AA Kpopulous Interview

Because I love AA! I really can’t wait to hear more from this group. I loved their first digital single and can’t wait for their next album. This is a cute interview. I do find it interesting that Aoora does most of the talking when Woosang is the leader, but then again, Aoora is the oldest. These boys are so cute and I love watching them seriously discuss their music as being their life. Juwon has such a nice voice that I can’t wait to here a song where he is featured as the main vocalist. Aoora states that every member has a main song where they are the featured vocalist and I really want to hear Juwon’s as he’s the member that you’ve heard the least from [besides his rapping in “Because I’m Crazy.” I am also curious to hear Kimchi rap as he is introduced as a vocalist and rapper. I seriously can’t imagine him rapping at all.

Anywho, enjoy the interview if you haven’t already seen it!

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