Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 5 Recap

I am seriously enjoying this series – especially when our four boys get together! Hilarity is bound to ensue and their little bickering and yet caring for one another is so cute! This episode has Tae Yang calling in his 119 favor in order to go back to the market and start his own vegetable store while Ga On [aka Jin Shim] feels bad for letting him take all the blame. Mommy dearest also cracks when a little girl falls off play equipment making daddy a bit suspicious that something happened that he doesn’t know about. Oh, and Tae In is implementing her plan to snag a rich husband by becoming friends with Dan Bi to snag Seul Woo.

We open with Tae Yang riding into the market. Ga On sees him and smiles happily waving, but Tae Yang rides on past without noticing and she recalls how she easily let him take full blame and get kicked out of the market. Yeah, you should feel a wee bit guilty for that one. I mean, Tae Yang was wrong in forcing his way into the storage unit, but she was wrong for not telling him the reason she couldn’t open the doors, too. Communication, people, that’s where all this misery comes from – the lack of communication. Anywho, Tae Yang goes to Jung Goo Kwang [aka Jang Hang Sun as Jung Tosa] because he cannot accept what happened. He wants to be responsible and pay Jung back for the mushrooms. Jung wants that, too, but what can Tae Yang do? Tae Yang wishes to start selling vegetables to pay Jung back. Jung doesn’t want to waste his time as he doesn’t think Tae Yang has what it takes. Tae Yang begs for a small chance and asks for a truck. He will fill it with produce and sell it for Jung who caves and throws a set of keys at Tae Yang. He then orders Tae Yang to go to Gold Mountain Farms and bring back a full truck.

Tae Yang happily goes on this way to the farm saying that his grandma was right, good things are bound to happen when you face things head on versus running away. He gets to the farm and goes inside a greenhouse where he sees a strange fruit that he has never seen before in his life. He touches it gently looking at it only to be scolded by an older gentleman for ruining the fruit. Tae Yang doesn’t see how that is possible as he barely touched it, but the man insists that figs cannot be handled too much or they will be ruined. Tae Yang then goes about his mission of bringing back the produce for Jung, but the farm elder has no use for Tae Yang who cannot appreciate his “babies.” But Tae Yang persists and the cantankerous man then tells him that if he can get the figs picked in one day, he’ll fill the truck for him. Of course, Tae Yang takes up the task, but its impossible for one man to do alone.

As Tae Yang despairs of fulfilling his task and proving his worth to Jung, he remembers the card and the promise the other boys made [I don’t recall them ever agreeing to Tae Yang’s promise, but whatever]. He quickly calls up Ho Jae, Yoo Bong, and Chan Sol. Yoo Bong was in the middle of what looked like a successful courtship this time, Ho Jae was in what looks like supplementary classes, and Chan Sol was hanging around a dance studio. Yoo Bong and Ho Jae quickly say they won’t take responsibility for a drunken night [sounds so like they got drunk and had sex versus what really happened] and the next morning’s promise. They should just treasure it as a beautiful memory. Poor Tae Yang cannot believe what he is hearing. So is he a fool for believing in them? At the end we Chan Sol wondering just who had called. Was this three separate conversations or did he call them all at once like on a conference call? I wonder.

While her brother is suffering, Tae In is on the prowl. She was taken with Seul Woo from when she first saw him at the fashion show [she was helping out there as part of the staff]. She goes to the health club’s parking garage and quickly compares the stickers on the cars there with the picture from her phone. She finds the right car and quickly rushes in. She sees the picture of Seul Woo and asks a worker how she can meet him. She is told that if she wants to meet the “junior president” then she needs to sign up and become a member because he works out there almost every day. This excites Tae In. She then sees Dan Bi and asks who she is and learns that Dan Bi is a yoga instructor there.

Dan Bi is having a photo shoot with Seul Woo taking the pictures. Her class membership is falling so she needs good pictures to get others interested. Seul Woo isn’t happy doing really any type of work. Dan Bi then wonders when Seul Woo will tell his mom that they have long broken up. She wants to get back out there and start dating already, but can’t as long as people think they are a couple. Seul Woo doesn’t wish to as he knows how much his mom loves Dan Bi. They have a cute, bickering relationship. Dan Bi complains about his unhealthy love and obsession for his car, but Seul Woo doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Seul Woo finally breaks down and says he will tell his mom and tell her right that moment. This shocks Dan Bi, but not as much as she sees he is going to text his mom about the breakup. She lunges at him to stop him and the two end up on the floor together when Tae In comes in. Awkward! Tae In just signed up for Dan Bi’s class. Dan Bi tells her that they are busy and Tae In says she is interested in photography and asks to stay and watch. Seul Woo takes this chance to pass on the photography duties to Tae In and takes his leave. He tells Dan Bi not to worry as he won’t paint her as a witch to his mom [she offered to be the bad girl who coldly flung off the clingy Seul Woo].

After class, Tae In tells Dan Bi that she admires her a lot and then invites her out for beer. Dan Bi coldly brushes Tae In off as she doesn’t associate with her students outside of the class. But when Dan Bi is leaving, she catches sight of Yeon Boon Hong [Kim Do Yun] the person that Mok is looking for actually. Hmm, it turns out that Yeon is Dan Bi’s mother!? Or should we say step-mother as Dan Bi has to be close to Ga On’s age and the reason Mok divorced her was supposedly for “infertility issues.” Dan Bi quickly takes Tae In and agrees to the beer. The two then run into Yeon who has brought food for Dan Bi and wonders when her daughter will return home, but Dan Bi doesn’t want to listen to this talk at all. If Yeon continues, she won’t even see her. Ok, just what is the deal here?

The two girls go out for beer, but Dan Bi doesn’t want to stay. Tae In then decides to tell a lie to get close to the other girl What lie? Tae In says that she ran away from home just like Dan Bi [since Dan Bi refuses to go and live with her parents]. She could become an actress. She tears up and talks about how she must be a horrible daughter for fighting with her parents all of the time. I wonder if we will ever get to meet the man who abandoned his two kids to live with their maternal grandmother, Park Geum Soon? Dan Bi tries to wave this off as Tae In just assuming she knows how Dan Bi feels, but Dan Bi eventually starts believing in Tae In’s sob story and the two girls do drink together which leads to Seul Woo piggybacking the drunk Tae In to Dan Bi’s apartment. Seul Woo is reluctant to leave Dan Bi alone with a stranger, but Dan Bi isn’t worried about Tae In. Seul Woo is also surprised that Dan Bi is taking care of the younger girl since Dan Bi can be quite cold. He then goes on his way after Tae In overhears that they are no longer dating. She wakes up [faking just to get close to both Seul Woo and Dan Bi] and hugs her “unnie” saying that she really likes. Yeah, that’s because unnie isn’t dating the good-looking, wealthy oppa.

While Tae In is lying and wriggling her way in to Dan Bi and Seul Woo’s world, her brother is anxiously waiting at the bus station. Why? He’s hoping against hope that his three jail and drinking buddies will come even after they said they wouldn’t. He cannot believe that they honestly didn’t when the bus’s doors shut, but then they reopen and the trio step off the bus, very tired. Tae Yang is overjoyed that they kept their promise. They go to the farm where Tae Yang explains how to pick the figs and tells them about the penalty where they must pay three times their worth if they harm any of them. Thus the boys have to treat the figs like live grenades. The boys will also be picking with several elderly women who are happy to be admiring “flowers” while picking flowers [the flower part of the fig is what is eaten, hence why they said that]. The trio cannot believe just how good Tae Yang is. He seems to have all the qualities they lack. He’s good with women, has a personality that would make him good at job interviews, and Chan Sol thinks he has what it takes to be a good manager in the entertainment world. How funny. Of course, speaking like that does set the trio bickering – especially Ho Jae and Chan Sol.

The boys carry on picking with the ahjummas who look at them and just laugh. The boys mistakenly think that this is because of their good looks – Chan Sol especially is very egotistical in this respect. They then play around, showing off their good looks and muscles trying to attract the ahjummas attention. The older women just lap it up, but they do keep laughing and waiting for “it” to hit. Sure enough, the boys start itching like crazy. They then begin noticing red welts appearing everywhere on their bodies. They end up going to the local hospital to learn that the farmer had played them since he didn’t warn then and neither did the ahjummas. They weren’t careful enough when picking the figs and the fig leafs have a kind of poison that will cause itching and cuts. It can even leave scars [which horrifies the idol wannabe Chan Sol]. Tae Yang apologizes to the boys for making them suffer and gives them money to go back to Seoul. He vows to somehow repay them for what they went through. He then heads off back to the farm by himself to finish the job.

We then cut to the market where Ga On is working diligently. However, everything she sees reminds her of Tae Yang. She tries to shake this off and get back to work, but then up comes captain who tells her that she better be working her butt off since she let Tae Yang get fired to save her rear. Captain then tells her about how hard Tae Yang worked and how she had witnessed it too, just to be able to come and work in the market. Captain then reveals that Tae Yang went to Jung to make amends. He lets her know that Jung is planning on making Tae Yang suffer for the loss he caused, but Ga On keeps on her ice princess façade and goes about doing her work; however, you know she feels guilty.

Meanwhile, Tae Yang is on the farm doing just what the captain said he would be – suffering. He is swearing, itching, and in pain, but he keeps picking the figs. When one fig squashes, he breaks down and tells the fig it needs to toughen up like Tae Yang so that no matter what is thrown its way, it will endure. Ga On returns to her house and goes into her secret room where she keeps mementos of her past. She has a conversation with the child Tae Yang who says that she shouldn’t worry how others see her as he knows her best and knows she’s not as cold and mean as they think. The child then takes out the pager and asks if he can put the batteries in as he really wants to page Jin Shim. This makes the grown-up Jin Shim cry. She really misses her Tae Yang.

Mr. Farmer man finally comes out and scolds Tae Yang for persevering even though he is in pain and won’t get the figs anyway. What does the man mean? The farmer explains that he told Tae Yang from the beginning that the fancy malls and stores in Seoul fight for his figs. That’s where they are going. Looks like he just wanted to teach Tae Yang a lesson [plus he got free labor]. The man explains how his scarred hands from the figs were trophies just like the famous Korean soccer player’s [something Ji Sung?] scarred feet. Since Tae Yang doesn’t have the scores, how can he understand and appreciate the figs? Tae Yang surprisingly enough smiles and thanks the man as he has learned a valuable lesson. Meanwhile, the trio are outside at the truck waiting for Tae Yang. They can’t go in and see how he is doing as then they will feel guilty and want to help, but nor can they just leave as what happens if Tae Yang gets into an accident driving home exhausted? Awww, how cute. It’s mostly Ho Jae and Yoo Bong with this conflict as Chan Sol doesn’t have such complicated thoughts. You chose one thing and stick with it – not half ass it like the hyungs.

Tae Yang goes back to visit Jung and tells him that he has brought the truck back loaded as promised. How? He didn’t get the figs, right? Jung doesn’t believe Tae Yang and goes out to see that the truck is indeed loaded with boxes. But when Jung looks at the boxes they are sweet potatoes and not figs. The trio then scold Tae Yang for being had by the farmer and not checking to see if it was figs loaded. Tae Yang then shows a video message from the farm owner telling Jung that the sweet potatoes were definitely grown by him on his farm, so Jung had best keep his promise to the young man. Jung walks away, defeated this time, but I think he’s impressed by Tae Yang’s success and Tae Yang earning that curmudgeon farmer’s approval. Tae Yang then calls after him that he is taking the truck and Jung tells him to unload it first – meaning that he is keeping the promise. The quartet celebrates their victory.

Kang Sun is at a spa getting a treatment when her secretary interrupts and tells her it is time for her to go to her next schedule where they help out at an orphanage making kimchi. Secretary Yang asks if Ga On will be there, too and Kang Sun has him call her daughter to check [the man has an obvious crush on Ga On – cute]. The event goes off without much of a hitch. Kang Sun gathers the kids for a photo opportunity, but it is really Ga On they love. Of course she would be good with orphanage kids since she grew up in one. After the kimchi making, Ga On and her mother sit outside watching the kids play and Kang Sun freaks when she sees a little girl walking on a ledge. She tells Ga On to quickly go over and stop the girl, but the girl falls before Ga On can reach her and Kang Sun rushes over, falling and calling for her dead Ga On.

Mok arrives as a crowd gathers. Ga On is trying to calm her mother down and get Kang Sun to realize that she is Ga On and perfectly fine. When the mother of the child comes, Kang Sun lights into her but good about how if anything happens to the child – what will the mother do? She doesn’t deserve to be a mother if she just lets her daughter go off by herself without watching over her. Ga On notices her father’s presence and wonders just how she can explain this away. As Mok takes Kang Sun back to the car, Tae In arrives [she is there to help, plus get some kimchi as well as its something she and her brother usually do]. Tae In immediately recognizes the “witch ahjumma.” Is Ga On’s real identity going to come to light anytime soon?

At the Mok house, Ga On gets her mother into bed and settled in. She then goes out into the kitchen where Mok asks if something happened in the years apart to make Kang Sun react like that. Ga On cannot hide her reaction, but tries to cover and lie, but Mok has already seen it and deduces that something did happen. What was it? And that’s where we end it folks. Cliffhanger. Will he learn the truth or will Jin Shim continue to lie?

Now, I must admit to completely not understanding the joint character of Ga On/Jin Shim. Jin Shim was never a bad person really, but has truly morphed into someone else while trying to be Ga On. It’s like she has two separate personalities that don’t make sense or mix together well at all. I suppose given that one is the real her and the fake her should be explanation enough, but her actions towards others really is something else. I just can’t peg her. How can she go from the nice, sweet person to the utter coldhearted biotch in the next is totally beyond me. It seems like there shouldn’t be that big of a discrepancy in the character even given her situation.

I do have to say that I loved the fact that Kang Sun broke down. She is always yelling at Ga On to be careful not to reveal her past and roots, and here is Kang Sun being the one to almost ruin everything by her breakdown. If she really meant what she said to that woman, then she has condemned herself. She wasn’t with her daughter when she fell and died. Truthfully, if Kang Sun hadn’t been so worried about transforming Ga On into the perfect chaebol’s daughter, then she would never have gotten between the girls and the whole sorry mess would never have happened.

And where to start with Tae In? LOVED the little girl Tae In, but not liking the adult. No, she isn’t a bad person and I can understand her gold digging mentality, but I really miss the sassy little girl. Where did she go? I am up in the air on Jung Dan Bi [who I am sure is Jung Tosa’s daughter]. She is played by another actress who always played roles that irritated me. Dan Bi seemed okay at first, but this unexplained cold side is vexing and annoying. Although, I really hope she won’t find out that Tae In is just using her, because I think it might really hurt her as she seemed to really be opening up to this idea of adopting Tae In as her younger sister.

Oh, the plot is just getting crazier. I personally want more from the quartet. Their interactions are the best part of the show for me.

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