Smile, Donghae Episode 24 Recap

Kim Yoo Suk, Ji Chang Wook

Patience is a virtue, but frustrating when you know basically what’s going to happen and it takes forever to do so! Donghae gets a paternity test done all the while getting angrier and angrier with Kang Jae because even if he’s not 100% certain at this point, he still believes Kang Jae is his father. Tae Hoon gets farther and farther estranged from his family thanks to his wife and mother-in-law while Bongi and Donghae have another cute, close moment. We also see how Saewa’s intervention in Jun’s affairs bring him and his family farther apart. The exact opposite of what she was planning.

Donghae hides and waits until he thinks the coast is clear. When he goes out of the room he is surprised by Pil Jae who recognizes him. Donghae struggles to get free and ends up getting sucker punched. Sun Ok comes in during this commotion and tries to get Pil Jae off of Donghae. She tells Pil Jae that Donghae is a good boy and Pil Jae says that Donghae had Kang Jae’s notebook and was even snooping around their room. Donghae says that he found the notebook and when he went to return it, he found out that the Lee’s were looking for a border and he needed a place to stay, so he took the room. As to why he was in their bedroom, he pulls out and envelope of money, and says it was to pay the rent. Quick thinking boy!

Kim Yoo Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Bo Hee

Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo SukDonghae goes back to his room and Sun Ok scolds Pil Jae for being so mistrusting. Should she kick him out as well? Pil Jae complains that Sun Ok always takes her problems and anger out from Tae Hoon on him and he is sick of it. Poor guy. He still doesn’t think Donghae is innocent. Donghae looks at the comb and quickly hides it when Pil Jae enters the room. Pil Jae looks at how empty it is and wonders if Donghae is really telling the truth since he doesn’t seem to have anything. Pil Jae then warns Donghae that if he makes one misstep, Pil Jae will be all over him. When Donghae leaves, Pil Jae tries to follow, only to lose him. Donghae goes to the hospital and puts in the paternity test request. Finally, we’ll have some progress.

Lee Bo Hee, Kim Yoo Suk

Alex, Park Hae Mi, Lee Joo YeonAt the Yoon house, Sool Nyeo is having a feast with her daughter and son-in-law. Sae Young doesn’t seem to be affected at all by what happened, but you can tell that Tae Hoon isn’t at all comfortable. He gets a big shock when Sool Nyeo shows him his studying schedule which allows for no real sleep or anything else. Sool Nyeo is bound and determined that he will pass the bar this time. She then complains about neck pain again and decides she will teach Hye Sook a lesson. Meanwhile, Hye Sook is meeting with Do Jin and Saewa to plan the big publicity event. Saewa has already gotten several announcers to come help out, too. The three are looking forward to the event and hoping it all goes well. Do Jin then wonders if his mom will be able to let them marry right away and Hye Sook laughs and says that is out of her hands. Hye Sook then gets a call from the police asking her to come down and talk about a hit-and-run. Hye Sook says it is nothing and she will take care of it when Do Jin and Saewa appear worried.

Park Jung Ah, Jung Ae Ri, Lee Jang Woo

Sool Nyeo is out in front of the police station when Pil Jae comes up. She is dressed very conservatively and trying her best to look girlish. Omo. She is actually trying to become his type of woman. Pil Jae notices how different she looks, but tells her that she should have just dressed normally. Hye Sook comes up and witnesses Sool Nyeo flirting. Wow. The woman keeps getting more and more of a grudge against Saeawa’s mother. Afterward when Hye Sook has been cleared of the hit-and-run charges, she immediately complains that Sool Nyeo was using this as an excuse to flirt with a policeman. She then laughs at Sool Nyeo’s clothing and actions. This infuriates Sool Nyeo to no end. These two will be very bitter in-laws if Saewa and Do Jin marry.

Park Hae Mi, Jung Ae Ri

When Jun gets home, he finds his wife with a table full gifts. When he asks what is going on, Hye Sook says that she is preparing gifts for the children at the orphanage. She would like to go and help him with his charity work since it must be hard on him. Jun is reluctant at first, but he seems happy that Hye Sook is taking an interest in such things. He warns her she will have to feed and bathe kids and that isn’t easy work. Hye Sook says that she can do it and she is prepared to work hard. She then starts preparing the gifts once again and wonders if she has enough. Jun smiles at this. I just have a bad feeling the good will won’t last when he finds out it has become a media circus.

Jung Ae Ri, Kang Suk Woo

Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang WookDonghae meets Bongi for coffee and tells her about getting the paternity test done. She asks if he has the results, but he tells her not yet. Donghae would like to be able to tell Kang Jae right now, but he just can’t bring himself to do it, especially with no proof. Bongi encourages him to follow through since he has made up his mind. She also tells him that if his father denies it or anything, she will hunt him down and squash him with justice. Bongi is so cute getting all defensive for Donghae. What would she do if she found out that he thinks her dad is his father as well? The buzzer goes off and Bongi jumps up to get the coffee. She accidentally walks into a couple that just got their coffee and gets hot coffee all over her arm. Even though she apologized, the couple wouldn’t let her off, holding Bongi there even though her arm was burnt. Donghae to the rescue! He grabs hold of her hand and ends up shoving the woman’s boyfriend to the floor to defend Bongi. He then laughs and wonders how she can help fight for him when all of the wind was taken out of her sails by that incident.

Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook

Alex, Oh Ji EunAt the Lee household, Sun Ok is despondently cleaning and Kang Jae offers to take her to a sauna [he doesn’t really like them, but he knows his wife loves them]. Their relationship is so cute. They will be going to a sauna, so that means they’ll run into Anna or Donghae! Bongi comes home and learns that Tae Hoon has been officially kicked out. She goes to visit him and he tells her is caught between Sun Ok and Sool Nyeo. Bongi tells him that he needs to go back as he knows what their mother’s attitude is like. Then out pops Sae Young who demands that Bongi address her formally as the older sister-in-law. Tae Hoon cannot believe how different Sae Young is acting now. When Bongi tries to get Tae Hoon to do what is right, Sae Young complains of stomach pains. I think both siblings know this is a ruse. Sae Young really needs to grow up all ready or I’ll start hating her.

Im Chae Moo, Lee Bo Hee

Donghae goes to the sauna where he finds Anna cleaning. She happily tells her son that she talked to the owner and they can stay for free [or was it cheaper]. Anna then happily holds up some money and Donghae complains that she didn’t eat anything since she still has the money. Trying to be thrifty is one thing, starving yourself for no good reason is quite another. As he and Anna go to eat, Donghae is shocked to see Kang Jae and Sun Ok. He quickly turns away with Anna in tow and pulls her into one of the sauna rooms. Anna doesn’t want to stay as she hates being hot. Donghae tells her to stay put and he’ll bring back some food. Meanwhile, Kang Jae is pampering his wife who warns him that he better never cheat on her or else. Kang Jae replies that he wouldn’t think of such things. Donghae watches this exchange unhappily. Kang Jae and Sun Ok return home followed by Donghae. Pil Jae exits his room and stares at the younger man. You can tell he is still highly suspicious.

Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook, Im Chae Moo

Alex, Lee Joo YeonAt the Yoon house, Saewa tells her mother that she is seeing someone from a good family. She won’t go into any details, but she does tell Sool Nyeo that Do Jin’s mother will be contacting her soon. She then leaves the room while Sool Nyeo sits happy. She always wanted Saewa to get a good, rich man. Of course, as soon as Saewa leaves her room, she runs into a half-naked Tae Hoon who forgot his pants in the bedroom Saewa then lays into him and this brings Sae Young out. Now, Saewa really is too cruel and cold about the situation. True, she is right about how the two need to grow up and make decisions in regards to their future, but you can’t see any love or worry for her sister at all. She just seems to think about how it can negatively impact her. Seriously annoying. Tae Hoon gets dressed and tells Sae Young to stay while he goes back home to work things out with his mother. Sae Young protests and refuses to drink anything if he leaves.

Park Jung Ah, Alex

That morning, Donghae enters the Lee home just as Kang Jae is getting ready to leave. Kang Jae asks if he works nights and Donghae replies that he does. Kang Jae then shows some genuine fatherly concern for Donghae’s health and safety. Donghae replies that he is just fine and Kang Jae tells him not to be too annoyed with him. It’s just that Kang Jae sees that Donghae is close to Tae Hoon’s age and thus he wants to make sure the young man is taking care of himself. Aww. It really shows how good a person Kang Jae is. Poor Donghae, though, finds this to be torture since he believes that he is Kang Jae’s son. When Donghae asks if there’s anyone Kang Jae thinks of, Kang Jae says he is surrounded by his loved ones, so he doesn’t have anyone in mind. When Donghae pushes the question, Kang Jae gets an odd look. Now, I don’t think that has to do with Anna, but I wonder if there isn’t something behind that look?

Im Chae Moo, Ji Chang Wook

Jun and Hye Sook start off happily enough and actually manage a decent conversation. Hye Sook talks about being jealous at first of Jun’s charity, but as she is older now, she is happy to be able to help. However, this happiness and camaraderie does not last long when Jun finds out that Do Jin, Saewa, reporters, and even the congressman are involved in the charity event. He gets angry and accuses Hye Sook of being overbearing and never considering his feelings. This cuts Hye Sook deeply. She gets out of the car and Jun speeds off abandoning her. Hye Sook is shocked that he actually left her and then realizes she has neither her coat, cell, or purse. How far is she from the orphanage? Do Jin, Saewa and crew wait for Jun and Hye Sook’s arrival, wondering why they are late. I feel really bad for Hye Sook here as it isn’t really her fault at all. This time it is Saewa’s. Truthfully, Hye Sook should have known better and kept it to just the four of them instead of letting Saewa make things even more complicated, but Hye Sook didn’t need to get sole blame.

Jung Ae Ri, Kang Suk Woo

At the sauna, Anna wakes up and finds her harmonica missing. She disturbs the other guests in looking for it and is dragged out. Donghae sees this and goes to get his mother. He is unhappy when he sees how she cries over missing the harmonica and treats it with such care when she gets it back. He tells her James has forgotten her all ready, but Anna doesn’t want to hear this. Frustrated and angry, Donghae drags his mother out to the Lee’s neighborhood to show her that James has long forgotten her, but he can’t in the end. When he sees Kang Jae and how loving he is with Sun Ok, he hides Anna and tells her not to look. Poor Anna is confused and has no idea what is going on. Kang Jae and Sun Ok were out to check the cabbages so they don’t freeze. Sun Ok complains about her legs and Kang Jae piggybacks her.

Ji Chang Wook

Do Jin returns home to angrily ask his father why he didn’t show up. Jun says he won’t do such stunts. Do Jin then says things were really awkward and then asks where Hye Sook is as she never showed up as well and wasn’t answering her phone. This shocks Jun. He tells Do Jin what happened and Do Jin runs out to his father’s car to find his mom’s coat and purse. He then tells his dad that if anything should happen to Hye Sook, he’ll never forgive him. Do Jin then jumps in his car and speeds off to find his mom who is crouched and shivering on the roadside. We then see a truck heading towards her. My problem with these two scenes is 1) Jun seemed initially shocked and worried, but not so much when Do Jin heads off. Jun doesn’t even leave to help! and 2) It looks like Hye Sook stood in the same spot just waiting for her husband.

Kim Suk Woo, Lee Jang Woo

Oh and while that drama was going on, the angry Donghae [who must’ve taken Anna back to the sauna all ready], takes the cover of Kang Jae’s truck and begins throwing cabbages viciously when he gets a call saying the paternity results are in. What will happen? Stay tuned!

Ji Chang Wook

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