it is all okay, it’s already passed, right? Gong Xi takes out Corn and just as she is bidding her troubles farewell, Shen comes out and scares her making her drop Corn. Gong Xi freaks out and hops down the stairs, looking around frantically and calling for “Corn.” At this point, Lian comes in and Gong Xi asks him if he found the stone. She then starts looking and panicking. What can she do without Corn? Shen then joins her and apologizes, especially after hearing just how much that stone means to her, and says that he will help her look. Lian then holds out the stone he found and asks if that is what she’s looking for. Gong Xi happily says it is. Lian seems to be stunned and we do get a brief flashback of the child Gong Xi and the stone. Looks like Lian is the Corn that Gong Xi mentions who gave her the stone. [Did anyone else love how defenseless Shen was against her tears? He can’t take her little spirits, nor can he take her crying.]

To confirm his suspicions, Lian asks if Gong Xi came from Tai Dong and the shocked Gong Xi wonders how he knew. Lian, not wanting to reveal his identity, tells her that the stone is mined in that region. Gong Xi believes this until Lian smirks. He tricked her again! This angers Gong Xi, especially when Lian goes on and on about how easy she is to trick. When Lian comments on Gong Xi wanting revenge and entering the entertainment industry because she was tricked by Shang, her anger goes through the roof. This confirms Lian’s suspicions. Gong Xi goes to walk away and leave, but Lian won’t let the matter drop at all. She’s running away now? Lian then tells her that she needs to prepare herself because such stories will eventually be dug up and she can’t run away or play dumb. The angry Gong Xi flips the shocked Lian the bird and then hobbles away followed by the astonished Shen. Gong Xi climbs the stares vowing never to talk to Lian agian followed by Shen who begs the injured girl to take the elevator instead.

Later, Lian sits outside the office, lost in thought, a bemused expression on his face. Du Jin comes up and wonders what happened. Lian then comments on how people can change so much. Du Jin wonders who he is talking about, but when Lian remains silent, his mangers just smiles and goes on his own way. Lian says that as much as Gong Xi has changed from the past, she is still quite unchanged in many respects [another flashback where we can see more of the boy who gave the stone to Gong Xi with his tuft of blonde hair]. Lian then thinks that Gong Xi hasn’t changed nearly as much as he has. How much of Lian’s [aka Ren’s] past will we get in the drama? It took quite a while to get his past in the manga.

We then get a montage of the two Love Me girls working hard in their acting classes. When they are assigned a project to parrot everything their partner says, Nan Qin and Gong Xi end up getting paired together. This is an exercise in elocution mostly. The girls get off to an okay start, but when Gong Xi starts her sappiness about being pretty, being friends, and being partners, Nan Qin does NOT repeat after her, but contradicts everything she says. This angers Gong Xi and the two end up fighting and rolling around on the floor, disturbing the entire class. As punishment, the two must hold each other in a corner until the end of class. Gong Xi then talks about how she grew up without any friends [all thanks to that Shang]. Nan Qin finds herself being drawn to Gong Xi and actually trying to comfort the girl. Nan Qin shakes herself out of it. She has already declared that Gong Xi is not her partner, nor her friend. They are merely rivals.

After class, Gong Xi catches sight of Ren. She recalls what she did to him before and fearing his wrath, goes as quickly as possible in the opposite direction. Ren sees this, but doesn’t call out or stop her. He just smiles [in turn making the watching Du Jin smile as well] and walks on. Shen then comes up behind Gong Xi and tells her that he has a job for her and Nan Qin. Gong Xi goes into the locker room to tell Nan Qin the good news. Nan Qin is shocked to hear Gong Xi call her so casually [Gong Xi calls her “Qin” since they are “friends”]. Nan Qin warns her never to call her that again, but her mood quickly brightens when Gong Xi says the have a chance to debut on TV.

The happiness doesn’t last long when Nan Qin finds out that they are just sitting in on a variety show as audience members. Gong Xi tries to make the best of it and the two girls wonder why the crowd is already so worked up. The PD then comes up and asks if they can help [since they are from LME]. One of the regulars can’t make it and this is the first episode of the first show this band is hosting. Nan Qin quickly agrees to help out, but Gong Xi is the one who ends up having to do it because Nan Qin refuses to wear that ridiculous chicken outfit since she will eventually become the best actress in Asia. Gong Xi doesn’t want to wear it either, but cannot fight against Nan Qin. The scene where Nan Qin tells Gong Xi that she can’t talk because she’s a chicken and Gong Xi starts loudly protesting in chicken speak was hilarious.

Gong Xi decides to give it her all despite being initially against doing the job. As she starts to really get into her chicken role, she is horrified to find out that the guest is none other than Shang! How can this be? I must say that this variety show part, really seems awkward and unrealistic to me. Everything seems forced and fake and kind of takes away from the drama. During break, Gong Xi looks for a weapon to kill Shang. They can’t throw a chicken in jail after all [but they can throw a crazy girl in a chicken suit in jail, silly girl]. Gong Xi then decides that isn’t the best route to go. When she learns about a segment where Shang will open plastic eggs to answer questions, Gong Xi rushes out to hatch a diabolical plan to destroy Shang.

She makes it back just before the segment starts. The first question is about Shang’s real name [which is rather embarrassing]. Shang cannot believe that question. Only people from his hometown would know his real name as not very many people in his company know it. But Shang is a quick thinker and he quickly says that his real name will only be revealed when he decides to leave the entertainment industry behind and return to his normal life. Gong Xi is very unhappy that her plan backfired and actually made him look cooler. The next egg then talks about Shang’s secret love for strawberry pudding [in the manga, it was badminton which he was horrible at and not this pudding thing]. Gong Xi disguised as Coco [the name of the chicken] then brings out the pudding she rushed out to buy. Shang cannot reveal his embarrassing eating habit in front of his fans, so he does a magic trick instead.

After that, Shang tries to take off Gong Xi’s head to see who is in the suit. Gong Xi fights to keep her head on and the hosts say that it is a surprise planned for Shang, a wrestling match against Coco. Who will win? The struggle gets intense, but when Shang accidentally touches Gong Xi’s chest through the suit, Gong Xi springs back in surprise. Shang is also surprised to learn that the chicken is really a girl. He apologizes and then makes a snarky comment about how only an ugly chick would take that job. Gong Xi snaps and dives on Shang and wrestles him to the ground and ends up winning the wrestling match.

Gong Xi is then locked in a cage for the rest of the show. The PD is furious about what she did. Gong Xi points out that Shang started it, but the PD ignores this. Thanks to her antics and her choking Shang, they have to air his mini-concert for free! Thus Gong Xi is to never come back [she had a chance at maybe becoming a regular if she did well]. Poor Gong Xi. Shang’s concert starts and Gong Xi [someone having escaped the cage], goes out sans Coco head to listen and that’s where we end this episode.


Oh this episode had me giggling like a silly school girl and I have been out of school officially since April of 2007 [scary to think about at times – where did 5 years go?]. I really am enjoying this so much. Especially great this episode was the scenes between Nan Qin and Gong Xi. Also, I really loved it when Gong Xi flips Lian the bird! Omo, how astonished he must have been, but he was honestly pushing all the wrong buttons when it comes to that girl. LMAO. You also have to love how Gong Xi was so afraid of what wrath she would incur by that so she started AVOIDING Lian. Like that helps, but Gong Xi is still very far from mature [plus, Lian has his petty, childish side as well – not that we’ve witnessed it too much yet].

I also really love Ivy Chen’s acting. She really shows off some great skills as Gong Xi. In the manga, Kyoko is a girl who can put on a mask and become a completely different person to the point that she is unrecognizable to the people who really know her [even without makeup]. Ivy Chen’s acting really does give off that very believable vibe that Kyoko had and that is amazing. I haven’t really watched anything with her in it before and now I want to go out and check out her other dramas.


  • Thank you.

  • I just think it’s funny that Shen likes Gong Xi. He hated how she forced him into getting her an audition, but he genuinely seems to like her now, and wants to see her succeed (and not just so he won’t be haunted by her again). And how he follows her up the stairs. Dude, she chose to go up the stairs, you can just take the elevator!

    In the variety show, there were a couple of scenes where you could see Donghae coming through Shang. He was obviously trying to hold back his laughter. Some of those scenes were just too ridiculous, lol. The pudding thing is just stupid all around, I don’t know why Shang thinks it’s so embarassing to eat pudding that way. And the way he just started attacking the chicken. That came from nowhere. And for someone who is so image conscious, it’s also unrealistic (although that’s not really a word I can use about this show, I guess).

    We didn’t get much of Lian in this episode. I don’t know his past but I hope we get to see some of it. The whole Corn thing has to be explained, at least. Gong Xi throwing him the bird made me laugh, I was as shocked as Lian was.

    • I think Shen’s major problem was Gong Xi’s initial reasoning for becoming an artiste. It wasn’t that he didn’t like her, he though she was just chasing stars. He knows better now, plus he has seen hints of Gong Xi’s painful past which makes him feel for her and support her new found dream of being a star. I did chuckle when he kept following her, but I think it was his way of making sure she didn’t hurt herself anymore, though he really couldn’t keep up with her at all.

      I could see a bit of Donghae coming through, but I really felt the variety show sequence to be too fake and awkward over all. It disappointed me. The whole pudding magic trick was too trite for my taste. I really wanted the badminton match instead, but that would be hard to choreograph realistically. Yeah, image-conscious Shang attacking a chicken is very unrealistic, but that even happened in the manga. He only did that to see who the chicken was and I think in the manga, it was during the portion of the show where a video was being shown. So the live audience may have seen it, but not the rest of the world.

      I did miss Lian in this episode, too. Siwon’s portrayal of the character is really growing on me. I think they will end up explaining the Corn thing. It didn’t take too long in the storyline for Ren [aka Lian] to tell us the whole story. I wasn’t shocked [and yet was] about the flipping the bird because it was in the manga. The shocking part was that they did air it, though profanic gestures I guess aren’t nearly as bad as swearing in shows, although I don’t know the Taiwanese restrictions on that stuff. It’s gotten pretty lax in the US for public television and there doesn’t seem to be too many rules for cable TV.

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