Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 11 Recap

Our boys finally make it back to the greenhouse with water only to find the girl watering the plants. What the heck happened? Oh, looks like her father came and fixed it. The boys immediately ask out his help and her dad looks at her and asks how long Yoon Soo will keep this up. Looks like the person they were looking for was the girl {I kind of expected that to be the case]. Yoon Soo tells them they aren’t the first person to seek out her help, though they are the first to show up in person. Since they have done this, then surely she will help them, right? But she refuses to. Why? No one thought that you could change a plant’s color, so she did it herself and figured it out. If they want green tea vegetables, then they should figure it for themselves. The girl does have a point. But with so little time before the competition, can they produce the results they need? They don’t know, but Tae Yang wants to try using Yoo Bong’s farming skills.

While the boys were getting tricked and schooled by Yoon Soo, Tae In was implementing her plan to get close to Seul Woo. She invites him out to eat as she hates eating alone, but he has a lunch box. Tae In quickly goes out to buy one and runs into her ex who complains about all her lies and how he had refused to listen to his friends and believed in her until the very end. Tae In then tells him that if she hadn’t lied to him about her family and past, then would he have liked her? The lied and pretended to be the perfect girl for him. When he raises up his hand as if to hit her, Tae In encourages him to do so and assuage his wrath. Seul Woo then steps out at this point [he’d been listening for awhile] and sticks up for Tae In. Her ex trashes her to Seul Woo, but Seul Woo just smiles and says that Tae In has already caught him, plus the ex must’ve had something wrong with him if Tae In dumped him at the end.

When they go back inside the gym, Seul Woo has some questions for Tae In and she had better answer them truthfully. Did Tae In get close to Dan Bi in order to get close to him? Tae In wants to deny this, but does give him the truth. Yes, she used Dan Bi to get close to him. She really wasn’t kicked out and cheated out of her apartment. Seul Woo wants Tae In to move out immediately. She can tell Dan Bi that she is going to live with Tae Yang. Tae In then lets him know the full truth. Yes, she lied. That’s all she knows how to do. She was adopted into two different families. If she cried or got angry they didn’t know how to deal with her. So Tae In learned to lie that she was happy even if she was bullied. Tae Yang oppa, however, stayed an honest and good man. She cannot bother her older brother now since he is having such a hard time after losing his truck. Plus, he has no way of caring for Tae In and she doesn’t want to be a burden on him. Dan Bi shows up at this tense moment to ask Seul Woo a question. Is the gym really being sold? Seul Woo doesn’t know, but assures Dan Bi that everything will be okay.

Back at Dan Bi’s apartment, Tae In is sitting all depressed. Dan Bi sees this, but mistakenly thinks that it is all because of Tae Yang having a hard time. Tae In says that is the reason [can’t let Dan Bi learn that she was just using her to get close to Seul Woo]. Dan Bi then tells Tae In to let her know if there is anything she can do to help as Dan Bi is willing. Tae In smiles and then tells Dan Bi that Tae Yang oppa has told Dan Bi not to worry nor concern herself over him anymore. This does not make Dan Bi happy at all. Looks like after the showdown at Jung’s and the heart-to-heart at the café, Dan Bi is starting to fall for Tae Yang!

The boys [minus Scruffy who has disappeared again for the time being] then begin their experiment. It’s really the 11th hour, but what other choice do they have? Yoo Bong sets up an artificial greenhouse in a plastic container and they water the plants using green tea water. They pray for the plants to start sprouting before the competition or else it will all be for nothing. Chan Sol is really impatient and tries to peak to see how its going, but Yoo Bong slaps his hand away and scolds him. However, Yoo Bong goes to do the same thing as well, but Tae Yang stops him. They need to be patient. Meanwhile, Kang Sun is still taking the fertility drugs that her doctor really was against. But Kang Sun needs to have this baby to make sure that Mok will never leave her. Truthfully, if Mok ever learns the truth and there was another baby, I think he’d kick Kang Sun to the curb and keep the kid.

Seul Woo rushes to see his mother. Looks like she is in big trouble! All documents from Seul Woo Corporation [how sweet that she named it after her precious son], are being seized by the government. Why? Looks like Hwang is in trouble for tax evasion. Her secretary steps up and says that it is all his fault, but Hwang denies this. It is her fault in the end. Her secretary leaves and Hwang says she noticed what was going on, but decided to overlook it this one time and go back to being completely honest next time. However, she got caught. She feels really bad that Seul Woo will be criticized, ostracized, and possibly held responsible with her. Hwang wants him to go to the US to live with his uncle until this all blows over. Seul Woo refuses. Is he really that useless and untrustworthy? Well, useless, probably. Untrustworthy? I don’t thinks so. I didn’t quite expect this to happen, although I knew something bad was coming after she passed out and hushed up her secretary when he went to mention something about a problem with the business.

While Seul Woo is learning what has happened to his mother and her business, the boys have seen that their beans are sprouting! Just in time to turn them in to the competition. The set out running as they are already running late. Yoo Bong is told to run ahead [with his long legs he can run pretty fast] and Tae Yang takes the sprouts from him and follows at a slower pace. Yoo Bong gets there first, soon followed by the other two, but Tae Yang is still late. The committee doesn’t want to wait any longer, it’s 20 minutes after the deadline. Tae Yang finally shows up, but they still refuse to accept the entry. So all four boys lie down on the floor and refuse to move. Just step on them. As they are about to call security, Mok comes and asks what is going on. When he hears the story, he asks if Tae Yang will be unreasonable as it is unfair to accept a late entry. Tae Yang agrees that it is unreasonable, however, what if his experiment is the one that produces results? Mok asks if he’s confident and Tae Yang even agrees to take a penalty in the next round if they make it. Thus, Mok says that the official clock is 20 minutes slower than his watch.

At the market, Tae Yang is fretting how he must have had a not-so-great impression on his father’s girlfriend. Ga On then comes out and Tae Yang goes to tell her about him meeting Mok, but decides against it. Ga On lets him know that she told her parents she had to work overnight, so they have the whole night. Well, that’s not awkward at all, is it? Tae Yang is surprised as he is so not prepared. Men need to know ahead of time to prepare, you know [LMAO at that comment]. Tae Yang then takes Ga On to a billiards place where he used to work. His ex-boss lets him close up so he and Ga On can be alone. What follows is a really awkward scene for me that didn’t seem to necessarily warrant the tension and awkwardness that was shown. But maybe that’s just me. I did like Tae Yang’s sudden nose kiss when Ga On was expecting a different kind.

The next morning the two take a bus to their home town. Tae Yang takes Ga On to the church and explains the two signs and about Jin Shim. Ga On cannot believe it. She has a hard time keeping her emotions under control. Tae Yang never thought he could love someone other than his first love Jin Shim, but he has fallen for Ga On [WHO IS JIN SHIM!!!] and he really wanted to let Ga On know about this part of him and how he hopes that she will understand that he will keep coming to the church once a month like always. Ga On tells him that she is jealous and leaves to go outside and bawl. She shouldn’t be there with Tae Yang, but she just can’t forget him. She has always loved and waited for him. Everything is getting a lot more complicated, but Ga On’s selfishness will continue. Tae Yang also cries alone and wonders if Jin Shim will understand him.

Meanwhile, the committee is choosing the finalists for the first stage of the competition. Every time they go by the miniature greenhouse, they open it and spray it with the special water that Yoo Bong prepared. When the sprouts have grown quite a bit, everyone tries them. Well, it seems like they taste like green tea… or don’t they? In the end, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the boys got their attention by making them curious about the sprouts and if they will turn out. Thus the boys pass into the 2nd round!

Meanwhile, Kang Sun learns that she is pregnant! She is still in her first trimester and needs to be careful. Kang Sun is happy. God has taken pity on her after all this time. Plus with this baby she will have an insurance policy that should allow her to remain at Mok’s side no matter what. Mok, needless to say is thrilled by the news. Given that Kang Sun has been doing fertility treatments for so long and was having issues with pelvic pain, plus her age, I wonder how well this pregnancy will go.

Seul Woo talks with a lawyer only to learn that the lawyer doesn’t believe that Hwang will be able to win the case. How can that be? Hasn’t that lawyer helped other people get off with even worse infractions? The lawyer then intimates that if Seul Woo keeps this up, his mother’s other tax evasions and problems will come to light. Seul Woo is livid. This was a one time deal. His mother is not the kind of woman to do that. Afterward, Seul Woo feels all depressed. So he really can’t do anything and is useless after all. Again, not too happy with this plot segue. I mean, Seul Woo does need to grow up and learn responsibility, but I am not feeling this part of the plot right now. I like this drama best when Tae Yang and his boys are on screen. I also like seeing the cute and awkward love develop even more between Tae Yang and Ga On, but can deal without this.

At the market, Ga On gets called out by Jung Tosa. Jung wants to know just what Ga On’s relationship is to Tae Yang that her mother would set out to destroy the young man. Ga On is shocked. Even before her mother has learned of Tae Yang’s true identity, she has taken action against him. Ga On refuses to tell just what her relationship is to Tae Yang, but, like I said before, I am sure Jung can guess. When Jung says that he should tell Tae Yang, Ga On stops and begs him not to. Jung does not like this. It’s like killing Tae Yang twice. What did that boy do to deserve that? Tae Yang should at least be made aware of Kang Sun’s going after him. Ga On says she is okay with the ends and leaves. You know that she really isn’t okay with Tae Yang’s life being destroyed, but nor does she want him to learn the truth that she’s been keeping from him all this time. I really would like Jung to get involved. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that if he is on Tae Yang’s side, it’s a lot better.

Ga On is really upset and feels bad about what happened. To add to her already horrible state, Mok and Kang Sun spring the news that Kang Sun is preggers! Ga On is shocked and NOT happy at all. In a way, I think its because she knows that Kang Sun will love this child much more than she will Ga On and that Ga On will lose everything and the lies will have all been for nothing. Kang Sun talks about the baby already like it is better than Ga On, while Mok [who obviously doesn’t know the truth] just sees it as another happy blessing. Ga On might feel a little bad since she grew up so long without him, plus she’s been an only child for so long, and since she is so much older than her sibling, she will have to be like another parent. Ga On forces a smile and tries to reassure Mok that she is okay.

The 2nd round of the competition starts and brings Scruffy back to help out. This time around, the competitors have to sell 300 apples. Now there are two rules. 1) You cannot sell more than one apple per customer 2) You cannot sell to family members. The boys think that this competition is tailored to them since they already have sales experience, although the other three think that Scruffy’s appearance will chase customers away. When the produce is handed out, the boys are shocked to see that their apples look so pathetic compared to the others’. Why is that? It’s their penalty from the first round. Will the boys be able to pull through? Meanwhile, Seul Woo seek Ga On out to help his mom. What will he request of Ga On? Totally digging the cute costumes are boys had for the 2nd round.


I think that if Kang Sun can take it to the end with no problems [I am really praying for the successful birth of a healthy baby even though I feel sorry that it’d have that woman as a mother], then Jin Shim just might be set free. The question now becomes if Kang Sun succeeds, does Jin Shim want to leave behind Ga On and her family for good and go back to Tae Yang and Tae In, back to the life and people she has always missed?

Wang Ji Hye’s acting is really starting to grow on me. She does the cute, child-likeness of Ga On rather well, which surprises me as I am so used to her acting the conniving, underhand villainess. That being said, Ga On still does have a bit of that darker side that WJH is so good at. I think I like Ga On the best when she is with Tae Yang the most. Other than that, her personality actually starts grating.

Again I do have to say that when our quintet is on screen it is the best! They are so cute in their interactions. I also like how Captain Tae Yang is more like a hyung to the others, but Yoo Bong steps in as the eldest and can get a bit done when he needs to. I didn’t mind the last episode where Seul Woo rushes off to his see his mother who had just collapsed, but I have to say that the scene in this episode, I really kind of wanted to fast forward it. Just like I kind of wanted to fast forward the confrontation between Seul Woo and Tae in when he learns the truth. The good thing about this plotline is we finally understand why Tae In acts as she does [I am choosing to believe she wasn’t lying to him this time].

So now that Ga On knows about her mother’s interference with Tae Yang, will she really stand by and do nothing? If her mother discovers that Ga On is using the competition to help Han Tae Yang she will be livid, won’t she? Or now that she is pregnant [I sincerely wish her to carry out the pregnancy and have a healthy baby, but this being a kdrama, who knows], will she be more lenient and let the fake Ga On go?

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  • NeeNee…thanks for recapping Ep 11…i found this ep a little bit slow in its pace, and finding myself fastforward some of the scenes. I wud say that my fave ep is that of Taeyang and Ga-on – their moments together in the billiard, inside the chapel and at the bus…

    I loved the sight of the boys…specially now that they’ve given a very challenging task of selling those “not so lovely colored apples”. But i bet you that they will surpass and eventually win the next round…

    I just hope that Ep 12 will be better than this one. Keep it!

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