Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 8 Recap

We back track a little bit to Kang Sun going to visit Ga On and bring her a change of clothes for something that she has to attend later. Since Ga On isn’t in the auctioneer office, Kang Sun and her secretary go to leave only to have the secretary slam on the brakes when he sees Ga On with Tae Yang. Kang Sun is livid when she sees her daughter with a young man. When Ga On gets home, Kang Sun lets her have it. She complains about Ga On hanging out with someone who is beneath her. Did she forget just who’d daughter she is? Ga On retorts that she hasn’t forgotten. The weight of the name is too hard to forget no matter how she might try. This shocks Kang Sun. Realizing what she said, Ga On promises that there is nothing going on and heads back to her room.

Meanwhile, Tae Yang goes back to his hometown to visit the church where Jin Shim lived before she disappeared. He made a vow when he was a kid to come back to the church on the 15th of every month. He sits in Jin Shim’s room where the signs from when they are selling vegetables still hang. Tae Yang takes one of them and signs and dates the back [the 1st one is already completely full]. He then has a conversation with the young Jin Shim. He admits to liking Ga On who reminds him of Jin Shim in some ways. Looks like Tae Yang feels torn for liking Ga On when Jin Shim is his first love. He also tells her about starting his vegetable business and the presence of young Jin Shim comforts and supports him as she was always the one who told him that he picked the best vegetables.

Hwang goes to visit Jung and reports that Seul Woo and Dan Bi have broken up.Jung wonders if his daughter is fine and Hwang assures him that she is. These two have a cute bickering relationship. Then in comes Boon Hong with food for her husband. She goes to drop off the food and leave, but before she does, Hwang reveals the identity of Ga On who came to drop off some reports and then leaves since he has company. This startles Boon Hong and Jung shoos Hwang away. He then asks if he should get rid of Ga On for Boon Hong who replies that she has nothing to do with the Mok family anymore. I’m not saying that it’s the best situation, but why is she so jumpy about the Mok name and family? Is there more to the divorce than what we know?

The hapless trio goes to their spot only to find Tae Yang and the van missing. What, did Tae Yang really give up already? Nope, there is a tow notice on the wall. So the trio goes to the place where they find Tae Yang refusing to write a statement saying he will no longer sell vegetables out of his truck there as that would be a lie and he doesn’t lie. The trio immediately yell at him to not be an idiot and just write and sign the memo. When Tae Yang shows no sign of budging, Ho Jae and Chan Sol drag him out and Yoo Bong actually steps in as the eldest to write the memo. He hides what he is writing from the official, until it is finished. It reads that they won’t sell anymore, but “not” is written very small. LOVED this scene! The quartet are soon back in business selling where they are not supposed to. Their vegetable of the day is carrots. Got to love their persistence.

Worried about Ga On blowing everything on a poor nobody, I guess, Kang Sun calls up an acquaintance to try to set Ga On in an arranged match with the second son of a wealthy family. Kang Sun goes to an art gallery where she runs into Lady Goh who makes a snide remark about not expecting to see Kang Sun in a place like that. Kang Sun lets the insult roll off of her and gets to the subject about a marriage between their families. Lady Goh will have none of it. Her family is too important to take in a daughter-in-law who is from such a lacking background. Kang Sun cannot believe this. How is the Mok family lacking? It’s not the Mok family, but Kang Sun’s poor background which is the problem. Kang Sun then points out all the bad rumors about Lady Goh’s 2nd son and saying that they are lucky if they marry into the Mok family with a son like that. Lady Goh holds on to her pride and really runs Kang Sun and her daughter down. Hwang witnesses all of this and gets revenge for Kang Sun by stepping on Goh’s skirt causing the woman to expose her underwear and then tripping her to boot. Classic. I love the feisty Hwang. The two women then go out for coffee and Hwang proposes a match between their poor children who suffer because of who their mother’s are. Of course, Kang Sun gets annoyed at this and warns Hwang to never bring it up again. Hwang’s family has no right to be linked with the Mok family. Eyeroll.

At the market, Ga On ignores Seul Woo’s call. He then calls her work phone and Ga On pleads with her sunbae to lie to Seul Woo. He then complains about being dragged into their lover’s quarrel. Ga On insists there is no such relationship between her and Seul Woo. He then calls the 2nd sunbae who hands the phone over to Ga On who bawls Seul Woo out saying that if he keeps it up, she’ll get fired. Seul Woo who is outside the market, calms himself down. He doesn’t want to rush in and get her fired as that will make her hate him even more and there goes his chance of ever getting Monster back. He then runs into Tae Yang and the two go to a restaurant to talk. Seul Woo reveals his vegetarian diet and Tae Yang asks to learn from him as Seul Woo is very knowledgeable about fruits and vegetables.

Back at the Han place, the quartet have gathered to talk about strategies. There is a market that they need to get into as it will help establish them in the business. Thanks to Chan Sol’s noona, they learn who they must target to get the permission to have their own stall. They easily win over the manager by helping out and even chasing after a thief [who happens to be the same young man that saved Tae Yang’s butt when he was getting beaten by thugs]. However, after making a bad impression on a young kid and his mother, it turns out that the woman is the 2nd signature they require and she refuses to sign as she doesn’t want such men in her market. Eh, there’s nothing wrong with the boys. When the little kid insults them by having them throw out trash, Tae Yang rushes out of the elevator, but tamps down on his temper. No need in angering the woman more and losing their last hope of getting into the market.

That night Tae Yang hangs outside the auctioneers’ office waiting for Ga On to get off work. The girl is very happy to see Tae Yang. She recalls her mother’s words, but she cannot let go of her relationship with the young man. The two decide to go out to dinner together and Tae Yang takes her to a vegetarian party thrown by Seul Woo. Ga On is not happy about this at all since she is still mad at Seul Woo. She is shocked when Tae Yang thrusts her off on Seul Woo so they can work out their problems while he does salad research. Seul Woo explains his dream of promoting vegetarian culture in Korea and opening up a restaurant. Ga On totally disses the idea as since Korea has such a considerate culture, no vegetarian will go to such a restaurant with their non-vegetarian friends and force them to eat that way. Poor Seul Woo, tried so hard to look cool and just got burned.

Tae In and Dan Bi are on their way to the party and Tae In asks if Dan Bi and Seul Woo really broke up since they hang out all the time and are so friendly with each other. Dan Bi replies that they are really no longer a couple, and then says softly that they aren’t cool at all. This is the first time where it looks like Dan Bi is not happy to have called it quits with Seul Woo. The two girls enter the party and Tae In goes running when she sees her oppa. What is he doing there? He’ll ruin all of her hard work. Dan Bi is unhappy to notices that Seul Woo is with Ga On and immediately misunderstands that Seul Woo invited her. Dan Bi then gets more upset when she sees Seul Woo perform a coin trick on Ga On that he performed on her as well [leading to their first kiss?].Tae Yang overhears another girl commenting on how strange Mok Ga On is. She never hangs out and goes to such parties usually. Tae Yang is shocked to learn that his crush and friend is from a wealthy family. He quickly leaves [after accidentally running into Dan Bi], to gather his thoughts.

Ji Chang WookTae Yang tries to tell himself that Ga On [if she really is a wealthy daughter], is still the same person and their relationship shouldn’t be a problem. But just who is he kidding? There different backgrounds are a hard obstacle to come by. Ga On then comes out and teases Tae Yang for not bringing her to a better place. Tae Yang apologizes and Ga On has to tell him that she was only joking [she really only was]. Tae Yang then asks her to get out of their and get some more filling food. Ga On happily agrees and they go back into the party only to hear Dan Bi giving Seul Woo a dressing down. Ga On has already confessed to Dan Bi that she likes someone else. Seul Woo cannot believe this, who? He then wonders if it’s the guy she came with. Impossible! Dan Bi is then livid when she learns about vegetable seller Tae Yang being invited. She hates all businessman who are only after nothing but money and vegetable sellers are the worse. Ok, just when I was like and feeling sorry for Dan Bi she pulls another stunt like this. B*tch. Ga On cannot sit still and immediately demands for Dan Bi to apologize for such words. Tae Yang tells her to stop as they have become monkeys in a zoo. He then grabs the protesting Ga On and the two run out. Seul Woo then turns and actually yells at Dan Bi. Wow! This really floors the other girl [she should know that she was horribly wrong and out of line there].

Tae Yang says nothing and just keeps a tight hold on Ga On’s hand. The two get on a bus and sit silent still holding hands. They finally get off in a place that neither are familiar with. They then find a place to eat ramen while Seul Woo gets moodily drunk and Dan Bi sadly looks at the coin she keeps as a treasure of Seul Woo. Later, Tae Yang expresses how odd it is that he and Ga On have gone through so much together and still don’t know each other’s names. Very weird indeed. Ga On then introduces herself as Mok Ga On. Will Tae Yang recognize the name from the past, or will he just be uncomfortable to know Ga On is a wealthy family’s daughter?


While I understand that Dan Bi has some emotional baggage from losing her mother early and developing a hatred towards her father, that gave her no right to act as she did to Tae Yang at all. Props to Ga On for standing up for him, though I wonder if word will get back to mommy dearest since it was at a wealthy party.

I am liking Wang Ji Hye more and more as Ga On, although at times I really do wonder just what the character of Jin Shim/Ga On is really feeling as a lot of times she just doesn’t make sense.

I am looking forward to Seul Woo growing along with our handsome quartet. Will Dan Bi grow as well or turn into the evil “other girl”?

Oh, and I loved it when Hwang asked Kang Sun why she was willing to sacrifice her only daughter to a son from a wealthy family with a bad reputation. As a mother, there are just some things you shouldn’t do. Exactly. Hwang is totally right. Even if Ga On isn’t her flesh and blood, she should at least find a better match than that. Would she still persist in such a match if the real Ga On was alive?


  • Hi, i really appreciate you for recapping BVS…just so sad that Dramabeans has stopped recapping this drama…coz for me, BVS is one of my fave dra so far this 2012 2nd to Moon Embracing Sun.

    Episode 9 scenes are more exciting…but i believe, it’s Jinshim/Ga-on who will discover 1st the identity of Tae Yang…

    • More than likely, but I am curious if Tae Yang will remember Ga On’s name at all from the past or not since he is so obsessed with the missing Jin Shim.

      When the raws are available I’ll try to get the next episodes up faster.

  • NeeNee…episode 9 was up…and really loving that episode…JinShim/Ga-On has discovered the identity of Tae-yang…and they….ahhh….hope youll recap eps 9 and 10 soon…Regards.

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