Attic Cat Episode 1 Recap

**post by nichan**

I bought my pop a new iMac for Christmas, which means that (muwahahaha) I finally have a computer that runs the internet correctly. In honor of this, our fearless site leader sent me a gift subscription to Drama Fever, and this morning I finally got around to activating it and blew five hours of sleeping time watching this and that and the other thing. Well… Mostly I was digging through “Music Core”, but… Whatever! The point is that I’ve got access to Drama Fever now, and assuming I can reign in my pathetic attention span, I might actually start watching some shows!

Today I started with “Attic Cat”. Stop me now if this was already reviewed on this site. (I couldn’t find it, so here’s hoping I’m not being repetitive…)

Jung Da Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Rae Won“Attic Cat” is the somewhat badly subtitled tale of Kyung Min, a wealthy, smart, everything-is-going-awesome-for-me sort who’s a student at some law school or something. He spends his days getting by on his good looks, wearing somewhat obnoxiously loud shirts, hanging out with his two best guy pals, and just being the sort of confident rich guy you expect to see in random TV shows. Anyway, one day he’s running late for a date with his girlfriend, but he manages to make up for it by proposing to her. Just as she’s forgiven him for being incapable of getting to lunch on time, he gets a text message that his all-time crush, Hye Ryun, has returned from being away for months (or years – I couldn’t quite get that part straight). Feeling his heart (or possibly an organ slightly lower) suddenly lurch, he actually rips the ring off of his fiancee’s finger, breaks the engagement, and takes off on the run to go hunt down the girl of his dreams.

Hye Ryun is one of those girls who’s hot, and she knows it, so she’s totally off in her own world just because she can be. She tromps around campus commanding attention because of her smile. Let’s skip to the chase here and say that she’s relatively unaware that Kyung Min even exists. His heads are in the clouds (Was it a Freudian slip that I made “head” plural?) when he so much as thinks of her, but to her, he’s just a guy with good study notes she can borrow.

Anyway, Kyung Min doesn’t find Hye Ryun when he goes running for her after abruptly proposing to, then blowing off, his girlfriend. He instead finds a girl passed out on one of his textbooks in the library, drooling away like mad. Already frustrated that he hasn’t yet located the elusive Hye Ryun, he’s now got mystery-girl drool all over his stuff. He gets in her face, and she gets in his, and the next thing you know, he’s dumped her stuff all over the floor, and she’s bitten his hand and kicked him in the shin. (Also, she runs into the bathroom and grabs a huge wad of toilet paper. Does anybody know what that was all about? ‘Cause I sure couldn’t figure it out.)

Later on, much to his surprise, he discovers that drool-girl (who is somewhat homely and has a terrible haircut) is friends with Hye Ryun. Kyung Min assumes they’re super close friends because Hye Ryun is actually talking to drool-girl, whereas her typical reaction to him is just to stare blankly. He hears drool-girl talking bad about him and this gives him an idea: if he can make good with drool-girl, maybe she’ll be so impressed that she’ll sing his praises to Hye Ryun, and then Hye Ryun will realize what a catch he is and stop ignoring him.

Kyung Min starts watching for drool-girl, and every time he sees her, he tries to be friendly towards her with mixed results. Things don’t take a turn in his favor until one day when he stumbles over her in the midst of yelling “Thief!” and chasing after a boy. Figuring that helping her might get him on her good side, Kyung Min gets involved in the chase, knocks the boy down, and helps her drag him to the police station, where the policeman on duty suddenly starts pummeling the thief and yelling at him.

After things calm down a bit, Kyung Min figures that drool-girl will come over and thank him, but instead it turns out that the thief is actually her brother, and that the policeman is her father. The three of them head home together, leaving Kyung Min behind. …It’s not until the next day when he stumbles over drool-girl yet again that he manages to tease her into being friends with him.

Come to find out, her name is Jung Eun, and she’s a not-so-smart, slightly homely young woman who just wants her independence. She lives with her authoritarian father (the cop), her kinda cranky stay-at-home mom, and her three brothers (one of whom is a total loser the likes of which you’d expect to find in mass quantity in the city I live in, actually…). Her family is about to move far away within another day or two, but she’s determined to stay in Seoul and live on her own. The only problem is, her brother just absconded with all of her savings and subsequently blew her money on shoes and clothes and a cell phone. Her parents are less than sympathetic about her situation and tell her to suck it up, move away with them, and land a nice “blind husband” (her mom’s so bloody supportive) to settle down with.

But things aren’t that simple for Jung Eun: she’d been planning on using her savings to pay for a cute rooftop apartment with a garden. She’s already put her deposit down, and if she doesn’t cough up a gazillion dollars in rent right away, she’s screwed. Kyung Min listens to her tale, all the while trying to figure out a way to impress her so much that she’ll tell Hye Ryun how awesome he is. …And that’s when it hits him: he can pay her rent.

Jung Eun is so desperate to gain her independence that she eventually accepts Kyung Min’s money. After basically running away from home at the last minute, she watches from a hiding spot as her parents leave Seoul, and then moves into her new home. Kyung Min all but attaches himself to her hip, and helps her move in and spruce the place up.

Don’t forget: Kyung Min is handsome, rich, and easy-going. It takes little time before Jung Eun, who doesn’t seem the sort who’s ever gotten a lot of positive attention, to start falling for him. She starts to come looking for him when she knows he’s not in class, and even makes him lunch. But while her crush is becoming progressively more obvious, so too is Kyung Min’s determination to win over Hye Ryun. It becomes such a lopsided arrangement that one of his friends takes pity on Jung Eun and tells her what’s really going on.

Kyung Min, meanwhile, bluntly tells Hye Ryun over lunch that they ought to start going out, but Hye Ryun blows him off, then speeds away in her Sebring. (I have no idea why I noticed what sort of car she was driving… I just did.) He looks crushed, but tries to pull himself together, and goes to pay the bill, only to realize all of his credit cards have been turned off. That’s when it’s revealed that all of his money comes from his grandfather, and his grandfather’s just cut him off for some mystery reason. Perfect timing: some goons suddenly show up and demand money from him, so he starts to run. …It’s kind of a sloppy, out-of-place plot point, but whatever, I guess. Maybe it’ll make more sense later.

While this is going on, Jung Eun is wandering around, trying like heck to lie to herself that she doesn’t have a huge crush on Kyung Min, that she didn’t spend her free time lovingly making him a lunch he’s not present to eat, that she isn’t pathetically carrying it around with her right then and there, and that the news that he was just using her to get to Hye Ryun hasn’t totally crushed her. She finally flops down on a park bench to eat her own lunch and notices a man sitting at the next bench over. (This man, unbeknownst to her, is the guy Hye Ryun has her eye on, by the way.) Still trying to rationalize things, she decides to force the lunch on the man, demanding he eat it. He finally gives in after seeing she’s ready to start bawling.

After that, Jung Eun goes back to her apartment and gets ready to go to bed, when suddenly there’s a late night knock at the door. She opens it to discover it’s Kyung Min, and he’s got a bouquet of flowers for her.

End of episode! What happens next? Well! I guess I’ll find out when I watch episode 2, and then you’ll find out when I get around to typing about it. Oh boy!

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