22 Days of Asian Music Goodies–Day 21

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! That is the last day for these posts. How sad. I hope you have been enjoying the holiday ride with me. I am still sick of hearing Christmas songs every time I turn around, but that’s because they’re the same old songs played over and over again, just with different singers and styles.

Anywho, enough griping. So, I am officially become a AA addict. Not quite sure why, but I am. I just love them. Here they are singing in English. The song is “Last Christmas.” It’s a song I’m very familiar with and really love. Now, while AA isn’t bad with their normal English phrases in their songs, them singing an entire snippet in English… yeah, I mistook some of the words. I swear Kimchi sang “you’ll feel me again” instead of “fool me.” And even though they were all singing as a group, I could only really catch Aoora’s voice. Not that I mind, but I would’ve loved to be able to get more of a blend.

They are on cuteness overload for this song… not quite sure it suits them. But enjoy. I know I did. [Does anyone else think Woosang looks like a totally different person when he doesn’t rock the guyliner?]

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