Hello Sleepwalkers

Hello SleepwalkersThis is a Japanese band signed to A-Sketch and managed by AMUSE. I generally like the artists signed under A-Sketch as well as the artists [actors/singers] managed by AMUSE and Hello Sleepwalkers is no exception. They debuted in October of this year with the single “Sentimental Syndrome.” The band is a little different in that they have three guitarists versus the more normal two or one. They also have dual vocalists, Shuntaro [gt] and Narumi [gt]. Narumi’s and Shuntaro’s voices go rather well together. They are an interesting mix of mellow-sounding vocals with more of a rock sound. They are definitely worth checking out as are A-Sketch’s other artists such as flumpool and Weaver.

Official Website: www.hellosleepwalkers.com
Official Twitter: @HSW_japan
Official Blog: www.hellosleepwalkers.com/blog


  • Shuntaro – vocals & guitar
  • Narumi – vocals & guitar
  • Tasoko – guitar
  • Makoto – bass
  • Yuki – drums


Hello Sleepwalkers Masked Monkey Awakening

Masked Monkey Awakening
Release: 19 February 2014
01 猿は木から何処へ落ちる
02 午夜の待ち合わせ
03 Bloody Mary
04 Comic Relief
05 砂漠
06 天地創造
07 23
08 越境
09 Countdown
10 円盤飛来

Hello Sleepwalkers single cover

Uma yoru no machiawase
Release: 29 January 2014
01 午夜の待ち合わせ

Hello Sleepwalkeres cd cover

Enban hirai
Release: 6 June 2012
01 円盤飛来
02 21

Hello Sleepwalkers debut album
Majiyoruyo : Nemuranai Wakusei
Release date: 18 January 2012
Buy from YesAsia | Buy from CDJapan
01 ミッドナイトにグッドナイト
02 月面歩行
03 惑星Qのランドマーク
04 センチメンタル症候群(Album Ver.)
05 環状遊泳
06 五次元少女リア
07 寝てる

Hello Sleepwalker's Debut Single

Sentimental Syndrome
Release date: 5 October 2011
01 センチメンタル症候群
02 惑星Qのランドマーク


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