Alice Nine New Album “9”

Alice Nine is coming back in 2012 with a new album! The news was announced just this past weekend. How excited am I? The new album will contain their singles since their last album Gemini was released, i.e. 「Blue Flame」, 「Heart of Gold」, and 「Niji no Yuki」. The title of the new album is 9 and is slated for a February 22 release date. So far, no cover art or different versions have been released. So here is the bare bones basic from their official website.

New Album “9”
2012/2/22 Release

01.Heavenly Tale
02.the Arc
09.Apocalypse [It’s not the end]
10.Heart of Gold
1.「すべてへ」MUSIC CLIP
2.「すべてへ」MULTI ANGLE ver.

I also haven’t found the ordering information yet. Sigh. The GazettE’s last album finally made iTunes. I really wish that we could get more Alice Nine US releases as well. And a little off topic, US has some great Japanese albums on sale. I picked up a few for Christmas.

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