Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 4 Recap

Lee DonghaeTrying to get this episode out earlier!

We are getting to more of the storyline that I like now as we get to see Gong Xi start out on her path to becoming an actress. I really do like watching her struggle, her naivety and her dealings with Lian. This episode has Gong Xi unwittingly become the target of bullying by a female idol who believes that Gong Xi isn’t making it in the business by talent, but by sucking up.

Choi SiwonWe begin with the stare down between Lian and Shang who deliberately kicked over a plant in front of Lian. Shang apologizes saying that his legs are just too long. Lian does his usual calm smile and agrees that such accidents happen with those who have long legs [Siwon is quite a bit taller than Donghae, isn’t he?]. He then kicks the pot back to Shang who catches with his foot. Lian then tells him that the plant must be picked up later and goes on his merry way with Du Jin. Well, Shang obviously lost that battle and catching the pot hurt his foot. Too keep up his “cool appearance,” Shang does his usual chant which just seems really ridiculous and off-putting and he does it several times! [Does anyone else think that Siwon’s face getting into the elevator doesn’t quite suit this scene?]

Du Jin comments to Lian how this is the first time anyone has ever directly challenged him. Du Jin smiles at this. It is the first, but I really don’t think that Shang has yet become too much of a threat to our lovely Lian. Du Jin manages to earn himself the title of busybody when he and Lian get in the van to leave. Why? Du Jin has information about a certain young woman that he thinks Lian might be interested in or not. Lian obviously says that he doesn’t care what news Du Jin has about Gong Xi and speeds off causing Du Jin to yell in fear that he will spill [Lian was driving quite fast]. Du Jin’s fake cigarette smoking was cute, but unnecessary in this scene.

Jin Qin, Choi Siwon

Back at LME, Gong Xi has finished scraping gum off the floor and has set about making it sparkle and shine. She believes this will help earn her a good number of points, however, that doesn’t end up being the case. Apparently that floor is the new practice floor [it looks more like a hallway than a place to practice, but whatever]. Everyone who walks on it slips and falls because it is freshly waxed. Shen comes leading a huge group of people, showing them around the office. Gong Xi sees this and tries to stop them as she’s realized her mistake too late, but fails. So we have another slow motion scene that is over the top ridiculous and should have been cut much shorter, or at least played at regular speed. I hated when they did this in the last episode and it is still irritating in this episode. Gong Xi gets scolded and only awarded 10 points. Since she has already received –10, she now only has 0. This depresses her, but she vows to do better and start fresh in collecting points.

Ivy Chen

Gong Xi then hears a piano playing and is attracted to the sound. When she reaches the empty auditorium, there is Liu Li Er [Li Yi Jin]. Gong Xi is immediately enamored with the girl who resembles the princesses out of fairytales that Gong Xi liked as a child. Li Er recognizes the uniform and immediately asks Gong Xi to help her if she’s free. Thus Gong Xi goes along as Li Er’s assistant to her movie filming with Lian. Little does Gong Xi know that Li Er is not the girl she appears to be. Shen is very worried to learn that Gong Xi is with Li Er. He reports to the president who is playing around like always. Apparently Lory has some plan for Li Er that has been set in motion, however, Gong Xi wasn’t part of the plan. What will happen?

Li Yi Jin Li Yi Jin

Li Er’s assistant tells Gong Xi that Li Er is very delicate and thus Gong Xi must take care of the star. This makes Li Er look more like a fairytale princess to Gong Xi who is apparently blind to Li Er’s real personality. Their van breaks down just before they reach the set. Li Er says she will wait until the van is fixed, but that isn’t a good idea as the crew is already upset that they had to cancel filming because Li Er’s UV-protecting umbrella wasn’t ready yet. Li Er doesn’t care, but when her manager mentions that Lian is there waiting, Li Er does a complete 180 and decides to walk. Gong Xi accompanies her, but after only five minutes, Li Er is done with walking and is resting. Gong Xi then ends up carrying the other woman. After making it almost the filming site, Gong Xi can’t go any further and twists her ankle. Li Er decides she is close enough to get there on her own and promises to send help. [We actually only learn this later as Li Er arrives on set alone to find no one waiting or really caring whether or not she had shown up. She flashes back to the scene after she gets her makeup done.]

Li Yi Jin, Ivy Chen Li Yi Jin, Ivy Chen

Gong Xi can’t move. I guess her back is tired from carrying Li Er and she has an ankle injury on top of that. She then hallucinates about her mother and Shang walking away and leaving her. She wonders why she was even born if no one every stays and resigns herself to death [after only 20 minutes of Li Er not sending back the promised help]. This is when Lian shows up. Gong Xi isn’t happy at all to see him. He asks if she is a sunbathing turtle [she tries to get up but can only manage to roll from side to side]. Lian asks if she has hurt her leg and she calmly lies. The lie doesn’t last long when Lian touches the injured ankle. He easily swoops her up into his arms [shocking the heck out of her] and carries her to the film site with Gong Xi protesting the entire way.

Ivy Chen, Choi Siwon Ivy Chen, Choi Siwon

Meanwhile, Li Er learns that the always prompt [or early] Lian had gotten tired of waiting for her and went for a walk. This does make Li Er feel a little bad. However, those feelings are quickly dispersed when Lian comes up with the protesting Gong Xi who refuses to thank him as she doesn’t understand his kindness when he doesn’t like her. He has Du Jin run off to get some first aid and Li Er shoots Gong Xi murderous glances while the younger girl bickers with Lian. Their bickering is so cute and always something to look forward to. Du Jin returns and Lian goes off to find the director. Du Jin says that Lian isn’t a bad person, just serious about work. He also tells Gong Xi that it isn’t too hard to understand Lian and she will once she spends more time with him.

Ivy Chen, Choi Siwon Ivy Chen, Jin Qin

It turns out that everyone is relaxed and having fun on set with snacks and games since they all know how Li Er is. They already had to delay shooting once, so they are prepared for everything. Li Er walks by and is stunned that Lian doesn’t greet her. She paces back and forth and when she still gets no acknowledgement, she eventually goes to greet him. Lian, however, doesn’t gush or act happy to be acting with her at all. That’s not the way its supposed to go, is it? In fact, Lian lets loose with his honeyed barbs and Li Er’s temper snaps [not in front of the director or Lian mind you]. We also learn that the president has a plan to tame Li Er and get her to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

Li Ji Yin, Choi Siwon

Nope, Li Er targets Gong Xi who has just had her foot patched up. Li Er tells Gong Xi that she has no intention of giving her any points and that she hates Gong Xi for being a sycophant and not using talent to get to the top like Li Er did. Du Jin through this tirade pretends to not be paying attention and talking on his cell phone. Gong Xi cannot believe Li Er’s drastic change in attitude. Learning that she is being bullied and tortured, Gong Xi’s anger starts soaring, but she tamps down on her spirits who beg for release. Good for Gong Xi! Even if Li Er is this way, Gong Xi must complete her task and Li Er must be a good, obedient actress. Du Jin helps Gong Xi drag Li Er back to set to film, much to the other girl’s anger. Ivy really did an awesome job of showing evil Gong Xi struggling to break free and regular Gong Xi fighting to hold her in. Total props, the girl does a really good job at playing the character of Kyoko with all her idiosyncrasies.

Ivy Chen Li Ji Yin

The director wonders if Li Er is finally ready to start filming. Li Er shows off her attitude and Gong Xi’s injury is made known to everyone. Lian immediately goes to help the other girl which infuriates Li Er more. Furthermore, the crew and director all seem to be siding with Gong Xi over her! How is that possible? Gong Xi tries to diffuse the situation, but the damage is done and the crew are even more disliking and judging Li Er.

Choi Siwon, Jin Qin, Ivy Chen

Filming commences and Li Er begins acting. Meanwhile, Lian kindly brings a chair for Gong Xi to sit on. Gong Xi inches away from him and rejects his kindness. Why is he being so nice? Lian replies it is only basic that you be nice to an injured person. He then surprises Gong Xi by saying that he overheard everything that Li Er said to her. He doesn’t believe that Gong Xi is only being nice to get points. He then comments about being serious for your work and people understanding that and blah, blah, blah. Gong Xi was warming up to him until he got back on his work rant. She didn’t have to get too annoyed, as he was paying her a compliment by saying he didn’t think she was that calculative with Li Er.

Choi Siwon, Ivy Chen

Li Er then has a meltdown – another one. The director keeps asking her to redo a scene as she is not walking properly. Gong Xi recalls learning the appropriate demeanor from Shang’s mother and knows that it is a difficult task ahead of Li Er as it is very hard to learn. Li Er won’t listen to the director and cannot believe it when he scolds her and she refuses to act, but the director is having none of it. He’s sick of Li Er’s temper and her unprofessional attitude. When Li Er then says they can just have the “pug” [Gong Xi] takeover since they were all fawning over her earlier, Gong Xi happily accepts this chance and when the director agrees, everyone, including Li Er, is shocked.

Li Ji Yin Ivy Chen, Choi Siwon

The director explains to Du Jin and Lian that he is doing this to teach Li Er a lesson and to get her to fight for the role. It’s basically her last chance. If she doesn’t pull through, then it looks like Gong Xi might be making her debut a lot sooner. Hearing this, Lian agrees to go along with the plan. Meanwhile, Li Er cannot believe what happened. No one is looking for her and they actually agreed to let Gong Xi act. Whenever she stormed off, she was immediately looked for and coddled. Li Er is shocked when she overhears that crew talking smack about her. Well, she shouldn’t be too surprised as she deserves all the bad things they say. Looks like the director’s and president’s plans are both working.

Jin Qin, Choi Siwon Li Ji Yin

Gong Xi is taken back by the hair and make-up girls who praise her for being lucky and wish her luck in defeating Li Er. Gong Xi is happy to have this chance and has a dark celebration [which could have been cut or at least shortened as it was a little over the top and too much, though perfectly Kyoko]. This kind of freaks the girls out. They get even more freaked out when Gong Xi gets all gung-ho about makeup.

Gong Xi gets changed while Li Er tries to apologize to Lian thinking that will solve everything [it won’t, especially if she doesn’t honestly mean it, but it’s a start]. Lian does encourage her, but he also lets loose more honeyed barbs about her work ethics. Before the annoyed Li can continue on and make her apology, Gong Xi comes out and stuns everyone. Ok, the girl doesn’t look all that different, plus you can hardly tell she has makeup on, but whatever. She is different in that she perfectly embodies the wealthy daughter that Li Er just couldn’t grasp. Filming starts and Li Er tries to calm herself since Gong Xi has never been in front of cameras before. However, not only does Gong Xi perform well and properly, the take is done in one cut and Gong Xi gets praised! Gong Xi then admits to having studied such etiquette and things before.

Choi Siwon, Li Ji Yin Ivy Chen

Next comes one of my favorite scenes in this whole episode! Gong Xi goes to rest and study the script and Lian notices her hobble as she walks away. He follows her and catches her hopping on her good leg. She gets to a room and immediately begins slapping the wall in pain. Lian comes and understand that her foot is really doing bad. He touches it and the girl slaps and cries even more. Can she continue acting in such a state? She needs to rest her ankle as much as possible. Gong Xi replies that she even heard something snap or some such noise, but she will shoulder on as she doesn’t want to waste this opportunity. I think this really helps Lian see her in a whole new light. He does warn Gong Xi that the next seen will be one where she has to kneel and it definitely won’t be good for her ankle. This gives Li Er hope that Gong Xi won’t be able to make it through.

Ivy Chen Ivy Chen, Choi Siwon

While Lian discuses how to best act the next scene with the director [who is impressed that Lian doesn’t just stick to verbatim and actually has ideas as to what he can do to fully embody the role and make the scene better], Li Er shows off her tea ceremony skills. She starts bickering with Gong Xi and the two end up having a heated argument which leads to hair pulling and fighting. The crew tries to split them apart, but have no success in doing so. The director then dives in and manages to split the girls apart by telling them how they should be concentrating on their job. This fight exacerbates Gong Xi’s injury earning her a scolding from Lian. She really can’t continue if she has to kneel for a whole scene, can she?

Li Ji Yin, IvyChen Ivy Chen, Choi Siwon, Jin Qin

We then end the episode here. I can’t wait until next week to see the conclusion of this part and to see Qin Nan become a member of Love Me with Gong Xi.


  • I have not had an opportunity to watch this episode. I’m going to watch it after this. Thank you for the recap. I think this is going to be my favorite episode so far because there are a lot of scenes with the main couple.

    I was also worried about how they were going to handle her transformation. You are right, she is suppose to look like a totally different person. I hope one of the episodes is the music video. I can’t wait to see how they dress her up.

    • I know I really enjoyed this as it officially starts off with Kyoko/Gong Xi’s struggle to join the entertainment world and it has her developing her relationship with Ren/Lian – that love-hate relationship that became a really great friendship and romance. I can’t wait for more. It looks like when they show scenes for the show’s opening, that we see glimpses of what looks like Sho/Shang’s MV, so I am keeping fingers crossed that we’ll see it soon!

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