Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 9 Recap

I keep pushing these off until the weekend. Sigh. It’s starting to get busy again, but I will try to make sure these keep getting posted on the weekends at least.

This would be a cute episode completely if we could get rid of the whole Ga On is really Jin Shim and has to listen to the crazy Kang Sun who will do whatever it takes to live the life of a wealthy woman of a respectable family. More people are starting to converge and our boys are slowly eking their way in the vegetable seller world step by step.

So Tae Yang finally asks for Ga On’s name. She is not happy to be giving it, probably because she realizes that it won’t take Tae Yang long to discover she’s a chaebol’s daughter. After she announces that she is “Ga On, Mok ga On,” her parents drive by and catch her. Mok wonders who she is with and wants to get out and greet his daughter, but Kang Sun says it must be about business and Mok needs to remember Ga On keeping her real identity a secret, thus they drive on, but you can see just how much Kang Sun is fuming. Tae Yang then reveals that he once knew a Ga On and because of him, she died. This astonishes Ga On. Just who is he, surely it can’t be? Nope, it really is her sunshine Han Tae Yang! Poor Tae Yang is still haunted by Ga On’s death just like Jin Shim [just for different reasons]. Ga On comes home in a state of shock. Her father is immediately worried about her, what happened? Kang Sun gets Ga On to wake up and the girl takes off her boots and just escapes upstairs. Kang Sun follows, but Ga On locks her door and collapses on the floor of her secret room. Is it really him? As if there’s any doubt.

The next morning our boys are at the apartment complex once more. They must win over the chairwoman ahjumma at any cost. Chan Sol asks Tae Yang if he can hit the mouthy kid this time and the trio is shocked to learn that Tae Yang’s mind was completely elsewhere. The other three demand to know what is weighing on their friend’s mind. Yoo Bong says he may not be able to help much, but he’s an excellent listener. Chan Sol immediately pegs it as a woman problem. Tae Yang wonders how he knew. This excites the older two hyungs. They try to get Tae Yang to spill, but he refuses and says its time to concentrate on work. I seriously loved this scene for Chan Sol taking the initiative to be the one to give Tae Yang love advice as the older hyungs have no experience in that department at all. That spunky little wannabe idol has his moments. He’s so adorable and Ho Jae and Yoo Bong are so adorkable. They go inside only to be met with the fury of the ahjumma again. After this round of insults, Tae Yang seems really upset.

The wishy-washy trio cannot believe that the steadfast Tae Yang said they should give up trying to get into the market there. The honestly know it is because of themselves that Tae Yang would do such a thing. He knows that their feelings and pride have been hurt. Otherwise, Tae Yang would lay out a rug and persist until the very end. They have a point there. Tae Yang really gets upset when the ones he loves are hurt by others and he does such things to protect them like earlier. Such a great guy. Does such a guy really exist? Meanwhile, Ga On is confronted by Kang Sun. Ga On lies and says that Tae Yang followed her home to ask her out and begs her mom not to do anything as the matter is resolved [she doesn’t want evil mommy dearest to learn that Tae Yang, whom she holds solely responsible for Ga On’s death which is just stupid if you ask me, is back in the picture]. Ga On leaves, but Kang Sun isn’t fooled. She calls up her secretary to find out Tae Yang’s identity and to have him barred from the market and Ga On.

Back at the apartments, Tae Yang meets the scruffy stranger who is digging through bushes this time. Tae Yang asks what he’s looking for and when he goes to bolt, Tae Yang holds up the CD player. It’s the man’s right? Scruffy guy grabs it and goes to head off, but Tae Yang does invite him over if he has no other place to go and needs a decent meal. Looks like scruffy guy gives a bit of a smile before heading off. Wow. Tae Yang is nice, maybe too nice for his own good. Meanwhile, the wishy-washy trio are each taking their turns at winning over the impossible ahjumma. Chan Sol tries his noona-seducing techniques which fail miserably. Ho Jae then slicks back his hair and shows her his educational qualifications and tries to tutor her son – denied! Only the most sought after tutor from Kangnam is good enough for her son. Yoo Bong comes with a shovel and plant and asks to take care of her flowers. Really, that’s the only thing they could come up with?

While the trio are trying to get the contract signed, Tae Yang has gone to the market to look for Ga On. She is shocked when she notices him. She immediately turns away. Tae Yang notices this and is quite hurt. He then sees her out at the office where she tries to run away, but he catches up. Didn’t she see him earlier? Ga On replies that she didn’t and that she is very busy. Poor Tae Yang thinks the worst with this brush off. You know, you’d think he’d notice how pained and upset Ga On looks, but he doesn’t really. He’s so dense at times, our Tae Yang. Seul Woo then arrives and sees Ga On sitting upset on the stairs. Meanwhile, the boys work hard on appealing to the other people in the building since they are having problems with the chairwoman.

Seul Woo follows Ga On to the bus stop and cannot believe that she didn’t notice whatsoever. He finally gets her attention and asks what happened the other night. Ga On gets angry and gets on the bus leaving Seul Woo fuming. These two don’t mix well at all. Seul Woo then goes to mommy to complain that Ga On views him as a useless bum. Thus he decides he wants to work. Mommy refuses to give him money until he brings her a solid business plan. Seul Woo tells her to wait, he’ll come up with something mind-blowing. Mrs. Hwang isn’t sure her son can do such a thing.

Our quartet go out and dig burdock roots. Chan Sol wonders why he has to do that [his idol glory days have still not left him]. Looks like they are digging roots for the special gift they plan to hand out at the meeting they are arranging with the building’s residents. They go back to Tae Yang’s place when they’re finished and Tae Yang calls up Tae In to see if they can use her kitchen. Yoo Bong is overly excited to learn that Tae Yang has a cute younger sister. The poor guy, can he get lucky with the materialistic Tae in? Doubtful. Tae Yang is shocked to learn that Tae In moved without telling him and when he demands to know where, she hangs up on him. Chan Sol says it means that Tae In must’ve moved in with a guy. This upsets both Tae Yang and Yoo Bong [how cute].

Much to Tae In’s horror, Tae Yang shows up at Dan Bi’s house. How? Her friend she was living with told him where she lived so that he could give Tae In her mail. Haha. When Tae In tries to usher him away, he rings the bell repeatedly to see who she’s living with and both he and Dan Bi are shocked to see one another and Ho Jae is enamored with Dan Bi just as Yoo Bong is enamored with the pretty Tae In. Tae In is also surprised to learn that the two know each other. He and Dan Bi sit down while Tae In prepares tea and Dan Bi says that she wasn’t talking about him, but someone else she knows the other night. Tae Yang says she should just be honest and stop talking circular. She’s sorry right? So why doesn’t she just apologize? Dan Bi makes a snarky comment about how he doesn’t really know her, but Tae Yang is his usual self, not believing that she is a bad person deep down. Ahh. I think Dan Bi is starting to like him a wee bit now. Tae Yang then leaves after Tae In texts him to keep his mouth shut. Thus so he doesn’t reveal that they are orphans and have no parents for Tae In to run away from.

At the Jung house, Jung tells Boon Hong to dress up nicely as he will be taking her out later. This makes Boon Hong smile, so her husband does remember that today is the anniversary of the day she moved in with him. Aww, I am impressed that the abrasive Jung has such a soft side. It’s rather cute. Jung takes his wife to a music recital. He nods off, but she smiles and enjoys it thoroughly which makes Jung smile in return. Awww, again. You can see just how much he does love his second wife. Unfortunately, Mok and Kang Sun are just a few rows ahead. Kang Sun, seems bored by the performance as well. She forces a smile and then snuggles down on her husband’s shoulder.

After the performance, Boon Hong is shocked to see Mok and his second wife and tries to make a quiet, quick getaway, which never works in dramaland. She runs into a younger girl, spilling her drink all over. This catches Kang Sun’s attention and she is surprised to see Boon Hong who notices Kang Sun’s stare. Boon Hong tries to quietly take care of the situation, but Jung becomes enraged and starts yelling when the younger girl mouths off to his wife. This now brings Mok’s attention to the scene and he makes his way over. Boon Hong tells him to stop looking for her as she is doing well. Kang Sun asks who Jung is and Boon Hong smiles and pulls her arm through her husband’s. She has married this wonderful man, so please don’t worry or look for her anymore. The two then leave.

At their respective homes, Jung worries because its thanks to him that Boon Hong met the man she’s been running from. Boon Hong smiles and says that its okay now. Mok doesn’t have to worry about her anymore since he knows she is happily married to Jung who then gets angry as he can’t believe Boon Hong is worried about a man who tromped all over her goodness and her heart. Kang Sun tells Mok that she cannot believe Boon Hong marries such an older, gruffer man. Mok wants Kang Sun to stay out of it. He still feels bad over what happened with the divorce. Kang Sun asks him why he couldn’t just continue to live with Boon Hong who loved him even though he loved Kang Sun. Mok’s reply is that he didn’t want to be any more unfair to Boon Hong. Mok seems to have a rather kind and caring personality and heart. How did he end up with the cold, conniving Kang Sun when he had a warm and loving woman like Boon Hong [granted he married Boon Hong after Kang Sun ran away with their daughter, but still]. I have to say I did love the scene between Mok and Kang Sun in this round. Why? Because Mok talks about liars and how he just cannot stand them and living a lie is not good to the person you love or who loves you. You can tell how much that effected Kang Sun who is only living with him now because of a lie.

Seul Woo is working out with Dan Bi and she tells him about letting Tae Yang borrow her kitchen in apology for what happened at the party. Seul Woo immediately gets up to go to her house to confront Tae Yang about Ga On. Meanwhile, the boys are working hard with their root. They wash, chop, fry, grind, and all that good stuff. Just what are they making? Tae In is shocked when Seul Woo and Dan Bi come in. Wasn’t Dan Bi supposed to be home late? Seul Woo immediately yells out for Tae Yang who comes out of the kitchen. Without even wasting time for a greeting Seul Woo demands Tae Yang follow him to the hall to talk. The other boys watch on worried. Looks like they can feel the fight vibe that Seul Woo is giving off. Yoo Bong tries to give a frying pan to Tae Yang for defense [how hilarious!], but Tae Yang refuses to take it and goes out to talk with Seul Woo who wants to know what happened after the party that seems to be affecting Ga On negatively. Tae Yang [who thinks its because he said he caused a girl’s death] says that Ga On doesn’t tell him such things which makes Seul Woo relieved. Then Ga On and Tae Yang must not be an item then. The upset Tae Yang excuses himself as he still has a lot of work to do and Seul Woo grins. Dan Bi wonders what he’s so happy about. When Tae Yang gets back inside, he is immediately asked by Tae In if he and Seul Woo talked about her. Now why would they be doing that? It’s not like Seul Woo has really paid any attention to Tae in at all?

The boys finish their work and head on over to the meeting where they present their store to the residents. Meanwhile, Dan Bi gets a little carton with a thank you on it. She opens it up and it looks like the boys made a cream with the root. Back at the meeting, the boys pass out the cream and Tae Yang rattles off all that the cream is good for. Then in barges the chairwoman who says that she was elected and she is the one making the decisions. Chan Sol’s sister stands up and demands a vote [that’s how she knew about all this, she was a resident]. The boys wait outside while the votes are being cast. Chan Sol’s sister comes out looking depressed and asks what they will do. This immediately makes the boys think that they have lost, but no, it’s the opposite. Chan Sol’s sister starts jumping up and down saying they got the contract. Chan Sol warns his pregnant sister to stop jumping and then the four boys start celebrating their success. The next day they start selling and are met with pretty good results. Baby steps and it’s working.

At the market, Ga On’s sunbaes stare at a blinking light. Ga On is ordered to bring a bulb and when she does the other two bicker about who will change it bringing Ga On to say she will do it herself. Enter Seul Woo. He is given the light bulb and the sunbaes leave. Ga On asks for it to change it herself, but Seul Woo insists. He has a hard time with the bulb and when he thinks he’s gotten it [looks like he fiddled with the old one and never put the new one in], he has Ga On flip the switch. The light is burning nice and steady. Seul Woo smiles and then the light shatters. He immediately protects Ga On who then carefully cleans off all of the glass, making Seul Woo smile to himself. What, he thinks its only a matter of time before she’s his? Really, I must admit that Kim Young Kwang does have such a nice, charming, boyish smile.

Tae Yang goes to Jung and happily reports that he has made money. He then gives Jung an envelope. Jung acts all gruff since it isn’t a lot of money, but Tae Yang’s happy smile stays. Things are looking up and he will make sure to bring Jung even more money in the future [to repay the food that got spoilt]. Tae Yang leaves and secretary Yang happens to catch sight of him. Yang goes to Jung and offers to land him the huge AK Foods contract. Jung doesn’t believe in something for nothing, there has to be a catch. Yang says to wait for the call and then says that there is a person they’d like to get rid of. Hmm, what will Jung do? It seems like the man likes Tae Yang, will he betray him to land that huge contract?

Ga On goes to leave and sees Tae Yang’s truck. She starts crying when she sees the lunchbox carrier that she made for him sitting on the dash. Tae Yang sees her and Ga On just walks away. Tae Yang tries to talk to her, but she won’t listen, so he speeds on by. This makes Ga On pause for a moment before she starts running after him. Tae Yang stops the truck and the two talk. Tae Yang believes her attitude his because of telling her about the Ga On from his past [it is but not in the way he thinks]. He then says he knows she’s the daughter of a wealthy family and he’s been thinking a lot about his situation lately. He doesn’t think he isn’t worthy of Ga On at all. Ga On smiles and says he’s just like she imagined he would be. In her head, she asks him if it was tough going it all alone and then thanks him for growing into such a man. She then, like she did when they were children, gives him a surprise kiss.

Wang Ji Hye, Ji Chang WookEnd episode.

Ga On really needs to make her mind up. Does she want to be that woman’s daughter or Tae Yang’s best friend and girlfriend because she sure as heck can’t have her cake and eat it too. It would be nice for the lie to be over and all that stupid drama, but its going to take forever!


  • waaahhh, they KISSED…thanks for granting my wish…one of my fave episode so far…now…what will be the effect of this kiss to both of them? Will they become lovers? or this sweet kissing incident will just pass for both of them…and be forotten?

    How is wish Tae-yang would find out the real identity of Ga-On…and if that happens…i bet you…i’ll be terribly happy for them…

  • at this point in time…i still want LIES to continue….i guess up to Episode 15…and afterwhich…the skeletons in the closet of Jin-Shim will be finally revealed…so as Ga-On’s mother…but hey, there’s a love triangle spicing up…just dont wanna break my heart in this drama…

    • The kiss was sweet. At first I thought it was going to be a horrible touching of the lips, but they did get more into it. I HATE those horribly fake kisses. But it was so cute how Ga On is always the one to take the lead in that part of their relationship.

      As for the lies, I know they are bound to continue for awhile. My main problem is when writers don’t pace a drama properly and throw everything at you in one final episode. Thus, I hope that doesn’t happen in this one and they give you a few more of the truth being revealed and the after math so you get a better idea of what happens.

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