Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 5 Recap

This episode has the end result of Gong Xi and Li Er’s competition, a budding friendship (?) with Du Jin and Lian, and the Love Me sections gets a new member in time for a new help request.

After getting cleaned up, the time has come to begin filming once more. Li Er goes first and mucks things up when she just stares and Lian and forgets to say her lines. Thus the director calls in Gong Xi to give it a try. Until filming officially starts, Gong Xi hangs her feet over the side of the pavilion and rests with her head on the floor. Lian warns her that is no way to film the scene and Gong Xi assures him that once action is called she will sit properly, until then she is keeping weight off of her foot.

Action is called and everyone is amazed at the transformation in Gong Xi. She sits putting full weight on her ankle, but you cannot tell that she is in pain at all with that calm, serene smile on her face. Seeing this, Lian actually opens up and acts with Gong Xi fully unlike he did with Li Er who is stunned by just how much better Gong Xi is in this scene than she was. When Lian’s acting spirit comes out, he starts pulling Gong Xi along with him at his pace. This startles are fledgling actress and her battle spirit rises. She will not give in and be led around by Lian.

As the scene continues, Gong Xi’s pain increases and she flashes back to her time with Shang’s mother and all the intense training she went through. Even though she is feeling faint, her ankle is in screaming pain, and she is sweating horribly, Gong Xi keeps smiling and sitting while Lian keeps acting. The director, noticing her pain, immediately calls a halt to filming and begs Gong Xi to please stop, but Gong Xi won’t listen. She then says she cannot leave until the guest has left. This confuses the director, but then he understands. He tells Lian to quickly leave the platform and once he does, Gong Xi faints.

While Gong Xi is being rushed to the hospital, Li Er who recalled her earlier passion for singing when she was just starting out [she even recorded an album when she had a fever], asks the director for the chance to take back the role. The director smiles as he was hoping for such an outcome and warns Li Er that he will make her redo a take until he is satisfied and that is fine with Li Er. Yay! She grew up some all thanks to Gong Xi.

It turns out that Gong Xi fractured her ankle thanks to not getting it treated properly right away. Li Er’s manager apologizes as it is partly Li Er’s fault but Gong Xi waves it off. She is surprised that Li Er who had told her earlier that she wasn’t giving her any points gave her a full 100 for the job. Li Er says it is her way of apologizing basically since she stole the role back when Gong Xi was at the hospital. Gong Xi explains that she doesn’t feel bitter about losing to Li Er at all since Gong Xi was the one who fainted while filming – such an unforgivable sin [if you faint on the battlefield you deserve to die].

That night Gong Xi gets a mini photo shoot with her in her kimono and makeup to commemorate the moment. It is also the director’s way of apologizing for just using Gong Xi to get Li Er to act [Du Jin who didn’t realize this plan was very astonished and felt bad for Gong Xi who tried so hard]. Du Jin tries to get Lian to come with him to the shoot, but Lian keeps his disinterested mask on. Why should he care? And when asked about really acting with Gong Xi he says it was because of her determination and persistence that made him feel like she was taking it seriously.

The director apologizes again to Gong Xi for all that happened, but the girl is still ridiculously happy, except when she recalls being “tricked” by Lian. The director and Du Jin explain that it is actually Lian’s talent to bring out the talent in others, so when he was seriously acting with Gong Xi, that was him accepting her and helping her along. Gong Xi still doesn’t see it as a good thing and the director and Du Jin cannot understand how come she doesn’t understand what they were trying to say. It’s at this point that Lian comes in and wonders why there is such an aura.

Lian and Du Jin help the injured Gong Xi back to her room. Gong Xi is only talking to and being nice to Du Jin who wonders why she is completely ignoring Lian who is helping as well. Du Jin then asks if Gong Xi went to a bride school since she new all of that stuff they were filming earlier. This stops Gong Xi right in her tracks. The light bulb goes off and she realizes that Shang’s mother really was preparing her to be a bride. Gong Xi falls to her knees when she realizes that thus far she has only been using everything she learned while trying to please Shang and his family. Her sorry state worries both Du Jin and Lian who think her ankle must be giving her trouble. When Lian kindly holds out his hand, Gong Xi stares up at him and makes a decision to follow in Lian’s footsteps and become a great actress. She will learn from him! So she takes Lian’s hand and Du Jin stares in wonder as the two head off to Gong Xi’s room. What exactly is their relationship. Does Lian really like Gong Xi after all?

When Gong Xi is back in her room she is horrified when the makeup artist comes to remove her makeup. A scuffle ensues and only when Lian quotes Shang’s cosmetics commercial does Gong Xi calm down. Lian says that if she doesn’t want to lose to him [and get ugly skin by not removing her makeup], then she had best let the makeup girl take care of her. Du Jin and Lian leave and Du Jin wonders why Lian quoted Shang’s commercial to Gong Xi, but Lian keeps mum about it. He does say that he instructed the makeup artist to leave Gong Xi some of the “magic.” How so? We cut back to the hotel room where the makeup artist has finished cleaning Gong Xi’s face and unties her [guess they didn’t trust her to sit still even though she gave in]. When the sad Gong Xi looks in a mirror she sees skulls and skeletal hands plus a weird hairdo. What the heck? Gong Xi demands to know what is going on and it turns out Lian’s “magic” was instructing the makeup artist to give Gong Xi a magical hairstyle. Gong Xi wails and then starts cursing Lian once again.

The next day Gong Xi is to return back to Taipei. She runs into Lian and Du Jin. They ask how she is doing since her leg seemed to pain her so much to the point of collapsing the other night. Gong Xi then says it wasn’t her ankle, but thinking of a person she hated that caused her to do that. As soon as the words are out of her mouth, she knew she made a mistake. Lian catches this and asks about revenge. Gong Xi gets worked up and says yes it was all for her revenge. Lian then asks for her notebook to “reward” her and gives her a –10 stamp. He sees the potential of a great actress in Gong Xi, but cannot accept her motives. Thus the depressed Gong Xi departs still filled with dislike for Ren. Ah, I love their relationship – its too cute at times.

Back at LME, Shen reports the success of getting Li Er to wake up to Lory who is very happy to hear this. He is very impressed that Gong Xi is the one who got her to wake up. Lory then gets a call about his granddaughter making a ruckus once more and he wonders if he should put Gong Xi on that job as well. If it is Gong Xi, perhaps she can heal the wound in Maria’s [though I think they call her Marie in this drama vs. Maria] heart.

At the office, Gong Xi learns that LME has acting classes available for their artists. This excites her as she wants to learn to act properly, however, she is horrified to find out just how much the lessons will cost for only 3 months. She angrily says that they are clearly discriminating the poor and she says this in unison with Nan Qin. Seeing the other girl startles Gong Xi. What is Nan Qin doing looking at the classes offered? Didn’t the older girl get in? Shen then comes and Nan Qin tries to get him to quiet down as she doesn’t want Gong Xi to learn her situation, but the cat is out of the bag. Nan Qin failed in the final round and is thus a member of the Love Me section. Gong Xi wonders how such a thing is possible. Looks like Nan Qin failed a psychological test as well. They had to read a script about a man giving up everything for his family and then interpret the role in their own way. Nan Qin was completely unmoved unlike the rest of the audtioners. She thought the man was an idiot to throw away his own desires and happiness for those of his families.

Gong Xi introduces herself as the number 1 Love Me member and Nan Qin then decides she doesn’t want to do this. She can’t be in the same league as Gong Xi whom she believes really has no talent at all. But Gong Xi’s little spirits come out and grab hold of Nan Win [Gong Xi herself holds on to Nan Qin’s legs]. Nan Qin is suddenly still. Why can’t she move at all. Shen who watches it all, shudders. Now someone else knows the horror he went through at Gong Xi’s hands. Thus Nan Qin becomes the 2nd member of Love Me. The two are then given their assignment to assist Lory with his matter.

As the two girls go, they are laughed at and ridiculed by the other artists and staff. Nan Qin has had enough [she’s trying to hide her real identity with sunglasses, etc], but when she turns to bitch them out, they are gone. Gong Xi then talks about how happy she is to finally have a partner as she has been very lonely. It is amazing that Gong Xi [aka Kyoko] is such a complex character. Shang’s betrayal really woke her up to the reality of the world and made her even more jaded about love, but she is still so naive about things. And isn’t admitting to being lonely and wanting a friend also admitting to wanting love in a way? It is interesting how contradictory Gong Xi’s character can be [it is the exact same in the manga]. Even after hearing this, Nan Qin doesn’t want to warm up to Gong Xi at all. She does a wee bit when Gong Xi tells her if they collect enough points they can debut.

While Gong Xi meets with Lory, Nan Qin stays in the practice theater where she gets ridiculed by the other actors. Nan Qin still retains her arrogance [even saying she isn’t part of such a ridiculous section and claiming to be the next great actress of Asia]. Meanwhile, Gong Xi learns about Maria causing a ruckus during practice because of the play that is being performed strikes a chord with her. Gong Xi promises to help [especially when she learns that even Lian whom Maria adores couldn’t help], in return, Gong Xi asks a favor about being able to get into the acting classes. Lory agrees to the trade and Gong Xi makes her way back to the theater.

In the theater, Nan Qin who has quickly read the script, is performing it all by herself, quite believably. She is doing all the roles very convincingly and shocking all of the other actors. When Lory comes out, Nan Qin declares herself a proud member of Love Me, startling Gong Xi. Wasn’t she complaining earlier?Then out pops the angry Maria who immediately says the play is crap. There is no way that the child in the play wouldn’t be hated since she is the cause of her mother’s death. [Maria’s mother died in a plane accident on her way home to go to celebrate Maria’s birthday party and Maria overheard her father saying he blamed her.] Gong Xi shocks everyone by agreeing with Maria. She thinks the script is flawed as well. It doesn’t seem possible for the older sister to not resent the younger sister for causing their mother’s death even though it was not the younger sister’s fault at all. Thus Gong Xi is challenged by the others to show them just how the sister should act. Gong Xi goes and hides behind Nan Qin, but is forced to act this out in the end.

Gong Xi is miserable. How can she show the older sister hating the younger while still convincing the younger sister that their dad really loves her and doesn’t hate her at all? She wonders how Ren would act in such a scene? Meanwhile, Maria is worried about Gong Xi jie. What if she fails? Lory tells his granddaughter that it is out of his hands. He then asks why Maria likes Gong Xi so much. He is startled to hear Maria’s reply [Gong Xi pulled her cheeks and asked her if she really thought crying would solve her problems?] Maria liked that because gong Xi who is an adult [technically if not mentally], actually treated Maria as if she were an adult as well and not just a child.

And thus we end this episode. I am really loving just how true they are sticking to the manga. Usually you have such huge divergences, but this one is sticking fairly close. This makes me anticipate Shang’s MV filming, Gong Xi’s time as Lian’s manager, and Gong Xi and Lian being able to act together in Dark Moon. Although, I wonder how far we’ll get plot wise since the manga is so long and still ongoing? That is one problem with manga to live action adaptations [manga to anime as well] when they are done before the official end has come. I really want to see the Heel siblings as well, but I wonder if we’ll delve into the dark side of Lian’s personality at all?

I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode which shows how Lian and Gong Xi were connect through “Corn.”


  • I haven’t read the manga because I don’t read ongoing manga, but i’m really enjoying this show. It did take me a couple of episodes to really get into it but now I can’t wait for it to air every week. I didn’t realise you were recapping it :-). Back to this episode… I think my favourite character is actually Lian’s assistant. The way he just watches everything that happens, and notes everyone’s reactions. He will be the one to realise that Lian has a crush on Gong Xi before Lian does. And he really likes Gong Xi (as a friend), which I find lovely. I want to see more Gong Xi/Du Jin scenes.

    • Well, in the manga, there are quite a few scenes between the two. And yeah, Du Jin should be the first to realize it. I think then Lian himself, and then the president. Gong Xi will, of course, be the last to know. I really wonder how much they are going to try to do with this series as there is soooo much manga and it is still ongoing. And the fact that it’s ongoing makes me wonder if we’ll get a satisfactory ending or not. Sigh. I am hoping so as I am really loving this series!

      And I totally understand about not wanting to read a series that is still ongoing. It’s torture to invest so much time into it and then be stuck waiting forever for the next installment.

      • I just can’t do it to myself. At least with drama’s, the subs are out the same week the episode is released. But with manga, it can take months before the next chapter is out. Eventually, a manga has to end. And then I’ll start reading it, lol.

        • Makes sense. Sometimes there is even years between manga chapters and volumes and that really makes it difficult. I try to read more series that have already been complete vs. reading the ongoing ones that I get impatient for the next English chapter, but I still occasionally pick up the ongoing and then berate myself as I get impatient to know the ending.

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