Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 10 Recap

The boys meet with a roadblock to their burgeoning success – is this the end for the Fresh Men already? Plus past pains are revealed for Dan Bi and Seul Woo and Ga On works hard to undo the damage that her mother did [without even knowing that Kang Sun did it].

We open with the kiss scene. Ga On always takes the initiative in their relationship. She then goes home and looks at their graduation picture. She knows that it is selfish and that she should just let Tae Yang go, but can she just stay by his side a little bit longer? Of course, Ga On is torn up inside knowing how much he misses Jin Shim and she cannot tell him that she is the little girl he’s been looking for.

Back at the market, the other three sense that Tae Yang has had something good happen to him. He is even more happier than normal. When they ask if there is anything he wants to tell them, he just smiles and says yes and talks about the glorious day. The three are definitely more suspicious that something good happened. I wonder why Tae Yang won’t mention his relationship with Ga On at all to his good friends. Is it too soon for that? Anywho, the boys go into the market and learn from one of the women that there has been a ban on selling produce to the boys. Say what? Looks like Jung decided to take the dubious contract. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising given Dan Bi’s hatred of her father’s love of money [as witnessed in the vegetarian party scene].

Tae Yang immediately rushes to find Jung and demands to know if the older man really put the ban on him and his boys. Jung says that he did. Tae Yang wants to know why as business is starting to pick up and he is starting to pay Jung back. Why would Jung even help and give him that truck just to turn around and do this. Jung then asks for the truck back. When Tae Yang refuses, Jung threatens to have him arrested for vehicle theft. Tae Yang tells him to bring it on, but backs down when Jung threatens to have the other three thrown in jail as well. That is Tae Yang’s Achilles heel. He cannot allow bad things to happen to his friends because of him.

The trio slowly start taking apart the truck. If they lose this, then what will happen to their business? Besides, they put so much time and effort into designing the truck and getting it set up for business. Of course, when things get bad, Ho Jae and Chan Sol start fighting. When things are going well, these two can be so cute together and nice to each other, but when things go bad, the first thing they do is start fighting. They both as Yoo Bong hyung to not stop them, but when they get no response, they turn and find Yoo Bong wondering miserably what will happen to  their Tae Yang now. It’s times like these that Yoo Bong really shows that he is the hyung of the group. And on a total side note, I love Kwang Soo [aka Yoo Bong] as I am addicted to Running Man. Tae Yang is inside meanwhile, taking out Jin Shim’s lunch bag. Wow. That really makes things final. He then goes out and helps take the sign down off of the truck. Everyone’s feeling very sad and blue at the moment and who can blame them?

Secretary Yang reports to Kang Sun that Tae Yang was successfully froze out of the market. This makes Kang Sun happy. Yang then hands over Tae Yang’s information for Kang Sun to look out. She asks if there is anything odd and Yang rattles off that he’s an orphan with a younger sister, etc. Before Kang Sun can open the envelope to see for herself, Mok comes home and won’t go rest, but goes straight to the kitchen for a drink. Yang is then dismissed. Whew. That was a close one [he took the envelope with him]. And here we get to see Kang Sun self-destruct her relationship with her husband. Seriously. She is all bitchy and whiny as Mok is all depressed over what happened with the overly good Bong Hoon. The only reason Mok divorced Bong Hoon and married Kang Sun is because of Ga On, right? What if Ga On didn’t exist? Mok believes this is a moot point and then says that it was Bong Hoon who initiated the divorce when she found out she was infertile. She even requested he bring back Kang Sun and Ga On. Wow. Does such a selfless woman really exist? Kang Sun is not happy as it does appear that if Ga On didn’t exist then she wouldn’t be living her life now. Mok can’t stand it when Kang Sun gets like this and Kang Sun replies its all his fault [riiight – it’s all her fault for being a social climbing liar and Mok’s for being so nice and feeling so guilty about what he did to his first wife].

The next day, Bong Hoon has prepared lunch and tells Jung to wait a few more minutes for Dan Bi to show up. Jung agrees and Bong Hoon tells him to let out all his cursing and ill will before the child gets there so he can be nice to his daughter for once. She knows her husband so well. The doorbell goes off and it isn’t Dan Bi but Tae Yang! He came to plead with Jung. Bong Hoon calls her husband who tells Tae Yang to go away. Tae Yang then starts yelling and whining about it being freezing and to just let him in for a moment. But Jung is Jung and doesn’t care. Poor Bong Hoon feels bad. She’s such a softy.

Meanwhile, Ga On has learned that Jung kicked Tae Yang out of the market and she is desperately searching for Jung and Tae Yang. Seul Woo is exercising and gloating about his moment with Ga On [his smile would be completely wiped off if he knew about the other night’s kiss]. He also fights his instinct to call Ga On – she needs to initiate contact first. Hearing Mok Ga On gives Tae In [who came to exercise as well] a pause. Is she putting things together? Oddly enough, Seul Woo’s phone rings and it is Ga On! He tries to hide his happiness, but it quickly fades away when he learns Ga On only called him to get Tae Yang’s phone number [guess she doesn’t have it]. Seul Woo starts yelling into the phone. Why would Ga On call for such a reason. Hearing her brother’s name, Tae In asks what it is about and Seul Woo hands over the phone. The shocked Ga On asks if it is really Tae Yang’s little sister. Tae In replies that she is and Ga On hangs up before she can get Tae Yang’s number. Just what is going on? Ga On cries and wonders just how her little Tae In grew up. She is sure the younger girl is beautiful. Does Tae In still remember her after all these years?

Dan Bi arrives home and is shocked to find Tae Yang outside her house. Tae Yang is also shocked to learn that she is Jung’s daughter. He asks for a favor and Dan Bi lets him inside the house, much to Jung’s dislike. Tae Yang pleads for the truck back and demands to know why he was banished from the market. Jung breaks down and tells Tae Yang it was all for money. Someone came along with a deal he cannot refuse as long as he got rid of Tae Yang. When the young man asks who, Jung can’t answer as he has no idea, but he says Tae Yang must be a really bad guy to get such a vicious attack levered at him. Tae Yang denies doing anything wrong [beyond the Ga On incident when he was a child, he is virtually squeaky clean]. Tae Yang then encourages Jung to turn down the deal and invest in him as Tae Yang is a hard and happy worker who loves vegetables. He will give Jung a greater return in the end. Jung explodes at this and calls Tae Yang a smooth talking con artist. Ouch. Poor Tae Yang. This really seems to hit Dan Bi hard.

Ga On goes to find Tae Yang’s truck and notices the lunch bag is gone. That means that Tae Yang has really left. The young man in question heads out of Jung’s house completely depressed. He then gets a text from Dan Bi telling him to wait at a nearby café and she will come to talk to him in a minute. Wait. Does anyone else wonder how the hell she got his number? Oh, never mind. He might have gave it to her when he asked her to take care of his baby sister. Dan Bi then pleads with Jung to give Tae Yang the truck back and allow him to do business. She has wronged Tae Yang and doesn’t want to wrong him anymore. Jung refuses this. Dan Bi tells him this is the first time she’s ever requested anything from him, so please. When Jung remains firm about his money stance, Dan Bi breaks down and starts telling him that is why she hates him and hates money. This enrages Jung as it is that money that keeps the girl clothed and fed and supports her. Jung then says if it wasn’t for her mother, he would have completely cut all ties with Dan Bi long ago. Say what?

Dan Bi heads out of the house only to find Tae Yang there. Why isn’t he at the café? Because he doesn’t know how to sit and twiddle his thumbs. They can go to the café now. Dan Bi then tells him now he knows just who that salesman his that she just can’t stand. That is why she hates her father and his obsession with money. Tae Yang then talks about his past and how he used to hate his father. He doesn’t anymore. In fact, he has forgiven the father who abandoned him and Tae In. Why? Because Tae In is Tae Yang’s everything. If it wasn’t for his little sister, then he wouldn’t have made it as far as he has. Tae Yang then tells her everything. About their mom dying, their dad running away and leaving them with their grandmother. Then their grandmother died and the siblings were put in an orphanage and Tae In was adopted out. He believes that Tae In had a lot of problems dealing with her adoptive problems and probably left home because of Tae Yang. Hmm, so Tae In might not have been completely lying when she talked about not getting along with her parents and running away from home [although that was probably a few years ago vs. now].

That night, Tae Yang goes back to the market to say one last goodbye to the truck which still has the Fresh Men sign inside. Ga On then comes up behind him and hugs him. She tells him its okay to cry when he’s with her – the exact same thing that Jin Shim said to him years ago when she got dissed by Kang Sun and he found out his grandmother was dying. She the scolds him for not coming to her earlier. Whenever he’s in trouble, he should seek her out. That’s a promise, right? Tae Yang grasps her hand and thanks her. The two then sit in front of a space heater trying to warm up and Tae Yang’s mood has improved and the two fight and quibble like days of old. We have a really sweet scene where Tae Yang falls asleep with his head on Ga On’s shoulder.

The next day, Tae Yang takes his Fresh Men brothers out for a meal. He makes each of them their own lettuce wraps. Chan Sol, since he’s upset, is more of his rash little kid self. When Tae Yang talks about how it’s the first time he’s treating him, Chan Sol mouths that its also the last. Yoo Bong scolds him for this. Chan Sol also says that this meal is obviously to announce the dissolution of their vegetable store. Three sad faces turn to Tae Yang who says that he is okay. Yoo Bong, in turn, makes a wrap for Tae Yang and feeds it to him directly. Poor Tae Yang can’t keep up his strong guise and chews while tears fill his yes. He is not okay at all.

After their goodbye lunch, Ho Jae and Chan Sol take the bus home together. Chan Sol counts the money from the envelope. It adds up to about $40. So how much was that before being split 4 ways? Ho Jae then tells Chan Sol that it wasn’t split 4 ways at all. Chan Sol thinks for a minute and then tears up. Of course, Tae Yang hyung wouldn’t take his cut. Meanwhile, Yoo Bong and Tae Yang wait for Yoo Bong’s bus. Tae Yang tells his friend to go home and Yoo Bong says he will take a later bus. He wants Tae Yang to leave first for once. Tae Yang smiles and hops on his friend’s back. This hyung is very warm. I have said it many times over, but I shall say it again. I really love watching these four guys together. They are so cute and adorkable and their relationship and camaraderie is very good and believable.

At the market, Jung is shocked to see Secretary Yang with Ga On. She is giving the secretary some fruit and vegetables for him and his family. Thanks to his schedule, he didn’t get to go home for the holidays. This, of course, really touches Yang who is crushing on Ga On. How can such a good girl have such an evil mother. Omo! That was a cute blunder. As Yang goes to leave, Jung stops him and demands to know just who it is that he works for. Busted! Yang confesses and calls up Kang Sun to tell her the bad news. Thus Kang Sun goes down and is shocked to learn that the person she bribed to get rid of Tae Yang is Bong Hoon’s husband. Jung cancels the contract as she wants nothing to do with the Moks whatsoever. Shocking! He is actually putting his pride [and wife] before money? He demands to know why Kang Sun is destroying a child’s life, but Kang Sun won’t tell and tells him to drop it and not tell Ga On everything. She then instructs Jung to keep Bong Hoon with her sad puppy face away from Mok. What a b*itch.

Meanwhile, Mok is blissfully unaware of all the drama his wife is causing behind his back. He is worrying about business matters instead. Ga On comes to pick him up and offers to listen to his problems. Mok replies that he wants to revitalize the company’s image [its 60 years old now], which is why he is trying to revolutionize the agricultural market that they are breaking into. Ga On immediately offers to take on this project surprising her father. Doesn’t she want to stay out of the family business for now? Yes, but she really wants to do this project. Her idea? A competition to find the nonexistent green tea tasting vegetable. The winner will then receive a storefront with six months rent free and $30,0000 to start out. You know she has Tae Yang in mind when designing this contest. Tae Yang sees the contest advertisement and gets excited. He rushes out only to be greeted by the trio who are holding a copy of the paper as well. Looks like they haven’t thrown in the towel yet.

Seul Woo goes to the market to pick up fruit for his mother to give as gifts. Mrs. Hwang is supposed to be meeting him there, but is running late. Seul Woo asks Ga On if there really is a guy she likes – surely she’s lying. Ga On says that she is most definitely not lying about that. When he asks who, Ga On looks at him and says he already knows. Seul Woo cannot believe this [by the by, HATE his new haircut]. Ga On is really cruel, isn’t she? She will eventually have to have an arranged marriage with a suitable family. It’s okay to have a fling before that, but with a poor man like Tae Yang? That is really hurtful. Ga On should just have fun with Seul Woo instead. Ga On angrily goes to return to the office when Seul Woo gets a call saying that Mrs. Hwang collapsed. He rushes out of the market. I’m not saying Seul Woo is wrong in what he says to Ga On, but is arranged marriages and class status still so prevalent there? So hard to believe if you’re living in the US, I guess, which has such a blending of the classes. Though, the middle class is all but disappearing only leaving you with the capitalist class an the working class…

Seul Woo goes to his mom’s office. She hates hospitals, so she has a cot and an IV drip there instead. Hwang assures him she’ll be fine after resting. Seul Woo immediately launches into a tirade about her working too hard for money. He will eventually inherit everything and doesn’t care if he loses every penny she’s worked so hard for as he hates money. Why? He always believed his mom loved money more than him since she spent so much time away from him to earn it. This really cuts Hwang to the quick. Her baby thought that way all these years? Her assistant tries to explain to Seul Woo about a problem with the company [or is it Hwang’s health?], but Hwang shakes her head no. She turns over on her side to “rest” and cries while her son holds on to her hand. Him holding her hand through the years has always kept her going and gave her strength. Sheesh. Both he and Dan Bi hate money. They are perfect for each other.

While Chan Sol, Yoo Bong, and Tae Yang experiment steeping vegetables in green tea to flavor them, Ho Jae does research and finds a person who may be able to help them figure out how to get the taste. This excites the boys. Tae Yang’s neighbor then comes in and announces there is yet another visitor! It’s scruffy guy [I think its Sung Ha who is billed as playing Jung Ki Young – any relation to Jung and Dan Bi?] who looks really sick. He passes out and Tae Yang notices that his address is clutched in the other guy’s hand. We then flashback to Tae Yang putting inside his CD player before he gave it back. Seeing Scruffy like that, don’t you want to adopt him?

The next morning, the trio sees that scruffy guy is with Tae Yang. Ho Jae and Chan Sol beg Yoo Bong to say something to Tae Yang as scruffy guy frightens them. Yoo Bong tells scruffy that he just recovered so he should rest some more, but Scruffy just shoots him a look and keeps his mouth shut. Yoo Bong asks if he’s mute and Tae Yang says that he isn’t and even spoke earlier asking to help them. Aww. The trio accepts this, but you can tell they are still uncomfortable with the silent Scruffy.

They get to the farm to meet the professor and find a girl lying on a table covered in a plastic sheet. They make the poor maknae of the group [Chan Sol] check to see if the girl is alive or dead. How cruel! The girl then sits up and immediately rushes over to the side of the greenhouse to complain that the water is frozen. The plants will all die and she will be in big trouble. The boys ask after the professor and the girl reveals that is her father. She then coerces the boys to help her water the plants in exchange for meeting her father.

The boys rush around looking for well water, but everything is frozen and broken. They find an old pump, but it, too, is frozen. Tae Yang then reveals a secret his grandma taught him. All five guys pee on the pump to unthaw it. And it works! They then hurry to get the water back to the girl to save the plants and that’s where we end this episode.


I won’t lie, parts of this episode had me giggling like a little school girl. Who’dve thunk that the nice, normally calm but sometimes hotheaded Tae Yang could act like a whiny brat. It was awesome! Ji Chang Wook-ssi I salute your acting skills. And I have to hand it to the youngest of the quartet [now a quintet by the end of this episode], Chan Sol actually while being immature has the most experience and maturity when it come to things – too bad he expresses it in his in your face immature way. Love, love, love!

That being said, there are moments not to love as well… but if you’ve been following me through this series from the beginning, then you’ll know what I don’t love about it, so I won’t gripe about it yet again.

Oh and Lee Seul Woo and Dan Bi in this episode! Woot. They are a pair that equally turn me on and put me off. One moment I like them, then next moment they do something and I start hating them again. This episode actually shows where their personalities come from and we get to open up more of their scars and learn about their real feelings. Seul Woo’s trauma about money is explained quite clearly, while the horribly cracked relationship between Jung and Dan Bi just sort of gets touched on, but never delved deeply into. I do wonder, though, if Dan Bi’s mother’s death has a great deal to do with Dan Bi’s hatred of her father’s money-making hunger? But then Jung says if it wasn’t for Dan Bi’s mother, he would never have seen his daughter again [although it is clear that he does love the girl], so what exactly happened to fracture this family so much?

I also love how in this episode Jung finds out it is the Moks behind Tae Yang’s getting the boot from the market. What did Tae Yang do to the family to deserve his life being destroyed? Well, when Kang Sun directs Jung to keep mum to Ga On about the Tae Yang situation, I think it is pretty clear just what Tae Yang did wrong. I also love that it was Choi Kang Sun who did her best to destroy Tae Yang and it is Ga On who is doing her best to use daddy’s business to make sure that Tae Yang’s dream comes true in the end. Boy, will the diabolical Kang Sun be livid when she finds out! That woman seriously needs to be put into place once and for all.

I also really loved the scene between Ga On and Tae Yang at the truck. They really do go back to their childish sides when together and it is really cute. I loved it when Tae Yang put his hands on her cheeks and ask her if she had to choose between the heater and his hands, what would it be. She was kind of adorable when she said hands and then Tae Yang squished her face. Wang Ji Hye is slowly, ever so slowly, growing on me. I am slowly starting to divorce her from her earlier evil characters, but its hard with such a complicated role that makes you love, hate, and feel sorry for Ga On/Jin Shim.

Anyone else curious to know just who Scruffy is. I really do think he is played by Sung Ha who is listed as being Jung Ki Young. If that is the case, is he related to the Jung family? Just what is the story there? Does it have to do with the reason why Jung and Dan Bi really can’t get along at all and not just in regards to her mother’s death?


  • Wow! i never expected you’ll have this recap of Ep 10…so fast… : )

    Ji Chang Wook – this guy is the main reason why i hooked-up on this drama. I have loved his acting since Smile, Donghae and Warrior BDS. Seeing him acting in his real charms, and cutey,bratty behavior have been a breath -of- fresh-air for me… Just so excited seeing his romantic side towards jinshim/Ga-On.

    I also love the truck scene of Taeyang and Ga-on. This couple has never failed to amuse, and put a smile on my lips whenever i see them together in one scene – even if their like cats-and-dogs in the early part of this series.

    Thought, i do admit that i got bored on the scene between Seul-woo and his mom…that i skipped it (lol!) But i do agree with u,Neenee – i hate Seul-woo’s new haircut,hehehe!

    Now, about the new character – “scruffy” i believe he is the brother of Dan-bi or yet, Dan-bi’s ex BF that’s why Dan-bi hated her father that much…coz the latter did something evil in the past on that “scruffy guy”

    • I am planning on getting them out on the weekend now. That’s when I have time to watch these episodes, or before work in the mornings.

      I know, Ji Chang Wook is the reason I started watching. I loved him in Smile, Donghae [and probably will love him in WBDS as soon as I make it more into the adult episodes]. The boy is charming and a great actor. I laughed my butt off at his whiny little kidness at Jung’s. It was so silly it was awesome.

      Yeah, I am voting on Scruffy being Dan Bi’s brother more than likely. How long need we wait to get that explained? I do like him so far, but it does seem a little odd to have this silent hobo all of a sudden come in, though I do enjoy him and how the wishy-washy trio are all afraid of him ^_^

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