Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 7 Recap

Sigh. I’m over the whole hidden identity thing. Seriously. Let’s just continue on with the growing relationship between Tae Yang and Ga On without all the extra crap. Oh, and more of our handsome quartet. The moments where they are together and interacting are really the best. I like how they are gradually maturing and turning into better people. I can’t wait to see how they grow even more to the end [and screw the melodrama of the big huge identity lie].We open with the boys going into the market to pick up some produce to sell. The hapless trio aren’t happy with how early they have to be up, but Tae Yang is full of energy as always. He decides that today’s vegetable will be lettuce. He doesn’t have full confidence as there is a lot he still doesn’t know, so he will only choose the produce that he is knowledgeable about and that he can guarantee how good it is. They then as about Tae Yang’s plan. Tae Yang then tells him his big plan. In theory, it’s really good. Sell outside a church after morning service, sell outside a school around the time mothers go to pick up their kids, and around lunch sell to the housewives who go out for exercise. Really, you can tell he’s though a lot about it. Like I said, in theory. In reality, every time the boys go to implement their plan they are chased out as parking is for customers only or its illegal to park and sell somewhere.

Seul Woo visits the market to start his seduction plan in order to get Monster back. Meanwhile, Ga On is observing and assisting an auction. When a customer gets angry and asks for a re-bid, all hell breaks loose. Ga On steps in and is actually very rational about why they can’t do a rebid, but the outraged man is having none of it. Thus leads to a shoving match and Seul Woo comes in just as Ga On is thrown to the ground. He runs up yelling and stops short of the scuffle. It’s like he’s trying to figure out who he should hit. In the end, he chooses Ga On’s sunbae. Whoops. The man is in no condition to perform the market research he was supposed to do, so Ga On goes in his stead with Seul Woo following in tow. What he won’t do for Monster.

The day ends and the Fresh Men have sold nada, zip, zilch. Poor boys. Chan Sol talks about taking a few boxes home for kimchi and his other two hyungs shake their heads at him. Chan Sol was just being practical, you don’t want the fresh veggies to go to waste. Tae Yang isn’t going to give up yet, though. Even though he’s dispirited, he has all the boys get together to go door to door to try and sell. Tae Yang goes into a restaurant, but instead of making a lettuce sale, he ends up helping out instead. The owner rests and tries the lettuce – it is good. Yay for Tae Yang’s persistence. Meanwhile, Chan Sol opts out since he went to school in the neighborhood and doesn’t want to be seen doing something so menial. Ho Jae and Yoo Bong go out, but don’t have the persistence and courage to try to make the sales.

While the Fresh Men suffer humiliation, Ga On is pretending to shop in the competitor’s market in order to see what their produce is selling for. Seul Woo comes and asks why she just doesn’t ask an employee directly. When Ga On still acts coldly, he makes a ruckus. When Ga On explains everything and how she can get into trouble. Seul Woo uses this as a way to get into her good graces. They will pose as a newlywed couple shopping and he will keep a look out so she doesn’t get caught. Ga On is annoyed, but ends up going along with him. When Seul Woo offers her a ride home, Ga On demands her vegetables back. She wants nothing to do with a lazy bum like him. Besides, he only wants to date her because of who she is, not because he likes her [true]. Thus we get into this huge argument about hypocrisy and social status. Sigh. It’s all been said before. I don’t think you can truly call Ga On a hypocrite because she understands working hard for survival, but what can you do?

Ho Jae and Yoo Bong meet back up and silently communicate about how they tried their best, but just can’t make it work. They have comforted themselves saying they have done their best. That is until they see Tae Yang working hard in the restaurant. His hard work pays off and the owner buys two boxes from him. Chan Sol then returns and asks after Tae Yang [after complaining about the two useless hyungs who didn’t sell a single box]. Seeing Tae Yang working hard, the trio become determined to try again and set out working hard to make sales as well. Thus at the end of the day, there is little left over. It was hard work. This makes Tae Yang happy at what they accomplished, but makes him worry how they’ll be able to continue. Meanwhile, Ga On is entering her data and drops some persimmons. She immediately thinks of Tae Yang and smiles.

The next day, Tae Yang parks the truck on a hill in what doesn’t look like a busy area at all. The trio wonder if their leader has gone completely nuts and just given up. How can they sell there? Well, Tae Yang goes around and finds where he can rent a monkey. He then gets monkey costumes and plays the pied piper, leading young children and their mothers to his truck where the fruit of the day is bananas. This strategy works and they become a huge hit and even sell out early! The boys go to eat ramen at Tae Yang’s place and learn that Tae Yang is shoveling a ton of poop in order to pay off the monkey. What a great dinner conversation, but, hey, at least they are finally establishing themselves a little.

Ga On and her parents go to a rented theater to celebrate Ga On’s birthday. Kang Sun does seem a little resentful of just how much love her husband lavishes on their daughter – probably because she knows Ga On isn’t blood related? Ga On then gets a simple necklace as a gift, but her happiness is soon replaced with the thought of how it shouldn’t be hers. They then sit down and watch a production that Mok put together of the first few years of Ga On’s life before Kang Sun took her and left. This, of course, makes Kang Sun break down. Ga On tries to calm her mother, but Mok sees the tears. Kang Sun then say that they are happiness. She feels so blessed to be living the life she had always wanted.

Later, Tae Yang runs into Ga On who seems very distracted. He notices the necklace and asks her about it. Is it from a guy? Nope, not a boyfriend, but her father. This relieves Tae Yang and he then asks if its her birthday then. Ga On then snaps. She apologizes for her behavior and Tae Yang tells her he’d be cranky too if he had to work hard doing night duty on his birthday as well. He then invites her out for dinner. The cafeteria is closed, so they go to a coffee shop instead. Tae Yang buys her a piece of cake and even lights a candle. He plays her the birthday song on his MP3 player and Ga On is just overwhelmed. She runs out crying and Tae Yang runs after her. She apologizes saying it is her and not him. Tae Yang then says he will save her embarrassing moment and when he has one of his own, Ga On will have to ignore it like he is doing now.

Seul Woo is doing yoga with Dan Bi and complaining about how things are going. But he is determined to tame Ga On like he tamed Monster. Um, how does one tame a car exactly? Dan Bi then gets a call from Tae In saying that the younger girl has been scammed and kicked out of her apartment. The lying little witch. So Dan Bi goes rushing after her with Seul Woo in tow. Seul Woo tells Dan Bi to be practical, Tae In is just a stranger, but Dan Bi has grown attached her to her adopted dongsaeng. Tae In, overhearing the conversation, runs out and sits out on a ledge. Seul Woo saves her [and she quickly has to hide her big smile] only to have Dan Bi slap her. Tae In then hugs and thanks Dan Bi for coming. The three then go back to Dan Bi’s and she cooks them a meal. Seul Woo finally gets to talk to Ga On again, but ends up exploding and making things worse once more. Dan Bi encourages Tae In to find a place ASAP, while also treating her with some TLC.

The next day, sales go well for Fresh Men again, but punks come asking the boys to ship out. Tae Yang refuses. They then ask for protection money, kneeling, begging, etc. Tae Yang being Tae Yang, refuses all these options. He will remain on that hill and sell his produce there. Of course a fight breaks out. Tae Yang is the only one who can fight. The other three are useless wimps. When Tae Yang notices them getting beaten, he immediately fights harder and gets all four goons to take him on instead. As he is getting beat up, a stranger comes in and helps him out. I think we’ll see more of this mysterious man later. I’m really curious as to just who he is. I loved this scene as the more Tae Yang talks back to the gangsters, the more the three behind him back away from him. The fight ends and the boys are all worse for wear. Chan Sol limps away, refusing to say where he is going. The dispirited Tae Yang tells Yoo Bong to take Ho Jae home as his glasses are broken and he can’t see well.
ScruffyTae Yang goes to the market and waits for the boys, but they don’t show up the next morning. He doesn’t blame them. They’ve had their pride, bodies, and hearts all hurt. He’d be shocked if they showed up again. He gets out to pick up his produce and is spotted by Ga On who is immediately outraged that he’s been beaten up. Tae Yang then calls in the receipt from earlier. Ga On must ignore his wounded pride and tears and not spread it like he promised not to do with her embarrassing moment. Ga On then takes him and patches him up and Tae Yang immediately thinks of Jin Shim rubbing lotion on his hands. Why? Kang Sun goes to visit her daughter and is greatly displeased to view such a scene.

Episode 8 will be up tomorrow!


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