Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 12 Recap

We open with the boys wondering if there hasn’t been some mistake with their apples. The woman assures them that isn’t the case. This is their penalty that they promised to accept if they passed the first round. Oops, looks like they forgot about that. What are they going to do? How can they sell these inferior looking apples? Scruffy takes a taste, shocking everyone. How can he eat that when they need to sell it to get points? Scruffy is shocked, the apples are really good. Tae Yang  then tries one. The taste is awesome even though the looks are bad. Chan Sol doesn’t care as in this word appearances are everything. Yoo Bong shoves an apple in his mouth to shut the kid up. LMAO. The dynamics between these boys is quite good.

The teams are then taken to Hong Dae and told that they have until 6 pm to sell the apples. They can sell wherever they like as long as its within reasonable walking distance and they can return in time. The location makes the worried Chan Sol even more pessimistic. Hong Dae is full of young people, they’ve only sold to ahjummas before. Whereas the older women might overlook the appearance of the apples, it is unlikely that the younger people would. Tae Yang encourages the boys as they cannot give up before they have even tried. The race starts and Tae Yang places his faith in Chan Sol who knows the area to find them a good location. At this time, Chan Sol’s noona arrives in disguise. Uh-oh. Will they be disqualified? Meanwhile, Seul Woo requests to meet Ga On’s father.

Chan Sol picks out a nice spot, but another team [The Invincibles] invade. The Fresh Men ask them to leave, but there is nothing in the rules stating that they cannot sell at the same location. If the good apples are being sold next to theirs, then they will definitely be at a disadvantage. Tae Yang notices something on the apple boxes and tells them that its okay. They will do the competition like this. Tae Yang then says that these apples are from a famous produce seller. His name on a box means goods are sold fast and immediately without even checking on the goods. Why would they push such inferior looking apples? Chan Sol responds because it is a waste to throw them out. Exactly! To top it off, these apples survived the hurricane that hit part of Korea. That is why they are so delicious. So all the boys need to do is let the apples’ story be told and he is sure they can do them justice. Of course it can’t be that simple can it?

Of course not. No one wants to give Fresh Men’s apples the time of day. They are only attracted by the looks of the other team’s apples. To help out, Chan Sol’s noona Jung Ah comes and buys an apple. Chan Sol recognizes her and immediately takes back the apple and gives back the money. They can’t afford to be disqualified if they judges find out. Thus Jung Ah ends up inadvertently helping the competition by buying one of their apples. Meanwhile, Mok is shocked that Ga On has brought a young man to see him. Ga On ends up shocked as well when Seul Woo begs for Mok’s help in protecting his mom. Doesn’t Mok Young Group have the best lawyers around? True, but for company and not personal use. Besides, Mok doesn’t approve of helping someone who has broken the law [he’s such an upright man]. Seul Woo gets down on his knees and begs and Mok says that he will think about and look into the matter.

Back at Hong Dae, the boys are managing to sell a few apples, but just cannot complete against the other team. Tae Yang then comes up with an idea. If they cannot sell the apples if people see them, then they will have to catch people’s attention and get them to buy without necessarily looking at the apples. What does that mean? Tae Yang asks Chan Sol for help in gathering the crowd’s attention. After all, he is the idol of the Fresh Men. Chan Sol is shocked. Sure he always says he’s an idol, but he never debuted. How is Tae Yang sure that he can do such a feat. Tae Yang tells Chan Sol that he knows the young boy can do it. Thus Chan Sol runs off with Scruffy and Ho Jae and Yoo Bong wonder if its really okay. Tae Yang thinks it is because he has faith in Chan Sol skills just like he had faith in Yoo Bong’s in the previous episode. Chan Sol and Scruffy race back with two huge black bags. Poor Chan Sol just doesn’t have the stamina, so Scruffy [he still hasn’t given his name to the others yet, nor does he talk much] takes up Chan Sol’s bag so they can keep moving quickly.

As Seul Woo and Ga On leave the office, Ga On wonders why he didn’t tell her about his mother earlier. Seul Woo then tells her what Lady Hwang once told him that he and Ga On were a lot a like. This surprises Ga On. Seul Woo says his mother is a great judge of character, they really are alike, aren’t they? They both would fight to the death to protect their mothers [I really wonder how far Ga On will really go for her adoptive mother…especially when Kang Sun will do her utmost to destroy Jin Shim’s precious Tae Yang]. As they go to part ways, Ga On tells Seul Woo to cheer up. She will call him as soon as she knows anything. Plus, he is her friend now. Looks like Ga On is opening up to Seul Woo now. Will there ever come a time in this drama where these two will be more then friends [for appearance if not feelings]?

At the competition, Chan Sol has changed into a Snow White costume and the others are wearing dwarf outfits. They all dance and do their best to attract attention, and boy do they manage to attract a huge crowd, annoying the competition as their performance stopped the sales of the Invincibles apples. After the dancing, a skit is then put on. An old hag comes up and asks Snow White to buy an apple. Snow White refuses because the apples are ugly, then out springs Tae Yang dressed in drag. He bawls Snow White out for only looking at appearance – no wonder she gets poisoned all the time. Then starts a mini-lecture on how ugly produce is usually the best tasting [NOT always 100% true, but yeah, appearance doesn’t always matter, what matters is taste]. Tae Yang explains this and then the boys start selling apples quickly. The committee members come at this time and you can see they are impressed by the boys’ marketing strategy.

At the Mok home, Mok and Kang Sun talk about how different the two pregnancies are and Mok promises to make up to Kang Sun for all the pain and suffering and heartache she had to endure when she was pregnant with Ga On. The two then eat dinner [all of Ga On’s favorites, but the girl is nowhere to be seen as she is working through the night again] and Mok asks if Ga On has a boyfriend. This floors Kang Sun. What does he mean? Mok won’t say anything about Ga On bringing Seul Woo to see him, he just says that he was curious since Ga On is of an age where she should be dating. Kang Sun is very upset. Ga On can only date a man picked out and approved by Kang Sun. Controlling witch.

After the end of the competition, the quintet go out drinking. They don’t know the results, but they tried their best. Scruffy looks around decides to leave. How can he leave when the atmosphere is so great? Tae Yang stops him and pulls out his wallet, but Yoo Bong digs out his own and says he will pay for Scruffy’s bus fare instead of Tae Yang who tells his hyung that’s fine as he wasn’t planning on giving Scruffy any money. Tae Yang then pulls out a card and gives it to Scruffy. The others say they can’t believe that Tae Yang still has his. Tae Yang replies that he would never throw out his 119 card. Ho Jae and Yoo Bong then pull theirs out with big grins. Everyone looks expectantly at Chan Sol who immediately denies keeping such a thing. Ho Jae and Yoo Bong hold him while Tae Yang searches. Looks like Chan Sol is a liar! He has kept his card safely in his wallet the entire time. The original quartet all lay out their cards and Scruff hesitates, and then lays the one he was given down with theirs. Our scruffy vagrant looks very touched to have made such a group of friends. What is his damage? Is it related to Jung and Dan Bi in some way? I am SOOOO curious. When will we find out?

At the market, Ga On’s sunbaes are watching the video of the Fresh Men from the previous day. They are worried about what happens when Mok Young market opens with this kind of advertising, but at the same time, they can’t help but laugh at the performance. Ga On immediately thrusts herself in between the two and cannot stop watching with a big grin. The secret’s out! Ga On likes Tae Yang and now her sunbaes know it. Mok is also watching the video. He recalls his first meeting with Tae Yang and laughs. You can tell that he is very impressed by the ingenuity and passion of this young man. Makes me wonder how Mok would feel if he knew that Ga On was dating Tae Yang. I think that given his personality and the fact that he himself fell for Ga On’s lower class mother, that he wouldn’t have as many problems as Kang Sun would.

The boys all gather for the announcement of the winner. Tae Yang tells them that no matter what the results are, they are to leave with a smile on their face. The results are announced and the Invincibles took first place in the apple selling challenge [looks like Fresh Men were 2nd]. However, that does not mean they are the winners. Say what? The amount of apples sold counted for 80% of the final score. The other 20% was based on marketing and other strategies, thus the Fresh Men’s Snow White play made them the winners. The boys are stunned, but then start yelling out their joy. The excited boys then notice that Chan Sol is keeping by himself and crying. Why? Chan Sol couldn’t believe it. So far he had basically been useless to his hyungs, but he feels so happy that he could finally help. Tae Yang hugs the young boy and tells him that he always had faith and knew that Chan Sol could do it. Aww, our little maknae is growing up! You know, given his attitude in earlier episodes, you wouldn’t think the cared about being useless, but he really did have a soft, insecure side to him after all.

Ga On is at the market anxiously waiting for results and finally decides to call Tae Yang. When she hears a phone ringing, she looks around and there is Tae Yang! He rushes over to her and whirls her around and hugs her. She says that people are staring, but Tae yang asks for 10 seconds. Ga On then gives him an additional 10 seconds. At the restaurant, Ga On congratulates him and he wonders how she knew. Ga On says she knew he would enter such a competition, but why didn’t he tell her? Because it would be humiliating if he failed. So if she knew, why didn’t she tell him? Because she was afraid he’d be humiliated if he failed. LOL. These two. Tae Yang then confesses that he met Ga On’s father and would like to introduce himself properly as Ga On’s boyfriend next time. Ga On immediately tells him not to. Tae Yang worries that its because she is ashamed of him and their relationship. Ga On immediately says that isn’t it and then explains that Mok Young Group would get lots of bad PR if it is known that Ga On’s boyfriend is the challenge’s winner. Well, she has a point… but you know that isn’t the real reason.

The boys go to sign the contract the next day and are told that if they cannot get sales to match a premier store in 6 months time, then they will lose it. Tae Yang says that he has confidence that they can do well. He is then taken out and told that the chairman wants to see him. On his way, Tae Yang gets a call from Jung who asks to see him. Jung wonders why the mother pushed Tae Yang out while the father helps him out. Mok congratulates Tae Yang and then wonders why Tae Yang joined the competition. Tae Yang tells him that it wasn’t on a whim, but in pursuit of his dream that he has had since he was a small boy to have his own vegetable shop. This makes Mok happy to learn it was a dream and not a whim. Mok then wonders what Tae Yang will do should he fail. Tae Yang says he refuses to start out his business by thinking of failure. He will do his best to make a good shop that people will love; however, if he should fail, then he will just try and try again. Mok then tells Tae Yang that he is starting his own market and if Tae Yang should fail at the shop, he would like Tae Yang to come into the market. Yowza! Mok really likes him. Well, that’s good, isn’t it?

Kang Sun heads over to the office after her doctor’s appointment as she wants to show her husband the ultrasound pictures right away. Secretary Yang is happy that Kang Sun seems more calm and peaceful now. When they get to the office, Secretary Yang is shocked to see Mok with Tae Yang. What is that guy doing there? Kang Sun is horrified to see Tae Yang. When she gets to the office she asks who the young man was. Mok explains that he is the competition winner and that he will be working with them from now on. This makes Kang Sun livid. She tells Mok that she hates that boy and she wants the contract cancelled. She then explains that she feels he has an underhand motive. Why? He hangs around Ga On at the market. This doesn’t convince Mok as Ga On keeps her identity a secret, so there is no way Tae Yang could know [well, that was true for the longest of times, plus Tae Yang isn’t the type to use people anyways]. Kang Sun throws a hissy and demands Mok get rid of him. Mok is shocked and not pleased at all. This is business and Kang Sun is out of line. Knowing that she overstepped her bounds, Kang Sun tries to blame it on being overly sensitive since she pregnant. Riiight.

Tae In rushes into Dan Bi’s apartment to ask if Seul Woo’s family is really ruined. Dan Bi points out her guests and Hwang tells Tae In that it is true. My how such news travels fast. Tae In feels sorry towards Seul Woo’s mother, but she is already abandoning her pursuit since the family is ruined. Hwang then apologizes to Boon Hong about monopolizing her stepdaughter. She then asks Boon Hong to take care of Dan Bi and asks Dan Bi to be good to Boon Hong from now on. If she isn’t, then Hwang will give her a spanking when she gets out of jail. This brings a lot of tears. Hwang called that meeting on purpose to give Boon Hong Dan Bi’s mother’s wedding ring for when Dan Bi ever gets married. Poor Seul Woo waits outside the door and cannot bring himself to go in.

At the Mok house, Secretary Yang gives the upset Kang Sun the folder with Tae Yang’s information again. Boy does Kang Sun get a nasty shock. Han Tae Yang? Flashback to her asking him to die in Ga On’s place, Jin Shim telling her that he isn’t a bad person, and her letting his grandmother die. She also recalls the day where Ga On was totally out of it. Ga On knew! When Ga On gets home the irate Kang Sun demands to know how long Ga On planned on keeping his identity a secret. Oops. End episode. I must admit that I am worried that Kang Sun will have an angry episode and end up losing this baby which will only intensify her hatred [not completely justified since it was a horrible accident] towards Tae Yang. Oh, and inbetween Kang Sun finding out and Ga On coming home, Tae Yang and the boys when to the store site to help out with the construction. It was another cute scene.


I absolutely, positively LOVED this episode! Or should I say, that I only really loved the parts where our boys were competing and you did have some of the cute, child-like relationship between Tae Yang and Ga On. I could have done without the EVIL WITCH finding out Tae Yang’s real identity and the scene between Dan Bi, Hwang, and Boon Hong. I don’t know why, but I really think this show is at its best when we actually cut out a lot of the melodrama.

I truthfully don’t think that this series would be any poorer for cutting out all the BS that comes with the hidden identity. I liked the Seul Woo and Lady Hwang moments of earlier, but now going to this more maudlin, trite direction seems to me to be a bit of a let down. Seeing our boys struggle to overcome their hardships to pursue their dream or find their way is enough without adding all the extra heaviness in. I think that the more freshness of the drama and plot is slightly ruined by the normal, trope, melodrama plot woven in.

That being said, oh wow to Chan Sol and Tae Yang dressing in drag! How can those boys be so pretty? Although, I kind of don’t think Tae Yang’s teaching [or preaching] in that scene would have necessarily gone over as well as it was shown, but hey, I loved it. Watching Yoo Bong, Ho Jae, and even Scruffy get dressed up and dance like fools was totally awesome. I also really loved it where Scruffy was going to pull another Hong Gil Dong [Korean version of Robin Hood] and leave without a word, but Tae Yang stops him and gives him one of the 119 cards [did he buy another one since only 4 came as the prize?]. It was really great how these boys who at first always complained actually still had the cards and even carried them in their wallets.

And despite me not liking the Ga On plotline, I must say that I loved watching Kang Sun become unhinged in front of Mok. I think he definitely needs to know what kind of woman he married. Her mask is definitely slipping. I wish I could be sympathetic to her character, but I really don’t think I can be. At times it appears that she really loves her husband, but that flashback from episode 1 or 2 where she ran away with Ga On because she chose Mok because of his family background and didn’t want to lose that, makes you wonder if she was just viciously social climbing or not.

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