Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 3 Recap

Now, this isn’t dull by any means, but I get this kind of draggy feeling… Like things should be moving at a slightly faster pace, especially if this drama is only going to be 13 episodes. That being said, I think the manga is still ongoing, so how far the drama gets is kind of a moot point, isn’t it? Does anyone know if Beagle will be making an appearance [if you don’t understand the reference, just ignore it]? I have to say what goes on with Sho [Shang], Ren [Lian], Beagle, and Kyoko [Gong Xi] was always fun.

In this episode Gong Xi hits a pinnacle of despair when she gets rejected. Why is she rejected? For someone so young, how can she be so jaded about love? She decides to forgo show business and just concentrate on working her jobs. However, when she feels that Shang has completely forgotten her, she is fueled once more to pursue a career in show business.

We open with Gong Xi taking the test for the 2nd round of auditions. As the man on the other end of the phone apologizes for taking her for granted and yada, yada, yada, Gong Xi imagines that it is Shang saying those words to her. She starts crying and says how she always wished to hear those words from him. This really impresses Shen and the president. Lory asks just what the test is this time and Shen tell him about the love call. Everyone seems impressed by the level of emotion that Gong Xi displays. And she ruins it in the next moment by going all evil. She throws the phone, smashing it, and starts yelling asking how she can so easily forgive someone who did that to her. A little extreme [though given her experience with her mom and Shang, not so extreme as you might think]. She then collapses and starts crying. Shen curses her in his head for ruining her chance by that explosion.

Ivy ChenThe second round comes to a close and Gong Xi’s verve has greatly decreased. The arrogant actress looks at the other girl. Looks like she recognizes that Gong Xi does have some talent, surprisingly enough, after all. The results are then announced and Gong Xi’s number is not among those listed. Nan Qin then comes up and tells Gong Xi that she knew the other girl wouldn’t make it. Gong Xi tries to come up with a reason why she got cut, but can’t manage to say it in time as the third round begins. Gong Xi watches the ones who passed go back to the audition room and wonders to herself just why she failed.

Later, Gong Xi’s little spirits go and find Shen dissatisfied at being cut. Just what was the reason for her failure? She explains to Gong Xi that she may have some pretty decent acting chops, but she is the worst one there. Why? Because she is missing a very fundamental part to being an actress. Just what is that part? Love. You see, that phone call was a psychological test and shows a person’s beliefs and personality about love. Shen then asks Gong Xi to say what comes to her mind when he says “love” and she spits out only negatives. This shows Shen’s point. President Lory is big on giving and receiving love of the fans. If Gong Xi cannot do that, then there is no way she can be star. Gong Xi thinks back on his words and remembers that Shang’s mother said something similar about loving the guests that came to the inn in order to get their love in return. Shen then asks if about wanting to receive love. Gong Xi recalls how much she wishes to receive Shang’s love and the outcome. Nope, not possible. Knowing this really depresses Gong Xi and she leaves Shen’s office without fight. Her utter depression, especially being so young, really scares Shen more than her little spirits, just not in the same way.

Zombie Gong Xi makes her way out the office to the lobby where she comes across Lian coming in with Du Jin. Lian asks how the audition went. Just how many rounds could she get through with that determination of hers? Gong Xi says nothing and listlessly stares straight ahead going down the escalator. This surprises Lian I think because he is used to her spunk. Du Jin comments that it is obvious that Gong Xi failed since she is like that. Lian does what he does best – watches Gong Xi with a pensive expression from a window as she leaves. Seriously.

Ok. Now… now we just go forward with depressed Gong Xi making some realizations. After she gets kicked out of work for the night for being in no mood to handle the customers like she deserves, she complains that its thanks to Shang that she has such bad feelings in regards to love. All thanks to him, she has no desire to give or receive it – she is missing something basic that every human should possess. She starts crying and rips up his torn poster into tiny bits. We then get a rain scene and Gong Xi saying that it’s the first time she really let herself cry like that in a long while.

Meanwhile, the president is at his house staring at Gong Xi’s application. The girl has promise, but its just too bad. Then in pops Maria [his granddaughter] who happens to be the little girl whose cheeks Gong Xi pinched. Maria asks Lory if that girl passed the audition. Which girl? Maria looks at the application and says that she’s talking about Gong Xi. Lory says that she didn’t and Maria seems very saddened by this fact. Lory then gets a call from Shen who asks if Lory couldn’t really rethink Gong Xi’s being dropped. Doesn’t it seem a little unfortunate? You wouldn’t normally expect Shen to be so nice, but even though Gong Xi scares him, he has started to genuinely care about her. With two people pleading for Gong Xi, something seems to snap into place for the president.

We then cut to Gong Xi who comments about not crying like that in a long time. She then recalls when her mom dumped her at Shang’s house and how she cried so hard expecting someone to come and comfort her, but no one did. And then she worked so hard, sacrificing so much for Shang, and for what? Gong Xi then jumps up exclaiming “Corn!” She threw almost everything away after the Shang incident. Could she have possibly thrown away her beloved Corn? And just what is Corn? Corn is a rather large blue stone [I don’t think the stone was quite so big in the manga and I think it would have been better if it was smaller]. It is like Gong Xi’s security blanket that she must have. Holding it helps take away all of her sorrows and makes her feel better. Someone once told her that it would absorb all of her sadness [we don’t get the whole story here… I think I would have liked it. I wonder if they will give it all later or not as it is kind of integral to the storyline].

Gong Xi tells Lady Boss that she will get a second job as she is done with being an artiste. Wan Zi then wonders if Gong Xi has finished her attack [does she honestly think that Gong Xi was an undercover cop or agent?] and is moving on to somewhere else. Gong Xi replies that she has decided to become a Thai crossdresser. Say what? Mr. Boss then pops up and scolds Gong Xi for giving up so easily even after he lent her such a precious family heirloom and walks off. He has a point. And I am surprised that just that one failure sunk such a final nail into her coffin.

Shang appears again in this episode! He is still cocky and sure of himself. His manager wonders if he hasn’t considered that he will pay for what he did to Gong Xi. Shang doesn’t think so at all. But what if she manages to enter show business? That will never happen and even if it did, she wouldn’t last two seconds. Meanwhile, Gong Xi is working hard at a gas station. She is chipper and working hard and efficiently. When she goes to help her boss watch the store while he uses the bathroom, she sees a news report of Lian and cannot believe how two-faced he can be. He talks encouragingly about an idol singer’s chance at acting and Gong Xi is angry that he is kind to that person when he was so cold and cruel to her. This leads her to strangle the TV while pretending to strangle him. If her coworkers didn’t think she was strange before, they would now and they do.

Later, Gong Xi vows to become the queen of gas stations to have her revenge on Shang. Right…because that will so work? When Gong Xi runs back into the store, the manager is gone and she notices a poster of Shang. She angrily advances on the poster only to have the door open and slam her right in the face. Her other coworker sees her on the floor by the poster and automatically thinks she’s a fan. Not hardly. Of course, Shang then coms to the gas station and Gong Xi immediately turns into a fraidy-cat. She can’t let Shang see her in such a state. In the end, she does meet Shang face-to-face. However, Shang’s sunglasses prevented him from fully seeing her face, so Gong Xi immediately thinks that he has coldly forgotten about her existence. After they leave, Shang’s manager wonders where she has seen the girl before. Shang says all his fans look alike basically, but he feels that this one is different as she actually recognized him as the most handsome in the world [lip service Gong Xi paid him when she was trying hard not to reveal herself].

Gong Xi tortures her Shang doll at home and Mr. Boss comes to encourage to keep trying at show business. Even if she failed one audition, surely Gong Xi can find another way in? This spurs her on. Meanwhile, Lian and Shen are sitting in the office. Lian cannot believe that Gong Xi will be given a final chance if she comes by the end of the week. Shen says that Lory has a good eye for spotting talent and obviously saw something in her. Shen wonders how the cool Lian could hate Gong Xi. Lian replies that he doesn’t hate, he just doesn’t like her. Isn’t that the same thing?

Gong Xi then sneaks into LME. When she safely gets past security by pretending to be talking on her hand [seriously? she did not look like she was using a cell at all], she quickly runs through the halls to get to Shen’s office. She then runs into an older woman. Ok, with this horribly done scene, Gong Xi so could have stopped in time. It was plain ridiculous. Its just one of those things where it may be okay in manga and anime, but looks super stupid in live actions [like the fake slo-mo running in K.O. 3an Guo – although I did find that amusing because it was like they were poking fun there, not so much here]. The woman turns out to be Shang Guan, a notorious person in show business, known for being difficult. Gong Xi is scolded for her behavior which is unbecoming of being an artiste.

Shen and Lian are waiting for Shang Guan to arrive and Shen tells Lian he can go because Shang Guan is an old school artiste who believes you should always show up late. Lian says he will stay and then dares Shen to say that to Shang Guan’s face, which he of course wouldn’t dare. Then in breezes Shang Guan and Lian makes a comment [after she apologized for being late due to traffic] about being punctual and doing things earlier so she doesn’t keep people waiting. They then wonder where her luggage is. In comes Gong Xi dragging the heavy suitcase. Shen is happy to see her and thinks that she already knows about the second chance. Nope, she has no idea what he’s talking about, but Shen doesn’t know this and just leaves with Shang Guan.

Lian then kindly offers to help with the luggage. Gong Xi initially refuses, but he insists and impresses [and surprises] Gong Xi with his niceness. That is so uncharacteristic of Lian… or is it? Shen rushes off to tell Lory who is happy that Gong Xi has come. Now, the child has to prove that he is right. Meanwhile, Lian explains the Love Me section to Gong Xi who finds it utterly hilarious until she finds out that she is their first member. Gong Xi tires to shrug it off when Lian explains that if she collects enough points and shows her growth, she can debut [you get rewarded points for doing your various jobs well]. The excited Gong Xi accidentally kicks over Shang Guan’s luggage and the woman comes over and then stamps her forehead with a negative stamp. So points can be deducted as well. Lian then explains that this was her first job and Gong Xi realized that he tricked her with his kindness. Lian sees it as teaching her an important lesson. He leaves with Shang Guan and Gong Xi screams wanting to know how she can learn to trust people if they continue to trick her. A very valid point.

Gong Xi and Shen meet with Lory who asks if Gong Xi is confident she can overcome what she is lacking. Gong Xi is very honest in answering that she doesn’t know. She does reveal that she once used to have this love thing like other normal humans, so she feels she just needs to rehabilitate and fix the problem. So she will try her hardest to do just that. Lory then hands over the official stamp book and the stamps. Gong Xi should carry it with her and request stamps after her jobs are done. Gong Xi is depressed by the thought of belonging to such a section, but does her best to cheer herself up and on. Until she sees the horrible pink [satin?] jumpsuit. It’s supposed to be pink, but I think they made it too garish for this. Gong Xi complains to Shen who tries to get her to see it in a good light to no avail. Shen then takes her to introduce her around so she can start her tasks and collect her points. They run into someone in need of help. Knowing that it is such an important person, Gong Xi thinks it will be some great task. Nope, its scraping gum off of the floor.

Du Jin and Lian have entered a studio and the girls immediately gush. Du Jin explains that behind the press conference was the idol star going ahead and doing things on her own. Lian will have no complaint as long as she is professional and will devote herself to acting well. Shang notices that attention is directed away from him and sees Lian. He immediately thinks that today is the day they will officially meet and Shang will win out [although he is intimidated by Lian’s “perfection”]. A potted plant then falls between them and we end the episode with a staring contest. I vote for Donghae winning just because he really rocks the guyliner well.

They could so condense the wallowing in misery and some of the more absurd fantasies and ridiculous manga/anime scenes, that would get more accomplished.


  • I would love it if Beagle (ha) made an appearance. I agree that the show is dragging. I felt like episodes 1-3 could have been reduced to 1 and 1/2 episode. I love this manga, but the meat is the relationship between Gong Xi and Lian. I need more romantic tension!

    Wasn’t this show suppose to air in 2008 with Ariel Lin? Maybe they didn’t update the script.

    As always, Thank you for the recap.

  • As always, you are most welcome ^_^

    I know, they could really condense things. It makes me wonder how much filler stuff we’ll have before we get to the nitty gritty of Shang realizing his feelings for Gong Xi and Lian realizing his feelings and Gong Xi not understanding her own towards Lian. With so many complicated relationships, I wonder if they will be able to do the plots and romances justice.

    I am really looking forward to the MV for Shang’s video. I hope they include it since they are following the manga story pretty decently. And I really want to see the role that launches Kyoko’s career in Skip Beat! and brings her and Ren even closer.

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