Skip Beat! Live Action Episode 2 Recap

Sorry for the wait! My good friend Chani-chan is here visiting from out of state, so we’ve been catching up, plus we had a late Christmas celebration with my sister’s family. I actually meant to get this up earlier in the week.

Anywho, in this episode we have Gong Xi doing her best to persevere and make it into show business. This brings her to LME – one of the biggest agencies in Taiwan. She has an unfortunate encounter with Dun He Lian and the two really don’t hit it off very well. However, Gong Xi manages to get an audition after stalking the poor artist manager. Will she be able to pass this round and enter show business to exact her revenge on Shang?

We open with Gong Xi on the bridge yelling and then running off to change before going to LME. We then cut to Lian and his manager. When Lian asks what happened, he gets a surprise. Not only is he NOT in trouble, but Nan Guo personally apologized to the president for his manager! Say what? Du Jin then says that Nan Guo also personally emailed Lian. It turns out that Nan Guo only rushed out on his job so that he could get an autograph for his daughter who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Awww! How sad. Ever since she received Lian’s picture and autograph, she has become more spirited and is inviting her friends over to celebrate her birthday for the first time in ages. Nan Guo sincerely thanks Lian and promises never to be unprofessional in the future.

Du Jin cannot believe how unaffected Lian seems to be by this email. He thinks Lian really only cares about acting and nothing else. Lian was listening the entire time, however, he noticed Gong Xi running up the steps [the horribly fake red hair is gone]. Gong Xi runs straight into LME and demands to see the most important person. However, she doesn’t know who that is, nor does she have an appointment. At this time, Shen De Yuan [Bu Xue Liang] comes and the girls at the front desk explain what is going on. Gong Xi immediately takes an interest in Shen since he is the manager overseeing the company’s artistes. During her interview, however, Gong Xi says she isn’t interested in singing, acting, variety, or hosting. Then how can she be in the entertainment industry?

Meanwhile, Lian tells Du Jin that he is sending him a stuffed bear. This makes Du Jin embarrassed and he tells Lian that he doesn’t have to get anything for him. Good, because its obviously not for him. Lian bought the bear for Nan Guo’s daughter for her birthday. Awww, doesn’t that show that Lian isn’t as cold as he seems? He asks Du Jin to get the bear as Lian will deliver it personally to the sick child. Omo. Definitely not cold. Du Jin then notice Shen chasing Gong Xi up the down escalator. Gong Xi falls off in shock when she sees Lian. How could that person be in this company? While she is fretting over his arrival, Shen tells Lian  that she wants to be an artiste but has no interest. She obviously must be wasting time and chasing idols. Of course, anyone with that sort of attitude is immediately on Lian’s blacklist. Thus, Lian has Gong Xi kicked out of LME’s offices. Gong Xi was oblivious to this fact until she was already outside. Needless to say, this earns Lian a place on Gong Xi’s personal blacklist as well.

Du Jin and Shen immediately recount various ways that people try to enter the business and talk about a girl who stalked the president and almost caused a huge incident. Lian points out that it looks like Shen is the target this time. The other man stops laughing and goes to the window where Lian is looking out. Below, Gong Xi has spelled out an apology and begs for one more chance. She is even kneeling! This scares Shen to no end, especially after Lian’s lion analogy. Du Jin tries to calm Shen down, but that’s easier said than done. Meanwhile, Kyoko is still on her knees waiting. She has decided to wait all day and won’t give up even if her legs are going numb and she’s in pain. Nothing like persevering for revenge against the man you loved.

Night falls and Shen cautiously leaves the office only to run into Gong Xi outside. He jumps in a cab to get away from her and is shocked when Gong Xi easily keeps up to him on her trusty bike. Shen has the driver go on the highway and even goes out of his way for an hour just to lose the girl. When he gets home, he thinks he sees Gong Xi’s bike, but that’s impossible, right? Nope. After he got on the highway, Gong Xi stopped her pursuit [although she could have easily kept up with him given her speed and motivation]. Instead, she found a video interview outside of his house and tracked it down. The girl is scary. She begs for another chance, but Shen won’t give in. He makes it up to his apartment, but he is completely freaked out. Then we have Gong Xi stake out his house for the next three days. She even sends up her little mini-spirits to bother him about another chance.

After sleepless nights and his wife threatening to leave him if he doesn’t tell her what exactly is going on and who is this person that he’s afraid of, Shen is at his wits end. Then when he wakes up one morning, Gong Xi is dressed in her fast food outfit making breakfast in his kitchen. His wife let her in as she said she was a home service woman hired to make breakfast. I guess it proves that Gong Xi might have some acting skills after all. Gong Xi then calculates the price of breakfast [she used expensive American ham and Italian cheese] along with the price for her night watch duties. Finally, Shen just gives up. He tells Gong Xi to meet him at the office later and they will discuss business. Her persistence really pulled through this time.

At the office, Shen hands over an application. As it turns out, LME is holding auditions for new talents in just three days. The application period had already closed, but Shen is making a special exception. He then tells Gong Xi just how tough LME is when picking new talents. Out of the 100 applicants 10% will be lucky if they make it. This worries Gong Xi. She is not one to compete and the competition is fierce and stiff, but compete she will. Not what Shen was hoping to hear. He was hoping she’d be scared off by the statistics and only 3 days to practice any type of talents. Gong Xi takes the application and runs into Lian in the hall. Lian takes it from her and is not happy to see that she is wasting everyone’s time by auditioning. When he refuses to give the application back and insists on knowing why Gong Xi is entering show business, the girl finally cracks and tells him that it is for revenge against Shang. Unfortunately, Lian has no idea who this Shang is. Gong Xi cannot believe he has to Google the name. She tells him all of Shang’s selling points and then curses herself for defending Shang when her goal is to crush him. Lian then warns her that the auditions are tough and lets see how far she can get with her bravado and perseverance. Gong Xi then wonders why she senses hostility from Lian.

Gong Xi goes back to her work place where she has a ripped poster of Shang that she uses as a dart board. She has now added a tiny picture of Lian. She swears that she will make it and have the both of them kneel before her. I do like how they are keeping in the vein of the manga and have Gong Xi’s hatred representative of the size of the posters. She hates Shang more now, so his is bigger. Gong Xi then makes a Shang doll [in the manga these dolls were eerily similar to their human counterparts, not so here]. She tortures and beats the doll, venting out all of her anger against Shang for what he did to her. Her two bosses overhear her crazy talk [she demands that Shang-doll call her Queen Gong Xi], but they shake it off as Gong Xi liking role-playing like them.

Three days pass and Gong Xi heads off to the audition. She is immediately impressed by how the others are dressed. She then curses Shang for being the reason she has no nice clothes or makeup. Another girl then comes by demanding to know which audtioner brought their daughter. She finds it horribly unprofessional. Her anger is then turned on Gong Xi whom she sees as dressed inferiorly and playing with a doll [Gong Xi has been punishing Shang-doll]. Gong Xi replies that she isn’t the girl’s mother, but the other girl doesn’t care at all. She dresses Gong Xi down on her appearance, telling her to go home since she isn’t taking this seriously enough. The girl then haughtily leaves and Gong Xi vents her anger out on the little girl. She squishes the girl’s cheeks together and let’s her know that crying isn’t going to get her anywhere in life.

While Gong Xi is auditioning, Lian is doing some type of action shoot. He recalls that it is the day of the audition and brings it up to Du Jin who is surprised that Lian remembers. If Lian is actually caring about the audition, is there someone he’s keeping an eye on? Lian doesn’t respond to this, but thinks to himself that he is interested as he is anticipating what will happen with Gong Xi at the audition. He doesn’t think that she can honestly pull through with her desire for revenge, can she?

The auditions begin and one of the panelists wonders if great things can be expected from the late-entry Gong Xi. Shen tells him no and that it’s all right to cut the girl, but then he gets frightened to think of what will happen to him of Gong Xi gets cut. Will she stalk and torture and curse him? The last group comes in and the panel are despairing of anyone good. The arrogant actress is seated next to Gong Xi [Bianca Bai as Jian Nan Qin]. Nan Qin immediately demands to know why the president isn’t present when the audition starts. This of course leads to the eccentric president’s grandiose entrance. We sit through everyone’s audition. Gong Xi thinks they are all amazing while Nan Qin looks down on everyone’s talent. Nan Qin’s turn comes and she perfectly memorizes a script on the spot and does an impromptu scene from a play that LME staged and taped. This amazes the president at how good she is. What’s even more amazing is her lack of acting experience listed on the application. The skit was the infamous “Who’s On First.”

Then comes Gong Xi’s turn. What sort of talent will she display? She managed to get a precious heirloom from her boss in order to perform. She introduces herself, but doesn’t know what to say next. When asked why she wants to be an entertainer, she does tell them that she wants to become bigger than Shang. The panel cannot believe this. They think she is mocking their company since they have Lian who is obviously bigger than Shang. Plus, she most be an idol-chaser joining the industry to get close to Shang. President Lory doesn’t think so, however, he believes that Gong Xi isn’t idol chasing as she should have joined Shang’s company if that’s the case. Gong Xi is then told to start her talent and amazes people by making a daikon rose. Something only a master chef could do. We then hear from Gong Xi that she learnt that skill since she was a child in hopes of being useful to Shang’s parents so they wouldn’t kick her out.

After successfully showcasing her professional chef skills, there is a brief break. Nan Qin comes up to tell Gong Xi that she won’t make it any farther with what she’s pulling. But Gong Xi won’t back down at all. It’s funny how these two butt heads so much now, but become such good friends later [if they keep it true to the manga]. Then begins the 2nd test of the audition. It changes every year. This year the hopefuls get a phone call and must respond. Nan Qin immediately immerses herself in the character and cries in only 3 seconds, thus showing her masterful acting skills once more. Gong Xi is feeling really pressured to be going after the excellent Nan Qin. When Gong Xi answers the phone, there is a male voice on the other end apologizing. It just so happens that the male voice is basically apologizing for all the things that Shang did. What will Gong Xi do?

We’ll find out in the next episode.


  • Thank you for the recap. I thought the dubbing would be annoying, but it’s actually easy to ignore.

    • You’re welcome. It took me a bit to get used to the dubbing for the boys at first, but it’s not as bad as I thought, although its weird to hear the voice for Siwon ad it is quite different from his while Donhae’s seems similar.

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